2010 Year-End Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in December 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +27.7% December 2010 54,888 Fseries
528,349 December 2009 48,209

2 Chevrolet Silverado +16.9% December 2010 42,518 Silverado
370,135 December 2009 33,301

3 Ram Trucks +12.6% December 2010 23,241 Ram
199,652 December 2009 12,014

4 GMC Sierra +16.1% December 2010 16,795 Sierra
129,794 December 2009 12,144

5 Toyota Tacoma -4.4% December 2010 10,970 Tacoma
106,198 December 2009 9,497

6 Toyota Tundra +17.5% December 2010 10,013 Tundra
93,309 December 2009 8,870

7 Ford Ranger -0.4% December 2010 4,271 Ranger
55,364 December 2009 4,503

8 Nissan Frontier +42.3% December 2010 3,783 Frontier
40,427 December 2009 2,988

9 Chevrolet Colorado -24.0% December 2010 2,387 Colorado
24,642 December 2009 1,799

10 Nissan Titan +23.0% December 2010 2,193 Titan
23,416 December 2009 2,148

Notable Items:

  • The Ford F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550) is the country's best selling truck for the 34th year in a row and the best selling vehicle for the 29th consecutive year 
  • December was the strongest sales month in the last year for Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, Ram, GMC Sierra and Toyota Tacoma
  • For the first time since 2001, sales of Ford F-Series (528,349) were greater than combined sales of Chevrolet Avalanche, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups (520,444)
  • Full sales report for 2010 coming soon with light-duty versus heavy-duty sales figures


I think Mike L. likes to see the comments while having his popcorn.

All in all glad to see the big 3 improve.

Jumber - your one dimensional account about the superiority of GM is interesting. I reckon the guy with 1.25m miles on his '97 E150 w/original engine might feel the same way about Ford. Anyway GM is heading your call and making the latest pickups of inferior sheet metal thickness and cheap interiors.

I sure Ford does not follow this "lead" and cheapen the next gen F150....as it stands the current Fords are overbuilt tanks. Need proof look at the frames, front end structure, body mounts and bed bolts...king size (and heavy) compared to the competition

Just think if Ford would come out with a F100 or F50 then there would not be any dispute of who sales the most. But then again if GM could build a half decent mini-Sierra and Dodge a Ram50 then it would all be even again. Just wishing.........


The eco-boost didnt beat the Hemi in performance !!!
A QuadCab Ram runs 6.1 0-60....A heavier, CrewCab loaded,rambox equipt,4x4 Ram runs 6.4 0-60..And a Ram R/T best excellerating truck is in the mid to low 5 second range..and they run 13.60's at the track bone stock,spinning !!! The Hemi blows the doors off any Ford.. Hell the Hemi gets 18-21 average mpg a mix of city and hwy driving....

As you say the Camry is a dishwasher,well I bought a new house,new dishwasher and it crapped out after 1.5 years..Just like a new Camry,the v-6 engines internals fail and then the previous ones lasted 20,000 miles due to 4 million engine sludged toyota's...throwaway cars,YES !!!

Actually imports make more throw away cars and unreliable cars !!!! Honda's have bad timingbelts,engine that crack in half,bad transmissions...Toyota has well bad welds,rust,blowing up 5.7 engines,blowing up 4 cyl and 6 cyl engines from the get go !!! Shattering side glass,cracking tailgates ect....Also imports made more butt ugly cars and still do,juke,Cube,Element,Yaris all butt ugly !! And the stanza,Multi,Civic,Camry any Subaru any year are hideous,look at a 90's BMW or Mercedes interiors...Yikes those were ugly !!! And super hard seats !!! all hideous from now and back to the 70's !!! Sure a very few nice looking cars,but then their reliability is very bad for the long term,unless you want to sink major cash into it all the time..

A K-car goes and goes it has a smooth ride 30 mpg,was a reliable low cost transportation (the bad Chrysler's have the Mitshubishi engines)..Chrysler got a bad rap from Mercedes with the lower end models with cheaper materials,from the 06-10 models..Now no more !!! The praise the new Chrysler products,best interiors,handling,performance in the business..


You completely lost it, so I'm going to shoot you down. If you do a little research you wouldn't sound like such a twit.



3.5L V6 TT beat the 5.7 Hemi. Look at the results.

FYI, 2011 'Stang 5.0L GT beats 6.1L Hemi Challenger with a smaller motor.


