First Look: GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

First Look: GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

Could GMC add a halo off-road truck to its full-size pickup lineup? The diesel-powered GMC Sierra All Terrain Heavy Duty Concept — which will debut next month at the 2011 Detroit auto show — points to how the “professional grade” brand thinks it might deliver a credible competitor to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and the Ram 2500 Power Wagon in the current or next-generation Sierra HD.

The light-duty Raptor and heavy-duty Power Wagon are two of the most capable off-road pickup trucks ever to jump or climb off the showroom floor. We love both because these purpose-built rigs can go places and do things off pavement that would kill lesser trucks within yards of the trailhead. The Raptor flies across the desert at high speed, like a Baja trophy truck, while the Power Wagon can rock crawl over the toughest terrain you’ll find in Moab.

But these traits make an apples-to-apples comparison of the trucks difficult because their off-road strengths lie at opposite ends of the wheeling spectrum. This is where GMC smells opportunity.

The short-box crew-cab Sierra All Terrain HD threads the needle between the half-ton Raptor and three-quarter-ton Ram 2500 Power Wagon by carving a new niche that blends the off-road prowess and features of the Ford and Ram trucks with a few new innovations.


As with all off-road pickups, the heart of the All Terrain HD is its suspension. The concept’s running gear makes good use of the Sierra’s overhauled boxed ladder frame, shocks, springs and axles that were introduced for the 2011 model year.

“The capability-enhancing attributes of the Sierra All Terrain HD build on the already outstanding capabilities offered in the all-new production Sierra HD trucks,” said Lisa Hutchinson, GMC product marketing director. “Although it’s strictly a concept, it’s a pretty realistic one.”


But some heavy-duty off-road users have criticized GM’s HD pickups for their torsion bar independent front suspension instead of a coil spring solid front axle, like Ford’s and Ram’s heavy-duty pickups use. An independent front suspension generally provides better ride comfort on- and off-road, which the light-duty Raptor uses for high-speed desert running. A solid front axle allows higher ground clearance and superior articulation — for low-speed rock crawling — which the Power Wagon excels at.

The All Terrain uses independent front suspension to its advantage. For improved off-road stability, the standard A-arms have been replaced with custom double-wishbones and offset wheels that give the Sierra a 73-inch track up front — 4.2 inches wider than the current Sierra HD and nearly identical to the Raptor’s 73.6-inch track.

The All Terrain’s rear track is also 73 inches from a stock rear axle and offset wheels. Ram Power wagon's track is 68.3 inches in front and 68.2 inches in back.

An independent front suspension isn’t the only thing the Raptor and All Terrain HD have in common. They also share Fox Racing internal bypass shocks, though instead of piggyback reservoirs in back, the Sierra has remote reservoirs (for improved capacity and cooling) integrated into the truck’s wheel wells at all four corners.


If GMC wanted to get Ford’s attention, this should do it. Fox’s shocks are the key components that give the Raptor such awesome wheel travel at high speeds off-road.

Fox Racing’s internal bypass technology is slick and maintenance-free. Instead of placing the oil routers outside the shocks, Fox sealed them inside the main tube so that they can’t be adjusted. The valves have been replaced with very small gates, precisely placed for optimal damping in all conditions. Hardcore off-roaders might not like this setup, but it solves several potential issues both for GMC and for less-obsessive desert-running enthusiasts. There are no external bypass tubes to be damaged by offroad debris striking them; there are no worries about check-valve durability; and the shocks can be tuned specifically to the Sierra All Terrain’s off-road character.

In the Sierra, Fox’s long-travel dampers add 2 inches more travel up front (11 inches total) and 3 inches in the rear (11.75 inches total) over the Sierra’s stock monotube shocks.

While Ram doesn’t offer Fox shocks for the Power Wagon, Chrysler Mopar performance parts division will also feature Fox Shocks as part of its aggressive Ram Runner dealer-installed off-road package for the light-duty Ram 1500.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this latest Fox development effort causes a major rift with Ford, which brought prominence and high-volume production expertise to Fox in OEM off-road applications.

