Ford Sells Over a Half-Million F-Series Pickup Trucks in 2010

Ford Sells Over A Half Million F-Series Pickup Trucks in 2010

After a dismal 2009, sales of Ford F-Series pickups have rebounded by at least 21 percent this year.

Ford has sold more than 500,000 F-150 light-duty and F-250, F-350 and F-450 heavy-duty trucks in 2010, with just over a week to go until the end of the year, according to Ford spokeswoman Anne Marie Gattari. That's about 9,800 trucks per week on an annualized basis.

Last year, at the height of the Great Recession, Ford sold only 413,625 F-Series pickups. In 2008, 515,513 F-Series trucks were sold, and 690,589 were sold the year before that.

Strong incentives on 2010 model year F-Series pickups in advance of significantly updated 2011 models — including an all-new powertrain lineup for the F-150 — plus pent-up demand from buyers has contributed to reversing the downward trend.

Ford's good news doesn't end there. F-Series pickups are also marking their 34th year as the best-selling truck in the U.S. and the 28th 29th year as best-selling vehicle.

We'll have a detailed review of the year in pickup truck sales for the entire industry in January.


Good work ford! Proud to be an owner of three!

Congrats Ford! Makes me smile! :)

Looks like Ford had no problem being the first one to the top of the sales mountain. LOL.

Hey Mike can you do a comparison of used trucks that are sitting across America that are less than 5 years old. I have to say that I suspect that it's the same crowd of people who buy these Ford trucks as soon as Ford makes an update or changes something. Every dealer in my town has nothing but F-150 sitting on their lots, so I did a quick search and there's allot more used Fords than Chevy's, GMC's and Rams put together and they are recent models. There’s allot of used Raptors for sale and allot more Super Duty’s.

My brother and cousin have bought 3 Ford trucks in the past couple of years and they traded them in for new ones. That lead me to do some research and there's allot of recent Ford truck models on used lots. Almost like Ford makes it easy to trade in one for a new one, yeah they are nice but I have my two Chevy trucks and they are running strong with over 200,000 miles on them. For my brother and cousin both had tranny problems and brake problems, not to mention when they would brake their trucks lean to one side. When the changed from Neutral to Reverse or Neutral to Drive, the tranny would shake the entire truck like an old tractor.

Ford appears to be trying to keep their momentum going as they are already offering $7500 off 2011s in Alberta.

Glad to see Ford is destroying the compatition. And its even better knowing that its going to get better for Ford with recent relese of the 2011 Models.

Drove a 5.0L V8 FX4 today...Good god what an engine, It didn't accelrate...It flew!

Mike, Are you planning a 2011 light duty shootout, to see how the F150 runs with the competition? It would be great to see the 5.0 against 5.3 Chevy/GMC, 4.7 Dodge and 4.6 Toyota (and the big engines, of course!).

Looks like the economy is getting better. Ford truck sales better this year, Ram sales way up now, looks better and better for everyone( i hope).

500,000 F-series in 2010. 690,000 F-Series in 2007 . That 190,000 less Fords sold than three years ago. I would say we have a long way to go yet. At least were going up again and not down, this gives us hope for sure.

Way to go Ford!!!
Is it any surprise though?
Like their slogan from a few years ago..."The Best Never Rest!"

GET SOME FORD GET SOME!!!!! bleeding blue baby!

This post is for sales in the US only. Incentives on 2011 F-150's in the US are only $1500.

"Ford appears to be trying to keep their momentum going as they are already offering $7500 off 2011s in Alberta.
Posted by: Jordan L"

The trucks in Canada are several thousands of dollars more than the US trucks so it doesn't matter.

But if you really care about the Canadian incentives, here it is straight from Dodge's site. $8750 off Dodge Rams.
I can get $8750 off a 2011 Dodge Ram in Canada.


Bu what about 2010's? 2010 Incentives are $3500 to $4500 on the 2010 F-150 in the US.

