Spied! 2011 Global Ford Ranger T6 Regular Cab Pickup Truck

Spied! 2011 Ford Ranger T6 Regular Cab
Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company, PickupTrucks.com

Ford has already introduced the all-new 2011 Ranger "T6" global midsize truck that won’t be sold in the U.S., but we’ve only seen official photos of the crew-cab version. Now, our spies have snagged the first pics of the two-door regular cab Ranger.

The global Ranger is about 90 percent of the size of today’s F-150 half-ton, Ford says. While it’s a bit tough to judge those dimensions in the four-door configuration, this heavily camouflaged single cab Ranger appears to be generously sized. We don’t know the pickup’s official dimensions, but we estimate the cargo box is about 7 feet long. Even with the Ranger in disguise, we think the proportions look spot on.

Ford says the T6 Ranger is the most capable small pickup it has ever built. It will go on sale next year in 188 countries.


Three engines will be available, including a 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder with up to 276 pounds-feet of torque and a 3.2-liter inline-five-cylinder with a robust 346 pounds-feet of torque. There’s also a new 2.5-liter Duratec four-cylinder gas engine that Ford says will have more power than its major competitors and is flex-fuel capable.

The T6 Ranger will achieve a significantly increased payload capacity of up to 3,306 pounds on selected models. While Ford has not announced the truck’s top towing capacity, it says towing will be “exceptional.”

Ford also reports that the Ranger will come with a variety of final drive ratios, from a stout 3.31 ring and pinion to an amazingly short 5.30 rear axle.


188 Countries but the US ain't one!!!

Thats because the US has no significant light truck segment left..

10 years ago Ford sold 300K Rangers per year and GM with its S10's were not far behind. Flash forward to now and the entire light truck segment for this year has barely topped 200K units across Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissian, etc..

When you sell 50K domestic units or less annually it is not worth it to the manufacturer to design, build and support the vehicle, especially when the vehicle is on the lower cost of the spectrum.

Its all about economics..

Yes, it may be economics, but with the right marketing, they could sell many of these trucks in the US. A four or five cylinder truck could be much more economical than an F-150. They could have it getting 30 mpg without any problems and this would go a long way toward meeting the future CAFE standards of 35 mpg.

I got laughed at for saying it but trucks the size of the new T-6 may well become the new "full size" within the decade. That new 35.7 mpg fleet average now includes light trucks. Either they sell the heck out of Fiestas and Volts to offset full size trucks or they make full size trucks smaller and more efficient.

Not that Mike L. doesn't have enough to do but I wouldn't mind if he buttonholed all the full size truck makers to see how they view the future and how they intend to meet this standard.

If a small truck was to come here it would have to get much better than 30 mpg. The 2011 EB is going to get around 25 mpg. The next F150 is going to get around 30 mpg.

Why is it called the "global Ranger"? It should be called the "Everywhere but here Ranger"

The current Ranger is all I need..99.9% of the time. Add an oil burner and it would be perfect. update it slightly but the current ranger dosent need billions in investment.. its a truck not a Ferarri theyd sell many more of them this way...IMO

The figures are interesting: For a midsize pickup, it has a payload capacity that is greater than a F150 HD. The current Thai built Ranger has a tow capacity of 6,500lbs in diesel form.(The 4 Litre gas V6 engine , that is used for it and the US Ranger is not suitable for towing)So what can"exceptional" be? Those final drive ratios are very interesting

This truck would compete directly with the F150. Ford could call it the F100 to maintain continuity in the "F" series ranks.
I doubt we would ever see it, at least with capacities exceding the F150.
Repeal the "chicken tax" for compact and midsize trucks and the market would explode.
Protectionism just maintains the status quo.

Ford secretly took the bail out money from the govenment with out filing bankrupcy.

WHY do you torture us with news about trucks we will never get here in the U.S.? It's just depressing. I guess the only thing more depressing is if they actually sold it here. Cause then I'd have to see them on the road and know that It would never be worth actually buying one(for me). They look like great trucks. It would probably be great to have one, but there's no way I could justify buying one over an f150 unless it was significantly less money. It would have to get 40 mpg to convince me. The ranger is a great little truck. But you get soooo much more bang for your buck with a half ton, especially if you buy used. I don't know how people buy those expensive small trucks.