The All Terrain HD also borrows a cool trick for its front suspension from the straight axle Power Wagon. The Ram features a front sway bar disconnect system that increases wheel travel and articulation to climb over tall obstacles. The Sierra All Terrain also has an electronic front stabilizer bar disconnect.


A slick new piece of suspension kit introduced on the Sierra All Terrain HD that neither the Raptor nor Power Wagon offer are front and rear jounce shocks. Jounce shocks, in contrast to common urethane jounce bumpers that pickup trucks use to cushion overload situations, work by providing secondary compression and rebound support over tough terrain to prevent the truck from bottoming out. Instead of oil, they use nitrogen gas and lack internal valves for simplicity and smooth damping operation.

The Sierra All Terrain’s jounce shocks were co-developed with Light Racing. The All Terrain HD has electronic locking differentials in the front (like Power Wagon) and rear (like Power Wagon and Raptor) axles for maximum traction in slippery spots. Even if the All Terrain HD Concept never makes it to production, we expect we’ll see a similar front e-locker option available in future GM full-size pickups based on lessons learned from the discontinued Hummer brand and the extra capability the feature brings to a truck.

For improved ground clearance, the Sierra All Terrain’s ride height has been raised by about 3 inches over the stock Sierra’s ride height. It’s 21.1 inches at the rocker panels and 11.8 inches at the skid plates.

Contributing to the lift are aggressive 20-by-9.5-inch six-spoke custom 8-lug wheels with 35-inch-tall BFGoodrich 325/60R20 tires.


Form follows function when it comes to the GMC Sierra All Terrain’s exterior design.

Carl Zipfel, the lead designer for the Sierra All Terrain, has designed trucks at GM for more than a decade, including some of the coolest concepts and production rigs such as the GMC Terradyne, Terra4 and Hummer H2 and H3 trucks.


“The design of the All Terrain HD is an expression of its capabilities — strong, functional and absolutely professional grade,” Zipfel said. “We’re excited about the design elements and exploring how the could apply to future GMCs.”

Though the Sierra All Terrain is based on the current GMC Sierra HD, we believe it hints at styling elements that will be found in the next-generation Sierra pickups expected around 2013.

The prominent front end features an in-your-face three-bar grille and chrome surround that reminds us a bit around the top of the first-generation GMC Yukon Denali.

The lower portion of the grille blends smoothly into the front bumper and integrated skid plate. The hood cleanly drops the center louver found in today’s Sierra HD and replaces that plastic island with two integrated functional cold air intake ports. Instead of a Coke-bottle shape like the Raptor has to cover its wide stance, the Sierra All Terrain uses massive flares over the wheel housings. The side doors are cribbed from the current Cadillac Escalade, and auto-folding side steps extend and retract to help with ingress and egress and improve ground clearance.

The Sierra’s extra-short 5-feet-8-inch cargo box draws inspiration from the light-duty Ram 1500’s optional RamBox side-saddle storage, with its own built-in compartments that don’t eat into valuable open bed space.

When it comes to off-roading, it’s all about keeping the shiny side up, but to protect the bottom of the truck from brutal terrain, the All Terrain has a composite underbody shield that covers the powertrain, fuel tank, exhaust and diffs. The rear bumper has an integrated skid plate that aids the truck’s departure angle while blending together.



One of the areas most in need of improvement in the current GMC Sierra HD is the cabin space. It looks dated compared with the Ford and Ram interiors.

The Sierra All Terrain HD sticks with the current interior instead of previewing the next-gen Sierra but it addresses some of our cockpit gripes by using new premium materials, such as stainless steel mesh and satin chrome. Two-tone leather seats feature slick carbon fiber patterns embossed in the skin and red stitching around the seams. The instrument panel is also wrapped in leather.

A new navigation radio previews the same head unit that will be offered in future GM vehicles, so expect to see this in the next-gen Sierra and Chevy HD pickups. It uses an 80-gigabyte hard drive to store map data and has a DVR-style “time-lapse playback” that allows up to 20 minutes of content recording and replay from terrestrial and satellite radio stations.


If there’s one thing that heavy-duty off-road enthusiasts have wished for in powertrains, it’s a diesel engine for awesome low-end torque while rock crawling.

