The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty is Motor Trend's Truck of the Year

The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty is Motor Trend's Truck of the Year

Motor Trend has selected the 2011 Chevy Silverado HD as its Truck of the Year.

The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD might not look all that different from the 2007-10 model on the outside, but underneath, almost everything has changed. Both three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks have all-new front and rear suspensions, brakes, axles and fully boxed ladder frames. The latest 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8 is rated at 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque. It can tow up to 17,000 pounds conventionally and up to 21,700 pounds with a fifth wheel.

Motor Trend's test results echo the same high performance we've seen from GM's HD pickups during our 2010 Heavy-Duty Shootout comparison and the Rumble in the Rockies grudge match between the Chevy Silverado 3500 and "Job 2" 2011 Ford F-350, with its 400 hp and 800 pounds-feet 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel.

Other contenders up for MT's Truck of the Year honor included the 2011 GMC Sierra HD and 2011 Ford Super Duty. Motor Trend tested gas and diesel versions of the trucks.

[Source: Motor Trend]


Nicely done chevy....ima ford guy and even like the dodges but the duramax is a great motor!

Nice job Chevy!!!
Back to work Ford!!!


Shouldn't they have waited until the EcoBoost V6 that just spanked the RAM and GM V8's in towing and MPG? Seems like it's a heck of a step in truck evolution, much more than a new frame and some suspension upgrades anyway...

Chevy wins the awards that matter to the public (PUTC, MT) not the others (Popular Mechanics, Wards)

Wow I am shocked not that Chevy won but more that MT did not choose the Ford with all its "NEW" stuff. Good job GM. Next year will be a true test for you!

One UGLY Truck, but good Power train n Motor.. Time for a new Body style??? I'm a chevy fan too, so you don't have to bash me..LOL Since the 2003 n up it gotten ugly styles.. Love my 99 model..

Yes, Yes, Yes, and He double L Yes! Take that all you ford lovers. Ford can boast all they want on horsepower, torque and payload capacities, but the Silverado and the Mighty Duramax Diesel reign supreme and beat fords powerstroke.

Yea, I know ford still is the sales champ and owns 40% of the heavy duty market. That is why GM had to step up their game and make the Silverado HD even more capable. I am sure GM will increase their market share in the HD market.

Silverado Heavy Duty, "Motor Trend Truck of The Year"!!!!!

@Bob: Ford may be sales champ when compared to Chevrolet, but not when compared to GM.

Anyone suprised? These new GM HD's are best in class by a mile...

Looks like Fords pretty new interior didn't save them.....AGAIN!

I'm glad these people are judging off of what a truck should be... instead of making it a beauty contest like all these Ford boys want....

Ford could give the 6.7 another powerboost and it still wouldn't top the Duramax and Allison powerhouse!

Congrats GM, these new HD's are sick!

Good for Chevy. They now have a little something to brag about. Now if they only had a truck to put that motor in they would be even better. That thing is so ugly!

Well good Job GM you've got people eating out of your hand, now if you could get the rest of your company to run like a duramax you might have something.

Does surprise me that it beat the Ford with its overall package but when GM is putting multiple page ads in your magazine every month and more people turning away from print publications you've gotta keep the money coming in some how.

Well that's cool and I'm sure the dmax is deserving of this win. I don't think they are going to gain any market share on ford next year though. Consumers in general just don't trust chevy the way they trust ford these days. And both trucks seem pretty closely matched. There's a strong argument for the chevy as the better truck though(more power, proven reliability of dmax/allison). I've only test driven these new trucks from chevy dodge and ford, but most of my open-minded farming buddies and I all agree we'd take the ford hands down if money was no issue. With that said cummins has got to be the best value. With rebates my friend saved nearly $8,000 (no kidding) on his new cummins over a new chevy or ford. He could put that money into upgrading his truck and make it so much better or buy another nice used vehicle or buy 2500 gallons of diesel!

I have a idea, let's pit the Mighty Duramax against fords eco boost and see who wins. This should be a fair fight because the Duramax doesn't have twin turbo's like the ecoboost has.

