October 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in October 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +29.9% October 2010 49,041 Fseries
434,920 October 2009 39,496

2 Chevrolet Silverado +15.6% October 2010 34,283 Silverado
301,998 October 2009 31,754

3 Ram Trucks +2% October 2010 17,316 Ram
158,205 October 2009 12,262

4 GMC Sierra +13% October 2010 12,983 Sierra
103,218 October 2009 11,894

5 Toyota Tacoma -7.8% October 2010 9,028 Tacoma
86,612 October 2009 8,921

6 Toyota Tundra +19.2% October 2010 7,187 Tundra
75,832 October 2009 7,537

7 Ford Ranger -1.1% October 2010 4,447 Ranger
47,291 October 2009 3,910

8 Nissan Frontier +43.1% October 2010 3,472 Frontier
33,507 October 2009 2,295

9 Chevrolet Colorado -29.5% October 2010 2,231 Colorado
20,657 October 2009 1,732

10 Nissan Titan +30.5% October 2010 1,964 Titan
19,427 October 2009 1,688



Good to see that sales are picking up. All the new product out there and sales incentives are working. The GM trucks will never get close to Ford until they upgrade & redesign their 1500s too.

First time to comment. I'm a big time ford guy. I always have since I can remember. I've been watching the comments all year and they can really be bias at times, but I understand at times because I am also.I'm glad to see fords are still the most popular selling trucks. I like mike's objective information no matter what make it is.American trucks are still the best on the road.Gotta love a truck(FORD)

Finely Ram is out of the red.

Almost 30K more F-Series than Silverado/Sierra combined. Way to go Ford, keep up the good work making the best truck on the road! And it's only gonna get better when the 2011's are dropped with the 3.7L, 5.0L, EB 3.5L and 6.2L.


Throw in the Coloradio and the F-Series is still outselling them all.

GOOD JOB FORD!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it. The GM guys can't throw the Silverado/Sierra sales beat F-series combined because they don't!

You have to thank GMC for Ford being number 1.
They seem to have a need to buy Ford HD trucks.
Would that count as a fleet sale?

I am finding Toyota Tundra sales interesting.
They keep showing an increase whereas the Tacoma is showing a sales decrease.

I wonder if Oxi's PR campaign is helping Tacoma sales.
(Howie Long did wonders for GM.)

again,and again,,so ford and gm equal on half ton,to 1 ton right,,,,ford count f450 and 550,right...total sale...mike..

wow for gm is good if you look they dont have a credit company like ford.....and a older model wow nothing to be proud ford..

@ mic - I hate having to repeat this over and over again.
JD Power had a study that excluded 450/4500.

Ford still came out ahead. Ford absolutely dominated the HD ranks.
The biggest surprise was that Dodge sells almost as many HD trucks as Chevrolet.


Have you ever wondered why GM corp. does not lump Sierra and Silverado sales together to try to claim the #1 spot?

Ford by the end of October has surpassed their entire sales from last year. Ford is on a roll selling a broad-range of high quality trucks.

@ Mic - the reason that GM does not have a credit company like Ford is because,........ well........, how can I put this,............ let's see now........... THEY WENT BANKRUPT.

Yes, GM cannot compete with just one truck brand...GM isn't in the 4500/5500 market because GM couldn't compete with Ford and Dodge....thank you for bringing that up again and again.

i think it would be fun to see everyone's numbers with FLEET SALES REMOVED. that would be a much more interesting race, i bet all of the big names would be a BUNCH closer. counting fleet sales to compare with retail end user is not a legitimate race IMO. who cares if this company or that one bought a certain kind of truck, really fleet is driven by who is SIMPLY THE CHEAPEST, nevermind quality, and TRUE durability of a vehicle they just want cheap.

For you fanbois

"The closer you get to the meaning
The sooner you'll know that you're dreaming
So it's on and on and on, oh it's on and on and on
It goes on and on and on, Heaven and Hell"


@ lou

you mention tacoma sales dropping off but the tacoma still commands 47% of the small truck market! thats incredible by ANY standard. almost 1 out of every 2 small trucks sold is a Tacoma.

its also interesting to me that the Tundra keeps growing in sales despite NO fleet backup to speak of AND no 3/4, ton, or ton and a half lineup.

@ hemi lol - what is your take on the increase in Tundra sales and the decreasing Tacoma sales?

@ hemi lol - are guys upgrading from Tacoma's to Tundra's? I'm just assuming that is what accounted for the 7.8% drop in sales. (for the sake of discussion)

Tacoma sales are up by 107 from last year October to this year!

They had a few rough months but Tacoma sales still dominate their category!