Delivery companies everywhere will be buying Tacomas when the Rangers go away.Lost business for Ford.

It's still too big. We need a truck the size of the current Ranger. Most people who have a Ranger don't need something that can haul 16 Tons or so high you have to stand on your tippy toes to reach something in the bed. Ford could clean up if a new SMALL Ranger were built. I know, it's economics because the bigger the vehicle, the more money they make. But you're losing customers Mr. Ford!

Most delivery companies need enclosed moving trucks or vans. Not open box Tacomas that are open to the elements.

Examples: "Best Buy® – an international leader in consumer electronics and entertainment – will soon take delivery of 290 Ford Transit Connect compact utility vans and 738 Ford E-Series vans. The Transit Connects will be used instead of larger cargo vans by Geek Squad technicians who deliver, install and service home appliances. The E-Series vans will be used by those who install and service home theater equipment."



LMFAO @ you.

@Frank, Wasn't me. Someone has taken over my name.

Lou is posting under my name because I said Toyota sales were down 3.3%. Just ignore him.

@Lou, Grow up, buddy.

@ Fred - like I said in the other thread -
if I posted using your name,
the quality of your posts would improve exponentially.

@Lou, Nice try, but I know it's you because you always spell bankruptcy wrong. I'm sorry I ever brought up the sales data to you, everything at Toyota is wonderful, happy now? Just drop it.


Chill out dude! You are acting defensive. You hiding something?

@ Fred there is another Fred. A Fred G. He confessed on the November sales thread.
Ooops. So I spelled bankruptcy wrong. Nice catch.

Fred if you want to debate a topic with me you'd better bring your "A" game.
My point is not to win but bring out the truth.
(and to have fun doing it)

Ford Transit sells less than 50K per year.
Ford Flex sells less than 50K per year.

13 year old design Ford Ranger sells greater than 50K per year in US and Canada.

Arguement that Ranger does not sell in adequate numbers to justify it's sale in US does not make any sense when Ford went to effort to import the Transit Connect from Turkey to US.

Importance of smaller more fuel efficient trucks will only increase in the future due to rising fuel costs and rise in government fuel efficiency requirements. Ford would be wise to continue to participate in the segment instead of trying to play catch up later like they had to do with small cars.

Maybe they could bring the T6 here an call it the F-150-LD instead of HD. that way it would add to the f-150 sales total's. My thing with a big truck it will not fit in my garage with other toys, it is not as manuverable as a smaller truck and I do not need all that room or power. Just tow 3,500 trailer an load it down with huntin gear. The post says FOrd says "this is the most capable small truck they have ever built" I only know of one other small truck Ford has built and they only upgraded it once between 1977 and now which was like in 1993, and they wonder why they lost sales.

I call complete total BS as to this Ranger being 90% of the F150 , its significantly smaller than the F150 , Ford just wants to pawn off the F150 instead .

I think it is a mistake not to replace the current US Ranger. Although sales of compact trucks have shrunk, the Ranger still serves as an entry-level option to get people into new Fords. Now buyers will have to choose between the current generation Focus (which won't be around much longer either) or a used car if they need something inexpensive.

Global Ranger ?

Not sold in the United States or Canada !!

How is that considered Global ?

I hate Ford's marketing ....with words like,Global,Eco...I am so sick of this using of words the uptight,screwed up far left brainwashing words people use !! Next they will have a renewable,sustainable F-250 !!! Good choice would be dropping the Eco from its eco boost engines,that sounds so communist,hippie and lame !!

I'm not sure why Ford and GM are handing the small truck business to Toyota (and maybe Nissan?). It would be cool to see a refreshed Ranger and a refreshed Colorado / S10. It wouldn't take much to hit 30 mpg.

The T6 Ranger is practically an F-150 anyway. No need to sell it in the U.S.. Interesting it will use a in-line 5, just like a Colorado.

