Sources Say: GMC Sierra HD Concept Slated for Detroit Auto Show

Sources Say: GMC Sierra HD Concept Slated for Detroit Auto Show

GMC isn’t only thinking smaller with that Granite Compact Pickup concept we showed you last night; they’re also thinking bigger – much bigger. We’re told to look for a preview of the next-generation GMC Sierra Heavy Duty at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next January, our sources tell us.

The 2011 GMC Sierra HD and its twin the Chevy Silverado HD featured an all-new chassis and an updated Duramax diesel V-8 powertrain, but some have complained (and we don’t disagree) that the carryover sheetmetal and interior in the truck have aged quickly, while Ram and Ford have updated their HD pickups both inside and out.

We expect the GMC Sierra HD concept will show one possibility for how GM intends to evolve the Sierra so it matches its high-performance powertrain and frame. We’ll keep our eyes out for it in Detroit.


Concept next January!

Reality When?

I am very excited to see what they come up with!! Not they I dont like the current look, I do.

Just keep it resonable and appropiate for an HD truck. NO crazy body work or insanely large grills.

It does appear that GM is not making design changes interior/exterior wise - Although I'm one that doesn't like drastic and complete redesigns that rarely resemble the brand.

Don't know how you can be more carryover than the Super Duty. An insanely large grille and headlights on a 1999 design truck. Wonder of we will see a 4500 cab and chassis soon. BTW Mike, what do you know about this 8L V-8 LPG engine GM and CleanFUEL is developing for Freightliner?

so does this mean chevys going for ford and doing a different body style than the half tonner? thatd be awesome. 2 designsi could choose from

Perhaps GM could build a truck with a solid front axle option in the next redesign thus totally spanking Ford in sales .

The current Sierra is the best looking truck on the road right now in my opinion. Hopefully we hear about the Gen V Small Block? I'm not sure they will keep the 6.0 gas forever considering fuel economy. It's probably to early to hear anything about the next Duramax?

"Perhaps GM could build a truck with a solid front axle option in the next redesign thus totally spanking Ford in sales."

yeah, that would be nice to see a change like that in this world, but I don't see that happening. Ever!

They could put duallie wheels on a large version of the Granite. LOL
All kidding aside -
GM needs to ramp up changing their trucks.
Ford has 50% of the HD market.
Dodge Ram sells almost as many HD's as Silverado HD.

A new concept truck in January of 2011.

How much longer until rubber hits the road?

2013 is what I've read.
That means a new body and interior fall of 2012.

Ford could hold 75% of the market by then.

@Big Bob

Not exactly sure if you are hating on Ford cause they have kept "some" of the sheet metal design from the '99 years or not. But they still out sell GM and Dodge and because they got it right the first time doesnt mean they should change their sheet metal. Keep in mind the Air Force is still flying F-16's that are still the same design as when they first came out in 1976...Just cause it hasnt changed doesnt mean its not able to compete with newer looking models. Just saying.

Yea, if it is not broken ,leave it alone. I still own a1990 sierra 3500, and a 1998 sierra 1500. I do not buy on looks but use and reliability.

I think the current GMC body and front clip is the best looking truck on the market. The interior may need some updates, but don't mess up that totally intimidating grill!

I really like that Ford inspired front bumper, it adds excitement to the otherwise dull exterior and cheap mirrors.

Awesome, now how about some info on the next generation Duramax.

Ford has kept MOST of the sheetmetal from 1999. Not saying this is a bad thing, it is just that some seem the think the GM HD's are a more dated design, when in fact they are overall quite a bit newer that Ford. I don't care for the latest Super Duty restyle, but overall I like the truck, particularly the new engines.

Ford has changed most of the sheet metal. Front end is all new. Areas around the fender are new. Flares new. Door water mark new. Tailgate all new. Front and rear bumpers all new. Roof channels new. It may not look like it but most of it has changed.

