Global Vehicles USA Still Hopes to Sell Mahindra Truck by Spring

Global Vehicles USA Still Hopes to Sell Mahindra Truck by Spring

John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles USA, said he expects Mahindra’s small diesel pickups to go on sale in the U.S. by spring 2011 in a letter emailed sent to thousands of interested buyers.

“I know you are wondering when you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing, authentic, robust, fuel-efficient trucks at a Mahindra dealer near you,” Perez wrote. “While I cannot give you a firm answer on timing, I can tell you in my estimation, trucks will arrive in the spring of 2011.”

In a telephone interview with, Perez clarified his statement.

“I’ve nothing to base [that date] on but my estimation,” Perez said. “Mahindra said the trucks would ready for sale by December 2010 but you don’t launch a vehicle in the U.S. in the winter. The best time to launch a vehicle in the U.S. is in September or October or March or April. That’s why spring would be perfect timing.”

Mahindra execs recently said they had "no date" for a U.S. introduction.

GV USA and Mahindra are in arbitration and in U.S. federal court over delays getting Mahindra's pickup trucks certified for sale in the U.S.

Mahindra says its exclusive distribution relationship with GV USA is void and GV USA says that Mahindra is taking unfair advantage of a federal testing escape clause in the distribution contract. In August, Mahindra announced that its diesel pickups met U.S. standards for emissions, but in September, Mahindra rejected a $35 million order from GV USA.

Perez said the clock is ticking. Mahindra’s certification from the EPA is only for the 2011 model year and will expire on December 31, 2011. There’s no firm timing as to when a decision will be reached in arbitration or handed down from federal court.

“Arbitration could be another year before they listen to our case,” Perez said. “And everything is in the [federal court’s] judge’s hands. We don’t know when that will be.”

GV USA and Mahindra aren’t the only ones facing a ticking clock. Consumers who had hoped to be driving a Mahindra pickup this year are running out of time and patience.

Several members at, a website dedicated to the arrival of Mahindra’s trucks in the U.S., have posted they’ve given up hope of buying a Mahindra pickup.

“I am disappointed and broken hearted by this mythical ghost truck,” posted a commenter using the handle icidro.

“It's starting to sound like the bigfoot saga,” posted stove warrior.


Heres an estimation from my opinion...NOT GONNA HAPPEN BEFORE 2013! This is better than daytime TV...

As gas motors get better, these guys will continue to lose market share anyway.

A** meet smoke .

not going to happen...ever. when will they get a clue?

Great power with great efficiancy sounds great, but there is no way I can live with the 70's styling....

By Spring? They're not going to get all of that done in 6 months. And as the article states, “Arbitration could be another year before they listen to our case,” Perez said.

Ford's Ecoboost might have taken the nuts out of this tree. Get great mileage and a modern truck that you actually love to be seen in. Mahindra lost their chance last century.

This is the biggest joke I've ever heard of in the auto industry.

I recived this letter it also says...

" it would seem production is imminent, but other factors may hinder the US launch. India’s car sales are on a dramatic trajectory upward. The sales pace combined with an industry wide parts shortage is impacting home market sales, which will have an affect on the United States introduction."

Sorry, we do not have a parts shortage.

On the other hand TATA who own Jaguar and Land Rover have had no problems with their 3 Litre common rail diesel Pickup being released in Europe and it looks a lot better.

This a joke. Mahindra has lost so many followers just because they have proven themselves to be a greedy cash minded company. I know that every company care's about making Cash, but in Mahindra's case its like ordering of the dollar menu at McDonald's. You get it because its cheap and easy. I really am curios to see how Mahindra will treat its customers when it come's down to honoring their warranty's and things of that nature.

I had a bad feeling about both Perez and Mahindra from the beginning. And the more I learned the more I knew I wanted nothing from either. But I still hope Perez and investors get their money back from Mahideous & Malarkey.

@FordGuy1988-" I really am curious to see how Mahindra will treat its customers when it come's down to honoring their warranty's and things of that nature."

I was worndering the same thing and just how safe it is and if the cab is made of wood then covered over with metal like the model T?

Everyone who buys this contraption I wish them well!!!!

@ John Perez - you forgot to say: "Simon says - spring"

Sell the engines as swaps into older Toyota/Nissan/Mazda/Isuzu/Ranger/S10 pickups....
Thats all anyone seems to want from that company.
The truck itself is a Yugo class joke.
Even cash strapped Chrysler could have came up with a better styled truck than that "3rd world" looking piece.
A 1987 Dodge Dakota has it all over this Playschool rig.

I agree with paul. All i want is that engine. I love the idea of a company that just sells diesel engine with tranny swaps for the older small trucks.

"Sorry, we do not have a parts shortage."

He was referring to a parts shortage in India, not the U.S. I think they would love to launch their trucks now, but because of the strong sales in India coupled with the parts shortages they would give up profits to divert production for the U.S. They must figure since they've taken a breather from an immediate launch that now would be a good time to jerk the rug out from beneath their business partner, Global Vehicles. What's the worst that could happen- they have to follow through as originally planned; at best they could pick up the dealer network for free. What they have failed to consider is how their actions will hurt their reputation and future business dealings in this country (if there ever are any).

Does this have a wood frame like the Tata?

LOL!! Aaaah.... No more talk from this manufacturer! Shut-up & Deliver!! Shut-up until YOU deliver!!!

Them not selling there vehicles in the U. S. may be a blessing away. Cheap vehicles on the purchase price but when you need parts is when you are going to have pay out the big bucks! Just buy a Toyota and go through a Hino dealer and get you a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine and install it in the Toyota truck. Hino makes the diesel engines used by Toyota in there Hilux truck, etc. Cummins also has 2 very good light weight engined that will work in most trucks like Toyota, Nissan, etc.

What a joke, yeah its a diesel, but a new Ford Ranger gets almost 30 mpg at a FRACTION of the cost! Even the early 90's Rangers got 28 mpg! As much as it cost to rebuild the injector pump in that obscure thing you could have rebuilt that ford 3 times over!

Good article Mike! And thanks for the mention. :)

It's definitely discouraging. Still hoping for the best, but not a whole lot to base hope off of lately!

i want 17ft box truck

Stop trying to compare this truck to Rangers; The Ranger does not get 30+ mpg on it's best day, going down hill, being pushed by a stiff wind (I've owned several). It doesn't come with a "real" quad cab. It can't haul anything as heavy as the TR20 or TR40 and it's as good as dead soon (Ford is only extending it till they can afford to replace it).
Mahindra got started by making the JEEP for the rest of the world near the end of WW2. It is known for it's quality in every other country, and yes even in the US. They have been selling their tractors in this country for decades and they are the third most popular brand. They are "not" made of wood or even wood framed, that is one model from TATA used for contract hauling, not even civilian use. They are trying to fill a segment that is screaming for this type of truck and being neglected by our own automotive companies. This truck could easily be a check mark option on any of the other car companies order forms; they chose to say we don't need it and americans don't know what they really want (this from a Nissan dealer here locally when I was pushing for a Frontier diesel). Mahindra finally gets EPA and Safely certified and then gets slapped by GV with a suit. GV is the problem here, they have screwed up importing vehicles before (a certain Russian SUV comes to mind).
If they can pull it together and get it here I'll still give them a fair look, if I like what I see then I'll buy it, ugly looks and all. Nothing being built here buy our auto companies compares; sad but a fact, like it or not.

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