Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6 Beats V-8 Competition in Dam Challenge

Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6 Beats V-8 Competition in Dam Challenge

The Baja 1000 wasn’t the only head-to-head competition that Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine faced during its multiple-month torture test. Before it raced 1,000 miles off-road in the harsh Mexican desert, the all-new six also beat V-8-powered pickups from Chevrolet and Ram on the steep Davis Dam hill climb in Arizona.

Ford has been pushing its revolutionary V-6 to the extremes to prove to truck buyers that its twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection 3.5-liter EcoBoost mill is every bit the equal of a conventional V-8.

The same engine also endured the equivalent of 150,000 harsh-user miles on the dynamometer, then was installed into a new 2011 F-150 to work as a log skidder in Oregon, and towed a trailer (loaded to near the F-150’s maximum 11,300-pound tow rating at high speed around a NASCAR track for 24 hours.


The Davis Dam test was arranged and managed by Ford using a 2011 Ford F-150 XLT. It was joined by a Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 5.3-liter Vortec V-8 and a Ram 1500 with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8. Each crew-cab truck towed a 9,000-pound trailer up the grade.

Davis Dam, which has a 5 percent average grade, is one of the toughest grades in the U.S. The Society of Automotive Engineers and a cooperative group of truck manufacturers chose it as the climb site to create standardized tow rating tests for new pickups by 2013.

Ford measured how long it took the trucks to perform in two tests: The first challenge was a zero-to-60 mph test, and the second was time over 3.5 miles of the grade, which is about 12 miles long.


In both tests, run at wide open throttle, Ford’s EcoBoost V-6 beat the Chevy and Ram V-8s.

In the zero-to-60 test, the Ford was faster by 12.6 seconds than the Chevy and 11.9 seconds faster than the Ram.

Over 3.5 miles, the F-150 outperformed the Silverado 1500 by 42.9 seconds and 3.2 seconds faster than the Ram 1500.

Results of the fastest run for each truck are shown above

For each test, three runs were made using independent professional drivers. The trucks switched drivers and lanes to reduce the chance for variances during the runs.

Besides the engines, the biggest differences among the similarly configured trucks were the rear axles. The Ram had a work-optimized 3.92 rear axle; the Chevy had a 3.42 rear axle optimized toward fuel economy; and the EcoBoost truck split the difference with a 3.73 rear axle.

“We took care to ensure the constancy, accuracy and integrity of the tests, and to have the results verified independently,” said Eric Kuehn, 2011 F-150 chief engineer.

The EcoBoost V-6 will be available in the 2011 Ford F-150 early next year. With up to 90 percent of peak torque available between 1,700 rpm to 5,000 rpm, we’re looking forward to putting its diesel-like performance through a rigorous road test as soon as we can.

In the meantime, you can also see how it performed in our quarter-mile test a few weeks back or check out the Davis Dam video on Ford's website.


[Source: Ford]


Wow this Eco Boost really brings out some haters. I think this new line of engines is creating a bigger divide between the brands by the die-hards on all sides. It's been awhile since Ford has been able to brag about their engines and it sure is stirring up some feelings.
Overall it's doing what they said it would. I'm a little surprised it's doing this well. If it gets over 21mpg I will really be impressed. It's nice that it's an engine built in the USA and I hope they keep the production here.

let's put two turbo-chargers on the chev & dodge & re-run this thing.
I think when you start adding power adders to an engine, that the repair cost is going to go up & durability is going to come down.
I would like to have seen 3 back to back runs to see which one has the numbers back off.

@ kellyjay

Great point that was totally lost on me! Forgot that this is the same engine that: i) went through dyno tests from hell, ii) pulled some large logs up a hill, iii) raced a Baja 1000, iv) pulled Dale Jrs two cars around a nascar track for 24 hours at full throttle(BTW set a new speed record for Dale jrs cars, almost 100 mph! Good for you Jr) and now out pulled a Cheby and a Goat. Considering all of this.... Not half bad.