Big Bob,
I think that I5 pretty much killed the colorado, I'we owned a 2005 z71 4x4 with 3.5 I5, it was a good truck just little underpowered i thought. But i think that people are a little skeptical about those I5's and Colorado needed a face lift at least 3 years ago.

Again, Ford won't bring it to the US because of the same reason why Toyota won't bring the Hi-LUX, ISUZU their Dmax, Mitsubishi the L200. The only truck that is identical world-wide is the Nissan Nevara/Frontier- the major difference is the 2.5 Turbo Diesel instead of the 4.0 V6.
Ford maybe, just maybe would stuff a 3.7 v6 inside the T6 and bring it to the US is if manother manufacturer will redesign its midsize/compact truck... (5.0 v8 t6 ranger anyone?.....:).

I, like so many posters before me, am frustrated. Every vehicle that I would purchase today is to be found everywhere else but in the U.S.A. What has given the manufacturing world the idea that a clean burning diesel 4 would be rejected by the the compact truck fans. The Ranger in its current form with such an engine would be welcome. Torque and efficiency are key to the compact truck. I believe that Ford and GM have bought into the idea that just because the ladies have become a force in the market the diesel would have a never ending upward battle for sales. Marketing statistics support the fact that women have the last word in many purchasing decisions but how many women are purchasing trucks! How can manufacturers on U.S. soil recognize the popularity of diesel products in Europe and fail to believe that it can't be transplanted here. Get the price right and make it simple and durable.


Since when did burning less gas become a a hippie thing? So non hippies prefer to get less gas mileage? wouldnt a conservitive prefer to conserve? Oh yeah I forgot that the enviroment was a communist. Damn trees always getting in the way!!

Too bad there aren't any other vehicles in the photos to act as reference point. The "global" Ranger looks like a large truck.

@ Roger - funny.

@ Dean - interesting point about female buyers.
There is a stigma in North America about diesels being filthy things.
I've heard that in some areas diesel fuel stations are hard to find. In my area there are many gas stations that have diesel.
Many people would be turned off by having to drive out to the industrial site to fuel up at a truck stop.

Environmental rules are killing the idea of a small diesel.

The best thing for the compact market would be to issue a "chicken tax" exemption to any manufacturer willing to import a fuel efficient small truck.


you better watch talking like that, I got flamed before because I had NO problem with FE requirements imposed on large trucks (nevermind we IMPORT large quatities of our oil). To this date, I still don't. I was accused of being a liberal, commie, greenie, etc even though I drive a gas guzzling F150, and tend to lean to the conservative spectrum of politics. I just didn't CRY like these others do on here about the FE requirements, only the insecure rednecks did. I welcome a Ford Ranger, maybe if Ford would quit catering to the Metro-Rednecks and think every one needs an overgrown, overpriced F150, we would get the Ranger global design. That would be great.


good post, as always. Why do you have the enemies man? Some people hate the truth or what? You know, I have never owned a Toyota and still don't bash ad nausiem like some of these highschoolers on here do.


agreed on your above post. It's all marketing.

Taylor, this might have the underpinnings of a future F150. I would say it would be at least 90% or similar to the Tacoma.

"Since when did burning less gas become a a hippie thing? So non hippies prefer to get less gas mileage? wouldnt a conservitive prefer to conserve?"

Right on. And some enviros like me are gun-owners and conservatives. And I'm so tired of the big-block suburban boys calling anything less not a truck.

Trucks are for WORK. And a small truck can do a heck of a lot of work. Until a good one with a diesel comes on the market, I'll just keep buying clean used trucks while saying "up yours" to the truck-makers who want to sell us $40K yachts.

Just wait for it. Higher oil prices with Chinese demand growing will bring us one of these "global" trucks. I just hope a US firm gets to build it. Forget the Feds telling you what you have to drive: Detroit and Tokyo already do.

