Video: Ford F-150 EcoBoost Race Truck Hits the Baja 1000


Ford has released the final webisode of its F-150 EcoBoost V-6 Torture Test series, and it's probably the best video yet.

Mike McCarthy and his F-150 EcoBoost Baja racer take on the Baja 1000 in the grueling Mexican desert. It doesn't get any tougher than this. Check out the 1,061-mile odyssey below!


The only complaint I have is, why wasn't this truck closer to stock in suspension and tire size?

That would have been a REAL test to see if the close to stock truck could pull it off. With smaller tires and less suspension travel, closer to stock that is, this truck would have recieved a closer to REAL world test for the motor and tranny.

Because this video obviously wasn't about the truck's capabilities, it was purely about thrashing the engine on a series of tests and proving its durability.

@ oxi if the tires where smaller and suspension travel was less the truck would have gone a lot slower and the motor would have worked alot less. this is more of a torture test than a stock truck would have been

Oxi, I agree with Bobsled80. When I went to 285/75/16's on my F150, I felt a power decrease for sure, not much, but noticable. I would think the extra load created by the tires would give it more of a beating.

Oxi, give Ford credit here, they are trying something in the full size truck market no one else is trying. i am skeptical myself, but that skepticism is being removed further and further as time goes on with this engine. Ford doing great things with their trucks (even though I couldn't pay what they want for their trucks), doesn't constitute any down play on the part of Toyota. Doesn't change Toyota any, just gives them some competition.



Just cause I can't afford one!

I will admit so far this engine is holding up better than I EVER expected BUT lets see what happens when it get into the real world when no one changes there oil, does not allow cool down time on the turbo's and where Johnny Redneck treats it like a Mustang from street light to street light towing his 12000lbs trailer!

I agree with Alex and bobsled. The test was for the engine, not the tires.

@ oxi if the tires where smaller and suspension travel was less the truck would have gone a lot slower and the motor would have worked alot less. *this is more of a torture test than a stock truck would have been*
Posted by: bobsled80

Excellent point.

Also, the engine already had a bunch of miles on it already. I recall when the idea to run the Baja was announced, people were saying it was going to blow up. Not only did that not happen, it's running fine and ready for another 160k.

Why would anybody be afraid of this engine? There's no new technology here. It's just new to a fullsize pickup.

Ford: Put this engine in the "regular" Raptor and I'll order one tomorrow!!!

I am impressed by the durability and fuel economy.

Hold on hold on here folks; every time that engine gets replaced into a new truck that new truck has a new transmission. Ford is this really real world results, wait a minute one engine and I think 4 transmissions now yeah it’s typical Ford news. Go figure, let’s have the boys at GM do a real world demonstration and show Ford what real world results are. Wait a transmission replacement at 60,000 miles is typical real world results; sorry guys my bad I guess Ford was doing a real world test.

Hold on yourself. The engine doesn't get a new truck/tranny after every test.

First, they took the engine that had 150 thousand miles of dyno stress and installed it into a F150. Then Ford drove 1900 miles to haul timber. Then they drove another 3300 miles to do 24 hours of Nascar track testing towing 11,300 lbs for 24 hours straight. Then they did the head to head test at Davis Dam. This was all using the same trruck.

Then the engine was taken out with all of that wear and put into the truck set up for the Baja 1000. That was the only time a new truck was used.

Looks odd the way they sped up the video to make the truck look like it's going faster than it really was over the bumps.

They said 1/3 of the vehicles failed to finish. Hmmm. What they didn't tell us was 1/2 of the Ecoboost trucks failed.

I think it will be a good engine for many. I just hope it lives up to the hype.

@Ken - There were 2 EcoBoost trucks and they both finished. Both EcoBoost trucks are now also listed as official finishers by Score.

The 2nd EcoBoost truck you are referring to was discussed in the comment section of an earlier post (see below.) SCORE extended the time for several cars and trucks that were caught in a booby trap built by fans in the closing hours of the race. Additionally, the 2nd EB also could have finished earlier but was on a different mission stopping to help out other trucks along the way, towing trucks out of ditches, etc.