Let's compare to Dodge:
2010 RAM 1500 ST CREW CAB 4X2 5'7" BOX
# Offer 1: Get $4,500 Customer Cash Allowance plus $500 Ally Bonus Cash[6] plus $1,000 Bonus Cash Allowance. Total $6000 in incentives off 2010 Rams.

For 2011, Dodge is also more. Ram is $1750 off 2011 crewcabs and $2000 off 2011 quadcabs. source:

Ford F-150 has $1500 off 2011 crewcabs and $1500 off 2011 supercabs. source:

In conclusion, Dodge has more incentives so no excuses.


Economy getting better?

Do you understand what a federal budget deficit is? Do you know what the national debt is?

The health of the nation is dangling by a thread and thanks to nations like China and Japan that are buying our treasury bills to fund our government deficits or else we would have defaulted by now and the federal government would have collapsed!

And for our Tundra friends:
"Get up to $2500.00 cash back on a new 2011 Tundra"

Silverado is also up there at $2500. cash back on Silverado

Recap of 2011 half ton incentives
Tundra: $2500.
Silverado: $2500.
Ram: $2000.
F150: $1500.

of course oxi would talk about the down side. he talks about ford recalling their windstar, but what about all several toyota brands that had to be recalled. what do you have to say to that oxi????

Yeah Oxi what about all of the junk Toyota recalls that they manage to cover-up!! Toyota is FAR from perfect. I read a story that Toyota has a huge class-action lawsuit pending against them right now for buying back all of their junk with the sticking accelerator issues and forcing the customer to sign a non-disclosure statement! BIG NO NO!! At least Ford has admitted their is a problem and are fixing it. Unlike Toyota that blamed the problem on floor mats. I will keep my Fords and my family will keep buying them because they are damn good vehicles and they are the #1 U.S. auto manufacturer. They sure are rated better than Toyota in quality. So next year when your Tacoma frame is reduced to a piece of sawdust, you might want to consider buying a real truck or car. I can gie you the names of several excellent Ford dealers.

The sales numbers might be a little closer this year, but in previous years the gap between Ford and the competition was much greater. If you sell more vehicles, there will be more used ones. There are very few, and i really mean very few people that keep a vehicle past it's warranty. It's 3/36 and traded. They don't have a garage, the time, or know how to do the regular maintenance.

Oh and the 3/36 is bumper to bumper, i know the powertrains are longer, but most people don't want to worry about little things breaking.

I personally like them trading them in, more very slightly used vehicles with plenty of powertrain warranty left.

Seriosly Oxi...

The Windstar has NOTHING to do with F-series sales. You know what they call people who bring off topic things like this up right?...Internet Trolls.


Have you considered that there maybe more used fords than chevy's GMC's and Rams's because maybe, like just stated IN PREVIOUS YTD ARICLES, that Ford sells more than all of them??

Simple math here man, come on...

And yes i'm a ford owner, 2010 F150 Yehaw....

Ford only has more used trucks on lots if you count Chevy and GMC seperatly. Together they beat it.

@ Joe If you are going to quote Canadian rebates best not to show your source as as that is the American website. Try Anyways as a Dodge employee I won`t be paying what you guys pay where I in the market so the whole rebate arguement doesn`t get me very interested. Just making an observation. No need to take it to the next level dude.

Great Job Ford, 2011 should be kick butt in sales at least through the summer, if we can avert or push back the next financial hammer to fall on the nation.

Oxi is right on about economics, it is so important to research geo-political/economics to protect yourselves and your family. With the massive debts and defecits and loss of an industrial economy, the only thing keeping us afloat is that the Fed can print all the dollars needed to pay the interest on the debt, cover the deficits and provide the cash for the banking sector.

The US treasury sells Treasury Bonds (t-bills) as IOUs to cover the defecits. China and other investors have traditionally bought these, as they were safe investments due to the US dollar being the world reserve currency. Most all world trade is valued in dollars, making it historically valuable (since WW2). The trouble is that due to uncertainty and fear over the weakness of the dollar, China and others are not buying as many T-bills. To bridge the gap, the Fed is buying T-bills with "made up out of thin air" newly printed dollars.