The EB is winning every battle it has faced. By a little or a lot it's still the winner here against the premium V8 from Dodge (which is as good as any V8 out there). I will disregard the GM 5.3 because that shouldn't even be in the same test. But a full throttle race up a slope is great for articles however useless imo. The better test is towing that weight down the highway at a steady 65 mph and see what gets the best mileage and has the best power for passing and moving with traffic in a normal towing situation. I believe the turbo will beat any of the available v8 in real world style towing. It should stay at a lower rpm's more frequently, hold gears longer and have ready power without a bunch of downshifting and racing of the engine.

Mike D "let's put two turbo-chargers on the chev & dodge & re-run this thing"... yea then add the Ford F150 Lightning with their supercharged V8!

You people are completely missing the point. The EcoBoost engine in this test had over 160,000 torturous mile put on it before this head to head test. The Ram and Chevy were factory new trucks with 3000 break-in miles. Ford was trying to show that the EcoBoost engine still makes amazing power and torque after getting the snot beat out of it. The reason they used only a 3.5 mile section of the road was because they had only a 6 hour window with the highway patrol to film the testing, and there were turn-arounds strategically located to allow for fast resets. It had nothing to do with giving the EcoBoost an advantage. They did full runs the day before the filming from top to bottom. Although the Ram was able to close the gap, It never passed the F150.
Posted by: jaykelly


Good points. Great post.

i get a chance to drive an eb on pumped big time....i'll be able to tell in 5 min if im buyin one or not....cant wait!

Hate to admit it, but all this hoopla over the EB is gradually winning me over. However, having said that, I am still waiting patiently for a thorough review of the 5.0L. I don't care how much technology they cram into the EB, I'm hoping that brand new 5.0L is the motor that'll serve me for the next 10 years...

Its a ford test, therefore is scewed to give Ford the advantage. If it wasn't Ford would have invited third parties to this test in order to verify its authenticity like GM did. I would guess that anything that would beat the EB was purposely left out. for ex. the GM 6.2 and the Tundra 5.7; the only reason the top engine from dodge was there was because tests probably showed that the EB would just barely beat it out, but not the GM and Yota. Good engine looks like, but come on Ford quit with the scewed testing.

Yeah, let's put turbos on the GM and Dodge and re-run. Why not put 2 more cylinders on the EcoBoost and re-run? How about we get back to reality. Those engines don't exist.

The point is the test was the high sales volume half ton engines using their highest numerical axle ratio in the same configuration. The 6.2L GM nor the 6.2L Ford were not used. because they are both niche engines and much more expensive. Do yourself a favor and go to a dealership or search online for a 6.2L GM in a half ton. You can barely find one anywhere. When you do, you'll notice they're more expensive. The 5.3L GM engine is THE engine GM sells 2/3rds of the time on their half tons and it's priced similar to the EcoBoost and Hemi (vs. the base V6's). It's not Ford's fault that the 5.3L engine is so underpowered - that's what people are buying and it's the best comparison to the EcoBoost.

Lots of skepticism about the EcoBoost durability, but an engine with 150K miles + 24 hours towing 11.3K trailer outperformed the competition and then the same engine finished the Baja 1000. Wow. Time to say the engine is durable and gets the job done. Welcome to the future.

the rule is, don't show test against competitors u can't beat. goes for all manufactures.

@thatguy- I have to agree. Im glad this engine seems to be doing what they wanted it to but idc how much power it has or how many mpgs it gets, the 5.0 is the motor Im most interested in. Cant wait for it to destroy the 5.3 and give the 5.7 a good fight. Or, as its intended, absolutely stomp on the 4.8 and 4.7!

I agree this test is less about beating the competition and more about showing the uneducated public that a v6 will hang and in most (all) cases beat the real competition.

The main crowd they are trying to get to here are the non gearheads that have always had a v8 in their truck and have absolutely no idea what direct injection is or how a turbocharger even works. They have quite the hurdle to over come with your average ignorant buyer who "wont buy a truck that doesn't have a v8 in it"

And to whomever said but the HEMI spun off the line, I assure you fords superior torque at just over 1000 rpm would've caused it to spin as well if not worse.

