Turn Your Old Pickup Truck Into a Mini 18-Wheeler

Turn your Pickup Into a Mini 18-Wheeler
By Robby DeGraff

Getting tired of driving around in your old Ford F-250 7.3-liter diesel? Why not revamp it into a miniature Peterbilt semi. Nashville, Tenn.-based Lil Big Rig (link removed due to malware) offers transformation kits that take standard pickup trucks and dress them up like full-on 18-wheelers.

A similar conversion dubbed the Lil Kenny (which sits slightly lower than the Lil Pete) gives your Ram or full-size Chevy pickup a makeover to resemble a life-size Kenworth semi.

For $13,000, Lil Big Rig can convert your 1980s-1990s two-wheel-drive Ford F-250, long-bed full-size Chevrolet pickup (1973-1987 model years in either 4X4 or 4X2) or 1994-2003 Dodge Ram standard cab pickup (either 4X4 or 4X2). Lil Big Rig replaces the standard truck body with a fiberglass Peterbilt or Kenworth cab and front hood/fender assembly. A semi truck-esque rear body and two extra dual rear wheels are added on to make your truck look like a traditional Peterbilt or Kenworth semi.

The interior is completely revised and resembles the cab of a semi, and what’s a semi truck without a rear space to relax in? All Lil Pete and Lil Kenny kits come with a full rear sleeper available with seats or room for an actual bed.


The exterior of each project comes with your typical big semi headlights and mirrors; tall side exhaust stacks; optional semi-spec fuel tanks; and a front grille that would put a Chrysler 300 to shame. You can even equip your custom Lil Rig with an automatic transmission and forget worrying about trying to double-clutch shift a 15-speed manual often seen in most semis today.

Under the mock-semi hood is a standard gas or diesel V-8 engine, with space for a smaller diesel or straight-six-cylinder mill. Lil Kenny models can even be fit with Chevy’s massive 454 big-block V-8.


Just how much smaller is the Lil Kenny compared with a “big” Kenworth? A typical semi truck stands around 13 feet tall; the Lil Kenny sits at a little more than 5 feet tall. Despite the size difference, the overall interior and exterior appearance is strikingly similar.

Lil Big Rig’s completely assembled body shells can be easily installed over a matter of days with common garage hand tools. If you buy one, it’s advised that you find the donor pickup truck while waiting four to eight weeks for Lil Big Rig to custom-fabricate the body shell.

What’s a benefit of the Lil Big Rig project truck? The cost. The entire conversion can run less than $20,000. For a donor truck, older pickup trucks are becoming increasingly cheap, and used older Ford F-250s are going for next to nothing on eBay at the moment. Don’t worry about body rust, either, as long as the frame is solid and the truck is in working mechanical condition.

Lil Big Rig is also researching offering full turn-key mini-semis in the future. So if you want to work on your CB radio lingo and be the (mini) king of the open road, check out Lil Big Rig’s website (link removed due to malware).



Pretty neat.

wonder if you can put a hitch on it to tow that 5th wheel

It actually looks like a real semi !! only smaller...not like many past kit cars they dont even look close to the real thing...

Though odd looking to see them small ! Neat/different though

Now,I want a huge Smart car built on a full size semi frame...yes,huge as wide and tall as a semi but from afar it looks small !! Until you get close !! That would be funny !!

That would be fun

WOW that would be really cool to build!

Dumb dumb da dumb...

haha that's awesome. If I were a rich man.........

if you hauled a fifth wheel all the time, that would be a fun little truck to run in...
I'm assuming the stock motor is used? It's a little unclear from the article. And is the extra wheel set in the back functional? If not, there's no way I'd put it on a 4x2 truck. But a very neat idea for all the more it costs. People spend money on way stupider crap than this.


As a REAL big rig guy of many year this SERIOUSLY pisses me off. Bucken blasphemy....

People have no taste in vehicles...no class.

Making trucks further into the POS tuners everyday...body kits!!!!!

I want to run the creators this those monstrositys over in a REAL TRUCK!!

This is cool. The tag axle is an option. I did not see any specifications on whether or not it would incrrease one's towing or hauling capacity.
You run what ever drivetrain you want from the donor truck, or what is compatible with the donor chassis.
If you can fit a 5th wheel to a stock p/u it will fit onto this.
I saw one like this but set up as a 4x4. It looked good.

This is sweet!!

It'd be so nice if my sons built me one of these for Mother's Day

A real trucker would laugh you off the road.