So I would not rip on them because Tacoma sales should still be above 100,000 for the year, what happened to the Ranger, Dakota or Colorado?

i really have no real facts on that. maybe........ the Tacoma is getting toward the end of its life cycle and typically the last couple years of a model they drop off a bit.

i firmly believe the increase in tundra is simply due to awarness, alot of folks had NO CLUE that the tundra was as big and capable as it is, it took decades for ford, gm, and dodge to build the reputation they did. i believe as more people see what else is out there they may switch as well at some point. (maybe not the diehard folks, but some will. that used to be me with GM until i saw the engineering differences).

its also only been in the last 4 to 5 years that the Tundra has become the most american on the road. 90% of people would NEVER believe this if you didnt prove it to them. they think its just a "foreign truck" and then you get the comments of "all money goes across seas" and the conversation will go sour from there because that comment couldnt be more false. they keep building more plants here and employing more people in the US every year. the money simply goes into our economy (not overseas as some seem to believe). on the most american made index (which is weighted by SALES even) the tundra ranks more american than even the f series and the f series outsells the tundra by more than 4 times! that should catch a few peoples attention. :)

Yep, a big factor was Ford's 0% financing. You gotta ove it when they give money away. :)

i love GM, but man is the chevy ugly, didnt age well at all, the fords are really ugly too, the previous 150 and SD were much better looking. i think the ram and gmc are the best looking out there

The f150 is a much better truck than the turdra. I know four construction companies that got sucker in to buying that peice of crap, and after the 2nd year they got rid of them and said never again! I have hauled with 05 and 09 turdra and its not the truck they claim it to be and it gets the gas milage loaded and unloaded. The turdra will never pass an F150 in any category! I do use other brands every chance I get and I think Ford builds the best trucks out of all the manufactureres and that's why they are the sales leader!

The turdra gets the worse gas mileage loaded and unloaded

I don't think x007 is a reliable source when it comes to Toyota's...

You Know it.

@oxi- Don't address me or comment on me anymore. I will not play your trolling game. That's it I'M done with you and I will not say this again DO NOT ADDRESS ME OR COMMENT ON ME ANYMORE!!!

HEMIlol YOUR BEATING A DEAD HORSE with your TUNDRA .... SALES show what PEOPLE Want ..... and its not a TUNDRA ..... You can say all YOU want about it being SUPERIOR than the BIG 3 ... I have driven this SUPERIOR TUNDRA and its nothing to EXCITING for me to BUY one ... (what because its goes 0-60 faster its better ?) <---- WAIT was the QUICKEST ) I have plenty of friends that OWNED them and TRADED them away ... That THIRD PARTY LINK was a JOKE to .....

x007 -
I know guys in construction that are amazed at how problem free their Tundras have been.

@ hemi lol - valid point about the Tacoma and it's end of life.
Also a valid point about the Tundra and awareness. I know many guys who've tried them and love them. I don't know a single guy with a bad story about Tundra's or Tacoma's.

If you consider all the negative press that Toyota has been hit with, especially with the Tundra - it is impressive that sales are actually climbing.
People obviously are seeing through all the negative BS.

I buy trucks for a fleet and we do a full cost analysis, it is not just initial price that decides it for us. The most important thing to us, though, is reliability, we send guys out into -40 temps in the middle of nowhere where there is a real possibility that they could die if their trucks brake down. Our strong preference has been ford v10s for a while.

I've seen a lot of constuction sites, like most people, and the most commonly used truck is either a ford or a dodge, and many times a chevy. You will almost NEVER see a tundra at a construction site, guaranteed!

Construction workers don't care about how fast they go. They care about how strong their truck is, the Trundra's frame is weak and anyone who does research knows this.


Funny you mention 0% financing, did you know that GM is already offering $6000 rebates on 2011 (yes, 2011) model Silverados and Sierras? That just screams desperation.

@Lou- What's funny? Did I miss the joke? Nothing was ever said about having mechanical problems. Its is about capability not about reliabilty. After using a turdra and wacthing the gas gauge get sucked down on 10,000lb and it was wagging its tail out on the highway, I was not impressed at all. I got a lot better gas milage with my 06 fx4 5.4 with the same load and it was more stable on the highway. At the end of the day I'm glad I drive a Ford!!

Mike Levine,
You have Ram Truck sales from October 2010 to October 2010.
That would be awesome if Ram sales increased from 12,000 to 17,000 in a month!

But that would be short-lived and overshadowed by Ford F150's V6 and EB V6 availability. Time to ramp up that Pentastar, Ram manufacturers!

@Billy: Thanks! I've changed it.