Everybody remember the early 90's when 90% of trucks sold were 460's and 454's and everyone said I'd never buy a diesel, well surprise surprise those numbers have been completely flipped.

Lastly I drove the Ecoboost this morning and was quite impressed although I am a Ford fan (obviously). Drove it loaded and unloaded and let me tell you the naysayers will be quite surprised with its performance. One last thing, don't confuse this with the 3.5 in flex, sho, etc. The motor literally shares almost nothing with either of those motors. Block, turbos, rods, cams etc.

I could be wrong here, but the last I heard or knew of, was that the 6.0L (or 6.2L?) was available on the VortecMax package for the 1500 Silverado/Sierra. And if that's the case, then this would be the biggest V8 offering for the 1500 trucks.

so u're saying, stupid peeps will buy it, got it.. thnx.

"let's put two turbo-chargers on the chev & dodge & re-run this thing." - Mike Devore

Mike, if we're going to start modifying these trucks, then we can always add twin turbo to the Ford 5.0 and 6.2 also - and then see who wins (like you said)! But in the comparison of stock trucks at equivalent prices, the Ford EcoBoost V6 looks pretty competitive in performance. The GM 5.3 is just nothing special.

Only Ford would put a brand new forced induction engine, with DI and fancy cams up against old, push-rod, naturally aspirated engines and then crow about it.

Ford is so desperate to make their automotive appliances seem platable, that they resort to tests (ads really) like these to somehow show their superiority.

It's the same as when they took the Lincoln rebadge of the Taurus SHOW up to the mountains and ran it against a bunch of naturally aspirated cars.

The only Ford can win is when the tables are heavily turned in their favor.

Dosent really matter who does the think Ford stupid enough to rig the result, once the truck is released they know it will be tested again so that will be dumb.....and the gas mileage will be the same or slightly better when towing don't expect teen numbers while towing if it gets the same rating as the regular v6 that will be good cus it does twice the work....and the tundra ain't a real truck, the only reason it made it was because of the brand name and had the most powerful engine when it came out other wise it would not even matter like before.....the Titan so old it needs not even be mentioned until its updated.....and far as some how this is unfair to Chevy cuz they have a 6.2 is retarded because so does Ford that's the engine they offer under the 6.2 so that's what its up against to be honest the 5.0 could go in this category and still dominate well at least the Chevy, the hemi still would probably win in that comparison but regardless of the fact Ford has the best overall truck...based on looks I would go for the RAM but has far as capability and technology none of these truck even compare so just give Ford they props and see what Chevy and RAM has to answer back with

"P" rick is back. First you say the 3.5 EB is a complex, technical POS and now you are saying the only reason it did well was because it was compared to old tech pushrod V8's.

Go away.

Your momma might give you a "Happy Meal" if you clean up your room.

The EB engine in this truck probably has closer to 300,000 or greater real world miles.
!50,000 miles of severe heat cycled dyno runs.
Racers say a Baja 1000 is equal to 100,000 miles of street driving.
The high speed oval test probably would count as higher millage than the actual distance travelled. How many guys pull a trailer at 80 - 100 MPH for 24 hrs.
How many tire changes did the truck and trailer get?
1 tire change would equal 40,000 miles(just a guesstimate).

I think this engine will do okay in the real world. The unknown factor is dipsh-ts (like "P") who are too dumb to properly care for an engine (any engine).

@ Mike Levine

Can you clear this up about about the 1500 biggest engine for 2011 being the 5.3L or 6.2L.

If they discontinued the 6.2L for the 1500 in 2011, then this is a fair apples to apples test.

As far as leaving out the 5.7L Tundra that is an answer I can't give. Maybe it does beat the 3.5L Eco Boost, but who knows? If I was Ford and it beat the EB by a few seconds I'd share it with the world anyways to show it beat Chevy and Dodge V8's and can hang with the Tundra V8.

