Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6 Beats V-8 Competition in Dam Challenge

Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6 Beats V-8 Competition in Dam Challenge

The Baja 1000 wasn’t the only head-to-head competition that Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine faced during its multiple-month torture test. Before it raced 1,000 miles off-road in the harsh Mexican desert, the all-new six also beat V-8-powered pickups from Chevrolet and Ram on the steep Davis Dam hill climb in Arizona.

Ford has been pushing its revolutionary V-6 to the extremes to prove to truck buyers that its twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection 3.5-liter EcoBoost mill is every bit the equal of a conventional V-8.

The same engine also endured the equivalent of 150,000 harsh-user miles on the dynamometer, then was installed into a new 2011 F-150 to work as a log skidder in Oregon, and towed a trailer (loaded to near the F-150’s maximum 11,300-pound tow rating at high speed around a NASCAR track for 24 hours.


The Davis Dam test was arranged and managed by Ford using a 2011 Ford F-150 XLT. It was joined by a Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 5.3-liter Vortec V-8 and a Ram 1500 with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8. Each crew-cab truck towed a 9,000-pound trailer up the grade.

Davis Dam, which has a 5 percent average grade, is one of the toughest grades in the U.S. The Society of Automotive Engineers and a cooperative group of truck manufacturers chose it as the climb site to create standardized tow rating tests for new pickups by 2013.

Ford measured how long it took the trucks to perform in two tests: The first challenge was a zero-to-60 mph test, and the second was time over 3.5 miles of the grade, which is about 12 miles long.


In both tests, run at wide open throttle, Ford’s EcoBoost V-6 beat the Chevy and Ram V-8s.

In the zero-to-60 test, the Ford was faster by 12.6 seconds than the Chevy and 11.9 seconds faster than the Ram.

Over 3.5 miles, the F-150 outperformed the Silverado 1500 by 42.9 seconds and 3.2 seconds faster than the Ram 1500.

Results of the fastest run for each truck are shown above

For each test, three runs were made using independent professional drivers. The trucks switched drivers and lanes to reduce the chance for variances during the runs.

Besides the engines, the biggest differences among the similarly configured trucks were the rear axles. The Ram had a work-optimized 3.92 rear axle; the Chevy had a 3.42 rear axle optimized toward fuel economy; and the EcoBoost truck split the difference with a 3.73 rear axle.

“We took care to ensure the constancy, accuracy and integrity of the tests, and to have the results verified independently,” said Eric Kuehn, 2011 F-150 chief engineer.

The EcoBoost V-6 will be available in the 2011 Ford F-150 early next year. With up to 90 percent of peak torque available between 1,700 rpm to 5,000 rpm, we’re looking forward to putting its diesel-like performance through a rigorous road test as soon as we can.

In the meantime, you can also see how it performed in our quarter-mile test a few weeks back or check out the Davis Dam video on Ford's website.


[Source: Ford]


@ Steve

Well Unfortunately I traded that 7.3L in for my Toyota about three years ago...But I will tell ya that it was a good truck. When I bought it it only had 60,000 miles and I was able to get a good deal on it. The only reason why I got rid of the truck was because it was back in '08 when we had the really high diesel prices($5 a gallon) and with it having 70,000 miles and needing balljoints($1600 to get installed)I could not afford the truck anymore so I got my '07 Fj cruiser. The truck was great, had the famed oil seepage from the intercooler tubes which would cause the clamps to loosen around the boost tube connectons and then oil would seep out around those connections and collect dirt and could lead to boost leaks but over all it was a great engine...their are lots of fixes for that problem but the way I wanted to fix it costed too much money. I had more truck than I needed also so thats the other reason why I traded it in. I would like a truck again but yeah they have gotten exspensive. I do miss that truck despite some of the minor issues it had.


Its a '07 Fj Cruiser, have had it for three years about. I like it, its the first Toyota I have ever owned but I still like the build quality of the Ram and F150 more and I miss having a truck. I am not saying its not built well but Ford and Dodge seem to put more attention to detail. Another thing I like is the 4.0L V6, it is a blast to may not be a V8 but its got balls lol and its got a great 5 speed auto trans. I will probobely try to keep it until the 100,000 mile warrany runs out, then I should be almost payed off...maybe then I will considder getting a truck. I cant comment on the Tundra since I dont have any experiance with it or even the Tacoma. They seem like nice trucks but I just cant get over the Car like interior lol.