@red_4x4 - thanks

Fred & Lou need to chill and lighten up....Truck Trend issue for Jan-Feb 2011, pg 13 discuss' the Newest Ranger - for everyone else...picture shows crew cab with some detailed info. 2007 caught me scrambling to find a 2008 truck that would actually fit in my garage....settled on the Titan 5.6 crew cab because it was the shortest in length of Ford, GM, and Dodge....Was not interested in the "chopped" Tundra; nor that other Toyota model where your feet lay out rather than down....they were all "big bubba nosed" behemoth's...with slopping windshields and almost impossible to see the front over the dashboards.....The Titan was best choice for me....not in love with it, but it's smooth down the road....Get a copy of latest Truck Trend...report on the F-150 ecoboost, plus the 2011 F-150 lineup....

Tacoma's are the back bone and work horse of my lawn bussiness. I used to own 5 Rangers but Ford walk away form this market. They said that I will trade them in on Fiesta's. Guess what Ford you were wrong. I always said if it don't fit in my lot or get at least 20mph it dosn't sit in my lot. Grow up Ford you need to build veichles that everyone can use and drive. Even in the USA

Look at the ground clearance on this truck (Oxi, that is good for stock right?), sure has to be higher than the slothy new F150's, at least you don't have to run and get a level lift or 2 inch lift on this global truck like the lowrider newer trucks from all makes, except Nissan Titan (the only one to keep an actual off road stance in mind, not luxury buyer).

Most sit like a car compared to my 2001 model F150. I also like the fact the Front End is not gargantuan like the F150 and others, makes it easier to navigate. Another plus for my 2001, shirter, lower front end height.

I'm tired of hearing about this "global" Ranger that is not offered in the U.S. Ford needs to keep the current size Ranger to fit in the average persons garage and freshen it up with a diesel engine and a 6-speed MANUAL transmission. These mfg's are always shoving automatics down our throats cause the younger generation can't text and drive sticks at the same time. Wake-up Ford, not all of us need or want a F-series.

Remember the new global Ranger is about 75% the size of a F150, not 90%. Otherwise Ford wouldn't be bothering with it in the rest of the world either.

From what I've seen on this site and others over the past few months, there are more posts about the "global Ranger" than nearly any other single vehicle. I hope Ford is watching. There is def demand for it to be sold here in the States.

PJungnitsch@ the current Global Rangers are 80%, the new one is a Tacoma or slightly bigger in size.
@ Rich for a "dead brand "it is attracting a considerable number of posts. The Initial story had 150 posts.

Ford needs to bring that truck here,not everybody likes f-150.I think current F-150 is ugly.Good engines,good interior but ugly.This regular cab ranger is a perfect truck for lots of people.

At 90% the size of an F150, it ain't no compact truck. I'd rather see it at about 70% the size. This would also make sense if the primary engine is a 4-cyl and the biggest engine is a 5-cyl. Quite honestly, at 90% the size of an F150, the 5-cyl is likely far too underpowered, though at one time the stock engine was a six.

The point is, as long as these companies keep thinking Bigger is Better, I won't be buying a pickup. I want something sized more like the old Ranger, S-10, Ram 50, etc...
Heck, if it wouldn't destroy the structure of the rig, I'd cut the back half off my Saturn Vue and stuff an old Mitsi box on the back.

I own 1994 Ranger 4.0 4X4 that I have owned since new. It does everything I want it to, is very reliable and I plan on keeping it for a very long time, if not for ever. I don't give a rat's ass if is archaic in structure(It's a truck!) or not. The damn thing just works. Why all the bitching about the current Ranger. Its the only truck(size-wise) in class and it gets good mpg in 4 cyl models. If Ford would invest just a little bit in powertrains nothing could match it in it's current config.

I own a Mazda BT50 (ranger) here in Australia. Great truck but wish for something bigger that we cant get. Would buy f250 tomorrow if i could.

I saw one in Sweden, I thought it was a Ford Sport Trac (sold in the US), untill I heard the Diesel engine.

If this enters production in the US, I'm sure the Sport Trac will be canceled.

As for its size it's similar to the Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado, and Toyota Tacoma. Not as big as the F-150, and a lot smaller than the F-250, 350, 450, and 550.

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