Ford F-150 SVT Raptors Report for U.S. Border Patrol Duty

Ford F-150 SVT Raptors Report for U.S. Border Patrol Duty
Photo courtesy of Autoblog

Thanks to a sharp-eyed Autoblog reader, it looks like the U.S. Border Patrol has finally received a batch of Ford F-150 SVT Raptors (with factory 17-inch aluminum wheels!) to help guard our southern frontier with Mexico.

The Raptor's single-overhead cam 6.2-liter V-8 is rated at a brawny 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque. Its high-performance long-travel suspension was tuned in the rugged Mojave Desert.

Sounds like the Raptor should be perfect for catching Mexican "coyote" smugglers crossing into our country illegally.

[Source: Autoblog]


Its not the human trafficking that's the problem. I grew up in Laredo and Ive been watching the past five years as things have spun out of control. DoD CN and the State Dept have not given this the attention it requires. Hopefully the Falcon Lake shooting will finally bring things around to the public eye. Or maybe not. This is a real problem and its not going away.

Oh and cool Raptors.

Excellant choice to have the Raptors!

Maybe a .50 cal weapon in the bed?
Then Toyota pickups would have competition the world over...

Bad*ss Trucks. I can't wait to trade my Silverado in for one of these!

no wonder the government is going broke...

Same of the same crap, the border is out of control!!! What does the Federal Government? The buy Raptors for to be parked all day under the sun and how do I know this, the trucks say SUPERVISOR on it's side. It's not like the the so called SUPERVISOR is going to be on the field with the Mexicans. Please stop pretending you guys have control over the border with all these toys, don't forget the border already has drones with a green strip on it.

Well, if you allowed, i really not like this truck.

Perfect fit for the truck...

Now,build a damn fence already !!!Keep those no good people drug runners,crooks,scam artists out !!!

Sure,come in legally ! Not illegally !! What the hell is wrong with this country !!

inmigraciĆ³n, inmigraciĆ³n

It's no surprise they are buying Fords. I don't care what the shootouts say. Ford makes the best trucks! Hands down.

haha. Mike Levine is always quick on the raptor news. You can tell he really like this truck.


Maybe fullsize but the Tacoma is tough to beat in the midsized category.

hey AllAmerican, I agree with u....only the trucks should say Stupidervisor on the sides..LOL

I think the Raptor makes sense for this use. My problem is the sticker on the door. "Supervisor" tells me these will wind up at the office instead of in the field with the "workers" doing what they were intended for. This makes it just another cool toy for management instead of a usefull tool for those who need it.

"It's no surprise they are buying Fords. I don't care what the shootouts say. Ford makes the best trucks! Hands down."

So.....That's great. My F150 is a great truck, just like the Chevy I owned, and the Dodge ram I had as well. They ae all great trucks.

@Red 4X4, I don't think any of the latest and greatest trucks are bad. Some aren't as fresh as others, but they are all capable, comfortable, and reliable.


Hey, you better watch it. I bet half those MEXICAN will whip your a$$.


If Mike Levine would to buy a truck today it would be the Raptor, me included. Thinking of selling my 7.3L PS for a Raptor.

I would like to see an EcoBoost Raptor, or even the Powerstroke diesel.

Mike really needs to get back into a pickup truck some day!

@Dave: I'm in a pickup almost every week, just not one I own. Still trying to sell my wife on the Raptor.

It is funny that the pictured trucks say "Supervisor". I hope that is the only 2 trucks that say that.
It is common occurence.
My brother-in-law is cop ranked as a Sargeant. The NCO's and officers often get first dibs on new vehicles.
Part of the problem is the general duty cops, whom are often more junior - have a tendancy to abuse the crap out of stuff. He showed me a crewcab truck that was so muddy that you would of had a hard time telling that it was a police vehicle. He said that that truck was like that everytime it came back and there was no legitimate reason.
He ended up taking it as his own vehicle because it was getting beat to death beyond the normal abuse of a police vehicle.

@ Dave - why own your own when you get to drive the "latest and greatest" every day?
My brother hasn't owned his own pickup for 5 years now. The company he works for lets him do what ever he wants with his company truck.

It's not every day and many times he has to travel far away from home just to drive it. That's a bit different from your brother's situation. He could also borrow a friend's truck which has its advantages but also has its disadvantages. Why did you buy a new F-150? Why not just borrow your brother's or keep your old van? Mike likes trucks and is not a nonvehicle owner so I don't see why you have a problem with it.

LOU never said he has a problem with it

Asking why implies that he does have a problem with it.

I don't have a problem with it.
Guys make the insinuation that one should not comment on trucks unless they own one.
As you pointed out - I used to own a van for the last 2 years.
I got hammered for it by so-called truck guys.
Mike should not be citiqued for not owning a truck. He was honest in his commentary.
It is often difficult to ascertain ones intent - humor or sarcasm on a message board such as this.

@Frank-watch it? Haha

Raptors are a perfect truck for boarder patrol!! I have a 6.2 use it for my landscape company, and yes, A FULL SIZE FISHER PLOW!! The truck is a white one, had all the black painted white except on the front grill ONLY the word FORD. This truck stops all truck lovers and traffic!! The women melt looking at it.

raptors are sweet looking trucks couple years im thinking about getting one keep my 2005 ford f-150 best trucks are FORDS

My thoughts on the supervisor is that its a EC Raptor and most supervisors ride by themselves. The CC Raptors will probably be for everyone else.

I generally prefer Chevys, but the Raptor looks like a capable truck and I like the idea behind it. Unfortunately I don't think they will help with the border problem all that much. It will have to be treated at the source, and buying nice trucks won't really fix that.

These are going to be one heck of a company car! Where do I apply?

I watch a program, on the National Geographic Channel, called Border Wars. Interesting show. Anyway, I have seen Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagons being used as Border Patrol vehicles, also.

I would be happy with either vehicle. Maybe the Raptor a little more because it would be fun to tear-up the desert at high speeds and because I already own a Power Wagon.

To control illegal immigration, we just have to do two things-
1- amend the constitution - citizenship by Blood, Not by birth - one parnt should be a citizen - no anchorbabies- like most other countries.
2 - put the employers who hire them 200 at a time out of business-

Niether party is interested in controling illegal immigration - cheap laber for the rich.

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