In 2008, Mopar debuted the Dodge Ram Diesel Power Wagon at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, but that concept has remained just that because the Power Wagon’s integrated Warn winch blocks airflow to the 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six-cylinder’s turbo intercooler. The production Ram Power Wagon has a strong 5.7-liter Hemi V-8. Setting the Sierra All Terrain apart from both Power Wagon and the Raptor is its 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel and six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The powertrain is virtually identical to the 397-horsepower, 765 pounds-feet of torque DMAX diesel offered in today’s GM HD pickups.


Towing and Payload

When the Duramax diesel is combined with the extra-strength off-road suspension, GMC says the Sierra All Terrain hangs onto its current towing ratings instead of sacrificing them for extra off-road capability. It’s estimated to be able to tow up to 13,000 pounds conventionally — about 3,000 pounds more than the gasoline-powered Raptor and Power Wagon pickups — and up to 15,600 pounds with a fifth wheel hitch.

Payload capacity is estimated at 2,959 pounds.


There’s little doubt that General Motors has missed an opportunity in off-road. While GM was trying to figure out what to do with the radioactive Hummer brand, Ford’s gamble on the go-fast F-150 SVT Raptor has paid huge dividends for enthusiasts and the company’s image. At the same time, a handsome styling update last year for the Ram 2500 Power Wagon brought new interest and popularity to Chrysler’s tough ground pounder.

The GMC Sierra All Terrain HD could be an excellent chance at redemption, but we wonder if there’s a market for a diesel-powered HD off-road halo truck that could probably cost more than $65,000.

At the 2009 SEMA expo in Las Vegas, Chevy showed a concept light-duty gas-powered supercharged Silverado ZR2 that also featured superior off-road capability over current production GM trucks, but nothing has been heard about that concept since. The GMC Sierra is GM’s second signal that it wants a piece of the off-road market. We’ve heard rumors of a revised V-8 gas engine for GM’s HD pickups possibly arriving before new sheet metal and interior. Putting a stronger, lighter (than a diesel) gas engine in the Sierra AT HD would reduce its price point to probably around the low $50,000s. At that point, it becomes a viable sales competitor to the Raptor and Power Wagon.

According to Mike Tulemello, vehicle line director for GM fullsize trucks, a pickup like the All Terrain could be produced quickly by working with a second-stage manufacturer after rolling off the production line.

We hope GM takes a risk and enters unfamiliar terrain by producing a new heavy-duty model similar to the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept. It’s already identified a new niche on the off-road map.


Uh, sorry Deity....chevy trucks aren't going anywhere! Do you really thing GM would ditch their best selling vehicles?? Their best selling truck is a chevy, not a gmc. Sorry bud. People prefer chevy vs ford, period.

"The GMC Sierra All Terain HD Concept Straddles the Space Between the High Speed Ford Raptor Desert Racer and Low- Speed Ram Power Wagon Rock Crawler"

Low $50,000s for a middle of the road truck=FAIL!!!!!!!!

Put a SFA axle in the front and then they may have a winner

I could afford a powerwagon. I could afford a Raptor.
I could NOT afford this. Too much for what you get.
I rather get a Power Wagon, throw asmall lift in add 35's and BOOM. Theres a truck.

Comment on the front, where would you hang the front license plate? Those bed side boxes good idea until you put a bed cap or camper on it.

I really like the look of this truck. Come on GM find a way to make it!!! Also if this is the look we are going to see out of GMC in 2013 I like it.

It never ceases to amaze me that when GM comes out with something, there are plenty of people to find fault with it or say things like, " they copied ford and dodge"

The GMC All Terrain HD Concept is definitely better looking than fords raptor or dodges power wagon. I am positive this concept will some day be offered to the buying public. How much they change this concept is anyone's guess.

To all the nay sayers out there, competition is good for the buying public and only makes the others improve their product. And anyone who thinks GM will drop Chevrolet's trucks and make just the GMC brand are complete morons.
If GM were to make just one truck brand, it would be Chevrolet and not GMC. I guarantee you that. No worries, GM doesn't plan on dropping either brand.