I would have love to see the turdra in this test! But I see that it doesn't have the sales volume of GM or Ram so why waste the time on one of the biggest automotive failures of all time(Titian too). Ford went after the ones that sold the most and cleaned house and will continue to do so. MPG loaded and unloaded is what I'm looking for now, since reliability and durability has been proven. My wifes 08 LTD. 4WD Expedition gets 20mpg HWY on premium and if the EB 3.5 gets that on unleaded 4WD CrewCab then I'm 100% sold. If they put in the Raptor I'm buying!!!!!!!


Frank, they are just scare of the day when their GM 6.2 or Hemi will get annihilated by a Ford 3.5L V6 :) I really can't blame them for fearing that miserable day. I don't think denial will help much either.

As someone already said, the Eco-boost has 160,000 plus miles on it, including 24 full out run pulling a trailer at Daytona.

When PUTC does a shootout with the proper trucks in the proper catagories, it will be fair. HP to HP trucks head to head.

Ford was trounced in the last shootout on HP with the 5.4L against GM's 6.2L and Dodges 5.7L, yet it still was chosen as the best overall truck. That is the true definition of a truck.

And the fact is, Dodge has by far the strongest V8 per CI than anyone. As someone also mentioned earlier, put a 6 speed in the Dodge and it will at or near the top.

Fact is, the Eco-Boost would be a great truck in my opinion just for the fuel economy alone. Granted, when you tow heavy trailer, no trucks get good mileage. But when the average Joe only tows about 10% of the time, the HP, mileage, and capability of the Eco-Boost motor would no doubt be the best choice of any truck available today.

I would like to se PUTC do a full fledged real world shootout. Not just drag races, but handling test loaded and unloaded, towing drags from stop, and from 40-60, up hills, flat out, test the trailer sway systems, etc. I will help with this test. No really, I will... :) Call me....

The test is to show a new V6 can out perform V8's and it does. The power difference between the Ecoboost and 5.3 is a different league all together, why is it controvertial? It doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on the outcome of this test is obvious and predicatable and proves what Ford is trying to accomplish.

It's not rocket science, it's competition.

big deal... a v6 with twin turbo's isn't this like 1970's technology? like ford did some amazing new thing by putting turbo's on an engine... wow, how creative. I'm not impressed. put a supercharger or a twin turbo's on a 4.3L v-6 (ala syclone/typhoon) from the 90's and come back with the same test... it will DESTROY that dinky ford engine.

big deal about a whole lot of nothing.


It's the first one to be be mass produced in 1000's of regular production trucks. It's not a niche vehicle with limited production.

There is a big difference and there's no doubt other brands will follow. If it's a flop, we'll know soon enough.

why no chevy 6.2 liter? the price is about the same.

the 6.2 chevy with 3:73 gearing would have been a much different comparo!

Okay lets clear some things up since people don't read. There was a 3rd party test group on site to validate the test. This was a test of the average run of the mill V8's that you will find in a GM or Dodge, You don't find to many GM's with a 6.2 in them (you will not find to many Ford's with a 6.2 in them either) and Dodges pretty much come with the 5.7 in them now, the smaller V8 is hard to find. So this is a good test and a fair test of top of the line (Dodge) and almost top of the line (GM) against Fords second from the top of the line Ecoboost. Remember the 6.2 Ford is the premium motor.

The second thing is when Mike test drove the truck he got around 23mpg (I believe), Motor Trend reported an avg of 26mpg when they test drove the truck. So what if it gets the same mpg towing as a Chevy and a Dodge... what are you going to be towing all the time? If so then get a Diesel. The fact is most of you use your trucks to get grocery’s and take the kids to soccer practice, with gas going over $3 a gallon it would be nice to have a truck that gets around 25mpg. And this motor is not the same that’s in the Taurus... It has a completely rebuilt bottom end in it.

HeHEHeHeHeHe GM just got the smack down from a V6 ford that makes me chuckle .

