Delta IV Heavy Rocket vs. 2011 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Diesel

Delta IV Heavy Rocket vs. 2011 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Diesel

Think your Ford, GM or Ram heavy-duty pickup truck is the strongest rig around? It can’t hold a candle to this candle: a Delta IV Heavy rocket, as you’ll see in PUTC’s out-of-this-world comparison with a 2011 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty diesel.

Heavy-duty pickup trucks are indispensable workhorses for personal use and small businesses. They can tow and haul gross combined truck and trailer setups weighing up to 15 tons or more powerfully and efficiently across the country.

But what if you’re the government or a major corporation that needs to deliver 30,000 pounds to a spot hundreds to thousands of miles above the country, in space? For that, you need a heavy booster like the Delta IV Heavy, which is set to become the largest rocket ever launched from the West Coast of the U.S. on Thursday afternoon, carrying a classified spy satellite.

Today’s one-ton Ram Heavy Duty 3500 has a gross combined weight rating of 24,500 pounds, though that number will be bumped to 25,400 pounds when a new Max Tow Package option becomes available, according to Chrysler.

GCWR is the maximum allowable weight for a pickup pulling a trailer, including cargo and passengers, that the truck can handle without risking damage.

Coincidentally, the maximum payload that the Delta IV Heavy can lift to geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above Earth is 28,650 pounds, just 3,250 pounds more than the Ram 3500’s GCWR. So, if you ever had a need (and the money!) to put your truck, trailer and payload into space, the Delta IV Heavy would be just the ticket.

The infographic below has all the key details you need to know. Just remember: If your truck ever had a tough time pulling its gross combined weight up a hill, the Delta IV Heavy generates more than 100,000 times the Ram’s power output to lift the near-equivalent weight into space. And it does so with zero emissions!

In the meantime, we’re jumping in the ultra-capable Ram 3500 to drive up to Vandenberg Air Force Base for the launch at 1:08 p.m.

We’ll check back later today with pictures of the truck and rocket launch.



I bent the driveshaft offroading a 3/4 ton truck I used to have. It didn't start to vibrate until I got it up to highway speeds and seemed worse with the truck empty. I had to get the driveshaft retubed and the problem went away.
I don't blame you for being frustrated.

UPDATE: After looking truck over noticed spare tire has been installed on rear of truck. Obvious by indented sidewall of tire from the underbed mount. Bad tire was not mentioned on repair order or that truck had it's spare installed??

@ Under pressure If the tires are okay the dealer should have replaced the steering wheel. The only other things that could cause a vibration are bent or damaged drive shafts. The front can be removed and test driven. the rear should be swapped out for a known good shaft to eliminate those as sources. The toe (front tire alignment)should be set to 0, tires at proper operating pressure. It may be neccesary to swap a steering shock in as well. Sounds like there are a lot of options your dealer may not considering. Its hard to say without experiencing it for myself. How far are you from central Alberta? You said you had a case # from a dealer rep. Any contact with him/her? I'm not sure how it works in the states but you may want to look into lemon law. Sorry for not checking back sooner.

@ Jordan L
Thank you for the reply & your time. The dealer refused to acknowledge your TSB or do ANYTHING other than rebalance the tires. It's funny how all the tires were "OK" but they needed to swap out 1 for the spare. NO mention of the bad tire or anything found on the repair order? The truck is driving better but it's still not good. Dealing with the rep's from RAM has gotten me nowhere. Customer service or safety is NOT a priority at the New RAM brand... FACT!!

@ Under pressure Sorry to hear that. Other than complain directly to Chrysler HQ I'm not sure what your options are. Any chance you could go to another dealership? I realize you shouldn't have to but its a thought.

@ Jordan L
I've tried a few dealers & been talking with Dodge since i purchased this truck. No answers or real help at this point. 1,900 miles. It looks like i have NO choice but to go the LEMON law route or fix this new truck out of my pocket.

@ Under pressure. Do what you have to do. I'm a Dodge guy all the way but I wouldn't put up with that crap either. Good luck.

@ Jordan L
I'm a Dodge guy all the way also. In fact i bought another 1 (2011 Nitro) on Jan 1st to drive the kids around SAFELY while this unsafe turd sits. Thanks again for your help & time!!

Seems relatively cheap to fill up... just over $1 per gallon.


Has the problem been resolved? Have the technicians looked into a possible front drive shaft out of balance?

A 2010 or 2011 Ram 2500 or 3500 4X4 owner, on, had an issue with a vibration in the front end of his truck. The dealer replaced the out-of-balance front drive shaft and solved the problem with his truck. Good luck!

UPDATE: Truck still vibrates as bad as day 1, "violently". Steering dampner replaced, steering box adjusted, tires checked, rotated, balanced, etc... & spare taken off & original tire placed back on all at another dealer. Month 6 has now started & RAM is still draging there feet. ALL i want is what i paid for, A NEW SAFE truck. This 1 has been abandoned again for safety concerns & insurance liability concerns. Thanks RAM!!

I have purchased a new 2011 3500 mega cab longhord 4x4. The truck has had a vibration since day one. It also has a loud clunking noise when you let off gas at low speeds and when you give it gas again. Definitely in drive train. The steering wheel also shakes when you go over large bumps. The truck has been a total nightmare. I have only owned it for a month and has been in shop 4 times for problems and still needs to go back for all the problems. Every time it went to dealer it came back with the problem not fixed and more damage to truck. They scratched all four alcoa wheels balancing them. They told me they detailed it for me! Yeah they sure did, they put some nice scratches in bumper and some on mega cab side along with a nice ding on side. So not only do i still have to have problems fixed, I also probably have to have paint work done on new truck. I just filed for the lemon law because of all the headaches. I would not recommend anyone buying from Dodge. They have gone down hill and my reason being that I have the same exact truck, but I bought it in 2006. This has been the best truck I have ever owned and has never given me any problems. I am so lucky I never traded it in on this piece of crap......Buyers Beware

So the 2006 Daimler-Chrysler, Dodge Ram is a better truck than a 2011 Chrysler-Fiat, Ram? German engineering (influence) better than Italian? Thank goodness my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 has been good to me.

Sorry to hear about your (UNDER-PRESSURE and Keith St. Cyr) troubles. I hope that your issues get resolved soon, once and for all.

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