November 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in November 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +29.6% November 2010 38,541 Fseries
473,461 November 2009 30,494

2 Chevrolet Silverado +15.7% November 2010 25,619 Silverado
327,619 November 2009 22,101

3 Ram Trucks +7% November 2010 18,206 Ram
176,411 November 2009 9,787

4 GMC Sierra +13.3% November 2010 9,781 Sierra
112,999 November 2009 8,371

5 Toyota Tacoma -6.6% November 2010 8,616 Tacoma
95,228 November 2009 7,633

6 Toyota Tundra +18.5% November 2010 7,464 Tundra
83,296 November 2009 6,379

7 Ford Ranger 0.0% November 2010 3,802 Ranger
51,093 November 2009 3,271

8 Nissan Frontier +44.1% November 2010 3,137 Frontier
36,644 November 2009 2,007

9 Chevrolet Colorado -27.3% November 2010 1,598 Colorado
22,255 November 2009 1,316

10 Nissan Titan +25.6% November 2010 1,796 Titan
21,223 November 2009 1,501



:( again. Go ford

Go cheap!!!

Go cheap = buy a Ram.

I guess we will never see another Truck mfgr. take over the #1 spot.



Awww what's wrong fanboi, sad your GM twins are doing horrible.

It's ok. I hope the Rumble in the Rockies shows buyers what's up. Or not, ha!

Ram Truck 2010 November sales up nearly double over last year's November sales! Wow! Look out, Chevrolet Silverado!

Ram sells almost as many HD's as Silverado.

Rumble in the Rockies - by looking at these statistics, all that test did was add one more sale to Ford's tally courtesy of GM.

Tundra sales - If this truck is as crappy as its detractors say it is; why are sales climbing?

Tacoma - Toyota's perennial wonder child has seen sales drop again. Time for a re-design.

I hope that these increased sales for the truck makers signal the end of the economic downturn ( We not allowed to say reccession anymore???)

People will generally buy either what they know to be tried and true from their personal history or what someone they know recommends. Rarely will someone base their purchase on the results of a test put on by any website such as or MotorTrend or TruckTrend or CarandDriver. Not to take away from these guys who test the trucks, but they know it and we know it.

Everyone but Ram has flat or falling monthly sales. Ford will increase as the new motors hit the dealers. I have no idea how Titan can remain in production with those numbers. Will be interesting to see how sales go this month, normally not a great time to sell cars.

How about the big picture? Ford up 24%, GM up 21%, Chrysler up 16%, Honda up 21%, Nissan up 27%.

The better news for Ford and GM is they had balanced increases across different categories of vehicles, which is something that domestic automakers have traditionally had trouble doing.

@Lou, By the way, how did your beloved Toyota do? DOWN 3.2%.

Toyota was the only company whose sales went down.

@ Fred - I don't have any greater love or hate for Toyota than I do for Ford.

Please post the link to your data.
It sounds interesting.
Data without context is meaningless.

@mike levine
Would it be possible for you to show heavy duty vs. light duty truck sales? 1500 2500 3500 etc? That would be interesting if you have that information available. Hasn't ford been gaining market share mostly due to its heavy duty trucks? It would also be interesting to see fleet sales numbers.

Just do a google new search for sales.

“Without new product to compete with and stripped of its bulletproof quality reputation, Toyota is forced to sell on the deal,” Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with, which provides car-buying advice to consumers, said. “This lack of profitability is a growing concern for dealers.”

@ Fred - already did.
You are guilty of "Selective cut and paste."

Case in point:
I found a link mentioning the 3.3% drop but Toyota shares are trading up 2.39% midday at $79.55.

Sales down 3.3% but share value up 2.39%.

General Motors Co. said sales rose 11.4 percent compared to November a year ago. Its numbers were skewed, however, with comparison to a company that was struggling a year ago with Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer brands, which were wound down and Saab, which it sold this year.

Translation - GMC looks better on paper because it ditched its "biggest loser" brands.

Toyota fleet sales down 60%
“When we look at the incentives available to fleet consumers, we have just chosen not to participate at those levels.”
Translation - Toyota is chosing not to engage in price wars to get fleet sales.

Toyota has been hit hard by recalls. the interesting thing is that it has only affected retention of "first time buyers".

ford is # 1 not because they could take the hill faster, speed has nothing to do with it.

It is the entire towing/hauling platform that sells. Right now Ford is doing it better.

Glad to see Ram improving!

@beebe - Mike can only post what is given to him.

JD Power had a breakdown by class in April 2010.