I find it kind of funny how Ford supporters don't mind that this wasn't an apples to apples test when they so furiously demanded it in all the tests done with the diesels. It always seem that all they talked about when the Duramax beat the Power Stroke was how unfair it was to have different axle ratios and tire circumferences. Now all you here is those same people claiming that this was a completely valid test. Amazing how a Ford win changes their thought process. Just an observation.


how is this new motor not a win for everyone? Better MPG and still tows just fine. Forget the Fanboy stuff, this truck should be on the minds of anyone looking at a new half-ton.

For Greg, saying compare apples to apples, this is the closest gear ratio for the Chevy 5.3. This engine can't be bought with a 3.73 or higher. If you have a problem with that, that's on GM.

What is the equivalent to the EB? If you have a VALID comparison, then I would like to see it. Use the 5.0 and it would still would have lost.

GM fans want to compare the GM 6.2 to the EB. You guys are jokes. So what GM engine compares to the Ford 6.2? That's Fords top engine.

They're both half tons. It's not like one is a F-450 and one is a F-250 like in the other test you were referring to.

GM arguments fail.

IT IS A TOTAL SHAME TO FORD THAT THEY CANNOT PUT TOGETHER A BETTER TEST THAN THIS TO PROVE OR NOT PROVE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! IF you want to say your v6 is better than a v8, make sure the v8 has around the same power ratings first. Axle ratios must be as close as possible too. Then tire sizes. I can only hope that some other independent testing party will compare truck better. Hopefully will conduct this. TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH FORD AND THIS TEST!!

Wow look at all the Gm and Dodge fans trying to make excuses...whaa whaa. Go ahead and pull some more out of where the sun dont shine...Fords eco boost V6 is an impressive move on their part GO FORD! And for all you mpg ninnies out there...stop asking what they got for MPG's, it said they did "Full throttle" so guess what that means yeah the milage sucked cause they had the pedal to the metal people.

@ LB

I didn't say anything about this not being a good motor, in fact I do think this is a good thing, because it is only going to get GM and Ram to top it which is a very good thing for us all. Ford is finally doing something about their powertrain issues and i say its aoubt time.

@ Deano

I'm not crying foul here, I couldn't care less to be honest, Like i said though, I just made the observation. Everything you said is true, and it is also true of the Diesel comparisons, but that never stopped the Ford fans from being so picky until their favorite truck finally won. I don't think that there is an equivalent to the EcoBoost, its an all new thing for now, but that never stopped ford guys from complaining

"You people are completely missing the point. . The EcoBoost engine in this test had over 160,000 torturous mile put on it before this head to head test."

Exactly! Thank you for stating that!

Mike Levine - When you get your hands on a EcoBoost, I would like to see you do another rumble in the rockies but this time with half tons. Put the EcoBoost vs. all the competitors "best" engines towing a big trailer. I'm surprised GM hasn't already issued the challenge! The fact is the EcoBoost will whallop the 6.2L GM, 5.3L GM, tundra, Hemi or titan for that matter, at altitude.

If the test is such a great comparison and the ultimate test for HD's why don't you do the same test for light duty trucks? What's fair is fair right!

For those worried about making these fair tests don't forget the need to equalize the fuel. 6.2L GM uses premium fuel, the Hemi runs on mid grade. The 5.3L GM and EcoBoost run on REGULAR 87 octane fuel.

I forgot that this test was done before the Baja 1000.

Too bad they did not post actual times for 0 - 60 and for the whole run.

If you look at the 2008 shootout, speciffically 1/4 mile loaded times with a 6,500 lb. trailer:
Silverado 6.2 with 3.42 gears was 14% faster than the Ram 5.7 with 3.92 gears.
Tundra 5.7 with 4.30 gears was 15% faster than the Ram.
Titan 5.6 with 3.36 gears was 4% faster than the Ram.

I suspect that the 6.2 Chevy and 5.7 Tundra configurations would stand a chance of beating the F150 EB 3.5 in 0 to 60.

