Sources Say: Chevrolet Considering New High-End Silverado Model

Sources Say: Chevrolet Considering New High-End Silverado Model

Chevrolet is considering topping off the Silverado truck lineup with a new high-end trim package that would resurrect the classic “Scottsdale” name, according to our sources.

Today’s Silverado has five different trim packages. The most luxurious version is the LTZ, which comes with heated and powered leather seats, navigation, a Bose stereo system, and exterior appearance upgrades. But those luxuries aren’t enough to keep up with other feature-rich high-end pickups like the Ford F-150 King Ranch and Platinum models and the recently introduced Ram Laramie Longhorn and its stablemate, the GMC Sierra Denali.

The Scottsdale name was introduced for Chevy trucks in 1975 and was used until 1992.


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Well sounds like fishlips and bob are frequent Fox news watchers haha, but i dont see how politics has anything to do with a new chevy truck design. Yeah the government still owns 33% of GM cuz gm didnt know what they were doing and went bankrupt and are on that same path again but still now you guys are bringing stuff way to off topic. and bob i like how you are pro-conservative but yet swear by GM products which were bailed out and owned by the Obama administration, and they still own 33% of GM. what a hipocrit, either pick a political party or pick a different car brand but dont be a hypocrit and stick up for something that is being kept alive by something you bash and know nothing about.

@ Bob
- don't whine about mindless brand bashing as you are the queen in that department.
@ Anti-left
- You stated General Motors sells more trucks than Ford. (In the past)
You ever ask yourself " Why is General Motors not legally allowed to combine Sierra and Silverado branded truck sales together and take the #1 title away from Ford F Series?
Like you - quote "just stating the obvious !!".

Why do magazines and guys say that the interiors and bodies are cheep?

Because they are.

The interiors hold up reasonably well but if I'm paying a significant amount of cash for a truck I want a decent interior with a body that will look good 10 years down the road.

My brother supervises road, bridge,camp construction and maintenance.
He has driven every brand.
The last 2 Chevies he's been assigned look like they've been attacked with baseball bats after one year of extreme use. Dents all over, cracked and broken plastic trim, bent bumpers etc.
He had one fender almost fall off because all of the mounting tabs were cracked right through.
The drivetrains have been reliable.
He drives them the same as the other brands he's been assigned.
From a chassis and drivetrain perspective - the Ford,Chev, and Dodges have had similar lifespans.
The bodies on the trucks he's had are a different story. The Ford and Dodge bodies hold up reasonably well.
The Chevies look like hell.

I was going to buy a GMC Sierra a few years back. The economic downturn, and subsequent bailout of GM pushed me away from buying one.
The other reason is seeing how they held up in extreme use. I'd never submit a truck to the jobsite abuse that my brother's work does, but it gives me an accellerated view of what a truck might look like in 10 years of "normal" use.


Enlighten me, please. Why do you refuse to buy from General Motors?

You mentioned:

"I was going to buy a GMC Sierra a few years back. The economic downturn, and subsequent bailout of GM pushed me away from buying one".

I want to hear your point of view from real truck buyers, not some pansy posting his/hers fanboism.


So what if GM took a govt loan to stay in business. do you think ford wouldn't have done the same thing to stay in business if they had to. Or are you going to say ford wouldn't have taken a loan and would have gone out of business first and left thousands of employees out of a job. Chrysler also took a loan to stay in business and I don't hear you ford lovers bashing them. Chrysler was bailed out in the 80's and paid the loan back. Harley Davidson was bailed out in the 80's when the govt. put tarrifs on any bike from over seas that was over 700 cc's.

So to all you self righteous people bitching about GM taking a loan to save jobs get over it. What you want them to do, go out of business. Yea, that would do wonders for the country and affected millions of people across the country.
The govt. also loaned the banks millions and billions to stay afloat. I don't see you ragging on the govt for that.

For the record GM is paying the govt back and it was in the country's best interest to keep GM and Chrysler in business and not let the economy go into a tailspin.

@ Frank - from an ideological perspective I believe a government's job is keep it's citizens safe from internal or external dangers whether they be physical or financial. They make the laws, and they enforce them.
Big business and banks should not of been allowed to conduct themselves in a way that lead to the near gloabal financial collapse. If businesses cannot survive without bailouts then they should of been allowed to fail.
Loans and incentives to business are a different matter.
Ford executives saw that they needed to change how they do business and implemented those changes much more quickly than the competition.
I just read that when Ford went to Washington with GM and Chrysler - they were not looking for a bailout but inquiring about a line of credit. (Remember loans bet paid back - bailouts are a different entitiy).

Even if I removed political socio-economic ideology from the equation - the more carefully I researched trucks, the more I liked the F150.
Jd Power gives it comparable durability ratings to Tundra(both highest in their class), JD Power gives the F150 higher initial quality ratings than the Tundra.
The Sierra and Silverado scored differently in initial quality?
Aren't they the same truck made on the same assembly line?
The features available in the F150 are rated better than those of the competiton.
The F150 also has features that the competion do not have - 6.5 box in crewcab, flat rear floor in crewcab, retractable side and tailgate step, and Sync for example.
Despite having a smaller HP premium engine (prior to 2011) the F150 still won every test I've read.
The F150 was also the best fit for my wants and needs.

Finally - like i just posted about my brother. The body and trim holds up better than the Chevy.

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