2010 Year-End Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in December 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +27.7% December 2010 54,888 Fseries
528,349 December 2009 48,209

2 Chevrolet Silverado +16.9% December 2010 42,518 Silverado
370,135 December 2009 33,301

3 Ram Trucks +12.6% December 2010 23,241 Ram
199,652 December 2009 12,014

4 GMC Sierra +16.1% December 2010 16,795 Sierra
129,794 December 2009 12,144

5 Toyota Tacoma -4.4% December 2010 10,970 Tacoma
106,198 December 2009 9,497

6 Toyota Tundra +17.5% December 2010 10,013 Tundra
93,309 December 2009 8,870

7 Ford Ranger -0.4% December 2010 4,271 Ranger
55,364 December 2009 4,503

8 Nissan Frontier +42.3% December 2010 3,783 Frontier
40,427 December 2009 2,988

9 Chevrolet Colorado -24.0% December 2010 2,387 Colorado
24,642 December 2009 1,799

10 Nissan Titan +23.0% December 2010 2,193 Titan
23,416 December 2009 2,148

Notable Items:

  • The Ford F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550) is the country's best selling truck for the 34th year in a row and the best selling vehicle for the 29th consecutive year 
  • December was the strongest sales month in the last year for Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, Ram, GMC Sierra and Toyota Tacoma
  • For the first time since 2001, sales of Ford F-Series (528,349) were greater than combined sales of Chevrolet Avalanche, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups (520,444)
  • Full sales report for 2010 coming soon with light-duty versus heavy-duty sales figures


Good job Tacoma holding down #1 spot again!

Ranger, look in your rear view mirror, Frontier is catching you...


For a minute there, I was like, WHAT? But then again I had one of those bright moments and remembered you like the little things.


Good for the Tacoma. However, it is still in decline. I wouldn't wave those Poms-Poms of yours just yet, Homie!

Will be interesting to see how truck buyers absorb the gas price increases. Could have a serious effect on sales, Ford is well positioned at this point with it's newer motors and slightly better economy. I see lots of incentives coming if gas stays high, and it will.

@ Mike L, when do you plan on doing either a half ton comparo or just a thorough look at the new f150 motors.

@bobseld80: We've got a half-ton Shootout planned for June and lots of testing slated for Ford's new 2011 engines.

@ mike L Thanks for the update

"Ranger, look in your rear view mirror, Frontier is catching you..."

Of course it is. Ranger is in its last days, they're probably reducing production rates as we speak.

Besides, it doesn't matter how much the Frontier sells, you're still stuck with its engine options: a V-6 that's powerful and durable but less efficient than an F-150 V8, or a four-banger with manual that gets less mileage than the Ranger does with any transmission, or four-cyl automatic that gets the same exact mileage as a Toyota 4Runner V6 with four-wheel drive.

Check out EPA. No matter which way you slice it, the Frontier's engine options are less efficient than the Ranger's, and the truck itself is big, heavy, and yet has neither a compact truck's efficiency nor a big truck's towing and work capacity.

The Frontier is the only compact showing a decent improvement.
The Ranger is still hanging in there.
I can see why GM want to kill the Colorado.

@ Mike - would you post the statistics on the remainder of the pack?

I'm looking foreward to seeing a breakdown by class.

@ Frank - quote" I wouldn't wave those Poms-Poms of yours just yet, Homie!"


I'm trying to shake the traumatic visual of Oxi in a cheerleader costume doing a Tacoma cheer.

I was one of those Tundra. Purchsed a 2011 CrewMax 2 months ago. I love the truck. Going to add a KORE suspension and Toyo's eventually and out run those Raptors!!! This coming from a Ford man.

@Lou: We'll have sales for every truck in the 2010 final report. Waiting on the data from our friends at JD Power.

Good job, Ford.

Ford beat Toyota to become the US’s # 2 auto maker for the 1st time since 2006.

Ford posted a 19% rise in sales, its biggest increase since 1984, and the biggest increase this year by any full line auto maker, while Toyota recorded a slight fall.