Those FJ's are supposed to be good off road- any dirt time?

Ya the trucks are nice, but its getting to the point where they are hard to justify unless you really need them. They cost so much and gas is high. I guess for me Ive always had one except for when I had a jeep wrangler when I was 17 which was fun, but not practical.

Build quailty on my 03 Regular cab was exellent- 07 was a different story- nothing major just annoying repairs. Hoping that the 09 design change was them getting back on track-

When I was looking I felt that:
Ford is the gold standard interior wise to me- I think new rams have come long way, but still not quite there. my 07 ram interior was how I feel the new chevy's are - ok but needed updating to be compeditive. the 09 update on the ram was a big improvement.

Not sure on these coil springs yet haven't towed but ride is alot better then my last one, funny enough though I think I still feel my 05 F150 would be a close if not equal in ride quailty.

My bro wants to pick up a used toyota tundra- feels toyota = reliability- I personally never been in one so not sure what to think. LIke every thing else i guess so guys swear by them and some just hate them.

I test drove the big three before I bought this latest one. Toyota just didn't occur to me - not sure why- but anyways the big three Price difference is surprising. I couldn't touch a GMC - Chevy was ok but you know for that kind of money I expect more interior refinement. I drove the 5.3 seems solid. I drove ecoboost and 5.0 - both good power- I think i would go 5.0 if I bought a ford. I don't like being the test pilot on new motors- 5.0 seemed like a good alround work horse.

The dodge price was good-money went the farthest - 5.7 power is good- transmisson shift points lack of gears is the issue with that truck. not realizing full potential- Supposedly dodge is going to be putting in zf 8 spd in 2013 should be interesting to see what happens then.

I always wondered why Toyota didn't bring out a HD version- I think alot of guys won't trust it til theres hd verson that holds own against existing guys. 5.7 in Tundra has the displacement just not sure how it is to drive and pull with.

Saw your desiel post- desiel repairs are shocking aren't they ?


Yeah they are. Thats why anymore I am turning back into a gas fan even though I would still like to have a cummins 5.9L or 6.7L. Those coil springs in the new ram are one of the reasons why I want one...I wanted a regular cab short bed Sport but the local Dodge dealer said they dont make then anymore except in the work truck package so basically I gave up...haha even though you can build one on the Ram web site.

Well no one knows less about the Ram then the Dodge Dealers- its there most expensive product and they have no clue about any of the specs. I hope that with the new ownership the go to work on the absolutley awful way dealers treat customers. You have 30-50k products that takes years of financing for the average joe to afford and your treated like a moron if you question them or attempt to ask for something not on the lot. You know they should be treating you like they do at a BMW dealership seeing as the trucks cost the same as one.

"...I sure hope your clothing, electronics, and cookware are all made in America, if not.....then hypocrisy comes to mind."

I ALWAYS look to see where stuff is made, before I buy. If I happen to find that it is made in; North AMERICA, Central AMERICA, or South AMERICA by an AMERICAN owned company, I will certainly buy it. If it is made anywhere else, and still coming from an AMERICAN owned company, I will determine if I really need it or not. If it is made in China I will try and do without, unless there are no other alternatives.

I am an AMERICAN, living in AMERICA, working in AMERICA, benefiting from what AMERICA offers. I will support AMERICA and AMERICAN labor/products 100%. For those that do not have any "obligation" or "pride" in AMERICA or goods Made In America...what are you doing living in AMERICA? Go live in the country/economy that you do support. I would like to see what that other country's/countries way of life has to offer?


Buy American,

I am a CAPITALIST. I use the same tactics big business does, therefore I buy the BEST product for the best price. On tools, I buy Craftsman. On lawnmowers, B&Stratton, On socks, I buy them from Bass Pro at a premium of near 20 bucks for a 7 pack (made in wisconsin). Guns, I buy Mossberg and Remington. Don't get all crass about it, I buy what is best for the money, right now, and F150 is NOT the best deal for the money IMHO, sorry chief.

