Update 1: Sources Say: Chrysler Considering New Names for Ram Trucks

Sources Say: Chrysler Considering New Names for Ram Trucks

Update #1 November-09-2010 06:57 PDT:

Fans of the current naming convention for Ram trucks can breathe a sigh of relief. Ram spokesman Dave Elshoff has given PickupTrucks.com a firm rebuttal of this information, calling word from our sources "completely wrong."

"There have been no discussions whatsoever, nor any consideration given to changing the names of our incredibly successful and award-winning Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks nor our 3500, 4500 and 5500 Ram Chassis Cab trucks," Elshoff said.


To accommodate plans for a Dodge Dakota replacement under the Ram truck brand, Chrysler is said to be considering a name change for its pickups, two sources have told PickupTrucks.com.

The current Ram truck line is split into the 1500 half-ton and 2500/3500 heavy-duty series. That naming scheme has been used since 1994, when the 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 was introduced with revolutionary styling that helped Dodge triple its share of the light-truck segment by 1998.

Chrysler dropped the Dodge name from its pickups last year in an effort to develop a stronger brand identity from its long-overshadowed line of Dodge cars.

In trying to figure out a new name for the Dakota successor under Ram trucks, Ram execs are said to have thought about two names: Ram 1000 and Ram 100. We’re told they’re leaning toward Ram 100 because it sounds better, but in doing so, Ram would also change all of the truck names to follow a similar naming convention. Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 would be replaced by Ram 150, 250 and 350.

While that might seem like Ram is trying to find a free ride off Ford’s F-Series pickups, the best-selling line of full-size trucks, that’s not necessarily the case. Dodge's 1981-1993 pickup lineup consisted of D150, D250 and D350 two-wheel-drive and W150, W250 and W350 four-wheel-drive models.

1990 Dodge Ram D150

Would consumers welcome Ram 100, 150, 250 and 350 trucks?

“If the sales success of the F-150 is any indication of the importance or lack thereof of pickup truck nomenclature, ’150’ certainly does not mean less than 1500,” said Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis at AutoPacific, an automotive consulting firm. “The Dakota name will most certainly not be missed, and bringing the Ram 100 name to consumers would further streamline the use of the Ram brand.”

We’re told by our sources that the Dakota replacement is best described as a 2011 Dodge Durango with a cargo box. It will share the same unibody platform, along with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

While Dakota sales have consistently fallen year-over-year as the truck has aged along with other midsize pickups truck buyers haven’t embraced the notion of a unibody midsize pickup. Honda hoped to sell 50,000 unibody Ridgeline pickups per year when the truck came to market in 2005 for the 2006 model year, but in 2009 only 16,464 units were sold.

Chrysler will have to make sure its Dakota replacement is firmly associated with its more larger, more capable stable mates.

“The biggest advantage this could have for Chrysler/Ram is they would have a true pickup truck lineup, as many other OEMs have neglected their smaller offerings to focus on full-size pickups,” Sullivan said. “The Ranger, Colorado/Canyon, Dakota and even the Japanese OEMs have neglected their smaller trucks in search of more profits. Ram could be positioning themselves for a winning lineup if/when gas prices spike again. This gives Chrysler a way to get more volume out of one platform without having to make a large investment on an all-new platform. The Grand Cherokee has impressive towing capability for a unibody vehicle and offers up a proven platform that is ripe to be transformed into a pickup.”

Our sources say that Chrysler has commissioned a market research company to see what truck buyers think of the all-new naming scheme.

What do you think?


I see nothing wrong with the naming system of Ram's lineup. Been very good, but they probably want to just improve upon their less than stellar sales.

Chrysler better not change too much...could backfire.

I Think Chrysler is doing the right thing here. RAM 150 sounds great to me.

"While that might seem like Ram is trying to find a free ride off Ford’s F-Series pickups, the best-selling line of full-size trucks, that’s not necessarily the case. Dodge's 1981-1993 pickup lineup consisted of D150, D250 and D350 two-wheel-drive and W150, W250 and W350 four-wheel-drive models."

From wikipedia....
The F-Series was redesigned for 1953 with a more integrated look. The pickups also acquired their now familiar names: The F-1 now became the F-100, the F-2 now became the F-250, and the F-3 now became the 1 ton F-350.

I think they'd be better off leaving the full size alone and calling the Dakota replacement the Ram 500. Back before the Dakota there was the D50, built by Mitsubishi, to go along with the 150,250, and 350 trucks. People have gotten so used to the 4 digit truck numbers that going back to 3 might seem like a step backwards. Also, the original D100 was a bare bones economy 1/2 ton. They need to show that this isn't a 1/2 ton wannabe like the Dakota turned into, it's an entirely new animal.

