Recall Alert: 2010-11 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty Diesels

Recall Alert: 2010-11 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty Diesels

Chrysler is recalling 76,122 Ram 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickups from 2010-11 with diesel engines because of brake lights that are slow to turn off, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ram HD pickups with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines have a hydroboost brake system, which uses the truck's power-steering pressure to provide brake assist. On the affected trucks, which were built between March 2009 and October 2010, residual pressure in the power steering system caused by inadequate venting of the power steering reservoir cap could lead to brake pedals that are slow to return. As a result, the brake lights may remain lit longer, increasing the risk of a crash.

Approximately 175 incidents of slow brake lights have been reported to Chrysler.

Chrysler will notify owners in February, and dealers will replace the reservoir cap for free. For more info, owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or NHTSA’s safety hotline at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA via Kicking Tires]


Way to go Chrysler! Take care of it right away.
Do not ignore it and hope that a problem will just go away on its own...

i wish someone could ban your ignorance from these news pieces "buy american or say bye america"

They are on top of their quality control !!!

Furthermore....all it needs is a new CAP !!!!

Glad to own an American Truck,and the most American content of any truck made today !!!


@ Buy American...

You call this "taking care of it right away"...No way is it taking care of it right away. They will not notify owners until Feb 2011...thats about three months from now. Whats with the delay...they want to give their employees some time to relax before working on the problem. Plenty of time between now and then for a few people to get injured or die cause of this problem...I dont really think the brake lights taking longer to turn off is really and issue unlike the peope who ride the brake and gas at the same time. Too bad they cant do something about that.

Well thats unfortunate, and yes its just a cap but can lead to something bigger

Although chrysler wont inform until Febuary, they are already making the parts to replace the diffective ones

Look it up on Allpar, they give a specific company name JFEKT in Tennessee that produces these Caps for Chrysler

If your going to bash, bash your fellow Tennesee Company that produced the diffective product

@ kool J
you sound more ignorant, based on your lame bashing....

what do you drive CHEVY or FORD?
trust me chump any of the big three aren't great in my eyes. i have seen the worst issues in fords though

@Mike Levine

Hey do you have any information on a Ram 1500 cummins 5.0

I read on Allpar that there have been spottings of testers, and that the Dealerships' STAR system show 1500 diesels with 8 spd transmissions

That would best the eco boost and probably get mid 20's or more mpg in highway

@Robert: The 5.0-L / Hybrid transmission option in the 2011 order guide was a mistake. A few dealers placed orders for the trucks and they were rejected and the option removed. Now, a 5.0-L V-8 diesel for 2013 - that sounds a lot more likely. :-)

I, for one, certainly look forward to an EcoBoost vs. Cummins Diesel Light-Duty Shootout.

Good for chyrsler taking responsibility!

ps. toyota also got ANOTHER recall on their 2011 minivans

@ Robert - it is a supplier prolem. Interesting, very interesting. Deja vu. I've seen or heard of that before.

@sleder - ironic how you are slagging Toyota but praise Ram for a similar recall.
Both are aware of a problem.
They need to be sure it is a reoccuring problem,
and they need to come up with appropriate remediation.
Both had a delay from initial report to actual repair.

Since both companies are foreign owned they should call a congessional hearing. (sarcasm on)
At least the Sienna is made in the USA (more sarcasm).

You guys all sound like Cheerleaders.
Good grief!!!

@ Frank - hip hip hoorah........ yawn

this is HUGE for ram
thats like three quaters of their sales!


Time for bed.

Just how in hell is having brake lights slow to turn off going to cause an accident? What do you do when you see brake lights in front of you? I guess if its a Ram in front you speed up. I`m not being sarcastic. If anyone can explain how this could cause an accident please elaborate. I can understand why they would want to fix the problem, but this being unsafe?

@Jordan L

I am trying to figure that one out too.

that is sad, they finally had an increase in truck sales just to recall 1/3 of them. Maybe Ford will offer a program to trade in your recall ram for a Ford. Like they did for Toyota.

When the rear lights on a truck don't illuminate appropriately, other cars are not made aware of a decelerating truck ahead Therefore other drivers may not notice that the car is slowing or stopping, resulting in a rear end collision. This is very dangerous. Drivers who fail to replace their broken brake lamps and cause an accident can be held liable for any injuries and damages.

