Turn Your Old Pickup Truck Into a Mini 18-Wheeler

Turn your Pickup Into a Mini 18-Wheeler
By Robby DeGraff

Getting tired of driving around in your old Ford F-250 7.3-liter diesel? Why not revamp it into a miniature Peterbilt semi. Nashville, Tenn.-based Lil Big Rig (link removed due to malware) offers transformation kits that take standard pickup trucks and dress them up like full-on 18-wheelers.

A similar conversion dubbed the Lil Kenny (which sits slightly lower than the Lil Pete) gives your Ram or full-size Chevy pickup a makeover to resemble a life-size Kenworth semi.

For $13,000, Lil Big Rig can convert your 1980s-1990s two-wheel-drive Ford F-250, long-bed full-size Chevrolet pickup (1973-1987 model years in either 4X4 or 4X2) or 1994-2003 Dodge Ram standard cab pickup (either 4X4 or 4X2). Lil Big Rig replaces the standard truck body with a fiberglass Peterbilt or Kenworth cab and front hood/fender assembly. A semi truck-esque rear body and two extra dual rear wheels are added on to make your truck look like a traditional Peterbilt or Kenworth semi.

The interior is completely revised and resembles the cab of a semi, and what’s a semi truck without a rear space to relax in? All Lil Pete and Lil Kenny kits come with a full rear sleeper available with seats or room for an actual bed.


The exterior of each project comes with your typical big semi headlights and mirrors; tall side exhaust stacks; optional semi-spec fuel tanks; and a front grille that would put a Chrysler 300 to shame. You can even equip your custom Lil Rig with an automatic transmission and forget worrying about trying to double-clutch shift a 15-speed manual often seen in most semis today.

Under the mock-semi hood is a standard gas or diesel V-8 engine, with space for a smaller diesel or straight-six-cylinder mill. Lil Kenny models can even be fit with Chevy’s massive 454 big-block V-8.


Just how much smaller is the Lil Kenny compared with a “big” Kenworth? A typical semi truck stands around 13 feet tall; the Lil Kenny sits at a little more than 5 feet tall. Despite the size difference, the overall interior and exterior appearance is strikingly similar.

Lil Big Rig’s completely assembled body shells can be easily installed over a matter of days with common garage hand tools. If you buy one, it’s advised that you find the donor pickup truck while waiting four to eight weeks for Lil Big Rig to custom-fabricate the body shell.

What’s a benefit of the Lil Big Rig project truck? The cost. The entire conversion can run less than $20,000. For a donor truck, older pickup trucks are becoming increasingly cheap, and used older Ford F-250s are going for next to nothing on eBay at the moment. Don’t worry about body rust, either, as long as the frame is solid and the truck is in working mechanical condition.

Lil Big Rig is also researching offering full turn-key mini-semis in the future. So if you want to work on your CB radio lingo and be the (mini) king of the open road, check out Lil Big Rig’s website (link removed due to malware).



Qho is making these kits I would love to build one, just need to know who to contact?

ohh ya wise guy make a cabover

Hell....i would love to own one of these. Being from south louisiana i would put it to work in the oil field. Do you know how much work you would get just letting people see this truck hauling there equipment. Man....you would make much money. And then with the towing compasity of a one ton...or 3/4 ton truck. You can haul a goose neck with that. I think i will get one....soon.

I like that mini

kenwotrh is a favorite truck because, i like to buy one.

Thank you for buying me a mini truck.

I have a 1987 Dodge pickup standard cab long box would a little Kinney work?

I have an 87 Chevy 1 ton dually with a tilt flat bed. If the Pete would come in a day cab, I would buy it in a minute if it would fit. The present cab needs a lot of body work for restoration and this would be just the thing I need to complete my project.

Can some one please send me an email address,am very interested.

Were can I read or get more info on this kits.

i drive for a company that has peterbuit it would be nice to have a mini one to park on the lot. what is the cost of one

I'm an extruck driver. I'm very interested in purchasing a Peterbilt pick up truckI think you're pretty cool and I would like to know if there is a list for you can just buy one.or do you have to have them built. From you text logger California Thanks.again I think they're pretty cool looking.

Very cool truck im in the middle of my own mini pete geting ready to do the cab here soon on my 84 chevy dually any advice?

Would like to get more information on building one of these projects.