Good job, Ford.

Mike I suggest waiting 6 more months for the next shootout. The 2012 models will be out then, with an upgraded Ram, I even believe a newer GM truck will be out by that time too. Lets give the EB an actual test, instead of testing it against older tech.

Who cares about sales. Ford isn't the best and never will be. If these people read the articles on this site (Rocky Mountain Shootout, Heavy Duty Shootout) people would'nt buy the Super Duty. It's garbage. Ford power ratings and fuel economy are always over blown and are never achieved in the real world. I'm tired of the lies.

yeah mike can you wait until 2020 to test the 2020 Ram against the 2011 Fords. Pretty please...it's not fair. waaaaa!

If people bought heavy duty trucks based on which one is the fastest or which one brakes 2 inches sooner or brakes the loudest, then that would be the dumbest thing I ever heard. BUT people don't buy trucks that way. People buy heavy duty trucks based on Reliability, Dependability, low cost of ownership, Work-Related Features, Comfort, and Techonology. That is why Ford owns more than half the market. Ford has better mileage towing.

@Fred, It's ok to weep.

If anyone is surprised by these results please take steps to ensure you do not breed.

Thank You!


ohh do you need a hug too Fred. Boy, 34 years of people not knowing anything about what they are buying...seems like a stretch to insinuate something like that.

Fred must be filling in for Bob.

NOBODY SOLD MORE TRUCKS IN 2010 than GM PERIOD! Chevy Silverado, Avalanche, Suburban, Express, Colorado, Cadillac EXT, and GMC Sierra, Yukon, Canyon are GM TRUCKS PERIOD. NOBODY GETS BETTER FUEL ECONOMY ON THEIR TRUCKS THAN GM PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that spell it out for you people? These are undisputable facts and are not opinions.

Hey Fred! Where's your brother Bob? Is he doing another Enzyte commercial?

Also don't forget Hummer and Topkick sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know Hummer was discontinued, but they still had sales for GM!!!!!!!!


I heard McDonalds sells the most hamburgers for umteen years in a row. Does that mean they make the best burgers or just the most. I definitely say it's the most. Same as ford they make the most but definitely not the best.

How do I know??? Because GM makes the Best trucks in the world. We all know that. even ford fans know that fact, they just will never will admit it.

There you are Bob. Talking pickups here. Go take another pill and smile! Ford has it all, let it be said, let it be written!


What's your problem? It is a reasonable request. Why test two trucks, which will be unchanged from the last 1/2 shootout, just because just because Ford finally became competitive in the 1/2 field.

It would make more sense to do the shootout with all 3 major players having new tech, not just 1.

Besides if the EB is everything it is suppose to be, it should have no problem outperforming the ancient pushrod V-8s, even with there upgrades.


The trucks that are tested is what the Mfg. is currently offering and selling. It is not Ford's fault the rest are behind. When GM/RAM have new motors and more HP then Ford will be behind. See how it works. Compeitition is great for the consumer, but sux for some fanboi's like BOB.

@ Bob - first you said - "NOBODY SOLD MORE TRUCKS IN 2010 than GM PERIOD! Chevy Silverado, Avalanche, Suburban, Express, Colorado, Cadillac EXT, and GMC Sierra, Yukon, Canyon are GM TRUCKS PERIOD."

Then you said" I heard McDonalds sells the most hamburgers for umteen years in a row. Does that mean they make the best burgers or just the most. I definitely say it's the most. "

GMC sells the most trucks.

MacDonald's makes the most burgers.

Does selling the most make them the best?


Thanks for clarifying the whole issue.

"Besides if the EB is everything it is suppose to be, it should have no problem outperforming the ancient pushrod V-8s, even with there upgrades" - Toidi

It sure did beat the Ancient 5.3L GM and 5.7L Hemi in their upgraded 2010 Trucks!


What a twit! LMFAO


Why test trucks that have already been tested in a shootout once before? The old trucks will test similar to what they did last time. Why waste the time testing the old trucks again if they are going to give the same numbers.