The 2008 shootout hill climb showed:
Silverado 6% faster than the Ram.
Tundra 5% faster than the Ram.
The Titan was 5% slower than the Ram.

I suspect that the 6.2 Chevy and 5.7 Tundra configurations would stand a chance of beating the F150 EB 3.5 over the full course.

@Mike - do you have the ellapsed times for each truck in the 0 - 60 and full course?

I am impressed that the 3.5 EB can hold its own against larger displacement V8's.

@Jason -
why cry foul?

PR hacks for any company are not going to put on a test that makes their brand look bad.

You forget that GM challenged Ford to the Colorado test only after PUTC showed that the Duramax truck was faster.

The only advertising that I've seen that have made themselves look bad was Howie Long and Max and Al commercials.

Let’s clear up a few things - This engine did not have 160,000 or 100,000 torturous miles put on it. It had the "Equivalent” of those miles put on it.(I saw the video's of it heated up cooled etc.) Let’s not get to crazy- let’s remember that the parts, gaskets etc are not actually 5 or 6 years old. Let’s all wait till this motor has be in 5 or 6 years of harsh north east winters with the salt ice etc. Then hot humid summers before we christen it the new savior. Also let’s not forget that it has twin turbo's – say for example the turbo’s don’t hold up “quality wise” that is one expensive repair for you ford boys. Not possible you say hmm talk to any 6.0l ford power stroke owner about turbo’s.
What ford has done here is important – they are taking a chance and trying new things and that’s to be applauded and I do believe it will be a good motor, but ford I think is trying to be all things to all people.
I own a 2011 dodge Hemi and an 07 before that, at 150k that motor will still be going strong, turbo’s are something that have unique constraints- Ask Audi about turbo trouble “ engine sludge problems”
This could be one of the best things to happen to full size trucks in the last 15 years, but it also might prove to be a failed experiment. I personally hope the motor holds up and is accepted by full size owners, because this opens the door for technology and future advancements – that ultimately gets us the full size truck owner-more power, better fuel economy and more dependability and that’s good whatever the badge is on your grill.
So guys I think it’s important to be honest and say you have no idea what will happen because no one owns one yet, but we should all be keeping our fingers crossed, because whatever truck you choose they all have to keep up with each other and that makes your truck better to.
(Just a side note to the ford guys that will undoubtly freak out here- all trucks have issues- I have and will continue on the Dodge forums to comment on my Ram’s short Cummings (transmission etc) in an attempt to hopefully have Dodge listen. However pretending that this motor is the greatest thing since sliced bread before they have even sold one- just doesn’t make sense- we can be hopeful, but let’s not let a ford conducted test be the authority on this matter.)

Why are the actual times to complete the tests not listed? That is very suspicious for obvious reason!
Also, there are many erroneous trains of thoughts in the comments, not attacking anyone personally. However, I could not just sit here and read this without responding to a few of them...

"It should be expected since the peak of the EcoBoost's torque is available at least 1,500 RPM earlier than the Hemi and 1,900 RPM earlier than the Vortech"
I have found that 99% of the people I have discussed it with do not understand the relationship between torque and horsepower. Torque simply says how much weight you can raise. Horsepower adds time into the equation. For example, if I can raise 550 lbs one foot in one second, I produced one horsepower for that one second. If you raise 275 lbs two feet in one second, you have also produced one horsepower for that one second. In this case you would say that we both have 1HP, but I have twice the torque that you have. WE ARE BOTH PRODUCING THE SAME AMOUNT OF HORSEPOWER, BUT ONE IS PRODUCING TWICE THE TORQUE!
If you want maximum performance, towing or not, you will need to stay as close to the HORSEPOWER PEAK as possible. Optimized gearing makes that possible, axle gearing and transmission gearing work together to produce ratios that are optimal for the engine used.
Here are horsepower numbers for each of the three engines listed, at their torque peaks (I also listed the torque at the horsepower peak):

Ford: 200HP (420 torque @ 2,500rpm)
Ford: 383 torque (365HP @ 5,000rpm)
Chevrolet: 281HP (335 torque @ 4,400rpm)
Chevrolet: 318 torque (315HP @ 5,200rpm)
Dodge: 310HP (407 torque @ 4,000rpm)
Dodge: 366 torque (390HP @ 5,600rpm)

The important thing in these tests is not peak torque or peak horsepower, rather it is the AVERAGE HORSEPOWER produced through the operating range experienced during the test!!!