Great looking truck but get rid of the 20" wheels and get a true off road wheel. When time comes to replace those tires it will be a fortune to wrap a wheel that size as well. Like the built in storage compartment in the bed.


As far as the "best off-roader from the factory", from America, goes; the 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee have hydraulic locking front and rear axles, the 2003-present Jeep Wrangler Rubicon have air/electric locking front and rear axles, and the 2005-present Dodge Ram Power Wagon have electric locking front and rear locking axles. Oh, and they ALL have solid axles in the rear AND front!


The Power Wagons do not need a lift to fit 35" tires. I have 35" tires on mine without a lift.

If you would like to see this truck, stop by Cobo Hall in Detroit January 15 - 23
Tickets are $12
Open 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

My biggest complaint, stubby bed. If I can't lay in it with the tailgate closed, it's too short. The side toolboxes are a good idea, but why not offer it in a 6 1/2 foot bed? While we're at it, offer them in an 8 foot bed. I guarantee, people would love the extra storage space without all the weight of a utility body. Plus, the sides would be low enough to pull a 5th wheel, which you can't do with most utility bodies.

This truck is aimed more at the Power Wagon than the Raptor.
The suspension will not be as effective as the Raptor because it still has the same towing and hauling capacities as a standard 3/4 ton.
Stiff load carrying springs will interfere with rapid wheel travel.
This truck will ride much better than the PowerWagon or a stock truck.
I'd be surprised if it could run with a Raptor.
The IFS will not give it the same crawling ability of a PowerWagon.
I do hope GMC builds this truck.
A truck that splits the difference between the 2 is a great idea.
Make a prototype with real bumpers, ditch the in bumper exhaust and retractable running boards as they'll get wrecked by a true offroader.

It looks like a Ford. A real truck. Good job GM!

Build it, and hope they will come.

Looking at the pictures, what would be cool is to integrate the "third" brake light into the GMC emblem. It is a huge emblem. It would be hard to miss all lit up.

@ Bob - who else would they copy?

Bottom line is whether you like it or you don't, it won't sell.

It won't sell like the Raptor which sells in less than 7 days.

Why won't it sell?

It's late to the game. They should have come out with an off-road truck 3 years ago.

It's not unique. It's somewhere in between a Raptor and a PW. So the guys who want/need/desire a Raptor, won't buy it and those who want a Ram Power Wagon (much smaller market) won't buy it.

It's not good looking. It is built with the old body and old interior with only better materials. If you are going to do a concept, do it right. Needs to be in the all new model if they are going to do it right.

Will it hold up? Chevy's have not been known for their durability. I'd be scared to do the stuff the Raptor does in it.
I don't know too many serious off-roaders that will consider a heavy duty. It's too big and heavy. Looks like a show truck.

It's expensive. Even the GM diehards won't buy it because they can't afford a show truck.

It will sell here and there but nothing like the Raptor. I agree with Lou. Aiming at the Power Wagon Market. I don't think that market is that big.

Those side boxes take up too much of the bed but if you don't use all of the bed it may work.

Lastly, it's only a concept. Can't buy concepts.

where can I put down a deposit -- I would buy this today


From all I've read about offroading, a long wheelbase is the enemy. A few manufacturers have pulled it off in light-duty trucks though: the 2011 F-150 FX4 can be ordered with either a 5.5 or 6.5' bed, the Titan Pro-4x was offered in 08 and 09 with a crew cab and 7' bed, and of course, there's the last gen Ram 1500 Quad Cab LWB 4x4.

Looking in more detail, that interior still looks horribly cheap and 90's. When will GM learn to improve the interiors of their truck lineup?

Lou: Personally, I see no resemblance between the Super Duty and this rig. The SD has much more appeal, this GM looks like they were grasping at straws and took the design overboard like they did with the Camaro.

Buy American or say Bye to America: Not the same Justin that posted about not taking a new vehicle off-roading, but I did want to point out, from the factory off-road vehicles, I'd opt for a 66-77 Ford Bronco w/302cid over any of those vehicles you listed.

Bob: This surely is not as good looking as the Raptor, but does have a few style points better than the PW, but that front clip and interior aren't close to the PW, as those items are horrible on this Sierra AT HD.