I've been seeing this all year. It's almost personal. Let's talk about the real reason why Ford out sells all makes of truck. It's simply the better truck. Ford was the biggest name in automobiles in the world.It made a great model a. What happen GM came along and offered a variety of cars and colors.Then begain to out sell Henery, but what's happing to day is similair. Truck buyers want more options and their getting it with Ford.Not only is it the built,best looking,but offers more for the truck buyer. Not fleet sales or 450 or 550's anyone who has the chance to go to each dealer lot, look at the room and the interior many more choices then anyone else. It's not rocket science. Gotta love a truck(FORD)

Hey guys, how many of you think x007 is a reliable source when it comes to Toyota pickups fully knowing he/she has never owned one and has such blind hatred towards Toyota?

I would not trust what he/she says about anything when all he/she does is trash talk!

End of discussion regarding IT.


I agree. I drove a 5.7L Tundra and I liked it. I won't buy it, but I liked it. There is nothing wrong with Tundras/Tacomas.

Great truck!


Let it go dude, just let it go.

... and there is still people wondering WHY Ford's stays on top? Who else is getting this kind of good press? This out today 11/5/10.

x007 - I do not think the Tundra is as bad as everyone says. I know guys in construction that tried the Tundra. They had no complaints other than the fact that it was only a 1/2 ton. That was the only reason they gave for not buying another. The same guys would not buy a 1/2 ton domestic either. One guy I know bought the Tundra because he was pissed off at all the problems he had with an 04 and 06 Ram 3/4 ton.
I know one couple who tow an 11,000 lb. trailer routinely with their Tundra. They love it. He is a long haul trucker, so if it couldn't do the job he'd be the one to know.
I looked at all the 1/2 tons with an open mind and I liked the F150 the best. It is rated very well in quality and reliability, and it has more options and features than the competition. Most of those options and features work better than the competitors.
I personally think the F150 is the best 1/2 ton out there.
I'd rate the Tundra higher than the Sierra/Silverado, the Titan and maybe the Ram. I have a hard time with Dodge products as I do not trust their quality and reliability. GM I do not trust as a company. The biggest auto company in the world mismanaged themselves to death, and their quality control is lacking. A Sierra and Silverado made on the same assembly line have different quality ratings.

When it comes to company or fleet trucks an operator's personal preference will come into play as to how they will like or rate a particular brand.
I'll use my brother as an example. He drives on average 30,00o miles a year, mostly on gravel roads, logging and construction sites. He was a Ford guy and hated the Dodges his company were buying. After a few years in them he realized they had their weak spots but were okay overall. They changed over to GM/Chevy trucks. He grumbled and complained for a couple of years and now is okay with them. His only real complaint is cheep interiors and weak body work. He found the IFS to be okay and the drivetrains okay. The low slung frame looks like hell and drags on everything but it hasn't caused him any grief.

@ Mike Levine Would it be possible to get sales numbers broken down into the different engines available from the top 10? Maybe a feature at the end of the year? It would be interesting to know if people are buying the more economical engines or the more powerful engines.

@Lou-I made a comment about the turdra because I have used it a few times and it doesn't work for me. If I have a chance to use (not drive or take it for test DRIVE) a another brand, the first thing I do is hook up the trailer and go to my buddy's job and loaded it close to max rating. My buddy is a manger for a huge landscaping company and I help him with deliveries. If you do test drive a truck with a loaded trailer you can feel the diference in how the truck will behave on the highway and see how it is on gas, especially if you get it for the weekend. My friend with the 09 trurda, (the one I have used) just bought a 7,600lb travel trailer and went on a few 100 mile camping trips and it did good for him but when he took on a 600 mile trip and added up the gas money he spent, he said "I could have stayed in a five star hotel with the money I spent on gas and the lot fee at the camp and I avg. 8 mpg, so if I take more than 100 mile trip I will stay in a hotel and leave the camper at home." I do not the looks of the turdra or the gas milage and what really gets me about that truck is that I really feel like toyota half a$$ed it on R&D and thought just becaused they put their name on it, they were going to mop the floor with the big 3. MY cousin bought 01 dodge ram 1500 brand new (he wouldn't let me use it) and at 50,000 mlies he had to have the dash replaced becaused it deteriorated (you could barely touch and it would crumble) and a/c went out. The paint on the roof and hood is faded white(his is dark blue) and starting to rust in those areas. I have a whole alot more than just that. Every body has had different experiences with diffenent brands, either personally or through someboby they know. I am in no way trying to be "reliable source when it comes to Toyota" or any other manufacturer and just because I do not own some of the trucks I have used dosen't mean I can't have a strong opinion about them. Ford works for me and it doen't for others and thats the way it is and thats the way it will always be. I hope you have a good evening.