@Luke: I'm guessing that would cause too much overlap/confusion with the Fiat/Dodge 500.

i think its stupid that dodge has removed the dodge name from its ram lineup. everyone knows its a dodge ram. not a ram____. Its like trying to market apples by giving them a new name. everyone knows its still an apple, and you only succeed in failing. how about spending that time and money on making a better product, instead of trying (failing) at marketing said product? wait, that makes too much sense.

personally I think that they should name if Ram D50, Ram D150 and so on.

Someone Correct me if I'm wrong please. But from my understanding Dodge stopped using D-150, D-250 and D-350 name's because Ford had threatened sue them of name infringement or something like that. I thought that was the whole reason Dodge went to the 1500 threw 3500 name's. I could be wrong though. I just remember hearing that somewhere.

P.S as a Ford guy I like that old Dodge pictured. IMO the 1993 year model Dodge's were the last good looking Dodge pickups.

@Luke I thought about that too...

@Scott Agreed. (D50, D150, etc.)

@FordGuy I think you need my glasses. Current trucks are the best looking PERIOD.

Sad to see the Dakota name go away.

If you have a Dakota, which I do, you should be part of the market research!







lol they are just taking a 0 off. seriously though they should either go R-50, R-150, R-250, R-350, R-450, R-550, and so on or R-100 (dakota replacement), R-200 (ram 1500 which will probably go unibody independent suspension because it already has coil springs instead of leaf springs), R-300 (2500), R-400 (3500), R-500 (4500), and R-600 (5500).

Hey Chrysler !!!!


Most people say keep your trucks a DODGE !!!!!!!!

You reasoning stinks for dropping Dodge name on your trucks..you say Dodge can now be a sportier younger brand !!! ???? I dont think a Caravan,Journey,Caliber,4door Charger is for young people !!!!!! Get your head out of your a$$ and keep it a Dodge Ram and Dodge Dakota...

No wonder your market is slipping you have great products,you screwed up by messing with the marketing......

Remember,keep them a DODGE !!! Man,Do you really want to lose more sales....I bought a few Dodge's have great luck/reliabilty with my Dodge Rams..daughter owns a 08 Dakota...but even my daughter is pissed with the none Dodge and will buy a Ford in the next year or so if you keep this name maddness up !!!!!

KEEP IT A DODGE ! What is wrong with you ?

How about:
D10 (Dakota replacement)
D15 (1/2 ton)
D25 (3/4 ton)
D30 (1 ton)
and so on?

That would make them more different than Ford or GM/Chev

Being a owner of numerous Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 Truck, I am hoping that the Dodge keeps the current names for their Big Trucks.

Oh my god, again?

wasnt changing the name to RAM enough?

the marketing agency you dumbasses at chrysler are listening probably dont even understand the meaning of owning a RAM!

thats part of the heart you took dodge away, but i dont care its a RAM!

but now you want to rename the line? why are you wasting money on naming, when you could pull out that 8 spd Hemi, and 8 spd Cummins?

Chrysler i am die hard mopar guy, i will stand by my words; but seriously leave the name alone!

Damn retards shold just RENAME everything in that case!

Rhino 100 Rhino 150 Rhino 250 Rhino 350 and so on! haha actually that sounds sick!

or Bully 100 Bully 150 or Bull 1000 Bully 1500

badass enough for you? you guys are crazy at chryco!

smoking too much of that italiano herb man!

Some of the biggest winners on here! IT IS JUST A NAME who cares, if it helps sell product and makes for a better product plan than we should all for it. Just because it does not say Dodge or has 1 more zero on it, it does not mean people wont know where to go to buy one! If Ford said they were going back to F100 F200... and so so on this would not even be a issue.

I own a (2005) Ram 2500 and the only place that it says Dodge is on the valve cover of the Cummins engine. I always call it a Dodge 2500 not a Ram 2500. Just add the Dodge name and call them Dodge Ram 15, 150, 1500. The numbers don't matter to me. Truck people know a 1/2 ton from a 3/4 ton at a glance.

@D57H: it's not "just a name", that's problem. It's also time, money, and resources, that many of us think would be better spent on improving the product, not trying to simply rebrand it. Reinvent the product, and the image will follow. That's what Ford did with their cars and that's why their cars are now topping all the charts. Better product will help sell that same product far better than changing the naming and/or branding convention.