My money is on the Duramax.

As expected. It was Ford's to lose and they dropped the ball. Congrats to GM!

Ford actually owns 50% of the HD market fyi and my money says it will stay that way, the american people arent dumb enough to forget how careless GM is at doing business. we have already bailed them out once and it looks as if we are going to have to again. GM is already opening most of its dealers that they closed, they already have 95 days worth of unsold inventory (industry average is 67 days and Ford is closest of the 3 domestic with 71 days worth), and now GM is asking to raise the pay to their top executives again. We all saw what happens when top executives of large companies get pay increases, they give bigger bonuses and have secret "vacations" for top employees such as the wall street ceo's. Hey bob, let it be written and let it be done, GM will need to be bailed out again (with our tax dollars!) within the next decade i can guarantee you that.

Fight socialism, buy a FORD!!!!

Well, congrats to GM And for the people saying the Chevy is ugly, well...that is in the eye of the beholder.

I think this late SD Ford truck is the UGLIEST of all trucks combined, simply due to that HUGE ugly grill they put in it, Bold moves I guess? Ford is putting HUGE grilles in all their vehicles. I guess it gives one the feeling they are in a HUGE vehicle? Dunno......

just upgrade the half tons now and new body style is comen soon git er done gm

l am not mad that the Chevy won, but I was dissapointed that all they said was the Chevy was faster while towing. Which one, gas or diesel? Diesel I assume but they didnt outright say that. Faster than Fords diesel I also assume but they didnt say anything about gas vs gas. Also didnt mention axel ratios. Would have enjoyed the article quite a bit more if they were to have put the time and info into it as mike does for this site. Unless they did and I somehow missed it.

I am beginning to wonder how much influence the federal government is having on this? The Volt, now this...

And don't hand me this crap that the federal government does not influence or manipulates the media, because they do!

No Oxi, the only thing manipulated here is your brain. the govt is not manipulating theses tests or Motor Trends review. So stop with the conspiracy theories.

take the fact GM won and ford lost. have a nice day now.

Kind of figured one of the Generic Motor trucks would win...still woulndt run out and buy one ....I'd take the SUPERDUTY anyday...that HD chevy is the ugliest truck on the road and as far as Ford having a big grille if you notice they all do as they have to so as to get air in to all these big radiators to cool these new powerful motors...and yes Bob SUPERDUTY has 50% market share not 40..

Congatulations to GM with their win.
GMC has proven again that the Duramax and new chassis is a great package.
GM HD engineers seem to be the only division of GM that knows what they are doing.

I don't know if any truck guys will have any respect for the MotorTrend "test".
The MotorTrend "Test" read more like a press release from GMC.

I must be spoiled by the quality of PUTC tests.
Keep up the great work Mike.


The EcoBoost,only beat the Ram because of the lower first gear ratio.....They even said once it hit second gear the Ford couldnt shake the if they started at a higher speed the Ram would walk away from the Ford...Owning a Dodge and a Ford truck...The Dodge's weak part is the transmission shifting(its reliable and long lasting but they need a shifting tranny like the old 727),the Hemi motor is killer,just needs a better adjusted transmission shift points and tranny gear ratio's..

@Jake -
1. leave people with disabilities out of this.
2. learn to spell.
It is bad enough that you make yourself look like a dork by making fun of a disadvantaged group, but you make yourself look even worse by spelling it wrong.

@ Bob - you going to buy a new Duramax?
What do you drive now?

Good Job GM !!

Ford screwed the looks of the H.D trucks,that front is hideous !! Yeah..Yeah Ford fan boys..I own a newer Ford as well...they wrecked the H.D Ford in my honest opinion...


Toyota also got USA Bailout money....

Also in Japan Toyota recieved bailout money from the Japanese government...The Prius was made by Japanese tax payer money !!!!


I call them how I see them...