My bets on the Nissan Titan as of lately, I spec'd one out a few months ago (2010), for an SV model 4x4 ext cab, 5.6L and electric windows, locks, etc. , woulda been 26.5 OTD, as in AFTER TAX, TITLE an LICSENCE. I buy like a capitalist, I buy NOT based on country loyalty, but what I deem as the best product for the price. I spec'd out a STX F150 at the time, 4.6L 2v (what a dog compared to the 5.6L V8), ext cab with nearly the same package, for 31K. You tell me, why would I buy LESSER of a truck for MORE money? Capitalism,my friend. I practice it just like big business does. I have NO honor to any company, I buy based on what I Deem a good deal for ME, not the company. Capitalism! Aint it grand?

One day, you will see big business cares not one iota for you and all your brand loyal drivel, but getting your money, just like the govt. BTW, I own an F150 that has served me great, but Ford has gotten proud of their prices (back when I was checking).

This country is long gone, the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. This country operates on material items, hence all the brand loyal propaganda I have to sift thru to get any good info out of these comments. If there was a better place to be,I would be there already, trust me. I am always on the lookout. Call me what you will, I care not one bit cheif. Take it as you will. You can thank the society we live in for my attitude towards my purchases (capitalism, right?)

They didnt test the 5.7 tundra and 6.2 silverado cause they simply new it wouldnt stand up. Its not good business for them to lose to another manufactuer. Until they do the test the right way, im not impressed.

Mike Levine - those tests sound great


I do understand your reasoning.

As a proud, dedicated, and loyal American...I refuse to give up on my country and my people, that easily. I know that I might be in the minority but, to me anyway, the U.S.A. and it's economy are worth fighting for.

I plan on living in the U.S.A. for the rest of my life. However long that might be, I am 35 years old. I have two small children. Somewhere down the road I anticipate having grand kids; and great grand kids, my grand kids having kids, etc. I am investing in the U.S.A., not entirely for my "selfish" reasons, but for ALL of my children's, grand children's, etc., AND fellow American's (even the ones that are not worried/or do not care) futures.

Red_4x4, bravo for you on purchasing what is best for you. That is not a dig. I do not put you down for your decision. I on the other hand, purchase what is best for me and my countrymen (and women). Please do not attack me for my beliefs. Good day Sir!

I wish ford would do 150,000 actual miles instead of 150,000 "equivalent" miles.

Some of their videos are bordering on dishonesty by implying that they have 163,000 miles on the engine when really it only maybe has 400-500 hours of use.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!
- your "nom de guerre" is going to get you hard responses.
So is the comment "I am an AMERICAN, living in AMERICA, working in AMERICA, benefiting from what AMERICA offers. I will support AMERICA and AMERICAN labor/products 100%. For those that do not have any "obligation" or "pride" in AMERICA or goods Made In America...what are you doing living in AMERICA? Go live in the country/economy that you do support. I would like to see what that other country's/countries way of life has to offer?"

That comment is also what is getting you hammered.

I'm with red_4x4 on the whole buy American thing.

I buy the best product for the price I'm willing to pay. (period).

red_4x4 pointed out that big companies do not care about you, or me.

Case in point -
GMC is closing the plant that makes Colorado/Canyons. They are investing close to a billion in Tailand to build "global" Colorados.
If they cared about the USA they'd invest that money in the USA and export to the rest of the world.
Chrysler builds HD's in Mexico.
How many jobs were lost due to that decision?
Same goes for Ford - The new PowerStroke is made in Mexico.
They are killing the USA Ranger and the "global" Ranger will be made abroad.
If they cared about the USA they'd invest that money in the USA and export to the rest of the world.

Guys view GMC, Chrysler, and Ford as the "Holy Trinity".
Big companies worship the "All Mighty Dollar" and we've seen how well that ideal has worked out for them.

ford does have a great marketing team. very convincing indeed. especially their "truth about trucks". so many uneducated peeps that make their decision based on those advertisement.