2009 RL Polk data by class

Cool, the Ram doubled its sales this Nov compared to last year. Even with less power ratings the Cummins is selling more now than last year when it was closer in power to GM and Ford. Of course who wouldn't want a Cummins. GM is selling more diesel than Ford (thanks to the Duramax/Allison combo. Toyota is even gaining sales, could the economy be getting better??. Now that ford has some good gas engine choices for the F150 i hope they change the look ( and not like the ugliest truck ever 2011 Ford SD.If Ford makes the SD really good looking like the new RAM or even GMC Sierra HD then i know lots of guys that would buy one for sure.). Looks like overall GM rules pick-up truck sales, but good to see Ram up again.

"I found a link mentioning the 3.3% drop but Toyota shares are trading up 2.39% midday at $79.55." - Lou

Down from $91.97 on January 19, 2010.

Ford stock....Up 3.26%
Honda stock...Up 2.87%
Toyota stock..Up 2.43%

"Translation - GMC looks better on paper because it ditched its "biggest loser" brands." - Lou

GMs 4 core brands were up over 20%. That's not bad for a company that no consumers were going to buy from because they took a government bailout. That idea has been shot in the foot.

"Incentives." - Lou

Toyota increased incentives the most, up 10%.

Regardless of whether one still believes that Toyota and the rest of them have better cars and trucks (I don't) I am happy to see the news stories being flip flopped. How many times have we heard of Toyota and their superiority over U.S. brands have been in the news media for years, while the rest of us have been defending the U.S. brands. Now you have all the Toyota lovers defending that company while we enjoy the limelight for once. Hey, Karma is a B@#TCH! Go GM, CHYRSLER and FORD!!!!!

The only thing that really shocked me about those numbers is that there are 22K+ people who bought a Colorado???

@ snowman,

"GM is selling more diesel than Ford (thanks to the Duramax/Allison combo."

Last I heard 1 out of ever 2 Heavy Duty trucks sold is a Ford.

"Looks like overall GM rules pick-up truck sales."

Highly illogical.

Good job for Ram though for finally getting out of the red.

the real working truck,gm,dodge,Toyota,the rest for the Sunday ride you get a ford..period..

hey fred

just so you know ford gm and chrysler keep moving production out of the US year after year after year. YEAH your blind.

Toyota keeps building more and more plants in the US employing more and more americans, yet you boo them. why? Are you somehow upset that they still build a more reliable vehicle on every front in the auto industry, or do you like the underdog hope that they will come back? you dont have to "believe" that they make more reliable cars and trucks, every 3rd party testing company proves it for you.

@ Fred - I have to give you credit for backing up your point of view.
Most guys just spew mindless BS.
That is one big reason why I will take the Toyota side.
Bottom line:
I like Ford better.

Toyota is not as good as they used to be.
That is a given.
Are they as bad as what the haters say?
In my opinion - No.
Your opiniion - Yes.

There are those who believe Toyota was on the recieving end of a big government, pro union witch hunt
"Toyota, which employs over 35,000 workers in the United States with factories in eight states, is the target of a government-led and union-supported attack due to recent recalls."

I'm not a paranoid person so I take that whole theory with a grain of salt.
I do believe that harmful "protectionist" sentiments are growing at a dangerous pace in the USA.

I own a 2010 F150. The majority of vehicles
I've owned are "domestic".

Lets look at profits:

Ford - 2.6 billion(3rd quarter)
Toyota - 2.2 billion(3rd quarter)
GMC - 2 billion (3rd quarter)
Honda - 1.68 billion (3rd quarter)
Nissan - 1.26 billion (3rd quarter)
Chrysler - 239 million (3rd quarter)

Looks like we will have to agree to disagree.

it has been a pleasure debating this with you.


Toyota is still superior in small pickup category!

The Tacoma is still the industry standard in its class including compacts.

And you do not hear about Toyota cutting Tacoma production here in the U.S. and moving production overseas like with the Ranger in Thailand, Colorado in Brazil as well as the Dakota.

And yes Tacoma's are made in Mexico but I did not buy the family version or better known as a 4-door pickup that Mexico builds. Mine was made in the U.S. in Fremont, CA and is running strong after 8,000 miles!

By the way Toyota's stock value is still up there, what happened to the big 3 value?

Ford sells more trucks because their trucks do not last as long as the competition. Proven fact!


Toyota is still superior in small pickup category! - oxi

Small being a relative term here. But yes you are right. Go Toyota!


Show me the facts

Chevy could tow these numbers all over the Rockies!


