First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed
Photos courtesy of General Motors, Scott Nehls (Jalopnik)

The industrial styling is familiar, but the application is new. General Motors unexpectedly unveiled the GMC Granite Compact Pickup concept at the10th anniversary celebration of GM's North Hollywood Advanced Design Center on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, ahead of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“GM Design believes there is an opportunity for a small truck because nobody else is doing this right now,” said Clay Dean, executive director GM advanced global design.

The two-passenger Granite compact pickup is based on the GMC Granite small "urban utility vehicle" design study that debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. From the grille back to the B-pillar, front styling is identical to the original Granite concept.


“We designed the Granite to be modular,” said Robb McCann, design manager for GM’s California design studio. “Our first choice [after the compact crossover version] was to do a compact truck for Southern California because small trucks have been so popular here. The big idea is that it’s for someone who wants a pickup with a small footprint with great fuel economy and an occasional load in back.”

The Granite Compact Pickup is a true compact pickup that reminds us of classic garden trucks like the Chevy LUV and Toyota Pickup.

The wheelbase is only around 110 inches, but its 4-foot-long cargo box can be extended to 6 feet. Two side-hinged Dutch-style doors replace a conventional one-piece fold-down tailgate. When the doors are opened, a pallet that forms part of the floor of the cargo box can be pulled out to provide extra bed space.


The cargo box also features small access panels that slide down into the sides of the box to provide easy access to the space behind the cab. Black chrome trim decorates the tops of the bed rails.

Extra utility is provided via a trick folding "pack rack" that's stowed under the floor of the cargo box. The rack can be easily flipped up to provide a raised platform to carry a surfboard or ladder above the cargo space. Cubbies surround the interior of the box to provide dry, secure storage.

"There's an integrated air compressor in the bed, like the [2001] Chevy Borrego concept had," McCann said. "All of these premium features are what make this a GMC. It’s why they are there. A Chevy version of this pickup would be simpler."


Propulsion for the front-wheel-drive Granite runabout would come from a frugal 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine.

Will this Granite be produced? Not likely. We're told it's only a design study, but we're sure GM is watching closely for feedback on the ideas that inspired it.

Dramatic styling aside, could a small truck like the Granite Compact Pickup find a niche in the U.S. today, like the successful compact pickups of the 1970s and '80s?



This would be a perfect vehicle for a little diesel like they showed in their 'Groove' concept a while back. I mean, who wouldn't want a little trucklet that could get 40+mpg highway? For me, that would be a lot more appealing than any of the hybrids out there now (including GM's own Volt).

Awesome! I'll take two!

I think it could find a niche. People already complain about the current "midsize" trucks being too big, so it could work. Of course they couldn't charge a midsize price for it.

It's a cool concept. I bet some of the new bed features wind up in the next Silverado/Sierra (the trick tailgate/bed extender is awesome).

I like the concept. It has some nice features and surely would be popular for some. Would they sell enough to make money though? It definitely clouds the line between cars and trucks even more.

build it! NOW

is that truck the new small pickup after 2012?

They can keep it. With the size of the truck It cant have much more than a 400lbs payload. The thing looks like a scion XB with the back hacked off. Let the cars be cars and the trucks be trucks.

Only for short people. Windshield rake too sharp leaving no head room. Can the extended bed handle a 300 lb guy standing on the back edge handling heavy boxes?

Good concept... I think a new gen Colorado / Canyon (body-on-frame) would be a little more exciting. But this could easily get over 30 mpg with that 1.4 Turbo if it can get 42 in the Cruze.

@ M. Smith

"Windshield rake too sharp leaving no head room"

Ever here of cab-forward design. Note how the windshield starts over the front axle. There's no head room compromise there.

I've been an advocate of tiny car based trucks for quite some time. The primary reason being that the vast majority of Rangers sold are 4 cylinder models with very limited payload and towing capacities. My guess is that most of those buyers would be perfectly happy with something uni-body based as long as the price is right and capacities aren't too much lower than the Rangers capacities.

Honestly, this one is probably too small though. I was thinking something based on the Cruze or Focus platform would be ideal, especially if it came with a modern power train and a six foot bed.

In addition to my previous comment, something like a Ford TransitConnect with a bed instead of a van body could be a great little truck.

@Greg, you will probably NEED at least two of them! :)

Good job Toyota. The Tacoma has been made since 1995.

Couldn't they build this AND the Canyon at the same time?! Sheesh! They build passenger cars and crossovers of three or more different sizes.
Like this...
Compact pickup - designed for those who want optimum fuel economy for daily commuting and don't tow/haul much.

Midsize pickup - designed for those who want the agility of a compact but passenger comfort of a full size yet in between in power, size, and PRICE!!!

Full size pickup - designed for those who want ample power, comfort, interior room, and tow/haul capability; comes in 1000, 1500, and 2000-lb payloads.

@AL, Have you seen that Chevrolet Montana sold in South America?

We hope that four/all-wheel drive and a (more powerful)turbo four is available later on down the road.


@ Billy

Yes, the Montana is much more what I was talking about. It's ugly and underpowered, but the size seems right. If it can fit a fullsize Yamaha sport quad in the bed, then the bed must be close to 6' in length. I think something similar to that truck in America would kill the I4 Ranger in the sales race.

Could they add 2 more doors or at least add an nicely extended cab? ...and a diesel for the US.

