SEMA 2010: Ford F-350 Pit Boss


Every year, Ford partners with leading vehicle customizers from around the country to create one-off cars and trucks for the SEMA show. For 2010, the automaker teamed up with Cars by Kris for the first time to deliver the Pit Boss, based on the 2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty. It's one of the sharpest-looking trucks we've seen at the show this year.

The Pit Boss is the ultimate towing and support vehicle to haul your racecar to the track and serve as a mobile pit stop. The truck offers a bed-mounted tire cage and custom swing-case toolboxes. Airhead Customs did the slick dark-gray paint job with bright orange highlights. The massive 10-lug wheels look like the turbines from a jet engine with low-profile Falken tires.


Inside, there's a custom headliner and leather upholstery, along with sound-deadening material and an in-dash computer system.




are the people who design Ford trucks a bunch of 7th graders doodling in their copybooks during social studies class?

Better looking than the Chevy!

Nah ! Did the designer get savaged by his guide dog on this one ? Not good. Think the Chevy's are better, and I'm a Mopar man !

What's with the 10 lug wheels on everything now? Is this the new "in" thing for pickups this year? Like truck balls and 10" stacks in the bed?

That's hot!

Slammed trucks look like crap !!!

That grille is SOOOOOOOOO much better with body color surround.

Looks great !


I wanna kick who ever designed this (probably 13 yrs old) in the face!!!!

STOP STOP turning WORK TRUCKS into POS TUNER like trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely horrible....

congratulations on failing at every possible thing you could ever do. shocking leave it to Ford to do so

butt ugly thats the dumbess looking truck ever

Tyler, dumbest* and you all are crazy if you think the gms and rams look better

hard to tow with a fancy bed cover and no hitch haha

I'm not ususally a fan of slammed trucks but this one looks okay.
This looks much better than that lifted white Jimmie with the 10 lug wheels. This should tow much better as it's low to the ground.

What happens to all the custom trucks that go to SEMA?

Most do not seem very functional.

Do they go on tour or are scrapped?

The sharpest looking trucks at SEMA this year are Fords. Sorry Government Motors guys.

Yea because the Chevy/GMC fenders don't look like they're tacked on. No big deal, all it takes is a pinkie-finger to flatten them out.


Can someone tell me what color paint is that?


No tow hitch? All show...... Lame.

To be used as a tow vehicle at a drag strip works.

Ok, so how many F-350's have you guys seen slammed before? I guess if it's not lifted with mud tires then it's not a truck, right? Well, this truck was specifically designed that if needed it could still perform the same functions as it did when it was stock. Also, this article doesn't highlight the engine mods and interior mods that were done.

This truck is so sick, there,s got to be some asian influence in there somewhere....

Frikin LOVE it. Have a hidden hitch behind the plate and I would be just fine with it. Most people never use these trucks to the extent that they are built for anyway, and if they did they would need a CDL.

i agree with chris that truck is dumb and should burn in hell just like ford cause they suck at everything and i remender when i Found my truck On the Road Dead, i had a F-350 and it was a pile of crap 6.7L, 6.4L, 6.0L, and 7.3L they all suck thats why i went GMC way better.

Mark Levin sorry to break it too you, but it's not government motors it's Grabowski Motor Coach. so pawn!! get your facts straight before you comment on something. it makes you look a little bit more intelligent.

great coverage Mike!

@tyler youre probably a twelve year old

no im 24 and know more about trucks than you will ever know, my brother chris and i have had ford trucks and they let us down thats why we went GMC, ever since that day we have never had a problem again i have tried to go back and i dont like them anymore not a one of them powerstroke engines would ever keep up with my Duramax, that engine and GMC have never done me wrong, you may think different but trust me GMC is way better than ford, the ford trucks that i had broke down all the time, i will never go back you could not even give me a new ford truck cause i dont trust the powerstroke it is a joke.


Even worse, Tyler is 24. I wonder wahy a 24 year old uses a Diesel to tow his pampers. Grow up Kid!!

