Accessory Spotlight: Mac's Trail D-Vise

Accessory Spotlight: Mac’s Trail D-Vise

If the bed of your truck is your workbench, Mac’s Trail D-Vise is the tool to take along when you need to need to clamp and hold your work project or make repairs in the field.

The 17-pound D-Vise slides into your truck’s factory hitch receiver so it can be securely stowed in your cab or a toolbox when it’s not being used. The jaws can be tightened using your own lug wrench or an included handle that attaches to the D-Vise when it’s not in use. It was designed to open far enough to repair U-joints on the trail or hold objects for welding, and it can be pinned upright or sideways to accommodate different materials. Last, but not least, it also includes an integrated bottle opener to help end your work day.

The D-Vise costs $159.95. More information is availble at Mac's Custom Tie Downs website.



cool stuff. thanks Mike.

Hmm very interesting thanks ML

Cool Mike!

Now go find us some more products, such as this, that solve everyday problems or that will make life easier. I like seeing products like this!

This is actually a pretty good idea, they should also market this to mechanics as well as trail riders. I know our shop mechanic could sure use this for road calls.

Am I the only one saying "Why didn't I think of this?"

nope i wish i would of thought of that also its so simple to

i like the digits following the 800 number...

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