If a revamped Dakota replacement sucks, it's not going to matter if they call it a Dakota or a D100 or a D50 or anything else, it's still going to fail. So instead of wasting energy trying to rename and rebrand everything, spend it actually *improving* the product offering.

I prefer the R150 idea. I think they need to focus on other things though.....

I looked up Dodge in the dictionary. Definition: To Avoid.

So I did. I bought a Ford F-150.

Stop the madness, it's a Dodge nothing wrong with that. When will we see the all new Dodge Dakota, since Ford has screwed their loyal Ranger buyers I being one on my 3rd( a 98 super cab step side 4x4) which I still love, I am in market for a new truck. The Honda Ridgeline has the right idea it just falls short on powertrain and it's real ugly so come on Dodge blow me away with a unibody Dakota I'm ready.

Dodge started calling its new Rams 1500/2500/3500 because GM went from C/K 10/20/30 starting in 1988 with their new trucks being 1500/2500/3500.Dodge with their new mini Kenworths followed suit leaving only Ford to continue with 3 digit nameplates.
How about D100/200/300 2wds
and W100/200/300 4wds like the old days
and R100 for the new Dakota replacement
and D50 for a smaller truck....an import mini...
Yes,Chrysler,search the world for a sub Dakota pickup,and dont make it a Mahindra!!

@ Jason W

You do realize that Sergio Marchionne is not just trying to rebuild a product they are trying to rebuild a whole car company. Just because it might not make sense to you or I right now that there might be more in the works for future. If rumor has it right we will be seeing a lot more from Ram than just medium to light duty trucks in the not so close future. Splitting off Ram from Dodge might actually make sense in the fact that they can have one off dealerships that only sell big trucks such as Ford and International have done with there trucks.

The name change is a weak idea. They could have come up with something better than that. (AutoPacific, are you listening!!! I would have fired you for the lousy suggestions- no doubt Dodge is over paying for "Consulting Services" go mess with honda or nissan. Dodge has enough problems to worry about.)

A note to Dodge, if you build a unibody truck; what ever you end up calling it, it will FAIL. Just ask Honda, and they try market it as a (manly vehicle) QU**R. The only people who will buy it are posers, in reality they don't need a truck. Yes the Ford had a Unibody truck but that was in the 60s and it didn't turn out the greatest.

The next idot auto journalist that tells me that the Ram 1500 rear coil springs are Revolutionary will be wigged out on. 1967-1972 chevy trucks came with rear coil springs and they were not the first to do it. Do some research block heads!!!

I feel better now thanks Mike.

DODGE RAM...the most obvious oxymoron known in automotive history. I'm glad someone finally saw this and just named it RAM. Dodge - to avoid; ram - to crash into. My Dodge Ram avoided a pine tree and crashed into an oak tree. [scoffs]

Now for the full size truck name...the Laramie. The trim names can be basic Work, mid-level Bighorn/Lone Star, off-road Outdoorsman, sporty Sport, luxury Limited, and deluxe Longhorn. That's my idea. Ram Laramie. Of course there's 1500, 2500, 3500, etc. Thumbs up if you like!

A Durango with a small bed?

Should I say g/y!

And unibody to boot...


Well if you want to drive around in a truck named after a goat whose only claim to fame is having the thickest skull in the universe, go ahead.

Personally I think, Less Hindu God and more Blue Collar Work Boots is a good thing.

First, don't call any truck the D50 again. It wasn't a very capable truck. Second, stop with the name changes. Ford ditched the name Taurus only to use it again because of "name recognition". Third, the name Ram didn't even come along until the early '80's. Before that, they were just D100, 250, etc. Fourth, I am following the unibody Dakota story closely. The Grand Cherokee has been unibody since it came out in '92. I do see many GCs towing & off-roading. Just make the next Dakota as good or better in it's capability & definately better interior-wise. And last but not least, nice pic of that '90 model. That's like seeing a unicorn. Club cab Rams in that body style appear less often than any Viper.

@ Billy- How about a BIG TUMBS UP!


The next idot auto journalist that tells me that the Ram 1500 rear coil springs are Revolutionary will be wigged out on. 1967-1972 chevy trucks came with rear coil springs and they were not the first to do it. Do some research block heads!!!

