Chrysler CEO: Jeep Pickup Coming, but Don't Call it a Pickup

By Patrick Olsen

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a roundtable discussion this morning that Jeep will introduce a “multipurpose” vehicle that will have a pickup truck-like bed in the back.

Talking about the Gladiator concept that was shown in Florida last year, Marchionne said, “I like that vehicle. I liked it the first day I saw it. There’s a better than 50 percent chance that you’ll get one. Regardless of what Ram says. They’re totally peeved off at the fact that we’re going to have anything that looks like a pickup truck with a Jeep badge on it. I actually think that there’s space for it.”

“So you just said yes to a Jeep truck?” one journalist asked. “I said [yes] to a multipurpose vehicle out of Jeep,” Sergio replied, “with something that they call a truck bed.”

Just don’t call it a Jeep pickup: “It’s an exotic within Jeep.” The reasoning behind this, according to Marchionne, is that the Ram brand is largely a North American name that has not been, in his word, internationalized. Jeep does not have that issue, hence the potential for a “multipurpose” Jeep with a pickup truck bed.


i own a 89 comanche and love it. i have been hoping that jeep would start making trucks again. i would defiantly want one if they did, and a diesel 4x4 sounds great!

It has to have a diesel, and it has to have a standard transmission option. This will be my next ruck, sorry Ford...its been real!

Jeep Up

I am very excited to finally hear some level of commitment from Mr. Marchionne on the fate of the Gladiator. If someone in Chrysler corporation marketing department actually follows up to determine what the overall response is I hope they read all the various sources available where this article will appear. Hopefully they will come away with an understanding that a base line model with a small diesel / 6 spd manual / 4 wheel drive / solid front axle under $ 20,000 will be taken seriously by the market at large. It is a winner!!! There can be a dolly version for the LL Bean and Eddie Baur clan utilizing the 3.5 Pentastar 6 & chrome appointments.

If someone reading these posts would like to see some Jeep history and other Jeep concepts I would like to direct you to follow through at . Good reading.

In line with other comments: the Pentastar is a more likely engine than a diesel folks. A six cylinder small "non-pickup" would hardly be competition with the very strong-selling Ram brand. Let's let Chrysler know they're sure to sell a ton of these.


Thanks a lot for the Jeep I am going to be up all night reading!

Dodge guys listen up! 9 out of 10 Jeep Gladiator fans/prospective buyers aren't your customer base anyway. Leave Jeep alone...we've waited a LONG time for the Gladiator.

I got the money and the first light duty pick up diesel gets it. BUT I'm not holding my breathe. The big three are in love with concept vehicles as long as they don't have to produce them. Remember 2005 Jeep gladiator. Its now 2011 and the new CEO s are just as clueless as the last ones. I work in construction but I don't pull a 10,000 lb trailer. Who does? Oh Yah the Bobcat operator. Now there a market everyone should chase. Too late every super duty cummings hiho silverado is chasing that one. How bout the guy going to work with a load of tools. Is it possible to get from home to work without stopping for fuel. Sorry for the Rant but listen up BIG 3 BUILD SOMETHING ELSE OR STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Anyway I have to go gas up my HEMI. Call me DIDN't Have A CHOICE

This is a terrible idea because it doesn't have any jeep qualities. You can't take the top off and the wall between the cab and the bed doesn't come out so where is the versatility? There is nothing that makes this better than a regular pickup truck. In fact it is slightly smaller and more awkward than most. I don't think these guys understand why people like jeeps. I would rather buy a four door and take the back seats out to hall stuff then buy this.

Nicholas Juntilla-

There are hundreds of people that have already converted their 2004-2006 Wrangler Unlimiteds into pickups similar to this. For people that want a small pickup, that can go anywhere that a typical CJ or Wrangler can go, this pickup is the answer. For those people that need a work truck I am sure that they would buy a full-size pickup.

I love Dodge, but I don't think discontinuing the Comanche was a very good idea. Looks like Carma is here being that Dodge will be discontinuing the Dakota and Jeep is making a pickup. (Exuce me, mulitpurpose vehicle)

This what I have been dreaming of! Bring it soon and I will buy it the first day with cash

i just wanna say thanks for making the Scrambler! it has been the best jeep ever for so many reasons. thank you, JEEP!!!

This could be a great truck if they drop the chrome and the bling and focus on making it a rugged yet small truck.

How about crew cab 6ft bed turbo diesel

I can't for the life me know what advantage anyone would think a diesel motor would have !

Marchionne's dissonant "Don't call it a pickup" stance is from the hard-learned lesson of the Scrambler demise. Instead of positioning it as something unique, Jeep tried to go head-to-head with the mini trucks of the day. Even the cute-sounding name "Scrambler" seemed to be aiming at the P'UP, Li'l Hustler, and BRAT of the day. But when the mini-truck makers added factory 4-wheel-drive (especially in the excellent solid-axle Toyota), game over. Jeep, make it unique. Keep it Jeep!

Why do some people want a diesel motor ...I would like to hear just one advantage a diesel has . I can thihk of no less than a dozen disadvantages .....

I could certainly use one over here in Carova Beach.

IF it turns out close to the concept it would be a good candidate when I replace my Tacoma half cab. I have always loved the Scrambler and was sad to see it go. Jeep also needs to make sure it has a decent amount of room behind the seats for inside hauling, preferable a MINIMUM five foot bed and a revamped engine to get more MPG. Toyota mananged to get significantly more MPG in its Tacomas by some tweaking of its engine and Jeep should be able to do that too. I would also consider a two WD drive model to get better MPG if it looked like the 4WD and had the same wheel/tire packages.

This I do know, if they started producing the 1990 Comanche again, they would sell an ass-load of 'em. It was simplistic beauty. It was not just a pickup, it was a UTILITY vehicle, meaning, there was not a lot of extra BS on it to weight it down. I also know that selling a 4-door Wrangler without the option of something bigger than a v-6 is, well, stupid. 5500 lbs, and no guts. I wish Jeep could have pulled themselves out of their slump like Harley Davidson did. We would have ended up as winners instead of the Chrysler stock-holders.

Cut to the chase and state you are actually going to build the thing or not!

There is a market out here for the vehicle to take advantage of it.

I, for one, would snap one up asap since I need to replace my current truck.

Now just for grins make the behind seat area larger and do make with the manual transmission and the diesel engine. Oh and make it a true hard top.

Yeah, either we can call it as a SUV. And for a luck this cars gets more demand as Hummer is no longer in this world.

If this existed, especially with a diesel, or gas or diesel hybrid engine, I would own one already! Where are the American car manufacturers? They are so far behind the rest of the world.

Totally want!

This truck is perfect. Exactly what I want. Don't change anything from the prototype. My heart is in a jeep but my brain screams pickup functionality. Please please please produce this amazing idea so I can have my cake and eat it too. Manual diesel 4x4 4 seater pickup is where it's at. Ford Chevy and dodge have axed their mid sized pickups. The time is right. Produce the jeep gladiator NOW!

I would definitely buy one unit of the projected Jeep Pick-Truck as shown on this announcement.

Please, add my name to the american customers list.

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