Challenger and Camaro are turds compared to the Stang.

GM/Chryco need a couple more years to refine those cars.



Do you own a Truck?

@deity anybody that says a hemi can get 18-21 with mixed driving either doesnt know how a calculator works or just really made the rest of their comments irrelevent

@ Diety - the same tired old anti-Japanese quality complaints surface time and time again.
Can't you come up with anything original?

Ironic - Dodge guys blame suppliers for their problems but Toyota guys are raked over the coals for the same argument.

My wife and I had a Dodge Grand Caravan. It was in the dealership 3 - 4 times a year for warranty work (even in the first year).
It didn't have a japanese engine or tranny.
We had a few friends with the same year and model and they had exactly the same problems.
Our Sienna has been flawless. The only dealer visits were for oil changes and a flat repair.
Subaru has one of the highest quality ratings of any new product.

Go to JD Power and see where Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep rate as a brand for quality and reliability.
They are close to the bottom of the list.

Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Subaru are at the top of the list.

@ Mike
@ Don

I have a question, What defines a "truck?" Is it the base its on or what, this is something i have never been really clear on. I know some of the Suburban are on 2500 frames correct? Just please clear this up, I just don't consider the explore and Yukon trucks but if they meet the definition of a truck then ok. Not trying to argue just clarification.


How about this?

We all know that the Tacoma is a good truck, in it's class. This should be easy to admit.

The Ranger, a little dated, is also a good truck. I am pretty sure that, if Ford kept updating the Ranger (essentially the same truck since 1993); like Toyota has done about three times and Nissan two times in that time frame, the Ranger would be at the heels of the Tacoma. Look at how the Ranger still beats the Frontier in sales.

It should also be easy to admit that the F-Series, Silverado, and Ram are good trucks in their class.

Jeep Wrangler is the leader in it's class.

The bottom line is this: Why keep bashing the full-size trucks because they are not designed for the same purposes as the Tacoma?

Let the full-size trucks enjoy their fame, as Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors try to broaden their product offerings (Power Wagon, Raptor, Sierra Off-Road), without putting them down because they are not Tacoma sized.

I recall from the Kia Soulster thread that the definition of a p/u came up in discussion.
Here are a few exerpts:
What is the formal definition of a pickup truck?
Here are 2 definitions I found:
1. A pick-up truck or van is a four- or six-wheeled motor vehicle designed primarily for carrying property, weighing less than the local limit for classification as a heavy goods vehicle, and not requiring a special driver's licence.
2. pickup: a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard
Posted by: Lou N | Dec 8, 2009 1:55:47 PM

Here is Mike levine's definition:
"I count most vehicles with a level load floor (the seats fold down flat in the Soulster) and an open cargo box as pickups. I say most because if the box is too abbreviated proportionally to the rest of the body, like the Hummer H2 SUT, its a judgement call. The Soulster also has high cargo box sides. I dont consider the Suzuki Samurai to be a pickup or the recent Suzuki Basket concept. The Soulster is just to the side of where I draw the line.
Posted by: Mike Levine | Dec 8, 2009 7:03:04 PM

Ford is also #1 in Canada taking the fist place spot from GM. Sales have been strong for all the manufacturers in Canada though. You see the most truck sales in Alberta where 1 out of 3 vehicles sold is a truck. Mike, have you got any sales numbers for trucks sold in Canada?


So all of those SUV's and Truck's you would consider Trucks then? I just have a problem calling most of those trucks, but that is just me. I do understand that the Expedition and Yukon can tow a good amount but i still do not see them as Trucks if that makes sense, again not trying to argue just want a clear answer. Thank you for the answer.

I guess I should have looked at the latest post on PUT before I wrote anything.

- A Suburban or anything enclosed is not classified as a p/u truck.
- A van has a similar definition as a p/u truck but is enclosed therefore not a p/u.
It has to have an open bed and "tailgate".
An Avalanche, and Ridgeline would meet the definition.
Technically a Hummer SUT meets the definition. The Hummer is no longer relevant as GM doesn't make it any more.

i guess we all know what a oxi-moron is . or what a moron oxi is. he never heard of the Nash built in the 50's. an as far as big tires on the tacomas, thats just boys playing with there toys, they wouldnt know a good AMERICAN WORK truck if i ran them over. ever hear of big foot. when we lose this beautiful country of ours that our founding farthers bled to build for us, that you all seem to take for granted, remember to buy AMERICAN be fore its too late.

