First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed
Photos courtesy of General Motors, Scott Nehls (Jalopnik)

The industrial styling is familiar, but the application is new. General Motors unexpectedly unveiled the GMC Granite Compact Pickup concept at the10th anniversary celebration of GM's North Hollywood Advanced Design Center on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, ahead of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“GM Design believes there is an opportunity for a small truck because nobody else is doing this right now,” said Clay Dean, executive director GM advanced global design.

The two-passenger Granite compact pickup is based on the GMC Granite small "urban utility vehicle" design study that debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. From the grille back to the B-pillar, front styling is identical to the original Granite concept.


“We designed the Granite to be modular,” said Robb McCann, design manager for GM’s California design studio. “Our first choice [after the compact crossover version] was to do a compact truck for Southern California because small trucks have been so popular here. The big idea is that it’s for someone who wants a pickup with a small footprint with great fuel economy and an occasional load in back.”

The Granite Compact Pickup is a true compact pickup that reminds us of classic garden trucks like the Chevy LUV and Toyota Pickup.

The wheelbase is only around 110 inches, but its 4-foot-long cargo box can be extended to 6 feet. Two side-hinged Dutch-style doors replace a conventional one-piece fold-down tailgate. When the doors are opened, a pallet that forms part of the floor of the cargo box can be pulled out to provide extra bed space.


The cargo box also features small access panels that slide down into the sides of the box to provide easy access to the space behind the cab. Black chrome trim decorates the tops of the bed rails.

Extra utility is provided via a trick folding "pack rack" that's stowed under the floor of the cargo box. The rack can be easily flipped up to provide a raised platform to carry a surfboard or ladder above the cargo space. Cubbies surround the interior of the box to provide dry, secure storage.

"There's an integrated air compressor in the bed, like the [2001] Chevy Borrego concept had," McCann said. "All of these premium features are what make this a GMC. It’s why they are there. A Chevy version of this pickup would be simpler."


Propulsion for the front-wheel-drive Granite runabout would come from a frugal 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine.

Will this Granite be produced? Not likely. We're told it's only a design study, but we're sure GM is watching closely for feedback on the ideas that inspired it.

Dramatic styling aside, could a small truck like the Granite Compact Pickup find a niche in the U.S. today, like the successful compact pickups of the 1970s and '80s?



Car. How about a small workhorse with a diesel, GM?

I like it but a little longer bed and heavier payload would be nice.

ya but it wont have a use for anything

Great concept. Posters here aren't getting it with comments indicating that this has to compete with larger trucks. This is filling a new niche, for those of us that regularly haul small stuff, but want something more gentile to drive everyday.

I live in the suburbs, not on some ranch. I want a small, fuel-efficient, well-designed pickup that can lug the kids to activities during the week and can handle maintainance tasks on weekends. Rangers are ugly and primitive (I own one).

Add room for my kids and I'll buy this today.

I have owned 2 of the two-door Trackers for the past 10 years and I loved them. The first one I had 220,000 miles on it when I got the one I have now and I have 118,00 miles on this one. I would like to own another small vehicle but they just aren't made anymore. This truck looks to be just the ticket!! I would want 4wd or AWD, manual gear, and some more wheel clearence. I live where we can get snow and those features would come in handy. I really hope GM will consider producing this. If not, I'll just get the Granite

I would buy it, with a few modifications, lose the expensive side boxes, and kiddie toy push bar. Not every body lives in Southern California. Great pull out bed, would be awesome with more clearance and 4x4 capabilities. Rather have this than the embarrasing looking Chevy Montana, or a GMC look a like.

Would it not be feasible to build a unibody mini truck from a GMC Terrain? Terrain front end, with Granite type bed. Same assembly line, compatible engines, transmissions, etc. You already have a good looking, tough looking 30 mpg platform. How complicated can it be?

i see my new vehicle when it comes to market its got curb appeal and and its good on the eyes like isaid i will definetly buy one as soon as they come out i think it will do great on the market.

being a subaru man i would buy one for sure to replace my tribeca i think its awsome yes sir ...

Sorry , this would not fly. A Smart car in comparison is much more practical.

I bought a new Chevy Luv in 1981. I got it cheek off the docks in Texas. The GM factory was crushing all of them but I got an in buy through a dealer in Cuba MO. This truck had an engine built by the same company credited for the popularity of the 6.6 Duramax diesel in my one ton.
The Chevy Luv was small, don't remember weight but it got 50 mpg with a five speed. When I sold it it had 600,000 miles on it. I parked it because I got tired of welding the rusty frame all the time.
Please build that again with a computer and I think you will have a winner.
Oh! By the way I could carry three people and pull a car trailer with a Rabbit pickup on it.

