SEMA 2010: Ford F-Series Named 'Hottest Truck' at SEMA

SEMA 2010: Ford F-Series Named 'Hottest Truck' at SEMA
Photo by Frank Filipponio, Frank4Cars Automotive

The Ford F-Series won the "hottest truck" award at the 2010 SEMA Show, based on the number of vehicles exhibited at the show.

SEMA officials walked the floor of the giant aftermarket expo and counted the number of trucks exhibited in booths. The Ford F-Series walked away with a "decisive victory" versus the total number of Chevy Silverado, Ram and Toyota Tundra pickups on display at this year's show, a SEMA official said.

Accepting the award was Elena Ford, director of Ford's global marketing, sales and service operations.


Let the crying begin...

clearly ford makes the best looking trucks

Well, duh. Even a Chilean crawling out of the Mine hole can tell you. Ram comes in a solid Second, with the Tundra behind it.

All are great trucks!!

Thanks SEMA 2010!!!

The PSDs hasn't seen significant styling in how many years? No, this selection is all about aftermarket designs. It's an insignificant award to the real world.

Thats good thing that Ford not change their designs only make it update,because their design is come perfect and nice looking at first production.Now F series is looking even better than before!Great job Ford,you always #1!The best truck!

I get so damn tired of the cry babies who whine about the SD not changing its style... it has changed its style. Anyone with two eyes and a brain can look at a late model 99's to early models 2000's to todays trucks and see the differences. Is it significantly changed? No, but then again Ford has continued to update it and make it better year after year. The only thing people have to whine about is the 6.0 and 6.4 problems...

Lmao ford doesn't make the best looking trucks!

Damn are you guys white hill billys? There trucks are dull and plain, even the one shown here with the angel eyes are still weak!

Come over to the 209 in California we got
Chevys rams and fords that are really tricked out. The ones at sema were wakkk!!!!

You older guys are ridiculous when it comes to telling what's hot and what's not, this ain't BK you can't have it your way!

Another thing: ford interiors are nice so I give them that but da rest is garbage! Their engines just recently got a major upgrade, and isn't it time to retire the same old boring bed and rear look on the super duty?

As Dave so prophetically said, that's hot! Ford has the sharpest looking trucks at Sema. It's true. Can't wait to see the pics of the Mickey Thompson truck.

I have to laugh at all the comments, especially the Chevy fanbois.
Chris is a perfect example of a Chevy fanboi.
He cannot spell the name of his favorite truck correctly " Denalli ".

At least he didn't spell it "Denial".

I've seen it spelled that way a few times.


@ Robert

anytime someone posts 'da rest is garbage', or pretty much anything using 'da' instead of 'the' we all rule out the person and anything they have to say. nice work.

Awesome truck - I want one. Oh, and wish I was at SEMA!


You have a lot to learn young lad, first being respecting your elders.

do we have the same story like Toyota whit ford.....remember Toyota was the god of car,,this is the media try to tell you thing ford have better truck and car ....maybe ,,,,,but we have 4 ford escape..1 2009,,16000k new transmission,,3 2010,,1 carpet came out of is place on the floor,1 steering wheel rubber peal off,and 1 start to have funny noise in transmission,,all have all ready seat deform,all plastic scratch eazy,,,,noise 4 cylinder,,,,my point is do you thing ford have a lack of quality..or media put ford in first place like they did whit Toyota...

This truck is Awesome! but on the other hand, Its awesome how awesome some of you can spell and put words together.

@ mic - the Ford Escape is Ford's achilles heel. The escape has the poorest quality and reliability rating out of Ford's line up.

Like the Ram Trucks way better. Just sayin'. The Ram looks the toughest of all trucks.

Just means more people took fords there, doesn't mean much. Some of the trucks people take there are strictly for show and no purpose.

"The only thing people have to whine about is the 6.0 and 6.4 problems... "

I get annoyed when people bash the 6.0 and 6.4. I realize its off topic but I am not the one who said it. But I will be the one who calls the person out who said it. *Some* of the early (03 and 04) 6.0s had their share of problems but the 05-07 6.0s were built pretty damn solid. I have seen 03 6.0s with 150k plus on them running fine. There were very few problems with the early 6.4s...mainly problems with things exterior to the engine including radiator and DPF. As an owner of a 6.4 I can tell you I love it and never had any major problems (radiator changed from a TSB).

Point is - every engine has had its problems, especially early on in model years. But you can't sit there and say an engine is junk and full of problems based on a few noted problems.

@ Justin - well said.
Generally speaking - any new model run will have more problems.
I've seen it personally and read about it.
JD Power has mentioned it several times.

The surprising thing is that recently JD Power is finding a decrease in quality and reliability issues in the first year of a new product.

The auto companies have been stepping up their testing to avoid these problems. Ford has been very aggressive with new product testing. Time will tell if they got it right with 5 new engines on the market.

@Justin, The problem with that position is how about all of the people myself included who purchased one of those few (million) unreliable 6.0s for 50 grand plus and then were constantly let down by the truck. I used my truck as part of my livelyhood an everytime it broke it cost me work, not to mention money and lots of time, it had no resale and many other repercusions caused by Fords crap and I bet few if any were reimbursed for the time and moeny they lost as a result of Fords bullshit runaround. Maybe that would be the reason so folks are not quite ready to fogive and forget so soon.

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