Sources Say: Chevrolet Considering New High-End Silverado Model

Sources Say: Chevrolet Considering New High-End Silverado Model

Chevrolet is considering topping off the Silverado truck lineup with a new high-end trim package that would resurrect the classic “Scottsdale” name, according to our sources.

Today’s Silverado has five different trim packages. The most luxurious version is the LTZ, which comes with heated and powered leather seats, navigation, a Bose stereo system, and exterior appearance upgrades. But those luxuries aren’t enough to keep up with other feature-rich high-end pickups like the Ford F-150 King Ranch and Platinum models and the recently introduced Ram Laramie Longhorn and its stablemate, the GMC Sierra Denali.

The Scottsdale name was introduced for Chevy trucks in 1975 and was used until 1992.


Don't they have GMC for that?

Need a Raptor killer or something like old SS instead.

Not sure the name "Scottsdale" speaks of top of the line. What ever they name the truck, I am sick of the magazines complaining about the interior on the Silverado and GMC Sierra. The Silverado and the Sierra are sporting the oldest platforms for half ton pickups on the market today. (2007) and I am looking forward to the redesign and new powertrains.

Oh my god. Check this out.

Chevrolet Silverado - Redesigned interiors

I don't understand the hate towards GM's interiors either. Yes the work truck interior is rough, but it's a work truck interior. As for the more luxurious interior I don't see the problem with it. Having been in both the new Super Duty and the GM HD's I prefer the GM interior. Yes, the plastics may not be up to par with the Ford, but how often do you actually touch and knock on the dash? Usually I just look at it, and I think the looks and layout are much better on the GM trucks. I think it looks more luxurious, and the controls are more within reach for me.

That being said, I'm not sure why Chevy needs a high end trim when they have the GMC Denali. I thought the GMC brand was for more upscale tastes (which is why they have the Denali).

You have to get the LTZ to get the nice interior which is like 20% of sales, I think they should put the nicer interior in the mid level models as well and then the LS would be the work truck model.

Yeah, I would be surprised if they used "Scottsdale", I like that it reaches back to their past, but at the same time it seems to pale in comparison to the King Ranch trim name. Maybe that is just because I am more familiar with KR. However, I think if they can sell it, and consumers want it, why not? GMC is their high end truck, but when the overwhelming majority of sales are under the Chevy nameplate it makes sense to offer competitive trims.

Well they'll need to do more than an interior with full real leather seats. How about lose the kitchen container plastic materials all over the cabin, and maybe source a dash layout that is different than the one they pulled out of an impalla.

But evidently they already walk on water so I'm not sure how'd they get any better?

Yet another way government motors is finding to waste my tax dollars. this is doomed from the start. when ppl want a high end truck from GM, they buy a gmc denali. isnt that the point of gmc? to be somewhat of a step up from chevy? either way Government motors is going right back to the way that got them into this mess (see link below)

Ford, leading by example (which is nothing new recently), is in the best shape in terms of least unsold inventory vehicles. GM/government has a 95 day supply of unsold vehicles (highest), Chysler/fiat/government has a 79 day supply of unsold vehicles, and Ford has 71 days worth of unsold inventory, with the industry average at 67 days, it looks as though Ford (and somewhat chrysler/fiat/government) has learned their lesson and is pretty close to the national average. also GM is opening up alot of the dealers that it closed. Its only matter of time before round 2 of auto crisis for GM comes around. and i will be lmao in my non-bailout, non-bankrupt f150 (which leads in every important category: horsepower, torque, towing, fuel economy, payload, safety and towing technology, and has been best selling truck 33 years in a row but gonna be 34 in a couple of weeks haha)

This is just one more way that shows gm doesnt look at gmc and chevy as the same truck, if they did they wouldnt build a truck to compete with its own brand. I dont think this will hurt ford or dodge as much as move gmc buyers back to chevy.

How about the Scottsdale Plastic Edition?
Ford has Platinum.
Chev has "Plastic"

I remember Scottsdale being the mid level trim on the C/K trucks....Cheyenne(entry level trim), Scottsdale(mid level), and Silverado(Top of the line).

Wouldn't make much sense to make the top of the line Silverado a Scottsdale, IMHO....

But I could be remembering wrong too.

Dear GM,

Do not use "Scottsdales." Use something new, i'm excited to finally see GM step it up.

Good Job!

See that GM Fanbois, that there is called CREDIT


That is the current generation interior.

I hope they find a better name than scottsdale. Although it would be fitting for the current interior seeing as most of the women in scottsdale have plastic parts...