Not sure why someone would put a 3.42 rear up against 3.92 with the largest engine avalable.
Again 3.73 with premium engine.
Why not make it fair with the GM Max Trailering Pack $3395.
It has a 9.5" rear axle, 3.73, 6.2 Liter VVT engine.
Wait..... Ford would get BEAT!

@uh huh
- look at GM's adds with Howie Long.
There are guys who quote him on this site. Talk about uneducated !

If you look at sales numbers - Ford's adds are more convincing than GM adds. LOL.

Truth be told - most adds are an insult to one's intelligence regardless of who paid for them.

i agree

@ Persian GT...

Actually the Tundra is still part of the discussion as in, second from the top and I suspect the next round of testing will prove it. Ford's new engine lineup is spectacular and it handily unseats Toyota from the top spot in a very close powertrain race with Chevy. Dodge is at the bottom of the pile.

Most people that need to haul 10-11klbs regularily will own a HD diesel pickup. Any talk about max tow ratings for half-tons is purely subjective marketing fluff. If you actually knew anything you would be talking about everyday benchmarks like fuel economy, acceleration, and payload.

Hitch up a trailer to all of the leading half ton powertrains, run all of the acceleration, fuel economy, etc. tests and the Tundra finishes at or near the top. The EB isn't as fuel efficient when it is pulling as everyone thinks it is.

Or, you could just hook my truck up and watch it run away from everyone: TRD Supercharged Tundra with factory warranty and 500+ HP, quarter miles in the low 13's, and fuel economy that makes the 6.2L engines blush...

So please tel me those Fuel Economy Numbers from V6 EB. I want to know finally, so I can make right decision.
Thank you for your help. Best Regards.


One of the reasons that Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors has had to shift production, end production in some cases, to other countries is to stay competitive (pricing not quality) with foreign companies getting around the "Chicken Tax". This was an import tax that was supposed to help American manufacturing. Now, foreign companies are getting around this import tax by moving some of their manufacturing to the U.S.A. The U.S.A. ALLOWS foreign companies to import just about everything AND ALLOWS foreign companies to manufacture here in the U.S.A.

Do the Japanese/Chinese governments ALLOW American products to be imported into their countries? A VERY small percentage (hit with a steep import tax). Do the Japanese/Chinese governments ALLOW American companies to set up manufacturing in their countries? Sure, minimally, as long as the American companies MAKE the Japanese/Chinese companies (competition) "Partners" and "share/disclose" ALL ideas, plans, technology with the Japanese/Chinese.

How is this fair to the U.S.A.? Asia gets richer & more powerful and the U.S.A.'s economy keeps spiraling down!

@buy american- Ive heard this is true and it pisses me off. Why do we not do the same thing to them? Tax the hell out of just about everything that comes into this country so people buy more stuff we produce here, especially cars. Make this country at least a little bit more like it was in the 50s.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!
- you lost me there on the whole chicken tax thing.

1. How is it bad for the USA for foreign companies to build in the USA?
2. Why can't the domestics (I use that term loosely) compete toe to toe with foreign companies that have built on USA soil?
3. Any imported "truck" (foreign or domestic) has to pay the "chicken tax".
A..Ford imports the Transit Connect as a passenger van (classified as a passenger vehicle then guts it out and sells it as a truck (van). No Chicken Tax.
Ford cannot import the global Ranger partially due to the chicken tax.
B..Chrysler gets around the "chicken tax" with the Mexican Ram HD because of NAFTA.
Does it bother you that Chrysler will soon be Italian (Fiat).

Where did China and Japan come up???
I never mentioned them.

Asia's wealth and power has nothing to do with them taking advantage of the USA.
China's middle class is as large as the population of the USA.
As the standards of living improve in these countries so do their wealth and power.
The Chinese middle class will get to the point where they will not tolerate environmental pollution or poor wages.

USA companies that went there did so to avoid costly envirnonmental regulations, costly safety regulations for workers, costly wage and benefit packages for workers etc.
You can thank the USA companies you worship for making them more wealthy.