Once again, the idiots come out in droves every time GM comes out with anything. The morons will say, well gm trucks just aren't know for durability. or it's way over priced or there late to the party. blah, blah, blah blah, blah!

What a bunch of cry baby whiners from the ford and dodge camps. talk about copying someone's ideas. GM was the first to offer a "off road package with the Z-71, tow haul mode, independent front suspension, locking rear differential. active fuel management, just to name a few.

Oh, that's right, ford invented the "man step" wow, that is innovative I'll tell ya. you ford and dodge people never have anything good to say about GM. what a bucnch of losers.

I'm a ford guy but that truck is pretty damn cool. I would be interested in a truck like that just not with a 65k price tag. Ouch.

Hey Mike I found some old pictures of a 2001 Silverado Fox Racing concept. Email me at and I'll forward you the pictures.


I really like the first generation Broncos, also. They are still not as capable though, in stock form, as any of the vehicles I listed. A modified Bronco, on the other hand, rocks!


The independent front suspension is nothing to be proud of. Oh, and Ford came out with that concept first, back in the early eighties, called the Twin-Traction Beam front axle. It is sort of a semi-independent suspension. The other "innovations" you listed certainly where well ahead of the competition.

@ Bob - tow/haul mode is the only real inovation that Gm came out with that everone else also uses.
If it is so wonderful - why doesn't GM have a patent on it?
IFS - No. Ford had the Twin I-beam as "buy American" pointed out.
Rear locker - aftermarket 1st.
Did you read the 2008 shootout. The Chev in the test could not climb the slope in 4x2 mode. Who cares about an e-locker if it doesn't work?
Z-71 - I can put a sticker on my truck too. Doesn't affect the performance in any real way.
Active fuel managemnet - Tie. Dodge had it at the same time.
You have any other pearls of GM wisedom to share with the huddled masses, the great unwashed?


The only CRYBABY here is you. Need a tissue.

Actually looks nice. GMC looks much better then Chevrolet. Not sure if they can afford the gamble.
Ahhh... it's still a GM. #3 in my books.

WOAH horse, WHOA!!!

Before you guys think these 3 full-size pickups are the greatest thing known to off-roading, you need to step back from the kool-aide!

These 3 pickups from the government, Ford and the Dodge are huge, weigh tons and are long and wide for ideal off-roading. Don't get me wrong, I love these pickups but think about who is going to buy them. Suburbanites that trailer their snowmobiles and atv's.

Right now they have to lift their family pickups to look kool driving up the highway to their off-road sites where they typically off-road with their atv's and snowmobiles.

I went trail riding this past October around Dresser, WI and I could count how many full-size pickups were out their on the trails. It was like maybe 5 out of the 200 there. And those 5 had either so much body damage, most simply removed the bed and the front 1/4 panels to enjoy some of the trails.

Just about all of the full-size were doing what they were meant to do and that was pull the off-roader to the camp-site.

In the deep mud/water of the fire lanes around Black River Falls, WI, none of these fancy full-size pickups would make it through. I watched full-size pickups with 35 and 36 inch tires get buried in the med, axles too low and they got hung up.

I learned that full-size pickups with at least a 38 or 39.5 inch size tire would make it through most of the time. You need to have the proper amount of ground clearance for the weight and size of your pickup. None of these 3 have the proper ground clearance and would thus sink in the deep mud.

And pulling out one of these tanks will be an adventure in itself! And the Dodge Ram as a rock crawler? Really! I am sure it can do Moab, most can but at how much body damage? Suspension damage from dragging that weight across rocks, skid plates, etc...

Have you ever watched the old Camel Trophy with the Land Rovers? Can these pickups survive out there like that? That would be the ideal arena to test, so far off jungle or something...

With the Raptor, great pickup can it cross 2-4 foot ditches in the desert at race speed for 500 miles? I have been through many when I raced my old 86 Toyota pickup at Stock-Mini speeds and they were heart pounding, every one of them.

