PickupTrucks.com and USA Today Present the 2010 V-6 Work Truck Shootout

PickupTrucks.com Presents the 2010 V-6 Work Truck Shootout

We team up with USA Today to test three entry-level V-6 pickups from Ford, GMC and Ram to determine which is the best overall work truck. Our comparison starts after the jump!

>> PickupTrucks.com Presents the 2010 V-6 Work Truck Shootout <<

>> USA Today: Ford F-150 is V-6 Work Truck Shootout Winner <<

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Why do you have a base model Ram ?

And a upper trim level Ford ?

Already this test is biased !!!!

Another B.S journelist review !!!

How much did Ford pay you ?

@Roc: Read the comparison from start to finish and get back to me. Your questions are answered in the story. Thanks.

Nice article. When are you going to test the ecoboost and 5.0?

PTC.com has to go with what they are given from the manufacturer as identified in the article. One could look at it in a different perspective seeing Ford as a disadvantage price wise being almost 4 grand more. But as far as the powertrain and chasis comparsion it's irelevent what trim level the Ford has as it would be the same if it was in XL trim also, producing the same results.

Oops noticed my double negative right after post! meant just PTC, instead of pickuptrucks.com.com LOL!

Awesome story, Mike. Reading the story is a good tip.
Will be a lot of fun getting seat time in both the new Ford V-6s.

@ Roc - learn to spell. Once you figure out basic grammar, you might meet the requirements to move on to journalism.

Cant believe Chrysler is using the 42RLE for pickup use. That tranny dos not even hold up in the Liberty's much less for pickup use. The 3.6 and the 45RFE cant come soon enough!!!!

I like this comparison but gm and dodge are left talking.

I can't wait to hear the ford shunted when the 3.6 dodge slaps the competition
The same goes for gm, because fords always trail gm and dodge in power.

The 4 SPD in the dodge is set up differently, so it could handle the load plus the v6 is weak

Its pretty obvious that the powertrain differences are huge. Basically 100hp difference between the Ford and the other two alone means in would clobber them on acceleration. Add 2 more speeds on the top which allows for the slower gearing (numerically higher) all the way through meaning faster acceleration. The other two have no hope against that power and gearing advantage. I mean c'mon the GM doesn't even have 200hp and the Ram just barely. These guys brought knives to a gunfight. The only thing that makes up for it is the huge price difference. If you truly don't need the power everyday (most never do) that money in the pocket will sure compensate for bragging rights on the dyno or track.

@ Robert

The 4 SPD in the dodge is set up differently, so it could handle the load plus the v6 is weak

They are both weak! The 42 is a junk tranny no matter how you set it up!

Ford won this contest because it spent millions to develop the 3.7L V6 and the 6 speed transmission. Fuel economy regs are a big reason. The other two manufacturers aren't taking this style of truck as serious. Myself, I wouldn't either... gotta have a cab and a half.

yeah, where is the ecoboost and coyote comparision. it will be time to get one ordered but won't have any test results to base my purchase on

Ford v-8 until this year hardly beat the v6's tested here from gm and dodge. Ford will be on the loosing end of the power wars soon enough. People that buy the ford will end up in garage soon enough for their failures.....

Chevy needs to retire the 4.3 and replace it with the 3.6 out of the Camaro offer a 6 speed manual AND a automatic.

" People that buy the ford will end up in garage soon enough for their failures....."

GM and Chrysler product will fail far sooner than a Ford product. In an article about new-car reliability in the current issue of Consumer Reports, Ford is in the top 10, Chevy is in 17th, GMC is 19th, and Dodge is 22nd.

I've owned 10 Chevy's in my life, and my next truck will be a Ford F-150.

I really enjoyed this I cant wait to see how durable the new Ford v6s are Id buy the Ram just b/c I know how proven the magnum 3.7 is but that Ford engine is still sweet. I wanna see a repeat once the pentastar v6 comes out and although I think this shootout was a terrible idea b/c the new chryco v6 aint come out in Rams and neither has the new gm v6 yet people on the board where asking for it so ya cant really blame mr.mike

@Mike: This was a great read! I have followed this site fo year and just now started commenting. I appreciate that you include as many facts and tech data as possible while still giving a personal opinion on various features and performance.

@Whiners: Don't be so mad that your Dodge or GMC lost. Regardless of the aluminum rims and color-keyed front bumper of the new F-150 I think this test did a wonderful job highlighting the new engine and superior transmission. Seems to me tht they were the clincher in this test. The bumpers on that truck could have been purple and it wouldn't have changed the test results. Even so, the options were blatently reflected in the price difference. There was no bias here.

Great reporting guys!

@jfunke28: Thanks for reading!!! We appreciate it.

watch next shoot out .if ford get a 4c..American lawn tractor ecoboos engine shoot out..

The STX is far from a loaded truck LMAO!! It is one step up from the XL. I think some of you are really confused. The drive trains are the same. All it adds is weight from options which works against the F150.

@ D57h The 45 RFE has been replaced by the 545RFE for quite some time. It will be interesting to see what tranny is used with the Pentastar V6 in the pickup. So far all the RWD/4WD Pentastars use the Mercedes 5 spd not the 545. chrysler has a great 6 spd in the 68 RFE and why they don`t adapt it for gas engines is beyond me seeing as how its based off the 545.

Thanks for another great test and great information for those willing to read it.

@Jordan L; I don't get it either on the Dodge 6 speed. They could possibly lighten a few parts because the gas engines now don't have near the torque of the Cummins. But I will say the 545 is reliable, and smooth. Just not the fastest thing or best geared for hauling real heavy due to it's 2nd gear ratios not being closer to first, and prime second doesn't make too much since. so close to 2nd. And for folks that drive alot of highway and yet need the gear, need a higher final (numerically lower) Mine will work ok for my needs.

@ tomtrx4 The purpose of 2nd prime is to smooth shifts. At the last Chrysler tranny course I was at the instructor said that to shift from 3rd to 2nd required the release then the application of two clutch packs. 3rd to 2nd prime requires only one clutch release and apply. It was much easier to program a smooth shift with the 2nd prime setup. I believe that there is a 4th prime in the 68RFE behind the cummins. I read a lot of comments from people crapping on Dodge for only having 5 gears. I suspect most of those people don`t drive one and the only reason why they comment is because they feel superior because their truch has a 6spd or their favorite brand offers one.

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