Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales Take Off in First Year

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales Take Off in First Year

What started as a risky jump into a new off-road segment has turned into success for Ford, as sales of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor took off in their first year and are set for another big year in 2011.

In 2010, 7,085 Raptors were sold, according to Doug Scott, Ford's truck group marketing manager.

Overall, according to another Ford source familiar with the truck, Ford has sold more than 8,400 of the 2010 Raptors since the SuperCab version went on sale in August of 2009.

The Raptor isn't your typical F-150. It's seven inches wider and features a unique long-travel suspension with triple internal bypass dampers from Fox Racing.

The Raptor’s annual sales numbers have eclipsed those of Ford’s earlier high-performance street truck, the F-150 SVT Lightning, which was sold from 1993 to 1995 and from 1999 to 2004.

“The high-volume mark for [the 2001] F-150 Lightning [was] 6,381,” Scott said. “But it’s important to realize that in 2001, the total industry was 17.5 million [in vehicles sold] and the full-size pickup segment was 2.35 million units. In 2010, the total industry was 11.8 million and the FSPU segment was 1.37 million units and we sold 7,085 F-150 SVT Raptors.”

Scott expects 2011 to be another big year for Raptor sales with the introduction of the all-new 2011 Raptor SuperCrew. The family-friendly model has four full-size doors and a starting price of $44,315. It’s powered by Ford’s new 6.2-liter V-8 engine (which debuted in the 2010 Raptor alongside the recently discontinued 5.4-liter V-8) that's rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque.

“Eighty percent of dealer orders for the 2011 Raptor are for SuperCrew models,” Scott said.


build me a Regular cab (two door), 8ft bed, ecoboost Raptor with a starting price of 32-35,000. like the one in the BAJA.

I had a dealership tell me that ford was only making 2500 raptors this year.Is this a bullshit sales pitch?



I crunched the numbers, the tried and true Ranger sells 50,000 units a year even without a 4-door, with no R&D cost or anything since 1994, Ford says not high enough volume so they drop it with no replacement in site. The Raptor first year sells 7,000 and Ford says it is a great success, and everyone wants the 4-door,with an enormous R&D cost, I just do not get it.

The Ranger has not been dropped yet. It will be sold through 2011. What will happen in 2012 and beyond, you don't know.

The difference between a new Ranger and the Raptor, is the Raptor is a trim level based on the current F-150. A new Ranger would require an a whole new truck be made for the dwindling small truck market and unlike the Raptor it could not be shared with anything else.

Are there Ford plants on this website ? every time someone brings up the Ranger we get the same old song and dance about people not buying small trucks anymore , it sounds like it was taken directly from Ford PR department (AKA BS department buy what we want to sell you or go to hell) , well when all those Ranger buyers switch to Toyota and Nissan (probably permanently that Toyota koolaid is pretty potent) when Ford tells them to buy a gigantor F150 instead of small truck we will find out how bad Ford screwed up by not giving us a new Ranger , that is already designed engineered and surely able to pass US rules with minimal financial outlay .

Apples and oranges Dave.

Ranger requires a total redesign. It sold 50,000 units yes, but is losing market share. Not a cheap proposition.

Raptor is a halo vehicle and much of it is current F150 stuff. It's purpose is to generate F150 sales, which I am sure it does. Also brings attention to Ford trucks as well. As a bonus it isn't really all that high priced either for what it is. Cheaper than a King Ranch or Platinum I am pretty sure.

It is called being educated. Last time I checked the Ranger is still for sale and will be through 2011. If 2013 hits and there isn't a new Ranger, does that mean you have to run out and buy a Toyota all of a sudden? Most people buy the Ranger for cheap transportation or for businesses where there are now alternatives such as the Transit Connect with all enclosed storage which is better for businesses than the Ranger was or ever will be.

Quote from the last article on the Ranger on why the foreign Range is not here:

Ford Ranger Leaves the U.S.