No matter how far Chevy tow's 'em over the Rockies they still won't get to being #1.

Chevy and GMC added together is still not enough. Ford is all I will ever own. Period. No buzzuka tailpipe for me. Sorry Chevy I could not resist.

@beebe: In January, after the December sales figures are published, I'll do a round-up of light-duty vs. heavy-duty sales for each OEM.

@mike levine
Awesome I'm looking forward to it. This site always gives me something to look forward to.

@ Fred - quote
"Regardless of whether one still believes that Toyota and the rest of them have better cars and trucks (I don't) I am happy to see the news stories being flip flopped. How many times have we heard of Toyota and their superiority over U.S. brands have been in the news media for years, while the rest of us have been defending the U.S. brands. "

3 qestions based on your comment:

Why does it bother you that Toyota has had better vehicles than the "domestics"?

Why does it bother you that the media has been saying for years that Toyota is superior to the domestics?

Why would you feel the need to defend US brands?


1) Toyota has NOT had better vehicles than the domestics for quite awhile, at least not Ford and at least trucks anyways. How many times do you have to read that current quality of American vehicles, particularly Ford, is on a par with the imports? Get out of the 70's when there was some truth to what you are saying, and into the real world, OK?

Why does it bother you that you that people are finally realizing that the competitors are offering much stronger vehicles and don't have a lot of compelling reasons to stay with Toyota?

2) Toyota has been passing off mediocre products, knowingly hiding defects, magazines were passing off their vehicles as good without testing them, the media was going along with it, etc.

Why doesn't it bother you that Toyota and the media were hiding these problems?

3) Why defend Toyota because you own a 2010 Toyota Sienna?

Now there are already reports of Tundras and Tacomas as new as 2010 rusting.

Not surprised at all that Ford is #1. The Turdras quality is not up to par with Ford and has not been for awhile. Future recall of the Turdra:

Glad to see the hottest truck pick up sales in the States !

In Canada,Dodge Ram continue's to set sales records !!!

Ford's and GM's are several thousand dollars cheaper than the Dodge Ram,thus Ford truck sales are the highest here,and GMC/Chevy combined are higher than Ram, but....They are under 20 grand for a new F-150 or Chev/GMC fullsize 1/2 ton !!!

Canada's best sellers:
1.Ford f-150
2.Honda Civic (sales are dropping off)
3.Dodge Caravan
4.Dodge Ram


Bizzare! Rust from the bumper and lug nuts, amazing. Did you read the post. A lot of people are complaing about Engine knock. Well, here is a list.

1) 5.7L Camshaft Failures
2) Highway Bed Bounce
3) The stereo shutting off by itself
4) One of the air vent’s louvers won’t stay pointed downwards
5) The seatbelt warning chime
6) Not getting the mileage on the sticker

This one made laugh!
7) The Tundra is “too nice”
8) The instrument panel is poorly designed

The list just keeps pouring. I think Tundra owners a nit-picky. It's a truck, not a luxury vehicle. Good grief!

All in all, those are an immense amount of discrepancies. I'd get a Titan.

@ Dave -
1. Ford has surpassed Toyota in quality and reliability.
The rest are slowly catching up.
GM is heading in the right direction and Chrysler is also slowly getting better.
I am not talking about the '70's I am talking about the current decade.
JD Power still rates Toyota high.

The problem is that when you have had great quality and reliability a mild drop seems much worse.
The competition's vehicles are getting much better.
Statistics show that the only people leaving Toyota are "one time" buyers.

Do you think the domestics would of finally improved quality and reliability if it wasn't for the Japanese and European companies kicking their asses?

The US companies were guilty of hiding behind the flag and fleecing all the bleating sheep.

2. What media are you refering to?
Consumer Report was guilty of giving many companies passing grades based on their past reliability. I do not know of any other incidences.
that is why consumers need to check as many sources as posible. i look at all the 3rd party data I can find , then talk to owners.

Is there clear evidence that the Media was deliberately hiding problems?

The news media for the most part are lemmings that go for quick sound bites that increase ratings. I did not see the news media protect Toyota from all those "unintended accelleration" charges.
2. I do not defend Toyota just because I own one of their products.

Do you recall me defending GMC when I owned a GMC van????

My wife owned a Dodge Grand Caravan prior to that.

Do you recall me defending Dodge????

My wife's Sienna has been flawless in the first year of ownership.
Every domestic I've owned has had warranty work done at least once in the first year.
The Dodge Grand Caravan we owned was in the shop several times a year for all sorts of things.