I know your butthurt Ford lost, its ok, you need a shoulder to cry on?

man, all that hatered... I think ford is working on new sheet metal and their own fully boxed chassis... all the Big Three heavy duty pick up truck are beautiful for my taste. At least Toyota didn't come out with that Hino powered Tundra we saw couple of years ago. If that would happened we would have seen the big three going into a frenzy stuffing REAL RIG diesels into their pick ups...:)

I'm a Ford fan but I have to admit the IsuzuMax is a great engine combined with the Allison tranny.
Ford's first effort was a great one however. This just ups the anny of which Ford and Ram will respond. We all win as consumers with good competition.
I hate to admit it but the best looking truck as of this comment is Ram. Ford and Chevy really uglied up there HD trucks!

So if beauty is in the eye of the beholder (the buyer in this case) wouldnt fords sales numbers back up which truck is better looking and better overall? either that or you are saying that almost half a million vehicle buyers (or 50% of the HD market) are wearing beer goggles and dont know anything about trucks. congrats to gm for winning mtoty, but they dont stand a chance against ford in the real world market right now. ford is on fire right now coming out with new vehicles and engines left and right. oh and cant wait till the bobcat engine comes out and completely dismantles ANY gas engine that chevy has or will have on the market.

so have fun bailing out gm decade after decade cuz they never learn and should just be out-sourced to where they are doing best...china. then they could literally be a commy automaker and could be renamed as the people's gm. ill stick with my class leading everything fords. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case (as it has been for 34 striaght years) the beholders are finding out why ford is on top :)

"... I think ford is working on new sheet metal and their own fully boxed chassis..."

hahaha ford has been using a fully boxed chassis since 1999! GM just now for the 2011 used the fully boxed chassis, so as you can see ford has already been leading in this aspect for about 11 years now, all they need to do is update it

Hay tucker, with posts like yours, I guarantee your a young punk that doesn't know anything but thinks he does. Just because ford owns 50% of the market, doesn't mean the superduty is better looking. You can't handle losing to GM and Chevy so your trying to make yourself feel better with jibberish. GM won and ford lost. get over it and deal with that reality.

If fighting Socialism makes you buy a Ford...Count me out...The Government cant do anything right,Law Enforcement,Military ect.....

The Republicans also bailed out the Auto manufactures,and Ford just about took it,remember......Glad they bailed them out because I would have to join oxi and drive a p.o.s Toyota !!!!

I am not a Liberal,not a global warming believer,not a union worker,not a welfare state nanny chrony but..... you have to loan some money time to time to help out major American industries....In Japan they gave monies to Honda and Toyota,Germany gave money to VW !!!! Man, you wish GM and Chrysler were gone and only Ford was left....Then in a few years when Ford starts to fail...we would have no American auto manufacturers around...Would you like that ?

Remember ,Ford got a loan a few months before the crash,remember they went to the bankrupcy meetings !! Ford just squeaked by !!! The 100 million tax payer money they got from the bailout meetings also helped them !!! Wake up my friend..There is a thing called too far right and too far left.......The middle works for me !! As 80% of the population is middle leaning right !!! No,Libertarian or far right b.s and absolutely no far left crap !!! The world is not warming,the world is not warming !! And for the love of GOD Drill for Oil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let GM,Chrysler,Ford live forever !!

Bob you're calling people young punks who don't know anything about trucks and you want to put the Duramax up against the ecoboost....yeah that makes sense. Thanks for pointing out your knowledge and credibility

Quarter mile:
16.4 sec
Chevy Silverado 2500HD
16.3 sec
(Silverado wins by only .1 sec)

8.3 sec
Chevy Silverado 2500HD
8.3 sec
(tied 0-60!)

Chevy Silverado 2500HD
(Ford stops 5ft shorter!)

If I was trying to figure out which one to buy, I'm still not sold on a Silverado HD. It's basically going to come down to features, interior and dependability where the Ford shines. See above numbers.

Gale Banks made a good point about Fiats ability to make great diesels so the Ram pick-up may sport a totally new engine other than the Cummins when it's all said and done.
Time will tell. I just wish one of the manufactures would put a diesel in there 1/2 ton trucks. All the others will follow. A F-150 Raptor with a diesel would be a nice start!