Once the world dumps the dollar as the reserve currency, we are going to have huge problems, as Your paper dollars won't have nearly as much value. As most goods are imported, Inflation will be enormous and your purchasing power will massively fall.

@ Allamerican

Have you considdered Leases...yeah alot of people lease and most of them are three year leases so that would explain why there are alot of newer used fords...cause the 3 yr lease is up and the owner turned it in for another lease. The funny thing is that around here there are alot more used Dodges and GM's than fords but every single used F150 at the ford dealer is a lease turn in here and there is only two at the closest ford dealer.

Congrats Ford!!!

I am seeing commercials, in my area, advertising $4,500.00 in rebates for the Datsun Titan.

Imaging driving a ford and your axle breaks in half

I have owned Toyota small pickups for 20 years now, not once have I taken it in for a recall...

Toyota's recall issues this past year were poltically motivated since the federal government itself compete's in the auto industry by owning GM. That's called conflict of interest in lawyer speak and warrent's more investigation insteade of the fabrications with no scientific backing against Toyota.

The point is Ford has a massive recall out there for Windstar's yet where is the NHTSA, federal government, national media on this?

You see what I am talking about, hush, hush when its a U.S. named company but when Toyota or another brand is named it hits the front pages. I looked today on the BBC World, CNN and even Yahoo main pages and nothing front page.

Yet if it was Toyota related, their would have been coverage like you would not believe. I smell rat!

Toyota is being punished by simply being number 1 in a down economy where GM has been hurting. So instaede of competing like a normal company, GM askes their owners for help and we have seen the results: little facts and more one liners to print in the media to sway the SHEEP out there to buy government vehicles.

This Ford recall is buried just like GM's, etc...

I am a long time Toyota owner and can speak from experiance UNLIKE the media or the federal government. Toyota's are fine, always have been. Everyone gets hit with some quality issue here or there. This is all a charade and smear campaign and if you cannot see this, then you need help understand how politics works because that is what this agianst Toyota is all about.


"I am seeing commercials, in my area, advertising $4,500.00 in rebates for the Datsun Titan."

hell yes, maybe I will be in the market soon after all. Maybe I could get a Titan 4x4 for 25-26K:) I already jewed them down to ~ 27K when I am ready.

maybe this recession is ending afterall, even though I am inclined to agree with "oxi".

Good job ford, to you windstar people who cares its a minivan not a f150. if you want to talk minivans go to

Is there a website called "" for people to discuss minivans? If not, they are going to be mighty disappointed...

Good job to Ford, and this means people are feeling better about the economy since most of these sales are no doubt financing thru a bank. I am feeling better seeing people are willig to take chances.

Oxi, come on man. No more conspiracy theories :)

Remember the whole "Firestone Tires" dilemma Ford went thru a few years back with the Ford Explorer? Major press, so it is not only Toyota getting picked on by the big, bad govt.

these are the same people who designed the minivan. When GM gets a recall it really minor and for like switches, when ford gets a recall it's always have to do with safety, axles break in half, exploders roll over, f150's and expeditions catch on fire (later they explode) oh and yota's have bunch of safety recalls aswell.

I cant take Oxi serious after reading his comment on the Sierra HD concept.

I remember not to long ago Ford almost sold 1 million trucks.

Also, Ford resale value has gone up, dramatically.

Good Job Ford!

I remember not to long ago Ford almost sold 1 million trucks.

Also, Ford resale value has gone up, dramatically.

Good Job Ford!

Glad Ford is doing good with pickup sales!!!!!!!

But with gas prices inching up to $3.00 plus again, and if a replay of 2008 happens again, I dont think 2011 will be a banner year for SUV and pickups plus a negative on the economy again!

I know this is off subject, but I see a coming economic crisis
again with oil prices!

Someone needs to stop the electroic trading spectolators on the Gasoline futures market and let the end user decide the true demant for fuel prices!