You and many other guys are confused by the fact that I own a Ford but defend Toyota.
Sorry to mess up your simple view of the universe.

I used to buy based more on a price point. The best deal determined my purchase.
I've matured in my views and prefer to apply the process of "critical thinking".
Common sense has a tendency to steer people wrong and emotion (when it comes to vehicles) is a dangerous filter to use.
I did considerable research on minivans before we bought the Sienna. Same goes for my F150 purchase.

I buy the absolute best product that meets my needs.

Toyota fit the bill for the mini van and Ford fit the bill for a truck.

I'll use the same process 5-7 years down the road for our next purchase.

There are multiple reasons people attack Toyota and their products.
If you want to go down that path I can list them all for you

You try to trivialize or minimize my defence of Toyota by labeling me a Toyota fanboi or Toyota loyalist owner.

To paraphrase: "Don't pay attention to Lou, or Hemi LOL, or Oxi. They are fanboi's and the poor fools cannot see that their brand is crap".

Why are Toyota loyalists any worse than Ford loyalists?

Why are people who buy Toyota's worse than guys who buy domestics?

In a truck guy sort of way - many of you are guilty of discrimination and prejudice.


Prejudice refers to an unsubstantiated negative prejudgement of individuals or groups, usually because of ethnicity, religion or race (see racism), but it could be based on any quality, including gender, age, physical appearance or disability.

Discrimination is the exclusion of individuals or groups from full participation in society because of prejudice.

Toyota Trucks and Toyota guys get hammered the hardest on this site. (FITS THE DEFINITION OF DISCRIMINATION).

@ Dave - to quote you from another thread: "Your missing the point. Us Ford owners for the most part understand the problems with Fords. We choose to accept it because the whole package is the best."

BITTER IRONY - your quote is the exact reason you deride Toyota owners and loyalists.

I do not buy based on loyalty.
I do not accept problems on any vehicle because of loyalty.

I accept problems on a vehicle because (for the lack of a better term) "sh-t happens".

@ no hemi lol - you point out that Ford and GM are cheeper to buy than Dodge but have you priced out a Grand Caravan? You can get them with rebates for considerably less than a competitor's minivan.
You guys are so bloody inconsistent with your arguments.

@Mike Levine
I would like to see just diesel heavy-duty sales numbers.
I bet the sales numbers would be quite different

@ hemi lol
How do you like them numbers? just to make sure im seeing this right, is Ford number 1 again? whats that? its gonna be 34 years and counting as best selling truck in the u.s. after this year? and 28 years and counting as best selling vehicle in the u.s. after this year? take yourself and your import products and get out of the USA, where the most reliable trucks are from!

@fordman101 - Thank You for proving my point!

@ Lou
Great article it is the truth

@Lou, You are almost as bad as the Toyota executives who were hiding Toyota's defects. LOL.

Frank and Dave are true patriots! Keep posting all the details you don't like.


Never did I say I dislike Toyota. Read my post, I think Toyota makes a FINE truck, but there are other Manfucturers that make them better.

Take your Patriot comment and shove it in your glove compartment because your post was redundant.

I give credit where credit is due. The list was provided by Tundra Forums.

For all you who love to call GM "government motors", check out this article detailing how the "government" lent billions to Ford, yep FORD.

@Dave, The rust on the new Tundras don't surprise me. It starts with the bumpers and lugnuts. Then all of a sudden tires are pieces of the frame are falling off.

I was made aware of this when the Tundra first came out. GM bought some for competitive testing and the Tundra disintegrated during the rust testing. Even the engineers who analyzed the results were incredulous. It was by far the worst they had ever seen.

@Frank, Now that people are keeping their vehicles longer, the myth of superior foreign quality is starting to unravel.

A vehicle isn’t fine if it is rusting to pieces. 20 year old F150's and Silverados are common. A Tundra, 6 years old won’t pass a safety check [rotten frame's]. Give it a few more years and watch the 2007+ head to the junk yard.

Thanks for the list from the Tundra forums. You are true patriot.

@ Jay - "true patriots". Thank you for proving my point.

@Frank - I agree that there are manufacturers that make a better pickup.
That is why I bought an F150.
I feel that it is the best 1/2 ton truck.

Toyota's are not as bad as the haters say they are.

What does patriotism have to do with a vehicle???

On the topic of "true patriots"
I have to repeat myself:

The US companies were guilty of hiding behind the flag and fleecing all the bleating sheep.

Do you think the domestics would of finally improved quality and reliability if it wasn't for the Japanese and European companies kicking their asses?

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