Sources Say: GMC Sierra HD Concept Slated for Detroit Auto Show

Sources Say: GMC Sierra HD Concept Slated for Detroit Auto Show

GMC isn’t only thinking smaller with that Granite Compact Pickup concept we showed you last night; they’re also thinking bigger – much bigger. We’re told to look for a preview of the next-generation GMC Sierra Heavy Duty at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next January, our sources tell us.

The 2011 GMC Sierra HD and its twin the Chevy Silverado HD featured an all-new chassis and an updated Duramax diesel V-8 powertrain, but some have complained (and we don’t disagree) that the carryover sheetmetal and interior in the truck have aged quickly, while Ram and Ford have updated their HD pickups both inside and out.

We expect the GMC Sierra HD concept will show one possibility for how GM intends to evolve the Sierra so it matches its high-performance powertrain and frame. We’ll keep our eyes out for it in Detroit.


Is those HD concept would be able at the montreal auto show??

Is the Sierra HD Tera off road the one that was rumored when this was written and they just missed it? Or will we see something else along with the Tera in Jan.? Thanks.

(I happened to be in Detroit last year for the show, it was lack-luster. It looks better this year.)

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