See for yourself....
"As a memeber of Randy Merritt's Race team, our 5.4 engines have an average of 4 mpg on race day and Randy drives it very hard and to date has had very few problems in almost 7 years. We built this new truck and only put approximately 40 mile of testing on the Silver Ford F-150 before going to Mexico so we did not have a baseline to schedule fuel stops. We used our old truck as the baseline and were very impressed by its fuel economy in race conditions. Most trucks need several hundreds of test miles to see wear for possible issues and correctly get the suspension valved and tuned, but we did not have that luxury. The truck finished the race and late yesterday we were told SCORE is adjusting the finish line closing time for several cars and trucks who got caught in man made holes causing severe lose of time. For Randy Merritt's race report visit in next few days as we will get it up as soon as possible.
The Eco Boost engine performed very well and still runs great! Posted by: Draper"

"On Score International's web-site both Eco Boost trucks are now listed as official finishers and Thank you Lou.
Posted by: Draper"

When is the EPA and Ford going to release the MPG figures?

Guys, your missing the point, smaller tires means less traction and less ground clearance and with less suspension travel.

Sure it will be slower and closer to what a stock pickup would be but it would abuse the engine even more as it struggles to keep momentum and traction with its limited abilities and longer run times to finish the course. Thus more realistic.

Who the heck is going to put 37" tall tires on their pickup anyway?

I had 35" tires on my desert Toyota with just slightly better than stock suspension travel and sure the engine barely budged because I could run over obstacles with my 17" front ground clearance numbers, etc... but if I had smaller tires and less ground clearance I would have struggled through some portions of the course and use the motor even more.

I think Ford makes a great effort here. They really listened to consumers now. Just as the first sceptic note went online i.e "I don't know if it will hold up", these guys came up with this test. I think the next thing is to enlarge it to about 4 liters, just to have even more low down torque and make people more "relaxed" because they have a more proper engine capacity for their truck.
For me, If I had the money I would buy the 5.0 F150 - just for its excellent v8 sound.

@oxi - I have 37" tires on stock rims with only a 2.5 inch level kit on my 2007 F-150. I have used this truck as a daily driver for the past 2 years and yes I tow my 7,000 lb toy hauler with my 800 lb Polaris Ranger in it when we go camping in the desert. The drive train is stock with no modifications and it does fine by me. I have great ground clearance and yes there are a few rub marks from turning. I don't pre-run in it but I do use it in the desert when I need to. Also the trucks used in Baja are Off-Road race vehicles not show room vehicles. We race in Class 8100 or Stock Full on 37" General Grabber Tires, we race the same track after unlimited racers have tore it up using 39" Tires; so we need the 37's for ground clearance and handling. Randy Merritt's Truck uses stock suspension pieces, the only true mod is the Shocks as Randy has used Ford made Rear Leaf Springs since 2004 on his F-150s and yes we leave the ford stickers on them as long as they stay. If you want to challenge any thing I have claimed please visit I'm sure there is a picture or video clarifying it, if not contact Randy, we are proud of our accomplishments with one of the most stock race truck in the class.

After racing with the Eco Boost and watching all these torture tests my wife and I are getting a new F-150 with 3.5l as soon as they are available. My local ford dealer in Parker may get upset with her because she is now going in there once a week to see when she can order it.

Draper, Thanks for your comments. Can you make a statement over here: some think the sound was "doubed" and there are some other crazy comments that I'd like to see your response to as you were a member of the race team.


That's news to me. Then the 2nd EB is an official asterisk finisher. Nearly every contender experiences some form of booby trap. That's the law of the land down there.


37" tires are not stock and why didn't they run in stock full class? Afraid the Lexus or Hummer Alpha would beat it?

If you are gonna claim stock, you better run it in a stock class and not a modded class, etc...

That truck is far from stock overall. The motor may have been but running 37 inch tires means no way is a stock pickup.

I would like to see what it would do with just 31 or 32 inch tires, see how that motor could hold up with less traction, ground clearance and wheel travel. It would have a different (more real) result.