Why did Japan get so wealthy?
Part of the reason goes back to post WWII. They were not allowed to invest in rebuilding their military so that freed up money for industrial/technological advancement. Another reason is work ethic.

Fairness has nothing to do with business or politics.

China has over a billion people. India is massive as well. Those 2 countries are the emerging economic, political, and military superpowers.
That is the world.
Putting up a fence around the USA and keeping everyone out will make the problems you are describing much worse.

I've enjoyed the debate, but I'd rather talk trucks.

@The Hogg,

You bought the Extended lifetime Warranty for your Ram becuase you were afraid it wouldn't last that long.

Admit it!!!!


As I stated, above, to Red 4x4...I am not placing judgement on him, you, or anyone else that buys foreign products.

I just want to make people aware, especially the ones that buy these foreign goods AND still complain about the U.S.A. economy, of one of the reasons why the the U.S.A. is in the shape that it is in. People need to know that each time they buy something, domestic or foreign, they are voting with their money. The American consumer is ultimately responsible for the American economy.

Back to, Ford vs. everyone else, bench racing!!!

I bought the warranty cause I plan on keeping it for 200k plus and don't want to have to worry about repairs. God knows the payments are enough money to shell out.

Of course could be that they think so much of the product they are not worried that I ll be making that many claims and they won't lose money.
Who knows.

I guess at least its an option for me.

Keep your truck whatever the brand for 200-250k and we ll see if you wouldn't mind a bumper to bumper lifetime warranty. Cost of getting things repaired its crazy.

The Hogg

@ Z-71 would be more fair to put the Chevy's 6.2L up against the Fords that would be a good race. The 5.3L Vs 5.0L is another one I want to see...but I have a feeling that a 3.5L EB would still inch out the 6.2L chevy in the 1/4 mile unloaded...but who knows I could be wrong.

I heard they wanted to invite the tundra ...... it probably would have done well in the acceleration sections .... But they could not afford to risk lives in the braking sections....

@Hogg68 - was that extended warranty through Dodge or a 3rd party insurance provider?
I didn't know that you can get that long of a warranty.
It is a good idea because regardless of brand something is going to wear out or break.
I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll get one for my truck. We got an extended warranty on my wife's van for her piece of mind.


Third party for sure.

Clearly, if the Ram was almost 12 seconds behind getting to 60mph, but needed just over 3 seconds longer to cover the test distance, it was catching the Ford in a real hurry.
Compeditors with more power, like GM's 6.2 and the Toyota 5.7 would have been interesting. Then again, interesting is not always "predictable".

Frank it's through dodge or chrysler I should say- Its the max care lifetime plan. doesn't cover wear items- tires, belts hoses etc. I bought through dealer at time of purchase to get included in loan. You can go on dodge site go to owners tab at the top and I think chrysler contracts is on the right side if you scroll down a little- look at the max care plan and it shows you whats covered- 5000+ parts with $100 deductable- I bought it mainly for all the electronic gizmo's and transmission, engine, and 4x4 systems. just wanted the guts covered. I can fix alot myself, but with all the technology in these things anymore, I hate to say it but, my engine repair abilities are obslete.

@Hogg68 - I agree with you in relation to the electronics. The first truck I bought had a fuse box smaller than a pack of cigarettes. My new truck has a fuse box the size of a car battery.
I'm leaning towards getting a plan but Ford doesn't offer that kind of duration. I'm okay as long as I get it prior to the existing warranty expiring.
Guys complain about the complexity of these new trucks but they are much nicer and more capable than what was out there 31 years ago when I first got my licence.

"Clearly, if the Ram was almost 12 seconds behind getting to 60mph, but needed just over 3 seconds longer to cover the test distance, it was catching the Ford in a real hurry."-Mrknowitall

If it was taking the Ram 3.5 miles to catch up to the Ford...that is not that much of a real hurry?

@Buy American or say Bye to America
Good point about the Dodge.

I can't wait to see how all of these trucks fare in a PUTC shootout.
It would be great if every pickup engine available from every brand(with the exception of base V6's) were tested together.
Most of us are not going to buy 6.2 V8's.
I don't like the fact that shootouts are usually with the biggest HP engines available.

