New Television Ads Tout 2011 Ford F-150's New Engine Lineup

New Television Ads Tout 2011 Ford F-150's New Engine Lineup

Ford is introducing two new 30-second television spots for the 2011 F-150 with voiceover by comedian Denis Leary.

The two “No Nonsense” clips can be found on YouTube. According to their descriptions, the clips launch nationwide on Saturday, building on the success of Leary’s "rant"-style campaign first introduced for the redesigned F-150 in 2008. The latest ads focus on powertrain leadership and engineering, with four new engines in the 2011 F-150 that offer class-leading power, performance and fuel economy.

Catch both ads below.

Like before, Leary does a nice job quickly hitting the strong points of the new F-150.

The ads are sure to draw comparison to Chevy’s new Max and Al web campaign, so comment away (respectfully) below.


Now these are good ads. Pay attention GM.

WOW!!! Very cool, in your face (GM, Dodge/Ram, Toy...)... I really like Dennis Leary's style!!!

Great ads.

I agree even being a Mopar fan these commercials are much better than the GM adds. I find it amusing that GM cant make a truck add without advertising/ridiculing the competition rater than promoting there own product.

Looking forward to them. However, did anyone notice the fine print in both ads during the Best Fuel Economy claim, that it's 23mpg hwy for the 3.7L 4x2? Does that mean a 3.5L Ecoboost won't be rated above 22mpg hwy? Hmph, I was hoping for a little more. Still, the Ecoboost should be very impressive power-wise.

WOW, that's a lot of info at a fast pace. They grab your attention and encourage you to look at Ford if you are thinking of buying a truck. Oh, and they actually show trucks doing truck work. What a concept! No need to sling mud, and I'm glad of that with all the political ads that finally ended.

Wow with the way the trucks bounced around at the end of the commercials, maybe they should be focused on the shocks a little more.

i did notice the foot note as well about the 3.5L but they have no released official numbers to the public yet and so they have not put it in the commercials yet. That is my only guess but never the less i am excited to see these new engines in these trucks.

@Ross, I'd be shocked if the 3.5 gets better than 21mpg. That would still be great in my eyes, since it will deliver more power, tq, and quicker acceleration than most (all?) of the competitors V8's. If it can do all that and still best them in the mpg by a bit then that would be great. I'm not looking for a miracle.

These are a bit too rapid-fire for my taste, but they are clearly head and shoulders above the new GM ads. Even though the Ford commercials are cartoonish, they still manage to stay on-message and you never forget that they are promoting a truck. I give GM credit for trying something edgy, but wow, talk about a swing and a miss...

They could always do a long-winded drama about two guys, one called Eco, and his best friend Boost. And how they enjoy doing all these things together.

LOL @ Alex

Has anyone heard what the power numbers are on the EB while running premium?

Way Better! Thanks FORD for providing the real deal, unlike others who shall remain nameless.

@Alex Nice.

These are certainly more direct and more traditional than the new Chevy ones, but I agree, it's nice that Ford hasn't resorted to calling out their competition in a childish way. When you're #1 year after year, you can do that I guess.

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't mention either of the V6's (300+ HP out of those is damn impressive) or the return of the 5.0, but there wasn't really enough time either. Looking forward to seeing more of this campaign.

hahahaha alex

wow...can gm be any more sorry. I don't want to know how much money gm paid for their campaign ads.

ummmm, last i checked, the gm ads are for online only, to target the young demographic, pretty sure you wont be seeing those on tv.

it really seems to be getting ford heavy around here and the fanboys make it pretty much unbearable to visit the site anymore

my bad, they will be on tv, anyway, its still for that demographic, gm has like 2 other commercials for the silverado, its not like those 2 guys are the only ones, theres the transformers style and the other one with tim allen as the narrarator

@ justin. I think it's beginning to get a little ford heavy EVERYWHERE. you better get used to it or join the club.

Those commercials are good. Right to the point, no stupid story line of two guys blah blah....

I hope GM is so desperate they take the 4.5L dmax out from mothballs. :)

@ beebe

real original

Perfect. Simple.To the point.

I think it's beginning to get a little ford heavy EVERYWHERE

That is one of the best counterpoints I've heard in a long time.

Lou took the words right out of my mouth "Perfect. Simple.To the point."

I am a true Ford Fan, and the reason why I purchase a 94 Ford Ranger with a 2.3L 4cyl engine. This little truck has proven to be the most durable vehicle I have ever bought, the 2.3L with its single over head cam is bullet proof. The extreme durability comes from the lack of pushrods in the engine and a over head cam driving the valvetrain. I like the way Ford is using high technology in its engines to break ground with power and fuel economy. Just to show you how backward GM is thinking with engine engineering, they going to invest $980 million in new engine technology center around ancient pushrod technology. The reason why all automotive manufactures have stopping using this old technology, with the exception of GM, is because OHC technology is vastly more durable than pushrods. The less moving parts inside engine the better its durability. GM continues to use pushrod because these engines are cheaper and easier to manufacture. So when you by a GMC or CHEV pickup truck, you are actually getting less because, compared to other truck manufactures, way less money was spend on engineering there drivetrains. Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and even Dodge has spend more on engineering there engines. So when purchasing a Ford, Toyota, or Nissan you are getting the best that engine technology has to offer, which also help resale value.

Real competition, like this, gives us Great Products!! Hey Ford, you fix that ugly front-end & I might come back!! In the meantime, I'm diggn my JD Power Awarded, '08 Sierra, 4dr, 2wd, 5.3 litre. Oh! And where's the diesel....? Ya know, the 3.5 litre turbo, with 500#/ft torque & 30mpg!! With that engine, I guess I could live with the goofy-looking frontend... Now FOCUS!!

@Scott L ... IF the only thing you don't like is the front grille then that's why they make aftermarket parts that you have the chose to customize. It's impossible for every mfg to please everyone on the total appearence but aftermarket is an option if basic functions please you.

GREAT ads. They speak to men in a light-hearted way and keep the blood pumping. And the gritty bolt-on look is perfect. Yeah, they win the ad war so far.

Oh and I forgot to say - Ford, fix those neck wrenching headrests. Or rebate me the money it takes at the body shop to correct.

I wasn't trying to be original. I'm pointing out that there's not just a lot of ford fanboys on this site. Ford's image is getting better all the time. These days you're going to hear a lot more good talk about ford than chevy or dodge no matter where you go.

I drove the 3.5L Eco Boost today at Sea World Orlando. This truck is amazing! I even towed the 6500 lb trailer they hooked up to them and it pulled nicely! I'm a F250-F450 guy, but I have a new respect for the F150s and especially the v6 Eco Boost!

Eddie: Did you drive the other V-6?

@ beebe

or if you live in a small town where gm is sold and is number one, then your insulted. yes ford is good, its not the best, and neither is gm. theyre both good trucks. gm still sells a respectable number and i can live with that.

and as for sheetmetal, ya its thin, they can fix it, but if u get in an accident, its gunna crumple either way.

i dont have one ddent in mine, and my dads doesnt either, or my cousins, we beat the crap out of our trucks but we take care of them enough to make sure they look brand new

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