I have a real 85 Pete 359. I'd love to get a Pete kit for my pu truck. Please email me how and where. Ty this is very cool. Steve


That is cool!! I drive hotshot with a 2012 Ram 3500 & am looking for a sleeper for it. This would be way better. Can you immagine the looks you would get rolling through the scales with one of these. Please e mail me with info if anyone has it on one of these conversion kits.

I have a mini western star that will pull a fifth wheel it also has a class three hitch ,has the tag axle and all the chrome you would want it is on a toyota SR5 4x4 pickup extended has less than 10,000 klms on it with manual trans looking to sell if you have interest please e-mail me I will send photos and will discuss price. This Rig is ready to go needs nothing

Pretty amazing thought actually! !

Where can I get one built? It is awesome.

Hey if nothing else they'll make great skateboards for us real truckers, when they get (under foot) in our way out there on the open road or around industrial areas & truck stops. Yet, I'm not a complete hater, what i really want is a kit that can make my BIG-rig look like a pick'emup truck? Then all I'll have to do is disguise my fraight-end to look like a 5th-wheel, and I can blow by the scales and get back to runnin my 18w for 18hrs a day or more, and get back to making a real living!

Could you convert a 99-02 ford? If yes what total cost

Can you do conversion on a f250\f350 4x4 7.3 and what would total conversion cost

These are nice, can you get a W900 version?

do you have kits for a small truck like a s-10 if not can you help me find who can help me modify my s-10 by adding a longer frame extention for the double axles in the rear and how to lift my cab to fit 2 round gas tanks and somebody who can build a spacer fr the dually wheels look-this truck will be for show and everyday driving so any help would be appreciated because im bound and determined to make this happen even if I have to fabricate my own designs to make it work!!thanks and I love the pictures jw

I would like to hear from some one that has built one and i would like to know how safe my down payment will be. I hope that this is not another company like street beast that will take you payment and run . i am very interested in buying one

What are the contact details i want to find
Out more about these rigs to buy one.

I am in the process of building a Peterbilt kit. My finished Truck will be no less than Show Class. I will be extending the frame and installing an additional Differential with dual tires thus I will have a Tandem Axle Dual Wheel version. if anyone is interested in having one Built, I will consider and negotiate the cost to do so. Contact me at (281) 248-1265. Serious Inquiry's Only Please.

That's cool but I got one that is way better and its a long one and I got 20trailers Togo with it

As an owner operator, I would not turn my reliable working pickup into this. Although it is kind of cool. I use my truck to chase parts and go to town.
Shop Truck is a 67 C10 SWB, 350 motor with a 350 automatic, lowered with air bags and AC.
As for towing my 38 foot 5th wheel, I use a 1997 Peterbilt 379, single axle with a 36" sleeper with the bunk removed and a couch installed. 475 hp cat motor and a 15 speed with overdrive. Yes I have a lot of toys, isn't that we all work for?

How do we order from u guys for a mini kit

can i use a 1996 dodge dakota v6 auto 4x4 and how much for the kit and when can i get it in canada

Please forward specific information. Sleeper? Hauling capacity? Best truck and model to convert? Any and all info us appreciated. Tks,Bob

Where can I buy one

How come you can't drive it on a highway? Its a registered Ford pickup with a kit. Is the kit going to blow off or something?

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!


I drove over the road big trucks for 21 years the Peterbilt 359 was my favorite truck, I'm no hater of this little want to be rig, I was actually thinking of having my 3500 dually Chevrolet done after seeing the pictures. I kind of think it's Cool! I would definitely put it on the interstate pulling my fifth wheel camper!

Please make kits for the 1 ton pickups diesel engines especially dodge and from 2007 year and up that way I can legally use it for hot shot delivery thanks.

Too bad you folks don't have this available for all makes. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Would like to know more about this kit had a buddy pass away and we were in the semi business together would like to build one for his memory

Can you do a MACK?

Can someone tell me how to get my 1999 F350 converted to look like this with a larger sleeper? Please send me an email to thereverend at 1st class inc dot com Thank you..

Wow that is really something I love it a lot really great job guys. I was wondering though have you guys put out a catalog that a guy can get ahold of something to have on hand and take things from there?

Let me know would love to own something like this being an ex truck driver of 22 years.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life!how friggin dumb are people today?

My 4 y/o would get a kick out of riding in this. He would be like look daddy I'm in one too hahaha

Can I get a kit for a 93 long wheel base s10

How much would it cost me to make it that way with a trailor

waste of 13K

Can the company that has the kits please contact me i have questions thanks

where do I buy one of these kits

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