The Ford Ranger first went on sale in the U.S. in February 1982. More than 6.5 million Rangers have been sold in the U.S., with its best sales year in 1999, with 348,358 pickups sold.

"In the past few years, we have averaged around 75,000 Rangers sales annually, with year-to-date sales of 43,000 through the end of September," said Derek Kuzak, Ford group vice president of product development, when we asked about why the bigger foreign Ranger isn’t coming to the U.S right now.

"The compact pickup market in the U.S. has been declining for more than 15 years, having gone from almost 8 percent of the industry in 1994 to just more than 2 percent through August this year," Kuzak said. "So we have decided to prioritize our investment in full-size pickups and continue to develop the F-150 in all areas, including outstanding fuel economy. We are just now launching an all-new engine lineup for the F-150 that improves the fuel efficiency of the F-150 lineup by 20 percent. And we are offering the F-150 XLT Custom Package with the all-new 3.7-liter V-6 engine aimed at the entry-level personal-use buyer.

"This new F-150 series will be ideal for those Ranger owners interested in a pickup. For those Ranger customers interested more in affordable transportation than specifically a truck, we now either have, or soon will offer, many new affordable vehicles, including the Fiesta, Focus, seven-passenger Grand C-MAX and the Transit Connect.

"One additional important element of our decision was that this Ranger is bigger than our current product, which we'll build through the 2011 model year, and moves much closer in size to the current F-150," Kuzak added. "So its use here would become even more limited, especially when compared to the increasingly fuel-efficient F-150."

Way to go Ford!!!

General Motors- Are you seeing what is going on? The Ram Power Wagon and Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor are sales successes! Now get off your rears and bring us (General Motors fans really...I am not one) the G.M.C. Sierra All-Terrain HD and get a piece of the pie!

It would be nice to see the General Motors people have a rockin' off-road truck to brag us Power Wagon and Raptor owners have been able to enjoy.

G.M.C., G.M.C., G.M.C., G.M.C....

The raptor is a beastasaurus rex!

Great. Another post ruined by the pro-Ranger faithful.

The topic is Raptor.

Jason nobody wants a girly minivan to replace a pickup. The Transit Connect is ideal for female-owned business and floral shops and maid cleaning services and hauling Barbie doll parts around! Besides GM and even Fiat/Chrysler is considering a REAL compact pickup in the works. I'd have to settle for a V6 F150 if I have to, even though I don't want to.

I really like the Raptor, but I do not want a full size truck, I have had them in the past but do not need one know. with that being said.... Ever since I sold my jacked up 440 Dodge Power-Wagon, when they really were Power-Wagons, I have not needed a full size truck. Even the newer Tacomas are bigger then I want/need. A smaller truck is so much more manuverable and they used to get better gas mileage then full size trucks. But since the drivetrains have not been updated since the early 1990's they have been matched by the full size trucks.
Would you by a 2011 Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram if it had not been upgraded since 1994?
part of the Ford quote from above "For those Ranger customers interested more in affordable transportation than specifically a truck, we now either have, or soon will offer, many new affordable vehicles, including the Fiesta, Focus, seven-passenger Grand C-MAX and the Transit Connect.

You can tell these Ford people are city slickers or they have thier heads stuck in the sand. I can just see me pulling my boat with a Fiesta or hauling 6 tree stands and all my hunting gear with a Focus let alone one of them ground hugging Transits..... I know, I can put all my fishing gear and a load of rock in the C-max one scoop at a time.

My 1988 small 4X4 truck with 190 hp pulled my 19ft Champion bass boar just fine across the US and got 24mpg running empty.
it is not about affordable, I do not mind payng for the truck, just as long as it gets decent gas mileage, I would think if Ford Chevy/Dodge went back to the drawing board and built a truck the size of the S-10/Ranger with the new hi-tech engines and transmissions and simple strut suspensions they would get a whole lot better gas mileage then what they have now. I kknow, if they did, then that would cut into thier large truck sales(especialy with the rumored 5 dollar a gallon gas next year)and they would not want to do that, for whatever chest thumping reason I have not fathomed to be of any consequence, or like my previous post call it a F-50 so it would be included in the F truck sales.