I completely agree with Jordan L. How does the brake light staying on longer cause an accident. If someone runs into the back of a Ram because its brake lights stayed on longer, than the other driver must truly be retarded. Hmmm, his brake lights are on, so I'll just speed up and run in to the back of his truck.

When a light doesn't work or stays on too long, we are much less likely to immediately know what the vehicle is doing which can lead to a serious accident, particularly at night when visibility is low.

I'd say that this is as dangerous as following some idiot who has forgotten to cancel their turn signal.
Are they turning or not?
Are they stopping or not?
The guy behind gets impatient, gets too close, then bang - the guy actually stops or slows to turn and you are too close to avoid hitting them.

Would a pedal that is slow to return also drag the brakes and may contribute to brake fade or failure?

You are following a truck and he applies brakes and the lights stay on even after speeding up again. You continue to follow him and you hold a steady distance behind, but his lights are still on. Then he slams his brakes and you rear end him since there was no way for you to tell he suddenly applied his brakes. Guess who gets the ticket?

Can somebody tell me how brake lights staying on LONGER can cause 175 "incidents". I could see if they were slow to come on, or if they turned off before you let the pedal up, but really, they are too slow to turn off and somebody runs into them? Why because they thought they would be moving since their brake lights were STILL on?

Please explain.

It's just the brake lights,not the brakes or brake pedal,so no brake fade or dragging of the brakes ! It just needs a new cap for better pressure,you have full brake power the driver notices nothing,only the lights stick for a few more seconds or so.

Chrysler had another recall today for minivan problems back in 2008, etc...

Im with most of you, I really don't see how this is a serious safety issue, maybe an over safety issue like OSHA or any other Government safety regulation. I understand that this needs to be fixed, but I relly don't get it. And to those of you that have offered explainations, I haven't heard a good one yet that has actually made sense, and no I can't figure it out either.

@ oxi Since you want to drag minivans into the picture I feel the need to inform you that Toyota had to recall a bunch of new Siennas for brake light issues as well. How are you gonna blame that on the drivers.
I have to agree with Greg. The explanations as to how this could be dangerous are pretty weak.

ford850 explains it best. u follow a guy who brake like don't go off when he accelerates. at first u r aware his brake lights r on. then u start noticing that when he pulls away from u his brake lights r still on. in short time u assessed that his brake lights don't go off. so now u have no way of know when he really is braking or accelerating. all of a sudden a childs ball rolls out n he slams on his brakes but u didn't brake bcuz from ur assessment, his brake lights r always on. BAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT SOME RAM HITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brake pedals sticking, brake lights malfunctioning, yeah nothing to worry about.

ford850 explains it best. u follow a guy who's brake lights don't go off when he accelerates. at first u r aware his brake lights r on. then u start noticing that when he pulls away from u his brake lights r still on. in short time, u assessed that his brake lights don't go off. so now u have no way of know when he really is braking or accelerating. all of a sudden a childs ball rolls out n he slams on his brakes but u didn't brake bcuz from ur assessment, his brake lights r always on. BAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT SOME RAM HITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@uh huh - isn't that what I said? but with better spelling and grammar!

@lou - what are you trying to say?

LOL, yep

@uh huh - just kidding.
I'm old school.
I haven't adjusted to the newfangled, fancy pants texting lingo. LOL.

Better to have a sticking brake pedal rather than having a sticking accelerator pedal...a la Toyoda!

Do NOT try to give me a Tacoma! I will much rather have a Ram, thank you. Perhaps a Tacoma can loosely be called a ram they tend to ram people/cars when they are unable to stop?

Ram is made in Mexico and is Italian owned.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!
- interesting point considering Toyota's most infamous recall involved American made CTS pedals.
Japanese Denso pedals of the same design were not recalled.
Ford recalled American made CTS pedals in Transit vans in China around the same time.
Toyota bought American and look at the mess they ended up in.

You seem silent on the whole issue of Mexican made HD Rams owned by an Italian company.
By definition - an import.

Can you expalin that one to me.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,
we understand ur hatred towards import especially toyota. but broken records sounds horrible.


1) Mexico, by definition, is a part of America (North) as is Canada, Central America, and South America.

2) Fiat does not own Chrysler. Fiat owns a portion of Chrysler but not the majority of it. So, still a majority is U.S.A.