@Jake - I do not care who won the HD shootout as I'm not planning on buying one.
I like the truth and dislike BS. I prefer the former and you the latter.

@ Miki
@ Tucker
- Ford HD's do not use a fully boxed frame. Only the 1/2 tons are fully boxed.
Ram has fully boxed in 1/2 ton and up to 1 ton trucks with pickup boxes. All of Ram's chassis cab trucks are C-channel.
Gm/Chev are all boxed. Rumor is they may offer chassis cab C-channel down the road as it is more user friendly for aftermarket industrial applications.

Guys should not be commenting on looks as that is totally subjective. If I were to rate the HD's on looks this is how I'd rank them:
1. Ram
2 Sierra
3. SuperDuty
I do not buy on looks alone.
I don't have a preference in the HD ranks because:
A..The PowerStroke is a new engines and as a rule I avoid new designs until proven in the real world.
B..The Duramax GM chassis is excellent but from an ideological perspective I will not buy one until their debt is paid and they prove to me that they are a reliable company.
C.. the Cummins is a proven rock solid engine but I do not trust Ram's track record of reliability. If they continue to make QC improvements under Fiat I might consider one down the road.

For you guys saying that Ford and Toyota took a bailout - a loan is different than bailout. Ford and Toyota paid back those loans.

Read lawn tractor's link carefully. Don't get hung up on the captions or graph.

Ford went to Washington with GM and Chrysler. They looked into the prospect of a line of credit not a bailout. Loans and lines of credit are different than bailouts. The governments of Canada and the USA were not forced to buy majority stake in Ford to keep it alive.

Now let's go to the 1 tons.

1/4 mile:
F350 DRW
16.4 sec
GM 3500 DRW
15.9 sec

F350 DRW
8.3 sec
GM 3500 DRW
7.6 sec

F350 DRW
143 ft
GM 3500 DRW
140 ft

Once again not much of a difference maker to me. Only way you would notice less than 1 second difference is if you like driving with a stop watch. So in the real world it come down to interiors, features and dependability. I also like that the Fords come with 6 air bags instead of only 2 in the Chevy/GM.

I also noticed no tests up hills where the Ford 3/4 ton gas trucks shine. Also no loaded fuel economy where Ford typically has the best fuel economy.

Actually no im not a "young punk" and if you want to play the game of guaranteeing things, then i can guarantee you did not finish high school because as i sit and read all of your posts, it is apparent that you have no grammar skills at all. And did you not see me offer my congratulations to GM on winning the truck of the year? am i happy they won? no, but i will accept it and give them credit when credit is needed, but dont forget that the super dutys have basically been riding on the same platform since 1999, and still almost beat GM for truck of the year, but yes changes for the super duty platform are needed. but i will still say that good thing the ford half tons werent considered in the truck of the year debate considering ford's half tons have never lost a motortrend truck of the year award competition when they are up for it. but again just incase u missed it, i give my congratulations to GM, knowing ford will come back with a strong response.

@Lawn Tractor
Actually i don't classify myself as either right or left, i side with the left on some subjects and i side with the right on some subjects, but this isnt high school government class so there is no need to bring in politics. I was simply stating that i do not support how GM and Chrysler took MY tax dollars to stay afloat, only to start going back to their old selves by reopening dealerships, over stocking unsold inventory, re-raising executives' pay (since we all saw how that worked out on wall street). I do not support bailing out companies that have learned no lesson and are showing they are just headed to another disaster. I support Ford because that is the brand i have driven my entire life and thats the brand i will only drive for the rest of my life. I have never had any problems with any of my vehicles and have actually totaled 2 vehicles with my current f150 (2004) while obtaining no damage to my truck besides a broken tail light and a scratch on the bumper. They prove year in and year out with their sales numbers of why they are #1. They actually listen to their supporters and offer the best package of power, comfort, and capability, and they dont make their things cheap like GM's foil thin sheet metal and rinky dink interiors. I also support them because in my eyes they the automaker are making the greatest strides to abide by the fuel regulations while still giving the consumers what they want, power and excellent fuel economy.