I would like to have affordale transportation in a small truck, so I can tow my boat, haul my hunting and fishing equipement and a load of rock,and what I have read on this site, autoblog and several others, quite a few others do to.

Good news then Dave! Buy an Ecoboost F150 and get 22mpg highway empty and get far better mileage towing your boat :)

No way a V6 Ranger is getting 24mpg city btw. I owned 2 of them.

"GM and even Fiat/Chrysler is considering a REAL compact pickup in the works"

Greats news, but the KEYWORD is: CONSIDERING.

Until it all happens it's just talk. You won't be able to buy one for years. If GM does come out with a compact I bet Ford will follow suit. Until then, the Ranger is still for sale and Ford is the only company currently selling a compact truck so kudos to Ford.

@ Billy - the rest of the world gets by just fine with the Transit van.
I got around fine for 2 years with a Safari van. Lack of 4x4 sucked but it did the exact same job my Ranger Extended cab did.

The Ford Ranger guys are a funny bunch. They complain that Ford shouldn't be killing them off.
If they were selling like hotcakes - Ford would still make them.
Go out and buy one of the currrent ones and stop complaining or buy a 1012 model right before they stop production!
I've owned 2 of them.
They are nice but are crappy family vehicles.
I can't fit 2 booster seats in the cab.
I needed something bigger so I bought an F150.
It's simple - if you want a small compact truck and Ford doesn't make it - buy from a company that does make one!

Keith you are correct, that is why several of my friends and I have not bought a Ranger or Colorado or Dakota , it's the fact that they get worse mileage then the full size trucks and we have been waiting for the big 3 to do something about it..
If you would have read my whole diatribe/post I do not have the need for a full size truck . And I do not like to have to buy something I do not need cause that is all they think we need. I really like the looks of the F-150 and have drove a Raptor which is awesomeand would be great for coyote hunting. My local dealer always has a couple raised F-150's on the lot that look pretty cool and I am sure an F-150 would ride better and be quiter then a smaller truck. In the winter I would have to scrape ice every morning and in the summer get in a hot vehicle as it would not fit in the garage with the wifes Jeep and our motorcycles. I would have to make 6 point turns where I hunt instead of 3 and a few other things why just to big.

Sorry about hi-jacking theis Raptor site, Like I said I really like it, I pointed one out to my wife one day and she thought it looked pretty cool too.

If they put the 3.5L in the Raptor sales might double. That's the only way I would buy one.

Great! Now make a Raptor version of the Expedition and a two-door Bronco. It would be nice if they would offer some real SUVs again, instead of all these jelly bean looking crossovers.

@ Dave - as you described - the biggest problem I find with a full size truck is the length. I have no problem with the extra width. My 6.5 box Supercrew is a long beast in parkaids and parking lots. It is much more stable on gravel roads or icy roads than any Ranger I've owned. I wouldn't want to do any hardcore offroading with it. I've spent most of my life on dirt bikes, so offroad capability in a truck is a non-issue for me.
I was looking at Ford specs and it looks like you can not get an F150 Supercab or Regular cab in a 5.5 box. That is too bad since those 2 trucks would be the most viable alternatives for guys looking for a Ranger Replacement.

How do you get a hold of Doug Scott? I would like to pass on my thoughts on why they didn't sell 25,000 Raptors in 2010.

I sold my Dodge Megacab in order to get a Raptor but was met with massive markups from all my local dealers. They expect to get 2-5k above sticker for these trucks. Every sales manager has a story about how they can't keep them on the lot because they're a hot item, limited edition and they're only going to get a few per year.

I finally gave up and returned to the Dodge camp and just bought a 1500 that meets my needs but doesn't excite me like the Raptor did.

You can see the same story echoed over and over in the and forums.