Example = this past summer had two driving holidays, Memorial Week and July 4th FUEL PRICES WERE STABLE AND SOME FELL, AND THATS WITH A OIL SPILL IN THE GULF!!!!!

Now oil spill is fixed!! and prices going up in this bad economy! China didnt start using that much more fuel in 5 months time!

This dont even past the smell test!!!!!!

I remember back in 2002 GM sold over 2 million full size trucks and SUV's. I'm GM can do better in the future!

Yes high fuel prices, blame that on China since demand went up in China, that means crude goes up. Now that China gets rich off of USA, they no longer ride their bicycles.

@ fred do you really think gm only has minor recalls. i remember doors falling off, seems kind of serious. as far as the explorers that was a firestone tire not a ford tire and it was alot like the toyota brake thing where after the real truth came out it wass more dumb drivers than vehicle problems

Give me proof of doors falling off. Yes most of GM recalls are minor, not as near as much as ford or yoda's in safety.

So many vehicles are have firestone tires and yet only fords roll over, so are you saying that fords drivers dumb? I actually agree with that one.

I'm the proud owner of a Ranger. Oh how I wish for a redesign. Ford's missing the boat, I mean truck on this one.

Great news Ford! Makes me smile as I own 7 Fords right now and working on getting #8 & 9. Keep me proud too own a family of Fords.

"@ Joe If you are going to quote Canadian rebates best not to show your source as as that is the American website. Try Anyways as a Dodge employee I won`t be paying what you guys pay where I in the market so the whole rebate arguement doesn`t get me very interested. Just making an observation. No need to take it to the next level dude. "

If you notice the link I used was a .ca site.

It is the Canadian site for Dodge. I know you are a Dodge employee and you are trying to defend your company, but if you are going to make a point about rebates, do a little research first. Dodge rebates are higher.

@ Joe You are a Ford fan right? Stop twisting what I say! There was no sarcasm, or critisism, or negativity in my first comment. Some how your mind added that in. It was a comment based on an observation. The observation took place when I saw a Ford commercail on TV while reading this article. At that time I decided to inform the readers of PUTC of my observation. That is the story behind the story. Not everything has to be an arguement or confrontation.

Jordan, This is what you wrote: "Ford appears to be TRYING to keep their momentum going as they are ALREADY offering $7500 off 2011s in Alberta."

You as a Dodge employee took it upon yourself to criticize the increasing Ford sales numbers by implying that Ford is already throwing an outrageous amount of incentives on their trucks to keep sales going. Nice try. As Joe pointed out, a simple search on Dodge's Canadian site found that Ram was offering much more than Ford ($8750 on 2011s in Alberta.) That's $1250 more than what Ford is offering so Ford's numbers seem reasonable and prudent for the Canadian market. BTW, this post is about US sales so you are off topic. Please try to stay on topic and comment only on the specified blog post. ;)

If sales continue to increase 20% each year F-series will be a 1 million year seller again in 4 short years. I think it's very possible.

@ Dave I know what I wrote. I WROTE IT. You, like Joe seem to think that I am criticizing Ford. I`M NOT. So I guess as a Dodge employee I should just shut the hell up or not have an opinion. The subject is about Ford sales. My comment IS related to the subject as incentives can influence sales regardless of the brand. Try reading between these lines
I`m not implying anything, I made an observation, I`m begining to regret doing so because there are far to many insecure Ford owners on this site. Next time I hear of a great deal on a Ford I`ll keep it to myself. Don`t want to upset the fanboys. You guys should calm down before you get a tummy ache.
Did you decifer the hidden meaning? Let me know if you do cause I`m looking forward to finding out what I meant ;)

Good job Ford, now all you need to do is improve the quality to match General Motors trucks. Most people have figured out exempt a few goobers that the toyota full size truck is absolute junk compared to the F150, Ram or Chevy and have invested in quality trucks rather than a hyped up failure. Toyotas failure is Fords win.

@ Dave, your rusty ford could never hold up to a 25 year old Chevy, at least though, it would have a chance if you let a woman drive it instead of you, you don't know anything about trucks.

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