I totally agree with you. The spec numbers are so close that it could almost be called a tie but in GM's favor in some espects. But once you factor in features and technology and interior, its no question that ford shines.

Chevy/GM beat Ford in towing, and that's great until you're stuck on the side of the road broken down. I've never given much credence to MT awards because too many times I've seen them pick unreliable vehicles.

I did extensive research into purchasing a new truck and Ford wins because they are more realiable than Chevy/GM, Dodge/Ram, or even the Toyota Tundra. I'm basing that on repair history submittted by truck owners through Consumer Reports surveys. If you don't subscribe to CR, go to the library and look at the April issue to see for yourself. F-150 - V8, 2WD - predicted reliabilty: better than average. Closest comparison - GMC Sierra 1500 - V8 2WD - predicted reliability: average.

Don't come back and say that Consumer Reports is biased because you will only show how ignorant you are. CR is about as far from biased as you can get. They don't take advertising money from anyone, but MT is in the business of making a profit by taking advertising dollars from everyone.

Ford also wins because of Fuel economy with the more than capable Ecoboost engine. And lastly, Chevy trucks are butt ugly. Chevy screwed up the design with the slanted headlights back in 2003, and it hasn't gotten any better since.

I've owned 7 Chevy trucks in my life, but I've never owned one single Ford product, so I'm not a Ford fanboi. I simply used my brain, did the research, and applied logic.

As soon as the Ecoboost is available for the F-150 I'm heading to the dealership to begin negotiating.

gm win the diesel because ,the truck is build to pull.and the frame is top of the line,witch part ford dont understand....yes you have a good new engine,6,2,and the 6 turbo,,,enjoy your victory for gas engine because like the diesel gm and doge coming whit new engine,and dont forget ford for years never have a good engine,exp the v10.

imagine the new gm,and chevy whit the new diesel,and gas engine coming soon,,,,gm have more knowledge in diesel and trany compare to bring the 4,5 diesel on the market....for half ton....we dont need a twin turbo gas,,,watch this after the v6 hit 100,000 k,the value go down fast..

Ford guy here and knew this was going to happen. Ford has the same dam bed as the 99' models have plus they made the new dually fenders ugly like an Dodge's from 20 years ago. Wake up Ford. all the attention for new sheet metal only goes to the F-150? Doing nothing but nose jobs and new interiors for over a decade like back in the 80's and 90's? thought you where past that. Are know you are #1 by a long shot right now in sales but that will change if you keep this up. I will stick to my F-150 for now untill you make a "All New" from the ground up model.

fords habit of changing a little headlight here, add a crease there n call it an all new truck. ala ranger ring a bell. the f150 didn't change since '04, the superduties didn't change since '99. they just changed a little bit here n there n call it new truck. the shape n contours of the entire truck remains the same.

papa whiskey

i hate to say this, but you talk about CR being non biased and the ford having better reliability yet you quoted PREDICTED RELIABILITY......... UM thats not what really happened thats what CR "believes" will happen. the TRUTH is that ford is NOT the most reliable truck. i'm not gonna post any links just look back at your CR for ACTUAL reliability.

example; ford fusion "supposedly" has the highest predicted reliability for that class, yet the REAL numbers of problems showed that a 2007 camry with 100,000 miles has the SAME quality as a NEW fusion. "predicted" means squat thats all i'm saying.

I've never seen a bigger group of sore winners than these chevy fanboi's. Wow what a crowd of 10 year olds that GM has cheering them on.

From a Ford guy I will say, Good work G.M.!

Apparently, judged by automotive guys and not truck guys, the Chevrolet was the better truck.

Will this help G.M. sales...they might sell a hundred or two more now?

Will this hurt Ford much...I doubt it? Ford will continue their record sales!

Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors will always have better trucks (and cars) than the foreign jobbers!!! Not just perceived to be better (by anti-American/foreign loyalists); like Toyoda, Honda, etc...

I am happy as long as one of the three AMERICAN car companies prevail! Like the Chevrolet/G.M. tag line a couple of years ago..."This is our country"

I am a dodge guy but gm deserves this! nice job chevy!

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