I hope GM hits it out of the ball park with the next interior, though I fear it will just be a cheaper clone of the caddy interiors.

Yeah don't call it Scottsdale, but nice to see a "Denali" with the Chevy badge, though LTZ, Lariat or Laramie would be more than enough luxury for me. And a note to all 3 brands, please keep a 6 seater option on the luxury trucks.

I don't understand the thought process behind this either. GMC is their uplevel brand; GM should not waste money on a top-of-the-line Silverado. If anything, they should merge the two brands together or leave well enough alone.

However, if they are thinking something along the lines of a limited run like the Harley Davidson F150s, I suppose it's not that bad of an idea. But it'd have to be completely different than anything they offer now, including GMC's Denali.

Boy Lou, you really got me there with your "plastic interior" comment. Every fricken time GM comes out with something, you ford fan boys have to try and tear it apart. I like the interiors on the gm trucks regardless of what you or others think. Is it time for a upgrade? Yes, and I am sure that when they do redesign the truck the interior and whole truck will be class leading just like the 2007 model when it was introduced to the public.

Despite being the oldest design for half tons, the Silverado is the second best selling truck sold today. The Silverado is really the only competition ford has and the Dodge and Toyota don't even come close in sales.

Scottsdale was a notch above mid-level trim and below Custom Deluxe. From what I've heard, this model could be a limited run of only about 1,000 to 1,500 trucks.

why would gm do this?
they are deeply in debt still even with the second TARP pool they drew from to pay off "all loans with interest ahead of time"
i agree with most of the posters that this is the denali's main function

The GMC Denali's are "All Wheel Drive" trucks and the Silverado ( what ever they call the new luxury model will not be all wheel drive. So to every single poster here that doesn't like this move or thinks that it is GMC'S role to have the Denali I say who made you judge and jury??? You want a GMC, then buy one. I think it's a smart move on GM'S part and I am sure they will be customers willing to pay for something not everyone else has.

That's funny, because 'Scottsdale' was a mid-level trim package, between Custom Deluxe and Silverado back in the 80's. Any word on larger commercial Chevy's? Maybe a 4500?

It's easy to see that GM is hurting so it has to try to gain market from it's competition. They are spending a lot on commercials here in Canada. F150's are selling big here, so many driving around. My eyes are on the upcoming F150 Ecoboost.

Why have GMC & Chevrolet Their the same F***in truck.


It makes perfect sense. Scottsdale Silverado will be the mid-level trim. If you want a some what higher end luxury truck you get the Denali.

Makes perfect sense.

It might be named Fleetwood if Obama has anything to do with it!

@ Bob - for once I agree with you......cough..... gag.......uuurrrppp....
(Must be truth to the world ending in 2012)
There should be a high end model without all wheel drive. I bet that does hurt sales. The simple solution would be to offer the Denali in 4x2, 4x4, and AWD. Problem solved.
There are guys who prefer the look of the Silverado (I have no idea why!) so it makes sense to have a high end Silverado.

@ Bob - one last thing
quote" Every fricken time GM comes out with something, you ford fan boys have to try and tear it apart."

I do not need to try very hard to tear it apart.
They seem to do that all by themselves.

They can be simple and just have two LTZ packages like they do LT.. 1LTZ can be the current and 2LTZ be the new package. They should save all the great ideas until they redesign the truck. The big ugly square chest freezer body doesn't say luxury at all. I'm not even going to add to the interior discussion. I love the Tundra Platinum package and the Denali is a nice package as well but there are more important things trucks need right now.. Diesel power is one

Call it Silverado Cameo (without "carrier)....
It Could make a cameo appearance and then disappear in a year or two.

The Denali HD isn't AWD.

They could call it the "Mr Goodwrench" Silverado as GM is killing the name.
Another brillaint move like telling GM staff not to use the "Chevy" name.

@ Top Dog - the 1/2 ton Denali is AWD.

i like the old names they should go back to useing them

half ton Denali can be rear drive or all-wheel drive. There is not the option for part-time four wheel drive.

The 3/4 and one ton Denali trucks are part time four wheel drive.

More Plood!

Quote - I am sick of the magazines complaining about the interior on the Silverado and GMC Sierra -

How do you think us Ford guys felt? The same car magazines shredded us for having the 5.4L which they descibed as (Underpowered). Don't try to sit here and play victem because they are nit-picking at your truck now. Our problum as Ford guys/girls has been fixed as of 2011 with the new V8's and V6's comming into play. Maybe with the next gen Chevrolet they will focus more on build quality.

