Tundra Sportsman Project Truck Camps Out in Toyota Booth at SEMA

Tundra Sportsman Project Truck Camps Out in Toyota Booth at SEMA

We’ve already shown you Toyota’s Tacoma X-Runner "Ready to Race" high-performance SEMA project truck but that’s not the only custom pickup the auto maker is bringing to this year's SEMA Show. Check out the Toyota Tundra Sportsman created in partnership with Bass Pro Shops.

The Tundra Sportsman is an outdoorsman's dream rig.

The base truck is a 2011 Tundra Double Cab 4x4 equipped with the optional TRD Rock Warrior package and a 5.7-liter V-8 and six-speed automatic transmission. From there, Toyota has given the truck a three-inch lift, 18-inch Teflon-coated ATX wheels and Nitto Mud Grappler 33x12.5/R18 tires.


There’s an 86 square foot (7-feet by 13-feet) deck that sits above the Tundra’s camper shell that contains a pop-up camouflaged tent and hunting blind. The truck bed has been modified and split into three zones to serve double-duty as the ultimate sportsman fantasy transport and base camp.

The driver side of the cargo box is the firearm storage zone. The side of the box opens vertically while the entire bed swings out to a 90 degree angle, allowing for close access to secured rifle storage and accessories. There are two steel locking rifle cases integrated into the cabinetry for safe keeping and transport. There’s also a safe to store a pistol, sleeping bag and fold-down work bench that folds down from the bed wall to provide a work space.


The passenger side of the bed also opens vertically while the side of the bed slides out and then folds flat to create a large work surface. Camping gear can be stowed in the sides plus there’s room for two bows and archery accessories. There’s also a small closet with a slide-out coat rack to keep hunting outerwear and foul weather gear.

At the back of the bed, the camper shell and tailgate open to reveal a rugged kitchen with space for a Coleman gas stove, a sink with seven gallon water tank and storage space for cooking utensils.


To improve off-roading capability, the Tundra’s breathing system has been extensively reworked to help it through deep-water crossings. It has a custom air intake and snorkel and the exhaust has been rerouted up through the bed (in-between the three storage zones) so that it exits through a grate in the roof top deck.

Inside, the truck was designed to be a command center for extended hunting trips as essential field electronics such as a weather station and GPS have been installed. To minimize wear, the TRD Rock Warrior bucket seats were upholstered in waterproof Black and Gray material. The black Rock Warrior carpeting is weather protected by all-weather Browning branded camouflage floor mats. The stock 10 speaker JBL sound system is supplemented by JBL all-weather outdoor speakers that are wired into the bed area.


[Source: Toyota]


Should have used metal on the storage area, termites are going love this POS. I like the color.

Just imagine how all that stuff will end up after a few bumps on the road with the terrible frame wobble.

I can almost hear oxi jerking off

No 'Post apocalyptic ' vehicle is complete with out Automatic Weapons pintle type mounts. Otherwise it is sufficent.

Looks pretty well thought out, very capable. Tent looks too small sleep in. Bet that rig wouldn't be cheap.

oh ya, that tent will hide you real well from the game, too bad the truck sticks out

Good job Toyota. Now this is what I expect at Sema. Something creative and interesting. Not that truck from GM where it looked like they pulled a few things out of a JC Whitney catalog and called it a day.

Sould have done a camo wrap for the sheet metal.

Note to Toyota get back to me when a Tundra has been drowned in the ocean , rode an imploded building roof top to ground , driven to the north pole and driven up a volcano , until then the Hilux is still vastly superior .

I agree with Taylor, The Tacoma/Hilux has a better reputation the world over.

Now I may not like the features of this Tundra speaking from an overlander/expedition builder myself, but as Dave said this is the type of creative thinking we need from manufacturer's at SEMA.

The more ideas, the more we can learn from them and make our own mods, etc...


You mean this article:


@ Jordan L,

camo wrap would be have been a sharp touch. possibly a solid companionship with mossy oak?

very cool concept vehicle, i wonder if someone out there in the world has already done something like this to their own truck (minus the stuff on top, that's pretty wild).

WOW, all this stuff will give the Toyota owner something to do while they are at the dealer getting all the recalls fixed. I agree with 09fordfx4, how is all this stuff going to hold up with that frame shake. I can see all this stuff coming appart on the trail. But wait maybe thats the idea. Its like bread crumbs, so the owner can find his way back once he make it to his hunting spot. Too bad nothing will be left but the bed of the truck!

This truck will hold a very special place in heart, it brings back so many memories for me. Sometimes the very thing you're looking for is the one thing you can't see. A camo Tundra. (getting goosebumps just looking at the pics.)

@ 09FordFX4

with all that weight there won't be any bounce. now go play with your ford.

SEMA trucks: yaaaaaaaaaaaawn...

its cool that yota always puts cool trucks together for SEMA. thats creativity at its best, anyone that knocks that is simply hatin. whether you'd personally want that or not the overall look is really cool.

its funny how some people talk about frame shake on here, yet if you read USA todays review of the F150 they COMPLAIN about the unsprung ride of the ford. seems oddly familiar to me.......