If the blue oval dealer network was educated on the real facts of the SVT Raptor program, they might have a ton more sales. It's not limited edition, it's barely an SVT (where's the forced induction?) and can be ordered by customers without a hit to a dealers allocation(something I learned after I'd given up).

The Toyota Tacoma is a great off-roader from the factory to build upon:

E-locker since 1995!

Coil sprung front since 1995!

Solid ground clearance for its weight!

No low hanging lower shock mounts between the wheels and rear diff. in the middle like most pickups.

Posted by: oxi | Jan 10, 2011 11:06:19 AM

I agree with oxi. The Tacoma is much better off-road than the Raptor. Thank you Toyota.

oxi, oxford
- a quad, UTV, or dirt bike are much better offroaders than a Tacoma.
I can lace on a good pair of vibram soled boots and go places machines can't.
We can make this conversation as silly or specific as you want!
Not everyone wants to hike.
Not everyone wants a dirt bike.
Not everyone wants a quad.
Not everyone wants a Tacoma.
Not everyone wants a full size.

There are different rigs to meet different wants or needs.

My needs (or wants) dictate a F150 Supercrew long box.
Does it mean that it is better than a Tacoma?
For me - yes.
For you - no.

Ultimately - buy what you want and modify to your hearts content.

Your choice isn't any better or worse than my choice - just different!

True to this story...I saw an F-150 S.V.T. Raptor driving down the road today. I see about one a month where I live.

Steve Griego-

This was going on when I went out to buy my 2003 (the first year) Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Dealerships were marking up the sticker prices by two, three, and even four thousand dollars the first year they became available. Luckily, I found a dealership that only sold at sticker price or less, and snatched one up.

The following year, and years, the dealerships quit marking up the prices as more and more Rubicons were available at more dealerships. You will just have to wait a year, or so, and I am sure the same thing will happen with the Raptor.

Both Raptors made it to Stage Nine of the Dakar Rally.
I was reading about the Argentinean Team in Raptor 375. They are privateers running a lightly modified truck.
Sue Mead and Darren Skilton in Raptor 374 finished stage 8 in 51 place in the "car" class and 1st in her class.
No news yet for today. (at least none I could easily find)
I'd say that is pretty impressive considering the "high dollar" Hummer of Robby Gordon only made it to stage 4.

U guys suck!

Good to see the rapter doing well I hope it's enough encouragement for GM to pull the trigger on the SierraHD off road concept. With the dmax as the motor I think it would be some good new competition.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America! For a dealership to do that is rediculous. Especaily for a Rubicon. The Dodge dealer I work at sold a Challenger SRT8, the first model year they were available, for $30k (Canadian) over sticker. The only reason why dealers do this is because we as customers allow them to. I would be pissed if I had the money to purchase a vehicle at MSRP but coiuldn't afford because of dealer markup.

@Ford Sux

Go troll somewere else dumbass.

I agree with Nate....take your B.... A.. and troll somewhere else @Ford Sux

I say there is a bigger market left for Ranger Pickups and more profits as well!

Raptor is a great IMAGE TRUCK!!!!!!


You are correct the 'OLD V6' was not a great gas mileage truck, but if Ford put the 'NEW V6' in them, such as the 3.7 that made the Mustang get 30% better miles per gallon than the old 4.0 plus have over 50 more horsepower then the Ranger would really be a homerun!

Remember the engines as proved by the Mustang V6 is what is making the improvements! Nothing to matter with the Ranger

@ All the Ranger fans

Ford sold 8000 Raptors last year and probably averaged $45K a pop. Considering that 90% of the truck is common with other F150s, the R&D investment was probably minimal. I bet they made at least $10K profit on every one of them.

The Ranger is old and outdated, but Ford doesn't think redesigning it is a good use of money. I can't blame them. It costs as much to design a Ranger and tool a manufacturing facility for a Ranger as it does an F150, the profit margins on small trucks just isn't there anymore.

There only three possible ways you'll see a truck smaller than an F150 in America:

1. Ford designs an F100 that shares some F150 components and can be built on the same assembly line as the next generation F150.
2. Ford manages to find a way to get around the chicken tax on the T6.
3. Ford designs a small uni-body truck that shares a platform with a CUV.