Although Ive read many of your comments and more often then not you are very biased and one sided. But I do agree with what you said about GM needing a 2WD Luxury Truck as alot of people don't want AWD and for sure don't want to pay the premium that AWD Adds to the sticker price.

I don't really understand in this day and age why they have the GMC version. They should all just be Chevys. And I believe in the early 70's the top of the line package for the chevs was the Cheyenne, and then the Cheyenne Super. This was at the beginning of the 70s. In 75 the Cheyenne was replaced as top trim level by the Silverado. I think they should stop calling the truck a Silverado and go back to having that as a package. I would like to see the Cheyenne brought back as a package. Always liked the sound of the words "Chevy Cheyenne" Just kinda goes, and that from a Ford guy like

They need to put the Tahoe/Avalanch front end on the chevy, it would look a lot better.

The reason why they keep bitching about the GM interiors is because they are very weak compared to the comp. Yes the uplevel interior is nicer, but you have to step up to a $40,000.00+ truck to get it. If the upper level interior was offered in everything, but maybe the base truck it wouldnt be so bad.

Aaaah.... Same ole GM Corporate Culture... "We can't overlap 7 or 8 brands, but let's do overlap with 4 brands!"
Hey GM! You don't see Toyota/Lexus or Nissan/Infinity?
I hope we don't bailout stupidity twice!!!

I didn't really understand the hate toward the Chevy/GMC truck interiors until I saw one up close. The plastics are not first rate to be sure. It reminded me of Fisher Price toy plastic..I guess plastic is plastic but they need to do something with the grain. There were lots of gaps that were way to big. It looked like if you kicked the underneath of the dash getting into the truck, it would just fall out..Why bother with a high end GM interior now? Why not just wait for the total redesign of the truck? its like two years away and to me at least, it makes more sense to just wait. Roll out an all new truck inside and out. I think we need to get Bob on this..STAT!

In Mexico the high-end pickup is called the Cheyenne and the work truck models are called Silverados.

Hay to all the ford fans here who constantly have to bash GM about anything under the sun. News flash, we get it, you like ford good for you. despite all the bashing of GM there are plenty of people that love GM and the products it produces. Despite all the bashing about the intieors, bankruptcy, bail out bashing. The Silverado continues to sell the second most amount of trucks behind the f-series.

Every topic related to a GM product or announcement and the ford fans come running to tear it down, whine, complain and genneraly bash GM. Does this happen when ford comes out with something on their trucks. No. The GM people are happy with their vehicles and don't need to constantly bash ford every time they bring a product to market. I don't hate ford, but ford fans sure seem to hate anything related to GM.

richterscale has it correct:
The 1/2-ton Sierra Denali can be ordered in 2WD or AWD
The 3/4 and 1-ton Sierra Denali only comes in 4WD (which is a completely different system than AWD)

I really hope Chevy makes a high-trim version with AWD as an option. I prefer the looks of the Chevy over the GMC but HATE that you can't get it with AWD ....

The reason they keep complaining aboiut GM interiors is becauase that is all they can come up with. We all know GM's diesel powertrains and handling are the best (Rumble in the Rockies) so lets bash their interior.

Who cares at the price of trucks today nobody but attorneys and doctor,s can buy them. Thats what comes with trickle down republican policies. Keep listening to Rush guys, who by the way makes 23 million a year brainwashing the working guy into breaking unions and working for 8 bucks an hour.

BTW I am still driving an 01 2500HD and have yet to have any piece of my flimsy fisher price interior crack, squeak, or fall off...

Honestly when I buy a TRUCK interior fit/finish is pretty low on my list of buying criteria. I'm not buying a luxury car


I agree...If GM didnt have either Chev trucks or GMC trucks..they would of been the sales leader for more than 33 years...Just recently Ford outsold GMC/Chev trucks combined...

If I were a Ford fan I wouldnt feel to good about the best selling truck,as Ford didnt have the best selling trucks until GM had the best selling trucks for half a century,if you combine them as they were and are the same,just grill,light differences.....

I am not a Ford fan or GM fan,just stating the obvious !!

I know Ford girls are going to cry,scream shout over this,but they are ignorant...just reread and rethink Ford people before you write down an idiotic response,if you do respond it proves I am right and you are wrong !!

I agree if the Silverado had the same body lines as the Tahoe/Avalanche it would be one sexy truck that fridge shape sucks!


100% correct, when the only thing people can bitch about in a truck is the interior, its a damn good truck...

I would welcome a truck like this in a heartbeat...

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