The difference is that Ram was the first to do it right! LOL

just because you see a GC towing doesn't mean they are good at it, we are talking trucks. I know the cherokee's and GC's have been unibody for a while, but go onto any Jeep site and you will find the problems with the Unibodies, the biggest that I know of is the inherit design of thiner metal. their are tons of aftermarket products to add extra support and stiffness to the (fram)
I don't see in a true truck application how well that will really work. And don't tell me that people with the "small" trucks don't use them for work. Where I live they are put to work right along fullsize trucks. Loaded up and worked till it breaks just to be fixed to do it all over again.
Amercia needs a rugged small truck. Their is a need, I just don't see that happening with a truck being unibody.

I was not to impressed when they dropped the Dodge name from the truck but what do i know I have purchased about 15 new Dodges over the past 25 years and have to say they are pretty dam good. The power of the new Hemi in my 1500 RT is intoxicating no one else comes close. They should call the new truck a Fargo F150 and switch the rest of the line to R 1500 R 2500 for Gas trucks and C 1500 C 2500 for cummings Trucks.

Guys, forget asking them to change it to D-150. The whole idea is they want to get away from everything D aka Dodge.

I like the name FIAT 50. It's short and gives a nice shout out to it's owners.

Who cares what they are named? Thay are the same great trucks under the name. I would like to see the old D and W names brought back.

How about FCK-100, FCK-150, FCK-250, FCK-350. Obviously, the FCK stands for Ford and Chevy Killer...

Joking, LOL!

The whole idea of dropping the Dodge name is stupid. There's a lot of brand equity in that name, not to mention years of heritage that will be hard to bridge once the name is gone. Bottom line is that Dodge trucks are a stronger presence in the marketplace than Dodge cars. So it seems silly to jeopardize the trucks' potential sales with a name change. Rename the cars, and leave the trucks alone. I predict everyone will continue to call them "Dodges" anyway. Dodge forever!

OR how about RDTSB-100, RDTSB-150, RDTSB-250, and RDTSB-350. The RDTSB would mean Ram Dealership Transmission Service Bay, and each Dealer could have a number corresponding to a bay representing which capacity truck is being serviced! LOL......

Seriously though, what is wrong with their name. Just add a Ram 1000 as mentioned earlier.

Or will this be another "New Name, Same Flavor" campaign.

Instead of taking off a zero, the could add one. The Dakota could be the Ram 5000 or 10000, and the others would become the Ram 15000, 25000, and 35000. Or maybe they could add two zeroes. Or maybe they could just call it the Ram Dakota.

A Grand Cherokee towing is not safe!

Too short of a wheelbase...

Would you take a Grand Cherokee off-road and go off-roading in it?

How about : Marchionne 01, Marchionne 02, Marchionne 03, Marchionne 04, Marchionne 05

i like that ! Marchionne..yeah and they should put big mustaches on the grilles! ha!


I do not drive family vehicles (4-door pickups) nor station wagons like the Grand Cherokee.

I prefer a 6 foot bed behind the cab for some payload that the Grand Cherokee lacks...

@oxi: Towing with a Cherokee or GC is perfectly safe, it just depends on what you're towing.

I hope you're not towing with a regular cab shortbed (6') truck... now THAT is unsafe.

Going back to the mid 70s, Dodge, Ford and Chevy all had 100 or 10 series trucks. Because of EPA regulations they had to boost the GVWR above 6000 lbs to avoid certain smog regulations. Thus was born the 150 or 15 series trucks. Now they are subject to the same restrictions so the numbers game doesn't matter. Adding zeros into the designation only makes a difference in the minds of the marketing idiots.


I have a 128" wheelbase with the accesscab version. Much safer than the Grand Cherokee!

And no, I do not pull any trailers.

Trailers weaken the performance of the vehicle and limit its abilities off-road.

Leave pulling for the full-size pickups.

A name is a name call her Cindy or Claudia a nice woman is still nice. Same for truck apply the beauty is in the tailgate.

Personally, I think the Dakota outta just be Dakota, Ram1(1500) Ram2(2500) Ram3 (3500). Or better yet Ram Sport (1500) Larame(2500) BigHorn (3500). Beyond that build in RELIABILITY. Start READING the pros/cons of "Expert" Reviewers have to say on sites like Consumer Reports, Edmounds etc. read the reliability ratings of same & Simply ADDRESS those issues. Work on power to weight ratios, ie.
the '05 frontier's 6 was rated 265 HP & pulls 6500 #'s that was better than the big 3's small 8's most of which listed 4,000 lbs. Reliability is key!!! Remember the Grand Cherokkee commercial that say we do well when we build great vehicles, and not so well when we don't!

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