I'm with you because you seem so smart. I don't even believe the world is round. And that moon shot back in the 60's......Hollywood basement. It's all fabrication and lies. Big government likely involved too. Just you wait until these Eco's hit the streets. They'll be blowing up all over the place and litering the highways like a nuclear aftermath. The world will never allow a V6 twin turbo in a truck again. It will be mandated by all. The thing sucks. Ford should just close it's doors right now due to this sure to be failure.

No, they should just put an asterix next to every one of your posts. Like was said the second EcoBoost truck wasn't trying to finish quickly, he was there to help other trucks. He towed and helped so many trucks he forgot how many it was. It is also the rule to extend the times if there is a trap at the end that severely delays everyone. Don't be a hater.

lol @ mike! :)

Yeah Mike, get a life!!

i see mr.wilson didnt go 2 sarcasm class... Lol @nay-sayers


...Oh, forget it! It is not even worth my time.

Just admit that Ford has already proven the strength and durability of the EcoBoost motor and move on.

Maybe Toyoda will come back with some ridiculous advertising/commercials again, like they had when the current Tundra was first released, to help make you feel better?

Whats up with all toyoda junk lovers. they have junk for yrs.
the only thing they can build is cars and they mess that up to at times. look how many trucks frams have roughted out
wake up and open your eyes they are junk. i have owned one for 6 months and it fell a part and that is being nice about it. nice job ford.

@ oxi - you have a knack of shooting yourself in the foot.
Would a stock truck worked the engine harder?
I don't think so.
Smaller tires, less ground clearance, stock suspension = much slower speeds and stuck all the time.
An engine doesn't work very hard when you high center or hang up on the diffs.
It's pretty easy to spin the tires when they are not touching the ground!
Slower speeds - how does that work the engine hard?
I could leave my supercrew in 4 low and in three weeks of crawling at 5 mph finish the Baja 1000.
I doubt that feat would sell many pickups.

wow ford edits these videos as if they were a award winning movie. it makes the videos better that's for sure

@Lou, Mike, Buy American or say Bye to America:

I guess actually racing in 7 desert races myself and many years of off-roading shows lack of credibility? Not!

I have been out there behind the driver's seat in actual desert races during SCORE events. If I had close to stock tire sizes, less ground clearance and wheel travel my pickup would have struggled more to get traction, move over the whoops, silt beds, hill climbs, get up to speed slower, passing street vehicles on the highways, etc...

Since I ran 35 inch tires and had massive ground clearance, I simply ran over obstacles, floated in the silt beds, hill climbs were a breeze, did not have to worry about hitting underneath that often thus did not have to slow down as much from race speeds, etc...

You see, running smaller tires, less ground clearance and wheel travel means more stopping and slowing down for obstacles THUS more work for the motor and drivetrain!

It's like stop and go traffic versus just highway speeds in a way.

Get it now? Like I have said I have been out there in race conditions and speak from experiance not opinion.

Let's end this pissing match and race a stock EcoBoost F-150 against a stock Toyota in the dessert.
May the best truck win!

I recall Oxi saying a 2wd Tacoma could beat a Power Wagon or Raptor off-road in a mud bog.

Ok. Let's make this test happen.

I like the Tacomas. But I don't want to hear a 2wd can out off-road mud a Power Wagon or Raptor. Please.

Merry Christmas.

Now for the Power Wagon:
Could a 2wd Tacoma get through this? No chance.

And the Raptor:

That is all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

People can whine all they want but this was one hell of a test for a motor.

Merry Christmas to everyone who runs this site, reads and posts here.

@oxi, the raptor r has less then 4in more travel front an rear, the control arms mounts are strengthened an different fox shocks.

tires are the same size just different 35" tires from bfg, and a smaller tire is easier on the drivetrain to get up to speed, smaller diam, an less rotating mass. But either way it doesnt matter fords doing what no one else is and your nit picking at the smallest things in an attempt to discredit them where in reality it wouldnt make a difference.