If Mike wants to see how the EB compares to the old trucks, just test it, and compare to the old tests. I want to see new tech vs. new tech, and I bet most of the reading would too.


Applause that Ford finally won back the U.S. market from Toyota thanks to GM and their fabrications but globally speaking, why is Ford still behind Toyota?

Why can't Ford sell more around the globe?


I want a good off-roader to build upon from the factory and full-size is too big and heavy and the Tacoma competition is lacking in off-road ability.

Bob - here are some more stats for you.

The auto sales figures you see here are year-to-date through August 31/2010.

Best-Selling Overall Automotive Brand
Ford: 1,155,713
Chevrolet: 1,052,773
Toyota: 988,992

Best-Selling Car
Toyota Camry: 220,061

Best-Selling SUV/CUV/Crossover
Ford Escape: 128,507

Best-Selling Truck
Ford F-Series: 338,446

Best-Selling Luxury Cars
BMW 3-Series: 64,450

Best-Selling Luxury SUV/CUV/Crossover
Lexus RX: 60,476

Best-Selling Luxury Automotive Brand
Lexus: 145,490

Bob - did you notice any pattern?

I'll give you a hint


The new Ram and GM won't be out to 2013/2014 so you can forget the waiting just 6 months. It will be closer to 2 years before those tests are done. If you don't like this test, then don't read it.

Why can't Toyoda build a car/truck that REAL automotive enthusiasts want?
How many Toyoda car clubs are there compared to clubs for Chrysler, Ford, or General Motors?
How many Toyota related magazines are there compared with Mopar, Mustang & Fast Fords, or Super Chevy?

Toyoda is good at making throw away vehicles that nobody will want, found around the globe, for junking after a few years.

Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors make vehicles that Americans will want to hold on to for 10, 15, 20, etc. years. Think Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Shelby, Camaro, Corvette, etc.

Way to go Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, and G.M.C.!!!

Hey imports...who's your daddy?

@ Mike L.

Please close the comments section on this blog before more people make fools out of them selfs.

@Buy America:

I wouldn't call Toyotas 'throwaway cars', just exceptionally boring cars. A Camry is like a dishwasher.

And Toyota USED to make really cool cars-they still do, really, just not in North America. I'd do dirty, dirty things for a JDM/Aussie market Hilux or Land Cruiser 70 (NOT the standard Land Cruiser).

And, to be fair, a lot of American cars are pure crap-for every Challenger or Charger, there's a dozen Sebrings, K-Cars, Stratuses or Compasses.


"NOBODY SOLD MORE TRUCKS IN 2010 than GM PERIOD! Chevy Silverado, Avalanche, Suburban, Express, Colorado, Cadillac EXT, and GMC Sierra, Yukon, Canyon are GM TRUCKS PERIOD. NOBODY GETS BETTER FUEL ECONOMY ON THEIR TRUCKS THAN GM PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Question for you, why do you consider the Suburban, Express, and the Yukon trucks. Ill give you the Avalanche and Cadillac EXT but they do not sell more trucks than Ford. They just don't. Every month you send the same post and you say the hamburger thing and in that statement your argument makes no sense then at all. You say GM makes the best trucks then you say just because McDonalds sells the most burgers dosent mean they are the best. " In 2010, sales of Ford F-Series (528,349) were higher than combined sales of Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra (520,444)" that is from the pickuptruck.com Facebook site, i do not think that even with the Cadillac sells enough to make a difference. Thats all i have to say.

The problem with mid-size trucks, Tacoma included, is still fuel economy. How is it that a truck that weighs over a thousand pounds less and comes up 80hp short, still use 95% as much gas as the full size. That and the minimal savings only leave the preferred handy size as a reason to down-size. Then again, the T6 Ranger w/ a 4cyl eco boost would probably do quite well.


And if you include Cadillac and BOF SUVs in that equation, then you also need to include the BOF Lincolns and Ford SUVs.

