Chat Online With Ram Engineers About the Hemi V-8

By Robby DeGraff

Back by popular demand, the folks over at will host a live chat with the engineers of Ram truck engines next week.

Last year, enthusiasts had the opportunity to chat live with Ram engineers about the Cummins engines. This year, you’ll be able to ask the engineers anything about the thundering Hemi 5.7-liter V-8, its drivetrain and just about anything else Hemi. So put your thinking caps on, come up with some interesting questions and head over to at 6:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 8, to interact with the engineers.

If you’re unable to join the live chat, you can still post your questions on the RamZone website.


cool idea. Frod should do that for their new engine line up.

Oops. I'm turning dyslexic - meant Ford. LOL

To bad they can't talk about future products.

I would like to know, for certain, when the 8 speed will be available in the trucks. I would also like to know what other engine upgrades are planed: Aluminum blocks, MultiAir, DI, etc.

I think I already know enough about the current Hemi. But I sure will read the blog when it is done. :)

sounds cool to me and yea agreed although Id never buy on I sure as hell would love to talk to a Ford engineer about the eco-boost and 3.7

the golden question dodge, why does your trannys break so much?

They don't break any more often then Ford's or GM.

Sorry to keep this off topic, the only GM tranny I like is made by Allison. Back on topic, the 8 speeds in the Ram seems promising.

thanks ill make good use out of this and so will all the other die hard hemi fans like me

Great idea !!


People who knock them are jealous !!

GM ,FORD, TOYOTA use a MOPAR HEMI in Top Fuel :)


What are you talking about ?

I do transmissions for a living,if you take care of your ride it will take care of you.

Now the Dodge transmissions that fail are the ones on You Tube doing brake stands day after day !!

Honda-Acura,Toyota-Lexus have the worst transmissions in history of the automotive world !

Ford'sV-6(mostly the minivans)were very bad as well.

Dodge minivan with the Asian,MITSHUBISHI engines and transmissions were junk,but the 3.3 and 3.8's are solid.

The Dodge's I get are usually high mileage ones and remember the transmission in any truck is usually the first driveline part to fail.Depends on how much you tow,driving style ,maint.ect...

I know your type,you bought a 300,000 mile beat up truck and the trans failed...I see your type all the time child !

why doesn't someone ask them why they didn't release a new engine to compete w/ ford and GM in the 2011 year


Orrr b/c they just updated the HEMI and now it puts out 390hp and 407ftlbtq which is still nuts for the mid size v8 gas class and the pentastar v6 is coming Not saying that the HEMI is the most powerful motor ever made just that it spanks the 5.4,5.0 and GM 5.7 thats all I rather be broke than owner by the gov't Ford is the only one that got it right finance wise although I hate to say it get back on topic troll I dont go around bashing gm and Ford and yota grow up

wish they'd make a 3/4 5.7 hemi, a V-6 like Chevy did with the 350. but the pentastar looks decent....the current 5.7 power wise makes more per inch than the Chevy and Ford 6.2s. Like my Hemi, just wished they woulda put plugs in with a longer change interval (30,000 miles) As for trans, last I checked the 545 RFE is reliable, just not the perfect gear ratio. Yeah, Dodge overdrives broke lots in the 90s, so did Fords and Chevies! My stepmom has a 97 or 98 Ram 5.9 GAS 1/2 ton, got about 80,000 on it with no problems. I realize 80,000 isn't a huge amount, but it was mostly towing horse/hay/travel trailers. In a very hilly area.

I have a 97 dodge ram 1/2 ton with 250k on it. the trans. is strong as it was when the truck was new. i plow snow, haul
a 60hp. tractor around on 20ft. traler, tow hay wagan, haul wood out where notruck should be. i just take care of it.

Where's the IAT senor located, Is it in the air filter box Ext. tube going to the manifold with two wires going to it? I can't find a 2010 dodge repair manual yet. I want to install a Performance Chip in line at the IAT sensor .Is this a bad move or is SLR performance .com right saying I'll get 3 to 4 miles better gas mileags and boost hp by 50hp.I can"t see how this Hemi 5.7 L engine can run any better, But what do I know. this is a 2010 Dodge Ram1500 RWL drive crew cab with 5,543 miles .Friends of mine got these chips and say they work great ,there trucks are older models with high mileage.

well to me chevys 99 to now have the worst built tranny. the 4l60e has a plastic sun gear on metal plant gears hmm

I don't know who else can answer this but I have a 2010 Charger, sxt, 3.5 liter engine. I want to get new tires put on it but don't know if I go up from a 65-17 tire to a 75-17 tire if it will hurt the performance, fit or any computer situations. Any thoughts would be great
Doug Heimkreiter

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