@ lou

thank you that makes more sense, so then you would not include the yukon and explore in truck sales then. Thank you for clearing that up. What you said is what i thought but i just want to make sure. I know people say things on here and really have no idea what they are talking about at all. thank you.

Would lovet to see Ford keep ranger and put the new generation V6 and Ecoboost Version!

This would the the cheapest and most popular thing Ford could do!

A 300 plus hp in a Ranger Raptor Version! That would be a homerun!!!

Think Fords Product guys need to rethink killing the Ranger!

@ Charles

I think the Ranger will be missing from the 2012 model year but will come back in 2013, i think they want to see how the new power trains the F-150 sells first, i mean in my view the Ranger is a good truck but until the mileage is better for the size i myself do not thing it is worth it when a V6 ranger gets slightly better MPG compared to a F-150. That is based on my usage of both trucks. The F-150 had about the same as the Ranger, but i do think the T6 one would be good for the North American market but the thing i know most mid-size truck owners like is how they are smaller and more agile, the new T6 ranger is like 90% the size of the current F-150. please correct me if i am wrong. I do like the T6 ranger and i can see it working its way here in a year or two.

gm sold more half tone,again

Dodge Ram sales were 193% o their December 2009 sales. No one else came close to that improvement.

Pee free diesels ( :>) ) maybe a great reason for that increase

How come we cant see a sales breakdown by model to see total sales like heavy duty or commercial models separated from half tons thanks bob

A few years ago, when the Chrysler PT Cruiser was released, the definition at the time was: a vehicle with a flat load floor is classified as a truck/pickup truck.

This definition allowed Chrysler to certify the fuel economy of the PT Cruiser, and later the Chevrolet with the HHR, under the classification of a truck to help improve their average miles per gallon for their truck line.

@sandman 4x4,

I did buy my Made in U.S.A. pickup, it was my 2010 Tacoma made in Fremont, California, last I checked was part of this great Republic and nation.

U.S. workers from the UAW no less put my Tacoma together and for just over 9,000 miles, running with no issues or complaints.

What if you figure in the Esclade EXT? or is that combined with the Avalanche?

Here in Australia anything that is over 10,000GVM means you have to get a basic Truck License to drive it. There are many types of truck licence depending on configuration and weight. In the US, truck has a much more fluid definition anything from a Suzuki Baja to a Class 8 has been called a "truck"


Doesn't matter were it was assembled. I beleive the Tacoma was desinged in Japan. I'm not knocking the Tacoma. I know its a decent small truck, But its your one sided attitude that gets under my skin. You'll praise the Tacoma all day for dominating the compact truck segment, but then you talk crap on the F-150 and try to make excuses as to why it is dominating the Full Size market.

And as its already been stated by someone else. The Ranger's sales are lagging yes...But its top engine is a V6 who's origins go back more than 30 years!!! It has only recived minor updates since 1993. If Ford were to refreash the Ranger completely and add a super efficent I4 and the 3.7L V6 and Ecoboost as optional engines, In a few short years I have no doubt it would be right back on the Tacomas butt as far as sales go.

bob is one of these chevy boys back in the day when chevy
did not stand a change in nascar they cried the blues until
nascar band ford's boss and dodge's hemi from nascar.
somethings will never die.


You are wrong!

Toyota's Calty design center in California (which is not Japan) designed the 1995 Tacoma which led to the 2005 version.


Your one-sided attitude about Toyota is what is getting under my skin!

Learn about what your own nation is producing and that includes designing and assembling Tacoma's!


And your an idiot!

Your really gonna try and throw my own complaint against me? You have lost the battle already. I clamied you have a one sided attitude about Ford yet, I still acknowledge the Tacoma as a decent small truck.

So please Oxi...Enlighten me as to how I'm being one sided about Toyota? And yes I admit to not having as much knowledge on the Tacoma as I do other brands, namely Ford.

And you still refuse to anwser my question which is...Why do you credit Toyota for having the top selling compact truck...YET...you try and make exscuse's and discredit Ford for having the top selling fullsize truck? You still refused to anwser that question probably in fear of sounding like an idiot.

You also refuse to acknowledge the Ranger's massive disadvantge to the Tacoma.

I know excatly what kind of person you are Oxi. Your the guy who will compare a Brand new Tacoma to a Ranger that hasn't recived a re-design since 1993 and claim the Tacoma the raining champ because it out performs the Ranger.