What the heck was the 4Runner in Stock-Mini Class? A Trophy Truck, Ford is NOT the only out there fooling around over the years. Ford has done great things in Baja but to claim they are the only ones, you have a lot to learn. Ever been to a race or competed out there?

I am shocked at the lack of knowledge of off-roading by some posters on here!

When you run a 37 inch tire and the suspension to handle them, the motor is going to have an easier time running through the desert. You will be able to simply run over obstacles, run higher speeds over the whoops and have less slow down or stopping times.

When you run close to stock tires with less capabilities, you will have to slow down more often, even stop more to clear obstacles thus more abuse on the motor and drivetrain.

Ford did a great job but they opted for the 37 inch tires to finish the race in time for marketing then running smaller tires where the truck mtor would have abused itself many more times.

How much off-roading having you guys done over the years let alone Baja racing?


A 2wd Tacoma?

A 4wd Tacoma can hold its own, hint less weight and size with solid ground clearance numbers when compared to the heavier Power Wagon that does not have that much more ground clearance.

My experiance in deep mud/water fire lanes was full-size trucks that did not have at least a 38 inch or bigger tire would get stuck often. And those were all solid axled fronts.

Smaller Toyota pickups with just 33 inch tires would make it through. Why? Simple, ground clearance that could match the larger full-size but without the heavy weight. It's not rocket science, it's common physics and sense.

Why do you think Jeep's and FJ Cruisers do so well off-road?

Smaller, nimbler, less weight, shorter wheelbases, tires far front and rear when compared to pickups. Same applies to smaller pickups when compared to their heavier full-size. The smaller pickups will out perform the full-size off-road because of shorter wheelbases, less weight and better ground clearance numbers to match their weight.

It's not rubbing it in to full-size owners, it's common physics and sense. A smaller pickup will do more off-road than a larger heavier one!

Ford did a great job here, I do not want to discredit everything but if your going to claim stock motor than run the pickup as close to stock including suspension travel, tire size, etc...

That would be a closer to real world test than 37 inch tires and loads of capabilities to run with little interruption down in Baja when compared to a stock vehicle.

So why does ford compare their modified truck to stock vehicles as stated in the video? Stock means stock tires suspension gearing etc... Definitely not what ford brought to the table. Ford already tried this torture test strategy when they introduced the Raptor entering it into the Baja they had to turn off the cameras because the truck performed so poorly. The raptor broke down and was beaten by a stock FJ cruiser as well as a magnitude of other stock vehicles not designed for off-roading. I have no doubt the engine (based on Mazda designs) is very capable of running 1000miles without incident but with the right equipment (air cleaner) etc what engine couldn't. Nice try ford but the aggressive attacking strategy doesn’t work when you compare apples to oranges or when you compare the Ford reputation against an industry leader. Word of advice prove you vehicles first and the market will follow. The majority of people know Ford stands for "Found On Road Dead" which can be attributed to years of subpar vehicles and engines. Good luck Ford you’re on the right track but your marketing trickery won't fool this guy. Steve Mechanical Engineer Minneapolis MN

as i've been saying.... ford does a great job for their marketing strategy. but only the fools n the gullibles would fall for such, n there's alot of them too, lol!!!


"The raptor broke down and was beaten by a stock FJ cruiser as well as a magnitude of other stock vehicles not designed for off-roading."

I have to disagree about the FJ Cruiser. That thing is one solid off-roader, have you ever seen one off-road? Very capable and they are Kelley Blue Book's top 10 best in retaining its value after 5 years and is one of the top 10 in reliability in reaching 200,000 per Consumer Reports...

Steve- Ford HAS proven their vehicles AND the market HAS followed.

The Ford F-Series has been the best selling truck AND vehicle for so many years!

The Ford Mustang has outsold every other pony car since it's introduction in 1964!

The Ford Explorer was the best selling sport utility vehicle for many years!

The Ford Taurus was the best selling passenger car for many years!

The Ford GT 40 beat Ferrari at it's own game in The 24 Hours In Le Mans back in 1966 and 1967.

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