I would rather our (U.S.) money go to Europe than to Asia. Europe does not have the U.S. in a financial "choke hold" like Asia does.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!
- I am puzzled again by your answer.
I've never heard a Canadian or Mexican say they are "American" just because they live in North America.

"American" refers to residents of the USA, just like America is known to mean USA.

By your logic Cuban's are also Americans.
Does the famous quote "My Fellow Americans" refer to Fidel Castro?

Money leaving USA going to Canada, Mexico, Central or South America is still money leaving the US economy.

Canadian workers get comparable wages and generally better public health benefits than "Americans" but do Mexican's, or Brazilians?

USA companies leave the USA to expoit cheep labor, poor human rights, and absent or weak environmental laws.
Wall Mart or Ford, or GM, or Chrysler do this so they can make a larger profit.
NOT for the country their head office is located, but for the share holders. These share holders can be from all over the world.
Why don't you look up how much USA stock is owned by Arabs.

Part of the problem has been self inflicted because during the boom times auto workers managed to get exorbitant wage and benefit packages.
Companies also got lazy partially due to the boom times and a certain degree of protectionism.
Greedy people took huge risks. One expert stated that the easiest way to describe the banking and Wall Street fiasco was " is it safe to borrow money for gambling in Vegas?"

Fiat will eventually own controlling interest of Chrysler at 51%. Fiat is already calling the shots in that organization.

USA is to blame for getting itself deeply into debt. The USA overspent for the last few decades whereas the orient, especially China was booming and saving money.
China, Japan and a few other countries are the only ones with enough spare cash to loan it to the USA.
The USA is responsible for its own obstructed airway. It has choked on unrealistic expectations which fueled the borrowing frenzy.
One expert said that resessions are times when people pay for the "boom and borrow" times.
To put it more simply - you go out and party and get blind stinking drunk - there always will be a nasty hangover.

Who's fault was that?

DLF says
"that is sad, they finally had an increase in truck sales just to recall 1/3 of them. Maybe Ford will offer a program to trade in your recall ram for a Ford. Like they did for Toyota."

And ford has an unproven engine that would be the first they built in 30 years. How is that going to do? Let's wait and see. That's what matters in the hd wars, not who can pull 10k up a grade at 85 mph

Lou, exactly. I mean, look at our own politicians...blackmailing eachother in congress, Party of "No" vs the Party of "so called do gooders" all fighting like school children, all the while never acknowledging they are the reason (NAFTA) we are feeling this hungover economy.. All the goods Americans were purchasing on credit, mainly were from China and other parts of the world.

Buy American or say Bye to America, ......just go on and say goodbye to America cheif, it is all down hill from here until Americans learn to save their money, govt learns to save its money, Businesses learn to quit being so damn greedy, and manufacturing FINALLY returns to this country. I read in a report not to long ago, Chinese labor was getting to expensive for America's big business cartel, therfore the next exploited labor organizations are likely to come from inpoverished Africa.

Soap opera still continues on this site as usuall.

lou & Red_4x4-

I surrender! I will never convince you and you will never convince me. I will carry on this fight, not with you guys, all by myself I guess?

I guess I better go take some Chinese/Japanese lessons? When those countries decide to collect the debt owed to them, by the U.S. , and takeover the once proud U.S.A. because the U.S. will not have the funds, we are going to have to know the language of our new rulers.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!
I doubt that I would change youe mind.
Point is that if you want to bring socio-ecomomic or geo-political views into the discussion I will counter with my views.
No harm no foul.
I appreciate the fact that you posted your views without turning it into a personal attack.
I may not agree with your opinion but I do respect the fact that you did not turn it into a bashfest.
Good on you.
Good night and I look foreward to chatting with you about trucks.

that is sad but true. we all do it to are self. the us thinks
there is a money tree somewhere or a gold tree.

@ snowman - the socio-economic discussion over your head.
To much time alone in Fort Mac?


Dont act like you aren't a Ford cheerleader...

For those who can`t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Ram trucks are built in Mexico, get over it. This is nothing new. My 93 2500 says made in Mexico. As for Fiat control, have a look at any pre 09 (excluding the Ram 1500) Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles and compare them to the 2011 models. Fiat has done more for Chrysler in 2 years than the combined efforts of Daimler and Cerberus.

@ Jordan L.
- I brought up Mexico and Ram in the context of the tired "made in the USA" debate. Guys seem to be fine with a Mexican made Ram owned by Italian Fiat but go apesh-t over an American made Toyota.

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