Hmm, this seems like a fair matchup for "Rumble in the Rocks Part 2 - Redemption" ---Will go something like this I predict.--- "6.7 Powerstroke finishes 10% quicker than GMC Granite. 1000-pound payload seems a bit too heavy for GM Truck. Light Duty Truck of the year is 6.7 Powerstroke. Look for the 6.7 Powerstroke to power Ford Fiesta on sale early 2011. This will solidify Ford's supremacy as compact car maker too." Just kidding just had to pour salt in the wound. Granite look like a hip, small load, delivery vehicle.

The side panels that slide into the side of the box are a useless feature (IMO). It is a tiny "um" truck. A midgit could lift something over the side. This kind of vehicle would need to be cheep to buy - lots of complex features increase price and decrease reliability.
I wonder how strong the slideout tray would be?
The pop-up rack is a clever idea but it makes the "um" truck look like a kids push toy.
A canopy or cap would probably increase its versatility.
Problem is - how many guys/gals would complain that it was too small?

That's even more worthless than the Chevy Avalance or the Ford Sport Trac.

Quit classifying these vehilces as trucks. Might as well buy a Subaru.

Good luck trying to haul a bike or sled in the back.

Oh my God. Does That Suck.....

gm use the front grill for new truck...

i like it, but the opening doors and slide bed wouldnt happen, theyrd be no tailights when open. this is just a concept, extend the bed behind the wheels another foot and a half and it would look great, itd be perfect for those suburbanites and flatlanders for some reason need a fullsize, and itd be great for napa and carquest for parts runners

Comming from a die hard Ford guy, I really like it! Deffinetly not gonna buy it but i wouldn't mind pulling up to it at a stop light to check it out.

Is it unreasonable to consider a 3-cylinder Atlas (with more power than Ranger 4-cyl) with a 6-speed auto or manual in an updated Canyon / Colorado? That would be more than adequate in a reg cab. It would theoretically be tops in fuel economy too.

I see it being biut just for the CAFE standards alone.

Besides, I'd want something to compete against those ugly Scion trucks when they come out.

Mike can call it the battle of the micro-machines!

With a Mahindra diesel drive train.

Where will you hang my rifle?

NO!! doubt it can tow anything or leave the pavement for hunting and camping. No clearence

Looks like a cadillac with a bed. I guess that's what the government wants?

1) Granite is 1.4 ltr cruze engine. So this also may be sharing same Delta 11 and same engine

2) Cruze is offered in 2.0 ltr VDCi diesel engine. Its should be better than the Mahindra engine.

from holden site : 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder SOHC Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine

Question is :

1) Why this news is not in anywhere else ? (even not in GM media site )
2) Will they ever make it ?

I would buy this car imidiatly if they started selling it. It's the perfect car for me. I never need room for more then two people and I have a nice bed to haul all my garden stuff. All in a stylish and good sized package. Love it, love it.

Looks sort of fragile for the Supermarket Gran Prix. Nose is badly in need of some bash bars.

A 'pickup' for the urbies to replace the station wagon. Too much fussy stuff to break to use for a little work truck.

Wouldn't it be easier for GM to just import one of the various Utes they make elsewhere and assemble it here to test the market?

Nice car.

I LOVE IT and would buy it to replace the colorado extreme that I love. I would want the pick up to be rear wheel drive though and maybe an extend cab version. Can you do this for under 20k? Also I need one soon... Oh and maybe the 3.6 from the camaro....

It's nice but I like the Bare Necessities Truck concept better. I think the BNT is more versatile when it comes to towing and hauling as well as passenger capacity. It might give up a little in fuel economy when compared to the Granite compact pickup, but it would still be more efficient then anything GM offers now.

I would totally buy that, especially if it came in 4wd.

It's not exactly what most people would consider a truck, but I think there is absolutely a niche market willing to buy this vehicle. I know I would.

That is a cool little truck. Much better than the South American Chevy Montana. Now, it just needs to be priced right. 20K…NO! 10 to 15K they would sell well.

this thing is butt ugly.

I'd go for one of these. As a Ford man and with Ford not building the Ranger anymore I'm in the market for something else. This fits my requirements.

Wait, what happened? That is not how you debate... Who put a GMC badge on a jellybean?

Sure some folks will enjoy and not judging, but common man...

And people say the Ridgeline is ugly. This thing looks like it was squirted out of a tube, and then hacked to make a truck bed. I hope they do produce it. It'll be funny to watch all the GM fans defend this puny thing as a "truck".

Why would anyone want this with 4 wheel drive... if you get more than an inch of snow you're not going anywhere that's for sure!

Don't see 4wd, but an AWD version would be decent.

The advanced design is just what GM needs in a small truck. However they should make it front wheel drive and as others have said they should offer a clean diesel/biodiesel engine option. Crew cab option would be slick too.

Why, if my Colorado reg cab has a 111.5" wheel base and a 6' bed does this thing have such a tiny bed and a 110" wheelbase?

Will the extended floor be able to support the rear half of a dirt bike? or a street bike? If I need to pull a trailer to bring a bike with me there are plenty of small cars I can put a trailer hitch on, like a Subaru Imprezza.

You could build a compact truck on the Equinox chassis, but it needs an optional front bench seat in the regular cab, and a 5' + bed. Forget the extended cab, and build a crew cab with a 4' + bed on a stretched chassis

GM needs to build a mini or midsize truck to replace the 355 platform when it's discontinued, But it needs to be something that looks good, Is affordable and can also hold a load, like an ATV !

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