But then you will turn a blind eye right around when the Ford F-150 destroys the Tudra which recivied a huge update ONLY a few short years ago. So yes I know your type Oxi. Your the blind fanboi who refuses to acknowledge any faults with your brand but points out everyone else's. Its NO DIFFERENT than a mother who can't see how much of an idiot her child is, yet points out how stupid every else's kids are.


Your no better than Bob. Your just another Troll and nothing else.

We should get the half-ton YTD numbers so we can see how many people bought the joke coil-over ram 1500.

@Ford Guy 21

You are missing my point!!!!!

The "new V6 Ford Engines" is what is making the improvement in fuel miliage for the F150!!!

You are right that the "old engines" are not as fuel efficent!

But if Fords claims are right and the Ranger is a lighter truck and making them lighter is what they are trying to achieve the the Ranger would be cheaper and better!

Again Ford should install them and keep the Ranger!


"the Ford F-150 destroys the Tundra"

ford make one fine f150 but destroy, seriously.... be a little more honest. exaggerations makes u look like a lier..

in just about every test which measures ability n/or performance duty of a truck, the f150 lags behind in every half-ton comparison/shootout. y don't u name a few things that the f150 does better than the tundra. in fact name what it does better than other half-tons. oh yeah, don't say 11,300 tow rating bcuz it's obvious in every towing test the f150 lags behind other half-tons even when the towing weight is far from that 11,300 out of the hat number.

every truck has it's yays n nays which simply offsets it's overall standings by the ways peeps weigh their decision on. not any one truck beats the other in everything. to say one is the best or better than the rest is a dead end statement. ever notice how each manufacture only claims certain things n not all things. peeps r so blind that they take those claims n spout out claims that r inconclusive overall.

In the end no matter which truck is faster the masses will still buy FORDS because of it's reliablity and durablity record.

Just because the DMAX is a few tenths seconds faster then the PS isn't going to sway buyers.

Buyers know what has been tried and true, FORD!

I give credit to all the others for keeping the competition going.

If we all liked the same brand of trucks this world would be boring.

@ un huh -
I agree with you that the F150 does not destroy the Tundra.
They are virtually equal when it comes to quality, reliability and durability (JD Power Statistics)
The F150 has more features and generally can be bought for a lower price than a Tundra (Domestic rebates are usually higher than those of Toyota)
The biggest shortcoming of Ford since they went to the "modular" V8 was a lack of power relative to the competition.

Lets be clear, I repeat "relative to the competion".

That issue has been corrected with the 4 new engines available in F150s.
Guys have some strange need to have huge HP when most guys don't need it.
Besides, is it really safe to be towing a 10,000 lb trailer at 75 miles an hour?
That is why Ford changed the F450. It wasn't rated to travel at those kinds of speeds under load.

Oxi has a strong opinion of Tacoma, so what?
I would not compare him to Bob.
Oxi usually gives an explanation for his opinion.
Bob has no rational thought processes.
I don't agree with everyone here, but I respect the opinion of MOST of the guys if they explain where they are coming from.

ford sold only 28000.more pickup.gm have the same model fore 4 years,for a company this is not a happy day,plus the same company bankrupt last year,28,000 is only 2 weeks of sale,so if you look back ford sold more is truck the time gm did is bankrupt.this is not a victory for ford..

This might not be a victory for Ford (although I think it is) but it is what it is...sales leadership!!!

@ Uh huh

Ok I admit it was an exaggeration, when I stated that the F-150 ‘’destroys’’ the Tundra. The reason I put in those terms is because pisses me off when people bash my brand and try to put theirs up on a pedestal. I admit it was just as bad of me to put that as it was of Oxi to make biased comparisons like he does. However If you want me to pinpoint for you how the F-150 does in fact outperform the Tundra I can handle that.

As of 2004 The F-150 gained the strongest frame in its class which contributes to not ONLY to towing but ride quality as well. By comparison the Tundra’s frame is only boxed in the front section, in the rear section it’s much like old C-section frames, Open and floppy. The F-150’s frame has only gotten stiffer in the 2009 – 2011 models. This brings me to my next comparison.