@ lou
agreed - I love the technology, just can't fix any of it.

Piece of mind of no major repair I could get hit with down the road is appealing. Economy being what it is, who knows how long I might have this one.

The Hogg

This is crazy = nitpicking over this V8 vs that V8, why wasn't this truck tested instead of that truck, etc. For 99% of you, you won't be hauling 9K lbs up a 6% grade for >3 miles... you'll be playing weekend warrior with runs to the Home Depot. That's who Ford is targeting with this motor, the weekend warriors. And that's why Ford will still offers the 6.2L V8... for that 1% who truly need a work truck.

The point is this V6 can hang with MOST V8's for those VERY rare occasions when a weekend warrior needs it to - the rest of the time said WW's can smile as they pass those V8's at the gas pump.

Great test, here are my takes on the results:
0-60mph occurred on the "flats" and the EB dusted them, due to its massive low end torque to get the load moving. There is no way they were running 60mph at the end of the test once they hit the steeper portions. I'd like to see the speed vs. distance and time graphs of the diesel challenge, but I suspect they were around 40mph at the end.

Due to the Dodge's tall 1st gear, it would be in 1st gear at 40mph at WOT, spinning around 5000 rpm, making great POWER, which is how it caught back up, while EB and Silver were in the 2-3 gear range and not at max HP RPM.

Finally, who realistically hauls like these tests anyways with your day to day stuff? With the big low end torque advantage, the EB will be a dream for your average 1/2 ton owner. The Hemi is an impressive engine (I own a '10) and will be much better with a proper 6 or 7 speed auto.

All of the new trucks are good. The quality and reliability ratings are fairly close. It basically boils down to what brand you are devoted to, or to what features or options you value the most.
I like the idea of a V6 with V8 power. That has been proven to be the case with this test. Same goes for the stock car tow test, and Baja 1000.
The only outstanding issues are:
1. Fuel economy
2. Longevity
I'm more concerned about #2.
That is why I bought a year end 2010 F150. It's a proven design. My research showed that it was the best 1/2 ton (for me).
In the next 3 years Ford will have new trucks out.
The competition will also have new engines and trucks out.
In 7 odd years when I'm ready for a new truck, they'll all have real world wear and tear on them.
I wonder which one will be the best overall truck then?
That will be the one I'll buy if it has the options and features I want or need.


No, I am not union.

If "The Big Three" did not care about U.S. workers, then there would never have been a U.A.W. to start with. What are some of the things the U.A.W. try to provide their workers; 1)Higher wages, 2)Health care, and 3)Retirement, just to name a few? This clearly shows that they want U.S. workers to be taken care of.

Foreign companies, for this example, like Toyoda and Datsun are building cars/trucks with workers that are not part of the U.A.W. This allows them to pay their workers less money and benefits compared to U.A.W. people. Who is looking out for U.S. workers now? Why do not the foreign companies level the playing field by joining the U.A.W.? I know, because they want to keep as much money for themselves, and Japan, by paying their U.S. workers less.

Do not get me wrong...I am not in favor of the U.A.W. but you have to give them credit for fighting for their people (U.S. workers).

The above is one of the reasons why the U.S. is "forever indebted" to Japan/China. If Americans supported the U.S. economy more, and foreign economies less, our domestic situation would be better. Now, since U.S. jobs have been moved to lower cost countries, because a lot of Americans are too cheap to pay for better quality U.S. goods, we have ended up with the U.S. dollar having to buy, cheap, imported products and Asia having to "bail" the U.S. out.

Had we (the U.S.) taken care of ourselves (American products, to begin with we (the U.S.) would be able to take care of ourselves now!

@Buy American or say Bye to America!
- you need to do some research into history.
Especially the rise of trade unions.
They came into existence because of poor wages, unsafe work environments, poor health care etc.
Problem is that the pendulum swung too far to the left. Unions got too strong and like a parasite sucked the life out of its host.
An expert refered to the Detroit 3 as " Retirement Trusts as masquerading car companies". That was many years ago. This guy felt that what was going on was unsustainable.
looks like he was right!

