2011 Ram 1500 Named One of Automobile Magazine's All-Stars

Automobile Magazine Names Ram 1500 an All-Star
By Robby DeGraff

For the second year in a row, Automobile Magazine picked the 2011 Ram 1500 as one of the publication’s favorite vehicles.

The Ram 1500, which remains the most awarded Ram or Dodge truck ever made the magazine’s all All-Star list because of its bold, tough attitude; spacious family-sedan-like interior comforts filled with numerous storage spaces; and the powerful yet efficient 390-horsepower, 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 engine that brings this truck to life.

Testers at Automobile Magazine also praised the new Ram 1500 for its standout rear coil-spring suspension that provides a comfortable ride and confident handling. “The 1500’s not-so-secret weapon is the pickup world’s only coil-spring rear suspension. In contrast to traditional semi-elliptic leaf springs forced to provide both resilience and a means of attachment, coils are single-purpose devices,” Automobile Magazine technical editor Don Sherman explained. “They supply friction-free give over bumps while five suspension links keep the rear wheels pointing in the preferred direction.”

Another winning characteristic is the Ram 1500’s effort to appeal to the outdoor sportsman. “Playing to the two-thirds of the customer base that hunts, fishes or camps, there’s a new Outdoorsman model for 2011 fitted with cloth upholstery and rugged towing and off-road gear,” Sherman said. Engineers at Ram went even a step further by outfitting the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman model with holsters in each RamBox, made to securely fit six fishing poles or two long guns.

Back at it for yet another automotive journalism award, the Ram 1500 fully deserved the All-Star award. “No mere beast of burden, the Ram 1500 has the guts and the goodness to take its second bow as an All-Star in fine standing,” Sherman said. The complete All-Star list will appear in the February issue of Automobile Magazine.

If you’re interested in what we thought of the 2011 Ram 1500, check out our Australian correspondent’s take on the pickup as he drove it from Los Angeles to Detroit.


Congratulations Ram.

Way to go Chrysler! Well done!

The coil springs are it's secret weapon, but they are not meeting the needs of the capability oriented buyer who compromises the majority of today's full size pickup customer. It shows up in their declining market share performance.

The fishing rod holsters are too expensive. The rods can lay in the bed for free. I'll keep my guns inside.

The RamBox is $1,895.00

For $205.00 additional you can get a holster to hold guns or fishing rods inside the RamBox.

Total: $2,100.00 for the fishing rod holder.

Not worth it.

Hey Its a great truck.

If they had 6+ gears and higher capabililtes (real world payload and axle ratings) it may be the best 1/2 ton going for the buying majority.

Hopefully the price of the RamBox option will start dropping soon, as the Chevrolet/G.M.C Quadra Steer option did (too late though) a few years ago, to help draw more customers ordering the option. I would hate to see the RamBox option disappear, as the Quadra Steer option did for the twins, due to a low take rate.

For 2012, I have heard that the 5 speed will be reprogrammed to upshift into all 6 gears.

I also heard that they are considering going back to leaf springs.

Reading the comments here, I would suggest lowering the price of the RamBox. I also think they need to make it availble on the 6' bed.

Otherwise this is good (not great) PR.

get it right. its not ram, and its not chrystler...its Fiat

I would like to know the total of awards given out through out the year. It seems that it is all opinion. Just as we all have. Everytime I turn around Chevy is the truck of the year for this publication. Ford is the truck of the year for this publication. Now Dodge is the truck of the year for this publication. (or should I say one of) Just how many awards are given out? Not that it matters because we are all going to purchase what we want regardless of some guy driving the truck thats works for a magazine and thinks its cool to pay $2000.00 for a place to put your fishing rods. Most likely the one time you go to use it the box it is full of everything else that shouldnt be in there and you end up throwing them in the bed anyway.

I agree that the Ram Box is too pricy.
One can buy a canopy (box cap) or rigid tonneau cover for that price.
I disagree with Matt as far as the coil springs not meeting the needs of the "capability oriented buyer".
I commend Ram for getting out of the "my 1/2 ton can carry more than your 1/2 ton" race.
Same goes for towing.
If you want 3/4 ton capacity - simple, get a 3/4 ton.

The light duty Ram is not even half ton capability anymore. Buy a crewcab and you are down to 1200 lbs max. Start adding options and you're less than 1000 lbs payload. Add a couple passengers and you're at virtually nothing for payload.

I am all for not going crazy with capability, and buying a 3/4 if you need it, but the Ram went too far in the wrong direction in my opinion. The coil springs were supposed to provide superior ride but as seen in the shootouts, they had the worst ride and handling overall. If you're not getting the best ride and you're capability goes way down, then you need to rethink this.