Here, let's do this:
F-Series: 528,349
2010 (Pre-CUV) Explorer: 60,687
Expedition/Expedition EL: 37,336
Navigator/Navigator EL: 8,245
Mountaineer: 5,791
Ranger: 55,364
Total: 695,952

Silverado: 370,135
Sierra: 129,794
Tahoe: 75,675
Yukon: 28,781
Suburban: 45,152
Yukon XL: 23,797
Escalade: 16,118
Escalade ESV: 8,674
Avalanche: 20,515
Escalade EXT: 2,082
Colorado: 24,642
Canyon: 7,992
Total: 753,357

So, GM sells about 57,000 more 'trucks' than Ford. However, they also offer at least one vehicle that Ford no longer competes with (Escalade EXT), and, by duplicating all of their vehicles at least once, are probably losing all the additional income of selling that many more in maintaining multiple dealer networks, parts suppliers and such.

Its always interesting to see the PUT.com end of the month sales #'s not only because of the sales but because of the flairing comments. By the way every1, I think Bob is just saying to say what he will to get attention, I don't think that many people could be so ignorant as to actually post comments like that. He's trolling for the fun of it yo.

Also props to Lou, his comments make sense and I love how he breaks down bob.

hey fred i have seen a stock ford windstar out pull a dodge super duty


Yeah I agree, I too for sometime have thought that Bob is no more than a troll. Maybe even just a disgruntled GM fan. When I first read his comments I wondered how can someone be that stupid? I mean seriously. So I sent him a few replys ''via comments'' and he never sent me a response so whatever.

I also wanna give props to Lou, I personally enjoy reading Lou's comments shooting Bob down. Its quite comical actually.

Man I wish there was a way to keep these young kids like BOB from posting. They need time to grow up. Someday maybe when they're old enough to learn a little about the actual parts of these trucks and how they work they'll be able to appreciate a truck for what it is and not just for what symbol it has on the grill. I understand it's easy for even an automotive expert to be a little biased towards a particular brand but some people are just ridiculous.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Their are plenty of Tacoma or Toyota pickup magazine, forums, etc... out there. Enough to get ideas and share stuff with.

Toyota was building compacts back in 1963, about 20 years before the U.S. brands did and Toyota had the industry's first 4wd in class back in 1979 before the competition could even make their own small pickup let alone from Isuzu, Mazda and Mitsubishi help!

I wouldn't bark down Toyota's small pickup, they have a solid reputation and solid history with a loyal following when compared to the Ranger, Dakota or Colorado!

You can rip on the Tundra all you want but the Tacoma is in a class by itself. Sales leadership and best in retaining value over 5 years is evidence of this!

Their are more Toyota off-road built pickups out there than Rangers, Dakota's or Colorado's. The reason is simple, it is easier to mount larger tires or build good suspensions on a Toyota Tacoma than the competition.

If your gonna build an off-roader as an example, it will be less expensive to build a Tacoma vs. the competition let alone parts availibility out there for a Tacoma. Their is a huge after market for a Tacoma when you compare it to the domestic brands in class.

Just 1 example, their are more...

not that it makes a big change... but what are the sales for F-series w/o the 450 and 550?

The simple reason ford sells more trucks is they include vehicles that are much larger than pick ups that can be used for 40,000 lb. box trucks and f150's don't last as long as GM trucks and are replaced more frequntly than GM. IF there is a flaw in GM it is their high quality. My 99 Sierra is nowhere near ready to be replaced and when I had it in for the oil change the service attendent could not find anything wrong with it. Sorry GM, if I'd bought a ford or toyota I'd had to replace it twice by now but another 12 years will be easy with GM.

@Jumber -
Simply not true. The F450 and 550 are the same size as the F350 dually and 3500 ton duallys from GM.

Dodge Ram also sells the same 450 and 550 trucks.

And no these trucks can't be 40,000 lb box trucks - those are medium duty trucks (F650 & F750) which are not included in the totals. Max GVWR on a F550 is 19500 lbs.

If you like, you could take out the F450 and F550 and Ford would still be the sales leader.

Basically what you are saying is GM doesn't have as wide of a variety of heavy-duty work pickup trucks as Ford and Ram to meet customer's needs.



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