No one can deny that as of 2011 Ford has the power-train/drive-train market down. While I will admit the Tundra’s 5.7L is a strong engine as their 4.6L they are simply out performed by the new engine’s Ford offers. The 2011 5.0 Ford which compete directly with the Toyota 4.6L wins in every category. The Ecoboost makes more torque than the 5.7L Tundra at a MUCH lower RPM. And the 6.2L Ford simply takes the Tundra out in both horsepower and torque. I know racing is not important in trucks, but I always hear Toyota guys talking about how fast their Tundra 5.7L is, how it runs 0-60 in 6.5 seconds…Well guess what, there are already a few videos on Youtube of Ford 5.0L’s and 6.2L’s running sub 7 second 0-60’s as well, all the while pushing a heavier truck than the 5.7L Toyota.

Am I going to be so naive as to say Toyota won’t retaliate In the next few years and come out with a new engine or substantially revised 5.7L that will do everything better than Fords new engines? Of course not, but that’s just how the automotive world works.


If you read above at my response to Uh huh I explain my thought process. I admit to getting a chapped about Oxi’s opinion, But he is entitled to it much as I am mine. I personally just get tired of the brand bashing, if you notice I try to give fair comparisons when I comment to people. However Oxi caught me on a bad day. I will gladly admit that the only thing Pre 2011 F-150’s have over the Tundra is the Frame. And I believe you are correct when you state both are of about equal quality.


well said

@ Uh Huh
@ fordguy 1988

Grreat replies. Thanks for clarifying.
I agree that Oxi does get under people's skin.
I just didn't think comparing him to Bob was a fair comparison, as i said - Oxi does try to give the rationale for his position.

As far as which truck is better - F150 or Tundra.
I feel that the F150 is the better truck.
I bought a new 2010 SuperCrew long box 4x4 in September.
The 5.4 has less power than a Tundra but that was a low priority for me.
The F150 has more features, a better ride, a nicer interior, looks better, and was cheeper to buy.

I do not know if anyone saw this but I added up The Tundra and Tacoma numbers and Chrysler sold more trucks than Toyota this year by Ram Trucks alone not counting the Dakota. Congrats RAM!!!!!!!!!!!

IF you do Ram vs The Tacoma and Tundra the Ram sold 100 more than Toyota sold those two trucks. I do not know how much Dakotas were sold this year but either way Chrysler made it to the Number 3 spot in truck Sales once again bumping Toyota to 4th.

Way to go Chrysler/Dodge/Ram!!!

Renault-Nissan is hurting badly.

@DLF - I noticed but I didn't want to start a Toyota bashfest by pointing out that Ram was ahead this year but was beat out by Toyota last year.

The Tacoma is the biggest Midsize seller, bigger then the #2 and #3 combined for the entire 2010 year. Ford I think will take the big truck crown for a while, Toyota though had overall the best 2010 believe it or not toyota haters for overall sales, Best Luxury (Lexus) and most cars with the Camry. I think the big ford trucks have a loyal following, Alot of power, the Tundra a great truck to.

You know, some people just prefer their brand, You can be a Ford Guy, or a Toyota Guy, or GM or Dodge guy, what ever floats your boat, in this great country of ours we get to choose, and may the best man win, but you know when you start comparing apples to pears, you really sound like a fool, When I see someone say, look out 7 different types of trucks out sold your 2 types. Alot of times, a you might be looking for a certain thing that is important to you, where a certain truck has it, so that fits you. Some of you people are most likely GM employees (my brother is, father was and grand father was, and I used to be), and I know they train you to hate anyone automobile maker better that you.
Many times marketing, not quality makes the sales numbers, look at Harley Davidson, and yes, I have owned them to.


You make very good points!

Typically, I am being general here, most car/truck guys/gals gravitate towards the domestic auto companies. These companies have a lot of history and bring a lot of emotion. If you look at all of the American motor sports: N.A.S.C.A.R., N.H.R.A., and Monster Jam; just to name a few, they are dominated by American nameplates. Classic car; clubs, shows, and interests are again mostly American vehicles. The muscle car era adds ti this also.

I think that this is partly why Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors have such a strong following. Brand loyal people that can not be swayed.

Foreign car/truck owners, again I am being general here, are not typically car/truck guys/gals. These people care more about; the luxury, classiness, comfort, etc. of a vehicle rather than competitive motor sports. Not talking about the European, or other sectors of, motor sports which have a strong following on their home turfs.

Toyota is for second class citizens! they are the maker of lousiest and ugliest looking cars in the world!
Kudos to American cars!


I like how you think!

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