How big is the GMC logo on the grill it looks bigger then the blue oval on the superduties. Just a side note, Everybody seems to point out the Ford logo and the GMC one looks to be the same size...

I realy like the styling on all BIG THREE HD trucks! All look very tough! In my opinion none of the trucks looks dated. Is it just me or the new Sierra/Silverado looks bigger than the Super Duty. That would be an interesting change!

I will certainly be at Cobo Hall in January to see this up close.

FYI Press days are 1/10/11 & 1/11/11

Public Days are 1/15/11 thru 1/23/11

I wonder if this is where the rumors of a Chevy HD unibody are coming from. I don't believe they would go to a unibody in a HD truck though. At least not yet since they just improved the frame. Maybe they will as a concept, to float the idea of a unibody. They could use new sheet metal styling on it and then only use the sheet metal design when they release it to market with their current frame. Or it could be a partial unibody like Ford plans to do with the F150.

It seems like Chevy was unprepared for the updated versions of the Ram and F150- The engines and looks inside and outside are dated spare the desiel motor in the hd desiel. Can you tell me why Chevy wasn't prepared to release one when ford and dodge did. Also any input as to why Dodge seemed to get caught without a higher output desiel of there own?

@ x007

Those mirros are awesome, dont knock them until you have used them.

I like them better than my 2010 Ram's mirros but the ram mirrors have grown on me since I turned them vertical.

It's not going to have a solid front axle, the platform will be EXACTLY the same as the current model. I'd say that platform will stick around for quite some time.

I love the look of the GMC it reminds me of the best looking superduty which was around 05. I remember seeing that GM no longer wants the GMC and chevy to look alike. They're a different up front but the rest of the truck is about the same. If that is the case it should help GM grow its market share as Ford is dominating them with 1 body style. Oh well they're all too damn expensive anyways. I'm looking for an 03-06 area truck that would need to pull 16k twice a month on a 400 mile trip

By 2020 the only real trucks will be HD pickups. Light duty trucks will probably merge with global midsize unibody trucks to save money and there will probably be compact pickups again too. So the only real trucks will cost us about $60,000 (Unless you want a fake truck with a unibody chasis that is easy to warp like a global ranger/next generation F-150). I've heard GM is planning a Gen V V8 with a 5.5L for the next Corvette and Camaro, so it should also make its way into the next generation of GM trucks as well as a new V6 and a larger V8. What will become of the Avalanche, Tahoe, & Suburban?

Ford took a lot of fire back in '97 when they redesigned the F-150. They don't want to go through that again, so they've focused on smaller incremental changes ever since.


Next Gen GM trucks are slated for summer 2012...


Avalanche is done after this year (RIP)

New Suburban and Tahoe (which will still be BOF) are slated for 2013 I believe.

@ Jake - thanks. i wasn't that far off.
My understanding is that all of the truck makers will be coming out with new trucks for 2013 model year.
It does appear that the trend is to release them early.

I remember way back when - model year was the year it was made.(date on serial number).

Honestly I don't get all the complaints about GM's interior and exterior. How long has Ford been using the same sheet metal on the sides of their HD's??? Talk about looking dated...


The Superduty is not outdated. Just like GM has been using the 6.6 Duramax / Allison for many year, that would seem outdated, but they are not, they have been upgraded and changed.

Check your facts before you spew your info.

In my own opinion I think the SD cab looks the best especially the crew cab. It will be interesting to see how they update it but keeping it the way they have it makes it really easy to get parts.

I want real truck with body on frame for forever. it will only flagstaff pickup truck. I hate Honda Ridgeline unibody based of crossover chassis. I am worried next generation Ford f150 , Ram 1500 and Sierra/Silverado 1500 will stay body on frame are still strong against unibody. in fact if you want Ford Super Duty F250, RAM 2500 and Sierra/Silverado 2500 will might replace to 1500 pickup near future.

