Photo Gallery: Trucks of the 2010 SEMA Show

Photo Gallery: Trucks of the 2010 SEMA Show

We've walked the SEMA Show from end to end to bring you this photo gallery of the most interesting trucks we could find. Enjoy!


You read my mind. Thanks Mike.

Hey Mike thanks these pictures are great. Can you provide some information on these trucks? Are they design and built by companies who want to sell them or are they built by diehard fans of brands to show off or both? I've always heard of SEMA but I know that it is not public so I wonder how they make money if they can't market their products to the public, its industry access only from my understanding.

I like the Icon Vehicle Dynamics white Tacoma.

Though it is a standard cab it still looks sweet with the snorkle, roof rack, etc...


I'm no toyota fan by any means but i have to agree with oxi, that white tacoma with the snorkel was pretty cool.



gotta agree with oxi also

but I mean Im just not a fan of full size truck for off roading, especially the one slathered with chrome ridiculos paint job and tonka toy looking tires lol

o well to each his own :)

though the erod concept and the suzuki equator look nice too :)

A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!


10 lug wheels seem to be the rage.
I don't care for the "Rolling Big Power" grills.
I liked the cabover that they made. Anyone know what kind of truck it was?
Many cool street trucks.
Most of the 4x4 trucks were useless. More bling than the street rods.
There were some cool, functionally equiped offroaders. Several of the Toyota trucks were well set up, some cool Raptors. The Ram Runner is nice but to bad it's not street legal.

The Toyota is equipped with a snorkel if a sudden acceleration happen and you finish in a river you will probably get out of the river with your truck.

@x007 and JoBlow,

Sad but that Tacoma is probably he best performer off-road of the group of pics with grafitti on long as the driver has the right mindset.

The Raptor is one bad-a$$ pickup but it still is wide and weighs more and the Tacoma just about matches the Raptor's ground clearance numbers but with less weight.

@JoBlow - most of those cases were found to be driver error.
The whole unintended acceleration thing is proving to be a farce.
The industry average for complaints for UA is around 6 per 100,000.
Toyota and Volvo are around 12 per 100,000.
Those are complaints not proven cases.
Ford and Dodge recalled gas pedals made by CTS.
Why weren't Denso pedals recalled?
Both were Toyota designs.
My 2010 F150 has carpet anchor hooks similar to Toyota. Does that mean Ford saw a potential problem with floor mats?

@ Oxi - someone was being childish with their Microsoft Paint program.

Lou---what's new? lol. at least they got their 3 year old to write it.... :)

To be bluntly honest, I didn't like a single one of them.

I have learned to appreciate fine art, even from a 3 year old.

I saw picutures of the Ram Runner, and Jeeps Nukaiser. Build them now!!!!

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