Awww, that is so cute. I agree with Skinner, though...please, do NOT drive this on the highway. But it will make a nice hauler around the rural areas. You don't even need a CDL!

HAHA! OH MAN! Wouldn't the guys flip out if I rolled into work at the gravel pit in one of them hauling a gooseneck tandem axle dump trailer.

Honey, I know what I want for Christmas this year! $13000.......I can come up with $13000.....

The Lil Big RIg site has been corrupted by malware.

@Wade Moeller: Thanks for the heads up. I've removed the links until that problem is fixed on their site.

Why are you "real big rig" drives such haters? This thing was obviously made for the lulz.

would like to contact a dealer, I have some questio$

well i am a real trucker.and i wouldnt ran off these little beautys off the road...actually would love to own one,,,,

dude awesome!

Its a Little Peter. How appropriate!

Chould you please tell me more about this kit,Thank you , Bill

tell me more, i would like to have one in my ranch in Mexico, Do i need to have my truck in your area or bring the kit to Mexico? Very good idea for a second use...

would someone please contact me ,bill

this thing is cool as s@#t. im an owner operator now for over 14yrs. would love to have one of these trucks to drag my fifth wheel camper up n down the big road, comeon! U guys hating on this truck obviously dont have a clue. Keep up the good work LIL BIG RIG.

I m a real truck driver and I think these would be awesome to drive and haul smaller trailers. It would be even better if it could be fitted to a 1 ton chassis, because than it could be used a hot shot truck. It would be able to fit into areas that the big rigs wouldn't be able to go. It hope to build one some day on a 1 ton chassis and use it around my area.

this cool as SH**!!!

man all i ever wanted is one of these i never thought they a existed but i guess i was way off, its real neat how u guys did all of that if i ever get a chance i would love to assist on one of those they are some of the neatest things Ive ever seen. ive always thought that it would be the coolest to be able to hook it up to a trailer and take my sibilings to the park without walkn or having to take our bikes, if i would ever get a chance is there any other way to build one ? plz reply

Awsome kits.I was going to build one with a reguler cab an hood on a one ton frame.But now i found these awsome kits.I will be putting in my order real soon.Can u ship to canada.

how much to build on i would like it to be a 10 speed if i could thanks

my dad is a real trucker and he'd love a western star version

thats pretty sick, i want to make one or at least get the full details on how to convert everything over.

i have most of the parts how can i contact other readers you can give them my email im in fl. i have done over the years kw900a b mack 359 petes all on diesel chassie

send me more info on the kits, I would like to purchase one. they look real cool.

these are too cool , how about a cab over?? with a cummins engine

if u had that built ud need a mini 5th wheel trailer built

My son would just flip! Where do you go for pricing? elmo

where do i have to go and how mush do it call how long will it take to buil and i what if you can bit a hood on it like the 1 picter

what is your nember to call so can buil me one like the red and white one whene you open the page it the frist one and call frist so i can see how muck for one like the red at the top of the page and call me on mach 11 2012 my namd is levern harry and my white name is marie harry

Because America is a police state I can just see getting tickets by stupid cops for driving a “commercial” truck on certain residential roads. If you parked it on the street where I live you would get a ticket for sure.

I have a mini kenworth T-600 almost complete on a one ton dually chevrolet frame with a new 454 chevrolet engine - a lot of options.

looking to sale reasonable.

john - 708-278-0800

can you make me one out of a ford transit truck if i gave you one how much would it cost to sort the body or do they come right hand drive

I have a 2007 1-ton GMC with Duramax Diesel and 6 speed allison transmission. I also have a Toyhauler 42' long and gross 18,000 pds. Legaly I can't haul my feethwheel because of the weight. Could some one tell me whom to call to get one of those truck build.
thank you

does the lil rig conversion kits have working fifth wheel, to pull a camper or travel trailer.

so buying oneof of gokartusa.com

would like to have more info and specs on all kits , interested in building one and possible more to sell , please contact thanks HG

this is a sick truck how much did it cost

That is good. At least they are using Ford trucks of that vintage. They were real trucks. Real trucks that use solid front axes have leaf springs, not these silly paper thin control arms can get broken in half by a large rock. Ford Super Dutys lost their glory in 2003 when they lost their leaf springs if you ask me. I won't consider one anymore.

that would be awsome to own one of these mini semi's. i have a 97 dodge ram, ext cab. i would love to turn it into one of these. are find an old ford truck and turn it into one..west texas wouldnt be the same. once seen in it.. lol

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