Jeep Wranglers and Toyota FJ Cruisers, their is a reason they are great off-roaders from the dealers lot. They are small, nimble, shorter wheelbases and their tires are placed far front and rear as possible helping approach and departures angles, etc...

Their is a reason why I bought a 2010 Tacoma AC for my off-roader likewise. I want more cargo capacity than a Wrangler or FJ and even with my Tacoma, it barely would fit on the trails in Dresser, WI but it made it through with no body damage at all and the rear reciever on the rear bumper got smacked twice due to the lower departure angle but nothing to worry about with that.

So I can't imagine how much body damage these 3 would get on a simple Wisconsin off-road trail.

Yes all 3 are great but let's get realistic here! And torsion bars for the government pickup? Really? And straight solid axles on the front give more ground clearance? Really? When I place my new a-arms up front with 2.5 inch Fox coilovers in 4wd mode I will be looking at about 14 inches of front ground clearance with smaller tires than the Ram.

You just gotta know how to build them folks!

Seems like this would be a great place to use things that were developed for the H2. Then, If GM would just have the stones to make it factory order code on any 4wd 2500. They probably couldn't hit the small up-charge Ford gets for the Raptor over an FX4 grade truck, but could probably match the Power Wagon.

So to all you ford truck lovers out there. GM has been the innovater in the pick up market and ford has copied many, many of GM'S innovations and designs.

Oh, that's right, ford did invent the "man step" for their pickup buyers. now that is innovation man.

My point is, every time anything related to GM. Ford lovers, fans, have to find fault with it and tear it down no matter what it is. In their minds, ford is the best in everything. Of course we all know that's not true. If you love ford so much buy one. But leave the rest of us alone that don't think that ford is the best for them

gm always follows the competitors. If they had to come up with their own ideas they'd still be in the 50's era. Stupid GM/General Mess

ford was not the first to come out with independent front suspension, GM was way back in the thirties!

I have news for you jacob, GM has been the innovator in trucks, not ford. Of course you must be a young punk and think the sun rises and sets on ford. You haven't a clue jacob. ford has copied more innovations from GM than you can count.

Everybody trashing the last-gen exterior bits and interior need to actually read the article. This is a heavily modified last-gen truck with design elements they intend to implement on the new model, and the interior is going to be completely different. It's a concept to gauge interest to figure out what people want from them next time.

"Before you guys think these 3 full-size pickups are the greatest thing known to off-roading, you need to step back from the kool-aide!

These 3 pickups from the government, Ford and the Dodge are huge, weigh tons and are long and wide for ideal off-roading. Don't get me wrong, I love these pickups but think about who is going to buy them. Suburbanites that trailer their snowmobiles and atv's."-oxi

These three pickups, from Dodge, Ford, and G.M.C, serve a real-world purpose. They are used for work AND play. I doubt that people really believe that these are the "ultimate" 4X4s? I am sure that most people that want/own, such as myself as I own a Power Wagon, one of these trucks need a pickup of these sizes. The Ford can tow up to 8,000 lbs., the Ram 10,500 lbs., and the G.M.C. around 13,000 pounds. How about a Tacoma? Around 6,000 or so pounds?

I am sure that a lot of the people that would own pickups such as these have; travel trailers, toy haulers or, other chores that
a Tacoma can not handle? It is kind of like having your cake and eating it too? They can tow their toys the trail for some serious fun OR they can use the pickup, that towed all these things to the trail, to go do some moderate/difficult trails in comfort?

Like I stated...I own one of these trucks. I use it to haul about 1,000-1,500 lbs. of firewood from time to time. I use it to tow my 22' travel trailer. Oh, and I also use it to do some moderate to difficult off-roading. If I already know, or have an idea, that I will be going on a difficult trail that could cause damage to my truck because if it's girth and weight...I will just leave the Power Wagon at home and take my Wrangler Rubicon instead.

Do not fault these trucks because of their sizes and weights. They may not fit, without some damage anyway, where an a.t.v. or a Tacoma can go? They will go most other places though, AND be able to tow, a Tacoma or, whatever needs to be moved.

We all know that a Tacoma can play...but can it ALSO do work like the above pickips? I will venture to guess and say NO!

