Ford Will Bring a 2011 F-150 EcoBoost V-6 to Your Home or Work to Test Drive

Ford Will Bring a 2011 F-150 EcoBoost V-6 to Your Home or Work

Were you too busy or too far away to make it to Ford’s 2011 F-150 Roundup to sample the all-new 365-horsepower, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that makes 420 pounds-feet of torque? That’s OK. Ford will bring the EB F-150 to you.

Ford is kicking off a 55-city tour around the U.S., starting later this month and running through January. The first cities on the list are Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

Potential F-150 buyers can check to see when one of three groups of trucks will be in their area by signing up for a personalized twin-turbo spin at Ford will show up with the truck at either your home or work and give you up to 30 minutes of drive time with a representative to answer all your questions, according to EcoBoost drive tour spokeswoman Mary Kay Francis.

For every test drive, Ford will contribute $10 to either the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or Future Farmers of America.

If you are curious about just how strong a six-cylinder engine can be in a full-size pickup, sign up today.


I'm Toyota Guy yet...

I want one I want one I want one. But do I need that much capability? Sadly no, too bad I'm old enough to know better and not young enough to ignore my practical side. These things are going to fly off the lots soon as the trucks unload them.

Way to go Ford.

Do you know if Ford is going to make it to any Canadian cities with this drive tour Mike?

I am curios at to see what the real world mileage brings with these trucks. Especially at altitude and with towing a light to medium duty trailer!

Why aren't there any events in the western United States. I didn't see anything further west than North Dakota!

I'm in....4 Jan 2011 at my front door.

Only one city in Texas. You gotta be kidding me. Don't we account for a huge percentage of the truck market?

At least you have a city in Tx. Other than that there isn't a city outside of the mid east. That tour is a bad joke.

More cities to be announced soon!

I've heard there are quite a few more cities in the western part of the country to be announced next week, including Texas.

I want a ecobost Ford.I bet they get 30 mpg.My 4.2 Ford gets that almost.I want a extended cab ecobost 150,with Ford high resale valuo,I think mine is worth 15,000 for my 02.Ford is the bestest.

haha people are gonna pull pranks and give them the wrong address to go to

Took my test drive today at the local ford Dealer.
Turn traction control off and put the pedal down this bad boys got some torque.

I'm sure that using lawn care service in Hingham, MA will help to eventually get to one of these. They're beautiful.

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