Quit grasping at illogical straws to explain your xenophobic views of the Orient.

The real question is why/how did the F-150 fade?

I think the answer is the intercooler design Ford is using. It looks too small and ill positioned.
So on the grade the intercooler saturates, and then the charge temperature rises far above ambient.

As it stands, the Ford had the shortest gearing, and the Chevrolet had absurdly tall gearing.
Even if the Silverado had a 3.73 axle, it still would of had the tallest gearing.

The new Ford Ecoboost V6 is an amazing truck. I am very impresses because the matches seen in the challenge, if measured by the numbers and size of engines, can make anyone think that this sort of comparison is lopsided indeed. You do have to keep in mind that the other trucks being compared all have larger engines.

When you factor in boost pressure, the ecoboost is the 'biggest engine'

The V6 may be impressive, but if it is as good as Ford would have you believe; why didn't they post the fuel milage, and the elapsed times.

T L-

The E.P.A. has not certified the fuel mileage yet for the EcoBoost F-150. That is why Ford has not yet released the information.

This test was to compare the 3.5 ecoboost to other domestic v-8 engines. I recently purchased a new Chevy Silverado with the 5.3 liter V-8 and know it doesn't have any power to spare. Too bad Chevy doesn't have an engine similar to the Ecoboost. You shouldn't need to use a 6.2 liter engine to make up for the performance gap between Chevy and Ford as some have suggested. Maybe I can add a turbo to my Chevy V-8 so I can keep up with the V-6 Fords.

Maybe there's no Tundra because real truck guys prefer one of the big 3. I understand Toyota has assembly plants in the USA. I'm not a union employee, but I'd still buy one of our big 3, before I'd ever buy a Toyota. If everyone thought the same and supported our own, maybe our economy wouldn't be as screwed up as it is. There are too many things we have to buy from over seas, but not our vehicles.


Very well said!!! Bravo!

Ok. I read through all the comments, and holy crap people. I am a little puzzled by those that think the Ford was fading against the Hemi. When the Ford was at the 60mph mark, it was about 7 line marks ahead of the Hemi. At the end of the distance race, the Ford was about ten lane marks ahead of the Ram. The Ford was getting faster as the race went on. It seems some of you are confusing time to a certain speed ( and the difference therein) to time to a distance traveled.
What I'm saying is when the Ford was at 60, the Ram would have been only about two seconds behind, not the twelve sececonds more it takes it to get to 60.

I’m in the market for a new truck and I had narrowed it down to the RAM 1500 and the F150. The RAM was my truck of choice until I started reading about the ecoboost F150. I have driven the Ram 5.7 HEMI and was very impressed with the power and quality of ride. After reading about the ecoboost FORD I wanted to wait and test drive one for my self. Today I was able to do just that! I have been calling around to dealers in the Akron Ohio area and finally one had the truck I wanted to test drive for myself. I was very skeptical of this truck but driving this thing made me a believer. The motor is more powerful than you can imagine. The inside room of the super crew cab is second to none. I was on the highway doing 60 when the salesman said to jump on it and this thing took off like a rocket ship! Before I knew it we were doing 110 mph. The power is instant. I plan on towing a 20ft trailer with five Harleys to and from bike shows several times a year and this truck will get the job done. If you want a truck to use as a car buy the dodge if you want something you can tow with and not have to stop at every gas station get the ecoboost F150! Ordered mine today cant wait for it to come in.

mike- Cool deal!
Maybe you should wait and see if Ford comes out with the EcoBoost in the Harley Davidson Edition F-150? Enjoy a great truck!

Did anyone read the article? "For each test, three runs were made using independent professional drivers. The trucks switched drivers and lanes to reduce the chance for variances during the runs." it was an average of three runs. and once again this was not a test saying the EB could beat any V-8 but that it could hang with the V-8's.Which it did a good job. I have a friend that has a 2010 tundra he went and drove an EB and said it would give his truck a run for its money. He maybe switching to the blue oval. so diehard chevy guys your 6.2 will most likley would beat the EB, But the EB is not the biggest in the ford, it is the smallest.

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