People who buy pickups to do real work, don't buy Dodges. Dodge buyers are "image" buyers - those who really should be driving cars. Hence this pick by Automobile magazine. Yes, I know they are calling themselves "Ram" (they're still Dodge).


I think that your comment is a little premature calling the Ram/Chrysler a Fiat. Fiat does not own Chrysler...yet. It is probably just a matter of time though?

What a bunch of BS carp some of you are writhing! Fact is the Dodge 1500 won and you dont like the fact it beat out your favorite truck whatever one that is. Dodge makes one of the best most livable 1500's around with a drive train and engine (Hemi) that is about as bullet proof as they come. IMO you cant go wrong with any one of the new trucks these days but Dodge does have a well rounded leader in the category with undeniable beauty and usefulness!

@ Matt - I didn't know that the capacity would be affected as much as what you've indicated.
Mind you - a 1200 lb capacity is by definition a 1/2 ton.
Trucks have been boosted well beyond the "old" designations of 1/2, 3/4 or 1 ton.

Yea if you don't mind worn seats in six months, thin sheet metal, and comarively cramped front seats at least compared to the Ford its a good truck. Yes the truck tests well, but they don't have it long enough to know the quality.

Dodge Ram Rules !!!!

Chrysler is on a roll,hot new products,best in class handling,interiors,engines across the board !!!

Award winning HEMI,DIESELS(longest lasting engines engineered for 500,000 miles before rebuild best in class),Pentastar V-6's !!!!!!



Bob, did you change brands?
Sure sounds like you.


Our 2009 Ford F-150 seats wore out before our old 1999 Dodge Ram truck we use for a parts chaser did !! My new Dodge Ram looks amazing and better than any truck ever,now almost 1 year old and still as new !!! Dodge's usually last the longest I have found out using multiple makes in my business,Ford and GM sell good because of their low price to buy them,nothing else well that and government fleets gobble them up like crazy ! As you say thin sheet metal...Really are you totally ignorant !! Yes you are !!! Keep talking you are making a fool of yourself !


Actually more tow trucks are Dodge's now..Dodge sells alot of h.d trucks..Fact is Dodge's are priced higher so the people who drive them are more educated,take care of themselves,dont wear soil ridden clothing,dont smell of fece and urine,vomit ! Ford's/Gm's are low cost and trailer park type persons buy/own them to go to work at Wal Mart !!

Awesome! Ram is always second on my list.


You are one of those people who have to categorize everybody/everything and you have seroius problems when people do things their way and not the way you see it,though most often you are wrong and they are right,it is a mental disorder and you need immediate medical attention !

Why do you have a problem when a person chooses a truck for daily driving ? Many people like the fact trucks are roomy,safe,good looking,powerful and for a taller person very comfortable,as cars are too small and cramped !

Are you offended when a person buys a sports car and doesnt race them through the city streets or a 4 door sedan that a single person buys and drives. ? Fact is we live in a FREE country and we have the FREEDOM to buy what we want ! Sorry,not everyone believes in riding a bicycle !

You need serious treetment as soon as possible,you are putting everybody at risk with your mixed up warped beliefs !

You need serious intreatment and years of therapy .


Best truck ever,best looking,driving ect..ect..

Chrysler is hot and getting hotter !

Ram went after the personal use market. Timing was bad. Fuel $$$ will rise again and the same thing will happen again.

@Transmision/driveline Guy, A.K.A. idiot. Trust me, no one drives dodge because they have the money to do so. They drive dodge because they like it. Everyone likes something different, I'm 100% Ford, but hey if you like FIAT, I'm not stopping you from driving your rear-coil spring pickup to the mall to get the latest of overpriced Hollister t shirts.


Rams are tough my 1997 held up fine except for my front two seats... They are torn up! I blame it on late nights...
Oh and for you dumbfzzz that say dodge guys wear hollister, haha buddy where I live in northern Cali that's all the ford boiz us chevy and dodge guys are all about no fear clothes or whatever the he'll we want!

Anyways why would you make a stereotype like that... Very weak claim

97 dodge ram 5.9 180000
Doesn't run it rams lol jk

Mike Levine you should create a show your truck section I'll place up pics of Katrina my ol 97

Im 20 and I use mine for hauling and towing and you know I play with my truck! Spanking Chevys and fords


I own a Dodge, and I'm glad I didn't WASTE my money on a Ford or Chevy.

Also for my truck being almost 3 years old now, the only thing I have had truck need to get fixed is a windshield wiper motor. The dealer stood behind that fix, without blinking.

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