SEMA 2010: Ford F-750 Big Job is a Chevy at Heart

SEMA 2010: Ford F-750 Big Job is a Chevy at Heart

When it comes to pickups, there’s probably no rivalry stronger than the one between Ford and Chevy. It stretches back decades, and it makes the 1956 Ford F-750 Big Job project vehicle a bit ironic because underneath its Blue Oval exterior is a chassis and powertrain from a 2007-10 Chevy Silverado GMT 900 chassis cab.

Lonn and Jackie Burrows of Riverton, Utah, built the one-off Big Job crew cab with a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8 and Allison six-speed automatic transmission. A Banks Power exhaust and turbo intercooler was added for improved performance.


Other aftermarket enhancements include Strongarm control arms for the front suspension, stainless steel air-cooled brake rotors, a vintage HVAC system, heated and cooled seats, Alpine GPS infotainment system with 7-inch high-definition screen and a B&W gooseneck hitch in the cargo box to pull heavy trailers.

We all know that competition makes for better products. In this case, it also makes for a great project truck. Can't we all just get along?



Now that's what SEMA's about!!!

How do you make a Chevy look good? Wrap a Ford body around it. Given the expense & complicity, I wonder why they would of used a Chevy donor as opposed to a Ford donor?

How do you make a Ford run.. Power it with a Chevy engine!

@Arthur Andersen,

I despise anyone who inserts a Chevy motor in a Ford.

They are the epitomy of a POOR MANS HOT ROD.


I give them no credit for originality, heck I would walk away from this truck after seeing the horrid powertrain.

Love the truck, screw the powertrain.

Do you know why POOR MEN use a Chevy Motor in a Ford Hot Rod?

All the Chevy Hot Rods are rusted and are no longer in existence. No, it because they can't afford it.

+2 for Frank!

Chevy motors are like Kalashnikovs; there plentiful, cheap and any 12 year old from Uganda can operate one.

Here is a picture of a Camaro with a real engine.


I fixed it for you.

How do you make a Ford run like crap.. Power it with a Chevy engine!

Whats the sense of doing this? A silhouette classic... Like all the Henry Js converted to full on drag race cars....they arent a Real Henry J anymore other than basic shape.Like NASCAR and its "stock" appearing cars.Only this one takes a REAL F-truck and destroys its identity.So,one less REAL Ford.All these 350s in "hot rods" and "Coddington" cars makes one tired of people ruining classics with incorrect engines.At least a blown Chrysler Hemi FirePower of the same period would have made more sense.Otherwise,why not start with a GM product in the first place?

I can't remember that last time I saw a 50's vintage Ford truck that DID NOT have a Chevy engine in it. Wonder why.....

Hot rod Fords are supposed to have Chevy's in them, it's part of the wonderful mix and match of the hot rod culture. Next thing you'll say is you despise all people who put Jaguar rear ends in Fords.

I am the proud owner of an original 1912 Ford C-Cab hot rod with Chevy power, Jaguar rear end, and torsion bar independent front suspension. So please, tell me how wrong I am.


How about all the 9 inch Ford rear ends in all the Chevys?

Yeah, I despise them too.

@Frank It's hard to argue with a good rear end, just like it's hard to argue with a good motor.


Need I say more.


Here is another one for you.

Ford Powered Corvette.

I find it funny that a Big Block Ford will run stronger than a Big Block Chevy in a CHEVY.

Hahaha lol!

However, the 350 ci in Fords are seen cruising around with their straight pipes sounding like shet!!!

There are tons of Ford Powered Chevy/GM Cars.

Here is the good part about it, they are used to make real power.

Ha, ha, ha!

Why did china reject chevy,

Because they didnt have enough plastic for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If u read the article it isnt chevy powered. Its Isuzu powered

@ joe dirte,

You know your gonna piss off the GM girls, right!

It was a joint venture, careful now, people will cry foul and weep.

Using a Duramax is a neat twist. So, if the builder of this here truck wanted to stay 'all Ford', do you really think using a 6.0L or 6.4L Powerstroke would have been the way to go? I like Fords, but if you ask me 2003-2010 Powerstrokes were some of the absolute worst, most unreliable, expensive to maintain, and hard to work on diesels of all time. Not my choice for swapping!

I have mixed emotions about the engine choice.
I'd prefer to see drivetrains match the sheet metal.
Ford with Ford etc.

It is a cool looking truck.

What do the hollywood stars say - "Any publicity is good publicity".

I suspect that was the ultimate goal of the project.

A ford motor belongs in a ford and anything else is an Abomination!!!

Wow, what a bunch of babies. so what is better. The pit boss ultimate tow vehicle with no hitch, the GM HD pulling the corvette with its stickers, the other GM lifted too high to pull a 5th wheel or goose neck but can still pull a conventional but can`t go offroad because its to wide cause its a dually or this. This is a cool truck. Someone went through a lot of effort to build it and judging by the pics they did a very good job. Maybe the point of this is not to piss you guys off, maybe its to showcase the exceptional work this company can do for you.

great coverage Mike. Keep up the great work!

Cool looking truck,

To bad they had to put that cookie cutter chevy engine in it. What a dam waste. I think a 514CI Ford Crate engine would be perfect for this truck.

I would have said 5.9 L 24V Cummins I6 or the 6.5 L detroit turbodiesel V8. But seriously guys, this is a non-functional show doesn't really matter if it's not going to be driven or used at this point. Even if it is functional, it will have limited usage, no sense ruining all that work. Nice truck though.

Don't know if anyone noticed, but this truck even uses a Chevy steering wheel/column.


Just like all Chevy's, just for show.

All show and no go.

How do you make Ford run and look like crap.... keep them the way they are coming out of the factory.

I love the crewcab setup. I've always thought of doing up a "B" model Mack into a crewcab like this. (functional not show).
Cool truck regardless of engine choice.
I'd love to go to a show like this and marvel at the minute details and expert craftsmanship. That is what impresses me.


Me too! 1956 F100 is my favorate truck of all time.

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