"Even with it's ridiculous 4.3:1 rear axle ratio, the Tundra's maximum towing capacity is 10,400 lbs."
Axle gearing is very dependent on transmission gearing, as I already mentioned. You cannot simply take the axle gear ratio and determine what constitutes low/high gearing. I would suggest two tests to determine the true gearing: what is your maximum speed in 1st gear? and, what is your percentage of redline rpm at 70MPH cruise speed in top gear? For example, I have two pickups, a Duramax 2500HD, and a 6.0L 2500HD. Both are in stock configuration, Duramax with 3.73 axle and 6 speed Allison, 6.0 with 4L80E and 4.10 axle ratio. Also, I will list a Tundra with the 5.7L engine and 4.30 axle ratio and a 5.3L Chev with 3.42 axle ratio. The following list shows MPH in each gear at maximum shift speed, it speaks for itself:

1st 26MPH
2nd 44MPH
3rd 57MPH
4th 80MPH
5th 113MPH
6th 131MPH
1,750rpm at 70MPH in top gear

6.0L GMC
1st 46MPH
2nd 78MPH
3rd 115MPH
4th 153MPH
5th ---
6th ---
2,375rpm at 70MPH in top gear

5.3L Chev
1st 48MPH
2nd 96MPH
3rd 146MPH
4th 212MPH
5th ---
6th ---
1,850rpm at 70MPH in top gear

5.7L Toy
1st 37MPH
2nd 62MPH
3rd 90MPH
4th 122MPH
5th 168MPH
6th 208MPH
1,850rpm at 70MPH in top gear

The Duramax shifts at approximately 3,300 rpm and runs at over half maximum rpm while cruising at 70MPH in top gear.
The 6.0L GMC shifts at approximately 5,200 rpm and even with the 4.10 gears and a 0.75 overdrive 4th gear, runs at less than half of maximum shift rpm.
The 5.3L and 5.7L shift at around 5,600 rpm, and run far below half of shift rpm while cruising at 70MPH in top gear.
I could not find the gear ratios [quickly enough] to include the results here.
When looking at the above list it becomes obvious that the Toyota's gearing is actually quite nice!!!

@joe6pack: We're going to test it at both Davis Dam and the Rockies. That work?

Lets not forget the manufacturer provides those towing capacities. There is no uniform standard. I'm not sure if the tow ratings have changed for F150 for 2011, but they had the 2010 F150 rated at over 11,000lbs as well. Try dragging 11,000lbs behind a 2010 with the 5.4 and you're going to have grannies in LeSabres blowing by you. I'm not knocking the EcoBoost, I really believe it will handle anything you can expect a half ton to handle and will probably do it with on least amount of gas. I just find it hard to believe Ford isn't overinflating their tow ratings.

Oh, and isn't Ford putting their 6.2 in the F150 for 2011? That would mean EcoBoost isn't their top of the line engine. So 5.3 vs EcoBoost would make sense. I'd love to see 6.2 vs 6.2 sometime soon.

Jaykelly, you are right.The point IS that after being severly tortured this same 3.5 v6 was able to beat down V8's. Can ya'll read gosh darn it ?

I too would like to see the ecoboost vs a chevy 6.2, considering they have similar torque numbers. But the fact that a v6 would give large v8s a run for their money is already a clear win for Ford.

@ John

GM 6.2L Peak TQ 417 (premium)
Ford 6.2L Peak TQ 434 (regular)
Ford EB Peak TQ 420 (regular)

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