Video Tour: Cool Trucks of the 2010 SEMA Show

Video Tour: Cool Trucks of the 2010 SEMA Show

SEMA is well-known for incredible and interesting custom trucks that range from slammed street rigs to over-the-top off-roaders.

Here are six interesting trucks that we checked out at this year's show.


Great job on the video Mike. Is there any way you could do another video just scanning by all the other cool trucks there. Or even a picture gallery. Don't necessarily need a blurb about them, but would be nice to see. Judging by the pic in this story, there are a bunch of them.

We want to see more of the Mickey Thompson F-150.

I agree with Greg.
How about a photomontage or slideshow?
Us poor mortals like to live vicariously.

The 50's Chevy is the best out of them all

Thanks for the slideshow and video.

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