How to Tow Your Show Vehicle to SEMA

How to Tow Your Show Vehicle to SEMA

If you're an exhibitor at SEMA, you probably have a sweet ride that's taken months of prep and fabrication work to create, and you need to transport it to the aftermarket expo. But while that show vehicle is safely tucked away in an enclosed trailer for its trip to Nevada, you can still arrive in style, like pulling up to the Las Vegas Convention Center in this GMC Sierra 3500 custom tow rig.

The Duramax-powered Sierra one-ton dually sports a custom grille, CST performance suspension and lift kit with Fox Racing reservoir shocks and 24-inch 10 lug wheels with 37x13.50/R24 Toyo Open Country tires.



does not look right with the chevy luv suspension myself. maybe if it wasn't standing quite so tall.

There's a good reason why GM didn't send that truck out of the factory looking like that.

All that work and they left the side mirrors unchanged.. should have at least chromed them.. my 2 cents..


Looks sad like they tried to be big dogs but came up as pups!

It would of looked better sitting lower and without big rig wheels and tires.
I agree with Ex - mirrors should be chromed.

Sweet Truck, and most important toughest of all

It kicks ass and it's not a Chevy it a GMC, yeah yeah it's a General Motors Vehicle and it will out do anything Ford with a lift.

The grille is horrid. The rest of the truck looks bland.

Lol @ Scott.

You don't chrome those mirrors. Chrome doesn't belong on newer trucks unless it's on the wheels or the bumper. Even then, wheels only is the way to go.

Those mirrors should have been color matched.

haha look at that weak structure and front suspension FAIL!!!!

doesn't that 10' trailer look a bit to big for a durafail

That truck is George Bush's fault.

I wouldn't tow with something like that. Too dangerous!

Could you imagine duals on the front like the Ram? First expansion strip and the IFS would break. That is one fugly truck.

Yea, yea, yea... The adult in me doesn't quite get it. But the kid in me has got to have one! I like the big wheels, just not on that truck.

@ Scott L of Nashville - Hot Wheels meets SEMA.
Those wheels do not suit this truck.
The only place that grill would look good is on the screen door of one's hunting shack.

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