I don't know why guys go on about changes in body style.
Truck manufacturer's have learned the hard way that making drastic changes to the looks of a truck usually does not go over well with the buying public.
The only exception probably is when Dodge came out with their 1994 trucks.
That truck was the exception because the prior model was the ugliest thing on the planet.

Evolution rather than revolution is the truck designer's mantra.
If you are not a fan of a particular truck, you'd probably not notice any subtle design changes.
looks are subjective - kinda like 3 guys arguing over which is prettier - a blonde, brunette, or redhead.
Bottom line - all that matters is that you are having fun with your favorite choice.

I don't think there is any need at all now for GM to go to an SFA on their HD models. I was certainly sceptical at first, but GM's new IFS has the capacity and durability to match (or surpass) Ford and Dodge. Whatever GM's IFS gives up in ground clearance (not much) it more than makes up for in superior ride and handling. Ford and Dodge would do well to develop a similar advanced heavy duty IFS for their HD pickups.

I think we will see personal use pickup trucks move to semi-unibody and front/all wheel drive. It will be the only way manufacturers will be able to meet fuel economy regulations in the future. I expect to see something along the lines of a pickup version of the new Explorer or Acadia/Traverse. HD's will remain traditional pickup trucks as we know them now.

I think Unibody trucks would be ok, although the capacity would be less than today's trucks. A fellow I went to school with uses a Honda Ridgeline (I think they are ugly) to build houses, haul trailers with pallets of cement, lumber, etc on it. It seems to do fine, with better fule mileage than my F150 unloaded. From what I could tell, the body wasn't bent, distorted, or what ever. I hate to say it, but it DOES seem to compete with the other contractors in our area that uses Full size F150's, Chevy's, Nissans, Toyotas, and Rams.

The guy works the hell out of that Ridgeline and it is still holding up, drives it over dunes, thru muddy yards/lots/driveways where houses are being built, pulls boats with it, pretty much anything a normal contractor would do with their truck. I seen it the other day with ladders strapped to the top of it and a flat bed dual axle low boy trailer loaded with wood driving with traffic up the intracoastal bridge here (~ 120 ft tall, pretty steep though)

He gets ~ 24 mpg on the highway unloaded though, where my F150 gets 17 mpg unloaded. I think if they correctly engineer a truck that is unibody, then it will do ok. many folks don;t use their trucks to the full potential anyway, so why not lighten it up for Fe reasons? Seems like the way to go, I used to be against it to until I seen that unibody ridgeline working with the rest of the trucks, pulling the same loads as the rest since 2006 and still runs and drives fine. I think it is just a stigma Americans have against Unibody trucks here in the states, but I think it will fade just like hard habits die.


My girl friend had a Honda Ridgeline...she averaged 15 mpg..My Hemi Dodge Ram averages 16 mpg driven the same way ! But Honda's weak parts are the transmissions waterpumps and timing belts,those all died on her 70,000 mile babied Honda..

A unibody truck would be more for a women type vehicle as the ridgeline is..or for a person who needs a truck for errands,nothing to heavy ect...

Uni bodies are strong(not sure about honda)Chrysler used them on its cars since the late 50's (first to do so)and were the leader in police vehicles until the late 80's..they were abused,beat on and uni bodies are tough..they could tow over 5000 lbs (depending on model)..My uncle had an old Newport wagon he drove half all the time 70's- 1980's more lax then..drove over curbs,was a contractor,towed a 7000 lb trailer while the back was filled with materials and tools..the unibody frame never bent,never warped ect... I got the car in the early 90's as my first car !! I drove the heck out of it.. again it straight as an arrow,and had the power to suck the headlights out of a 5.0 Mustang !

A front end facelift does not constitute a "body change". Every manufacturer makes minor facelift changes from model year to model year. Ford has been using what is essentially the same body mold/dimensions on their SD trucks since 99. GM made a true "body change" on their HD trucks in 2007. Not a carry over from previous years with a few changes. I think you need to get your facts straight...