Only GM has the little green dot where all the manufactures want it. It appears the rest are slowly improving and things will continue to get better as the economy improves. I'm kinda excited to see how Fords numbers shoot up over the next 4 months as the new motors drop into production. I expect to see a big jump with the 3.5EB motor. Whether it can sustain sales month over month after intro is the real question. The fact that Ford is using these motors in many vehicles will help with the cost of engineering and manufacturing. Not sure when the competition will be introducing substantially new motors, however till then Ford will be crunching big sales/profits. Regardless we all win, imagine where we will be in a few years with all this economic competition? Ford hit the timing just about right, and we all can agree, TIMING IS EVERYTHING...

I'm an old Chevy guy but there's no denying Chevy has lost their way. First they pulled the front axle out of their HD's, then they started to cheap out on the rest of the truck. Those old 60's,70's and 80's trucks up to 87 or so were well built machines. Those GMT-400's up to 1998 we a little lighter duty but minus the lack of a real front axle for the HD's they were still well built. After that GM's truck slid into the abyss. Cheaper plastic interiors, and the sheet metal got paper thin. Those 99-06's were thinner bodies than the previous truck and the 07's and up are just tinfoil on a frame. When you couple the interior and body issues with the lack of a real axle is it any wonder Ford is kicking their butt and Ram is right there too? And when GM pulled out the front axle they slung the frame really low so they could tie in the torsion bars. It's just a piss poor excuse for a truck all the way around anymore... You can't sell trucks on the engine alone GM. These aren't race cars and it doesn't work that way in the trucking world.

I'd like to see Chevy offer a real truck again with a real axle, a tucked up frame and a sturdy body with a nice sturdy interior. I just think it's asking too much from them anymore unfortunately. They have this attitude of 'They'll take what we give them' but it isn't working for them any longer.

@ x007 - I have a neighbor with a new Sierra 5.3 4x4 SuperCab. He is retired and he bought it and a 24 ft. travel trailer. I think he said it weighed around 4,000 lb. He had a similar comment about fuel consumption. He took the truck and trailer to Alaska. He said it was great up to 50 MPH. Any speed over that and the truck turned into a huge pig on gas. He said it would of been cheeper to stay at home. We know some people with a Tahoe that made the same comment.

I'm not sure if that is a common problem with gas trucks. A trailer plows a huge hole in the air. The higher the speeds the greater the drag. Longer distances become less cost effective with a gasser that is having to work hard.

I guess I'll find out for myself in the next year or so when I've saved up enough cash for my own camper trailer. I don't plan on towing long distances and most of the places I want to go are not on paved roads.
Time will tell. Thanks for your input.

@ x007

listen you can like fard thats fine. (changin lettering like u do) a few things to consider. Fard is MUCH smaller than Toyota in size. Toyota is the worlds LARGEST auto manufacturer, they also CHOOSE not to go after fleet sales so they dont position their pricing to push this market (it devalues the lineup)

secondly, Toyota spends likely 15 TIMES WHAT FORD DOES in R&D. you better get your facts straight here.

3rd, OBVIOUSLY you have NO CLUE about the tundra OTHERWISE you would already know that the brakes on a tundra are BIGGER than an F350 dually, the rear diff is the SAME size as the f350. The tundra's cooling system is better than a gallon larger in volume, has heat exchanger on the oil to heat/cool it, one of those on the trans as well (NO FORD HAS THIS) it has a power steering cooler, and 2 more trans coolers, one in the radiator and an aux cooler out front of that. The engine technology STILL surpasses what ford uses (although they are closer now with the 3.7 and 5.0) and that engine is from 2007! the trans can adjust for driving habits, and wear and tear.......... so give me a FACT about ford being better, bet you cant give me ONE that i cant disprove.

OH, and loaded or unloaded the tundra will leave the stoplight first, is MORE stable with a trapezoidal rear suspension, stop faster, keep fluids cooler....... the ford is one thing...... (simply built cheaper)

lastly please stop with the frame comments, ford uses the SAME STYLE FRAME AS THE TUNDRA ON THEIR SUPER DUTY TRUCKS, look it up

@hemi lol- Never commented on the frame. My experience with the turda was not good, it is the ugliest truck, mpg is not good, and the parts are more expensive than the f150. There is one part you did not mention the f150 doesn't have and the turda does, is two air pumps:http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2010/04/26/tundra-sequoia-air-injection-induction-pump/. So all that extra stuff the turda has and the f150 doesn't ='s more unnecessary and more expensive cost when those extra things go out! The f150 works extremely well without all that extra stuff! " OBVIOUSLY you have NO CLUE " because no matter what you say people like what they like and don't like what they don't like so get over it. I like fords and you like turds, so what I don't care what you say or how you try to sell it. Everybody has an opinon so why get mad about it. Buy what you like and enjoy it and that's what matters, SO STOP WITH THE SALES PITCH, I AN'T BUYING IT!!!!!!!!

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