I would like to say a few things about the new SIERRA ALL TERRAIN HD.
GREAT JOB. I've been into 4 wheeling for 42 years and know a thing or two. So here goes keep the DURAMAX AND ALLISON. Ask anybody that has a RAM POWER WAGON HEMI OR CUMMINS. CUMMINS ALWAYS.
Two things come to mind floor shifter not column and switchs for aftermarket lights etc.
Last thing don't change anything it looks like a true OFF ROAD TRUCK.

Now that is a real truck!

I want one, but in gas engine.. Tired of all the headache of the fuel injectors. Don't get me wrong here Diesel are great but to many problems and COST to much to fix.. Gm is comin out with some new Gas Engines Can't wait!!!

If the redesigned GM trucks look anything like that then sign me up!

This is a nice looking truck! To bad it is a GM Product! If its like everything GM puts out, It'll be in the shop more then its out on the road! Just Like GM though! Copy everything from Fords and Dodge and put out an inferior vehicle! I see they still use the Dura Splat diesel!


For a full-size pickup to tackle the worst of the fire lans here in Wisconsin, tons of water and mud, past experiance shows that full-size trucks need at least a 38 inch tire to make it through!

All 3 of these would sink and get stuck, no matter the power they put out.

Maybe some moderate off-roading for these 3 pickups.


These things are huge and wide, their will be plenty of trails they may not fit or risk massive body damage and with their pricetag?

Rock crawling:

The picture of the Ram is a joke, if that is the idea of rock crawling, by definition you may be right but in the real off-roading world that heavy pickup would not last in the rock crawling world. Too big and heavy and lack of proper ground clearance.

Proper ground clearance to weight:

None of these 3 pickups have it. They have made strides but they need bigger tires to handle the real deep stuff out there. I have seen it myself over the years in the fire lanes here in Wisconsin. Full-size Chevy pickups and Broncos with 36 inch tires getting their axles hung up and stuck where a nimble little Toyota pickup with just 33 inch tires could make it through, IFS to boot on the Toyota!

These pickups are impressive but they are huge, wide and weigh too much for the serious off-roader!

Keep them on the roads to pull your off-roader to the trailhead and go hunting with and do venture onto the trails, we like to see stuff like this out there, trust me but with that pricetag, how much off-roading are you really gonna do?

I would actually consider buying this factory custom over the GMC 2500 Denali / Ford F250 King Ranch / 2500 Dodge Laramie

I end up modding everything I get, ultimately wasting money and making trade-offs I wish I hadn't.

This truck (if made), or something like it would probably get my money.

I agree with Ed!

Those wheels and Tires are Baaaaaad Assss!!!!! Who's responsible for those? I need a set!!!

x007 equals garbage mouth. Still compensating i see.

Ford #1 Chevy and Dodge cant even begin to try to touch the Raptor

Overall I like the looks of this concept, though the Colorado is now a thing of the past, I don't think the Silverado is going to disappear anytime soon like some may think, with the HD just winning the 2011 Motor Trend T.O.T.Y along with the overall sales and its reputation, the Silverado is too strong for Chevy to just ditch such a money maker like that.

Ford might be #1 but...they can not even begin to try to touch the Power Wagon. That goes for General Motors also until they man-up and bring the produce the the Sierra All Terrain.

@ Fred G "I Love it! GM Build it please!
Good thing that it doesn't look like ford... This has always been GMC design. Also GM is not copying anyone, since it's more capable then the raptor and powerwagon. In another words this is one truck that does 2 tucks jobs. Great Job GM and Again please build it."
Ok where do I begin... "Also GM is not copying anyone, since it's more capable then the raptor and powerwagon." First and foremost, how exactly do you feel qualified to make such a statement? Have you personally test all 3 of these vehicles? And how does being "more capable" justify taking somebody patented idea, sticking it on your own vehicle and calling it your own? Newsflash: IT IS COPYING!! So what you need to do, is get off GMC's nuts and start living for yourself instead of vicariuosly through GMC's carbon copies. You have no credibility.
and nice GMC "large" size badge on the tailgate, good thing Dodge didn't do that in '09 or else somebody might falsely credit GMC with making larger badges.

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