Oh and hey about those recalls mentioned in an above post, if the tundra was soooo bad ("theres only ONE recall" and thats a gas pedal so stupid people dont get their pedal stuck with floor mats) then WHY has JD power given it "the most dependable full size truck" 5 years in a row???? so keep on hatin fellas, it gives me humor... :)

Laughably stupid. This is EXACTLY what Toyota needs right now... nope, don't spend time fixing the rusting frames or gas tanks that drop on the road. Don't fix the acceleration or fuel pump or steering problems that led to massive recalls. Instead, let's bolt a tent onto a pickup truck! : )


I have owned Toyota pickups for almost 20 years now...

I have never seen rusty frame rot, steering problems, pedal issues or anything else Ray LaHood fabricates!

Start listening to actual Toyota owners insteade of what the liberal media tells you how to think!

This whole Toyota charade is blown way out of proportion and only benefits government motors!

Unless you have owned one before, shut the h/ll up about Toyota please! Drive one for 5 years may qualify you to make statements about Toyota pickups. Until then you are just a sheep following whatever the government tells you and their megaphone, the media!


All Toyota owners look like this. Thanks for the family picture Oxi.

I like the creative ideas that went into this truck. It is the most "functional" truck I've seen so far.
It isn't a tent on the top but a gun blind. Kind of like a tree stand but on your truck.
I like the craftmanship that went into the cabinets. Metal would look tougher for a truck application.

Guys are going to slag Toyota regardless of what they are like.
It is not as if the domestics have had a stellar unblemished record in the past.

@ Rich - it was Ford that had gas tanks that were falling on the road.
Chrysler is under investigation for Jeep exploding gas tanks.
Remember GM's side saddle fuel tanks?
If you go back far enough, every pickup had a gas tank behind the seat and smoking while driving was common place.
How safe was that?
Ford had a spell of crappy frames a few decades ago.
I've read many complaints of GM frames not holding up as plow trucks (frames and front ends).
I've heard of Dodge frame problems as well.

@ Oxi - mentioning that Toyota's are the prefered tough truck of terrorists all over the world is not a great PR move.
Howie Long would be proud.

So basically, they filled a utility body with hunting stuff, and built a platform on the ladder racks. I'm not exactly impressed. I'll admit that it looks nice (for a Tundra), but the concept isn't exactly revolutionary.

Lou is going to defend Yota no matter what. Is it a slag if it's the truth? Anyone can go back 40 years ago to find problems with just about everything. 1993 Jeeps? LOL. You're grasping at straws. This is pickup TRUCKS.com

Funny, I haven't had a single problem with my tundra. I like how these guys that don't even own one think they know it all.

It's just as good as all the other trucks. Some things are better, somethings are worse, but that's the case for all of them.

@ Luke - I have a 2010 F150 SuperCrew in my driveway. It has 1,600 miles on it. I like the Ford better than the Toyota Tundra.
I stick up for Toyota because most of the posts levied against them are stupid.
Stupidity is often based on the truth but it still doesn't change the intelligence of one's post.

Should have painted the mirrors bright orange so it wouldn`t be shot by other hunters.

What is it with Auto Manufacturers and wood? They just can't seem to leave the first 30 years of the automobile out of new age designs. Then, they put faux plastic wood in their interiors. But thats another topic.

Wood in automobiles was cool in the 30's, when each car was like a piece of art. But in the modern days, wood doesn't belong on these vehicles IMHO.


Some guys were saying that this was just an accessory box placed on a Tundra. If you look at these pictures more closely, and look at the slideshow and video - it is clear that they modified the stock box to hinge open. I'd love to see a few pictures of this truck "buttoned up".

first off...i just can't stand the idea of owning or seeing an American own a truck that was made by, and the money going to someone who's relative or countryman once bombed my American Pearl Harbor and killed my fellow countryman. Call it stupid or weird or whatever but I just can't take it. Second, my neighbor has owned 3 Toyota Pickups for the last 15 years and has had rusted problems with the first two, and the third had a rusted frame and went on recall. He then used that money to buy a Dodge and has been running fine. I'm a GM guy first, but I will buy Dodge or Ford before I will buy outside of my country. God Bless American started and owned companies and their Unionized workers. Thank You.


It really amazes me that guys like you exist.

A large percentage of the money used to bailout GMC was borrowed from Japan and China.
Foreign owners of US Treasury Securities (Feb 2010)
Nation ..................................................percentage
People's Republic of China (mainland)........... 23.4 %
Japan ........................................................ 20.5 %
United Kingdom ............................................ 6.2 %
Oil exporters ................................................ 5.8 %
Brazil ........................................................... 4.6 %
Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (Hong Kong) ........................................ 4.1 %
Republic of China (Taiwan) ............................. 3.2 %
Russia .......................................................... 3.2 %
Grand Total .................................................. 65.8 %

You must find it really comforting to know that the Japs, Chinks, Commies, and A-rabs own a huge portion of the USA's debt.
That money went to bail out your favorite brand - Chevy.
Chrysler/Dodge will soon be owned by Italian Fiat.
Mexicans already build HD's for Dodge, and Ford's diesel.
The Japs help design and build the first Duramax.

I hope you find that information enlightening.

wanna be ram outdoorsman

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