Hahah good grief!!

Chris & Tyler - GOBLINS / TROLLS

Now you are being dumb if you ever work on the family ranch like we do or work on the family Well Drilling business like we do, then you would know what last and what doesn’t last. All of the fords my brother and I had were always dropping injectors 6.4L, 6.0L, and the 7.3L we always had problems with them and they did not like to tow livestock trailers full of cattle, or when we were pulling the drill bit trailer up hills or across flat land. I was a ford guy until my new 6.4L dropped all of its injectors, my father switched over to GMC when the Duramax first came out and never had a problem with it and still has that old truck today. I didn’t believe in the Duramax at the time and later came to regret it cause I had so much trouble with powerstroke so we both switched I have a 08 and he has one too and we will never go back, I have friends that will tell you the same story I hope the 6.7L works for ford but I don’t think it will cause of all the problems that engine has had I don’t care that it is built by ford not by Navistar International it still says powerstroke and to me that name is a joke.

@ Tyler - you've had bad luck with Fords.
What I find interesting is that I know guys with similar stories, but not just Fords.
I've encountered guys who've had nightmare stories with Dodge, Chev/GM, and Ford.
These guys swapped brands and they are like "born again" Christians.
I find for every bad story like yours, I've encountered dozens of guys who swear that their favorite brand is the best machine ever made.
I'm not trying to downplay or belittle your comments, just personal observations from an old fart twice your age (man it hurts to say that.. LOL)

@ Frank - give the kid a break. Sheesh.


I'd suggest you go back to school and learn some proper grammar. Wait, people like you don't need too, right, because you are smarter than everyone as you come from an oil drilling family. How about going to college instead of living off of your parents gold?

Please! Go play in your sand-box.


before you try dissing my brother and i maybe you should get your facts right. i have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my brother has a degree in AG Technology. And we don't live off of our parents gold we work our asses off for what we have


I own two trucks, sports car, 3 quads, 2 dirtbikes, house. What kind of truck do your Parents drive?

My dad has three pickups 2001 and a 2006 GMC Sierra 3500HD that have Duramax Diesel’s and just got his Brand new 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD with a Duramax Diesel he also has 2002, 2005, and a 2009 Sierra 2500HD with Duramax Diesel’s and has a Harley my mom has a 2008 Yukon Denali and a 2009 she also has a Terrain and they have a very nice house, my brother chris has a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS and 2008 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 and a 2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD with a Duramax, also has two Honda quads two Polaris snowmobiles and two Harleys one for him and his girlfriend he also has a very nice house and I have a 1994 GMC K2500 EXTCAB with a 6.5L Detroit Diesel a 2004 Sierra 2500HD with a Duramax and 2008 Sierra 3500HD with a Duramax and a ZR-1 corvette and im waiting for my 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD to get in I also have two Polaris quads a RZR, sportsman and four Polaris snowmobiles a 2005 Peterbilt 379EXHD flat top sleeper and two Harleys I also have a very nice house and a very hot girlfriend the ranch and well drilling company have five bullracks, grain trailers, and gravel trailers we have 8 Peterbilt 379’s and 10 pickups 8 GMC’s and 1 Ford and 1 Dodge and four Wilson horse trailers and 2000 head of cattle but my father busted his ass off and my mom did to and, my brother and I have busted our asses for what we have but I don’t care what you think because at the end of the day I don’t say stupid stuff on and try to make fun of other people cause of their opinion on trucks and on engines and say immature stuff like your 12 or go run along and I could also care less how my grammar is, but you can keep on acting like a little immature boy, your probably some lazy person that sits on his computer all day and has nothing better else to do but try to make fun of people and try to out do each other by seeing who has more stuff but you think im a spoiled brat which im not but I played your game to see who has more and I think I won but I don’t care who won, but I have to go check cattle now so this conversation is over I could really care less what you have to say after this point good bye.

@ Tyler, Franks cattle can beat up your cattle :)

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