@Dont Touch My Junk !
- the Ridgeline was never intended as a work truck. I've heard of several small contractors using the Ridgeline. The "trunk" is a popular feature. I've never heard of any complaints that you mentioned other than from anti-Honda posters or more specifically anti-Japanese posters.
I also find it interesting that most of the anti-Honda or Toyota posters are brand loyal Dodge guys. I find that fact ironic considering how low on the quality and reliability scale that Chrysler and its affiliates rate (close to the bottom of the list).

wow if ford have 50 p of the market,y feel sorry for you..but you have a nice dash..and second place puller..maybe 3 place if doge do something whit is tranny..

Park a '99 Super Duty next to a '11. Except for under the hood, more is the same than is different. Both trucks would be considered the same platform. Now, park a '99 Sierra 2500 next to an '11. Nothing is the same except for the rear axle on certain models. GM when through 3 different platforms (GMT400, 800, and 900) while Ford stayed with one. That having been said, I wonder when we will see a truly new Super Duty. I have heard sometime after 2014. By that time, GM will have yet another new HD truck (although it will probably use the '11 chassis).


I own two Superdutys. They do not look the same. The fenders, roof, rear tailgate different.

So are you going to tell me GM is still using the same Duramax engine from 2001.

That's what I thought!

@Big Bob,

Old Analogy:

It ain't broken, don't fix it.

Seems like GM breaks a lot. All these redesigns and it still aint winning any buyers.

wow if ford have 50 p of the market,y feel sorry for you..but you have a nice dash..and second place puller..maybe 3 place if doge do something whit is tranny.. - TROLL

I'd rather take the second place puller, thank you very much.

the reason why gm hasn't changed the duramax/allison combo since 2001 is because it is an amazing combination why would they change something that is making them the strongest hd truck on the market

GM has changed the duramax/allison. There are have been FOUR revisions since 2001. Only thing that hasn't changed are the names. 60% of its parts are new from last year ALONE. Hello, McFly? Anybody home.

If you want to erroneously believe it hasn't changed, fine, but one could also apply the same logic to the super duty. ford has not changed because "it is amazing combination why would they change something that is making them the strongest hd truck on the market"

Think, McFly, think.


RPO LB7 (engine code "1") was first introduced in 2001 and continued until mid 2004. It is a 32-valve design with high-pressure common-rail direct injection and aluminum cylinder heads. The most problematic issue with the LB7 is injector failure. Fuel leaked and entered the crankcase, causing oil dilution. Early on customers came forward complaining of severe overheating, and also in some situations blown head gaskets. Initially GM denied it was a problem, but after being sued by a consumer group, GM relented and included overheating and blown head gaskets as a warranted item. GM issued a warranty for this after the fact for injectors, which now have 7 year/200,000 mile coverage.
source: wikipedia

Let me try to dumb it down for you and maybe you'll see the light. Ford has continued to take its same ol wife to the beaty salon for the past 10+ years in hopes of keeping her pretty. Yes they have made a lot of minor changes here and there but under all those cosmetic changes its still the same ol wife. LOL... GM on the other hand traded in its old wife for a completely "new" one in 07. Dodge did the same just last year...Make sense??

When I look at any GM truck I cannot help but see that it resembels the old Studebaker truck that GM bought so they could use thier design back in 1967. It really has not changed much through the years.
On the uni-body issue, it may be for light weight applications but quite a few of us use trucks for light duty, like pulling a small travel trailer, boats, etc.. the Jeep Commanche had a uni-body, real easy to add a lift kit on it, was able to pull my bass boat and hunting traler with no problem and unlodaed got 24mpg, and that is with an old schoool straight 6 in it, just think what something like that would get with the new tech stuff that is out now.

@ Sandman - quote "GM on the other hand traded in its old wife for a completely "new" one in 07"
Is that why taxpayers got hit with a 60 billion dollar divorce settlement?

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