Something very right about this..

I would check it out.

Would be cool if the rear window rolled down and if rear facing seats (with seat belts) somehow could fold up from the bed.. or should I say crib? lol

Seriously nice though.

Awsome, Awsome, Awsome.
I'm 75 years old. I drove sportsman racers in Nascar. I drove a 10 second drag car on the street, for years. I drove a Maserati Tippo/Birdcage SCCA and still have a Maserati Show car. My first car in '52 was a channelled 1932 Model B Ford with a '36 V8 engine. Been there, Done that, Gave away the hat, and wore out the "T" shirt....
If they build that I WILL BUY IT RIGHT NOW! ! ! ! ! & I'd probably buy the closed one for my wife.
That is expecting the build; a standard American smooth running Quiet running vehicle.. YEP, BUY 2 RIGHT NOW

Looking at this concept again... I hope not. I mean, I really like the idea and am really intrested, but it just needs to look more agressive for my taste. I really like the 2001 Chevy Borrego concept.

They are just going to keep teasing us for 20 years over what is clearly going strike a never in the US market.

Now that Full size trucks can do 15mpg - they think we don't need small economic pickup truck functionality so the ranger and the colorado are going to disappear and be replaced with unibody car trucks... okay fine. deliver something already.

I would buy it right now

i love it an would buy one now. My only comment is that I am against the front drive and would like the 3.6 liter from the camaro

I want one please put them into production.

Excellent! It's time to go back to a compact truck. The midsize are get just as good gas mileage as the full size and the cost....well. I miss the compact truck and I know alot of people who agree with that! Bring it on!!!

Love it!! It's time to make a small pick up again. Hope it catches on with all the automotive companies. With todays tech advances this would be the perfect time and need to design a small truck for those who don't need the midsize or the fullsize truck to haul certain loads. I really miss my small pick up.

Love it and would buy it now.

That is a beautiful little truck. And I'm waiting. Waiting for someone to produce something like that so I can buy a new vehicle. I got excited by the Toyota ABAT and now I'm excited about this as well. All this needs is a slightly extended cab for a small amount of storage space. I've owned a half ton without it and it can drive you crazy. I now own an extended cab and having that room back there is a big deal. I also own a car and I'd like to have just one vehicle. This could be it. Let's get this thing started already!

That is one brilliant concept. Whoever develops their small truck first will have my cash. Toyota ABAT or GMC Granite. They are equally appealing to me and I haven't purchased new since 1991.

The Granite should be a compact truck with a 2.0 litre Turbodiesel engine and a lower ratioed 5 speed manual transmission. It would be the perfect house/vacation/recreation truck. You could use it as basic transportation, due to the Diesel's economy. A small truck like this would allow You to safely tow 2,500 lnbs or less. This allows you to be able to pull a small trailer, boat, or camper dependably. You can use the 4 foot bed for those trips to Home Depot for water softener salt or the occaisional bag or two of fertilizer. I don't but many 4'X8' sheets of plywood or 2"X4"'s. I do replace toilets, sinks, and the occaisional vanity. Asimple, dependable small truck would be just fine for that.

i would rather see a four wheel drive verison with a actual seperate bed from the cab ,so if it is damaged or needs repainted or even if you need to replace the fuel pump in the tank you could yank the bed off with just 6 bolts.also with a full frame would be great. then they would have something that could be customized with bushwhacker fender flares chunky tires,roll bar,nerf bars,skid plates,heavy duty suspension. i don't think general motors is thinking seriously/useful for everyone. this could be a great trail rated vehicle with some revamping on their ideas.

If they put this truck out on the market it would do well. Production price is really one of the biggest problems

Better looking than those hybrids and evo concepts. With a 2.5l inline 4 tcv engine it should push this truck in the high 38s mpg and with at least 220hp. Look guys cars are cars and trucks are trucks this should be call urban attack, put a 25000 price tag and you'll have a winner.

Why don't Chevy make a small prerunner truck the size of the Suzuki mighty boy truck. That looks like the Halo Warthog 4 , with all the compartments , winch & tow hooks & 33 x 15.50x15" tires & 25" of travel front & rear

Wish they would build this truck, I would buy one and I'm really not a truck guy but this one is neat !

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