The small BOF Ranger that we know today is dead and never coming back.


When one claims their pickup is an off-roader, you fall into a domain I have years of experiance from trail riding, deep mud and water off-roading, rock's and other slow stuff to actual desert races at higher speeds. I have even ran full speed on road courses with one of my pickups let alone parking lot auto-x.

Not many people can claim they raced down in Baja and raced high speed on road courses with a pickup as well as use it as a daily driver and went off-roading likewise.

@ oxi - you need to stop looking at the sport of offroading from your narrow focus. There are many variations to the sport.
like I said - a dirtbike, quad or UTV could kill any offroad truck.
I can make a post everytime you do and say dirt bikes are better. You raced Baja - how far behind were you to all the dirt bikes?
How close were the trophy trucks to the dirt bikes?
It all falls under the umbrella of "offroading".
Why buy a truck when a dirt bike will kill any truck in a harsh offroad situation!
The Raptor and PowerWagon unlike the FX4, ZR1 offRoad, Sportsman are the best factory rigs available.
Not every guy has the technical skill to build their own.
The Raptor and Power Wagon fill a niche as well as serve as rolling advertising billboards for their respective companies.

The Ranger thing keeps coming up.
It costs at least one billion dollars and 5 years of R&D to bring a new vehicle to market.
If you figured $1,000 dollars per vehicle for R&D and retooling costs and 50,000 units per year -it would take Ford 20 years to break even.
They could bring in the "global" Ranger but that would cannibalize F150 sales aka Tacoma and Tundra.
Why go through all that trouble to basically sell the same amount of units spread over more products (GMC comes to mind and we know how well that worked out for them!).

The only thing I could see happening is what had been mentioned a while back: an F150 lite or F100 based on an F150.

Ford is pushing the Transit Van so that is the goal for light delivery vehicles.
Their lineup of CUV's would hopefully adsorb the "softroad" crowd.
The rest will have to contend with the F150 or unfortunately for Ford - shop elsewhere.

Ford hasn't made any glaring mistakes lately - I don't see killing the Ranger as a mistake.

lol man oxi..u sure like to break your arm patting yourself on the back about your "alleged" ;) off-road prowess..give it a break my love posting post a vid of you trashin a raptor, other than verbally, now that would be impressive..your starting to ooze obnoxiousness everywhere..nEbody got a shop towel sheesh!! Btw theres some great stock raptor vidz on YTube doing some serious jumps..looks like fun

Actually the numbers are wrong.

Ford built 10,437 2010 Raptors according to the Ford Special Vehicle Team.


Very cool on how it is broken down. :)

PS.. and Lou.. it is ZR2 not ZR1, and oxi.. once again nobody cares.

lou and others,

I am just making a point, but if you want to believe what a tester said after spending just a few moments with those pickups, word for you: sheep!

At least I can say I have been out there and did things and can base my opinions on stuff I have done and seen...


@ oxi - quote "At least I can say I have been out there and did things and can base my opinions on stuff I have done and seen..."

Unlike the rest of us who just make sh%t up???

I've heard your point a thousand or more times:

Toyota is the best company on the planet.

The Tacoma is the best truck on the planet.

Anything bigger than a Tacoma is useless offroad.

Recalls are just a big conspiracy.

Shock mounts hanging under the axle break.

I've road raced and am an instructor.

I've raced Baja.

Have I missed anything????

If we are sheep,,,,,,,

Then you are a parrot.............

Oxi want a cracker.


Show me a factory Tacoma or Tundra that can keep up with and do the same things that a Power Wagon or an S.V.T. Raptor can do, right off of the showroom floor.

Sure a Tacoma can go places and do things that a Power Wagon or Raptor might struggle with. A stock Tacoma would struggle just the same, trying to do what the Power Wagon & Raptor are designed to do. They ALL have their pros & cons AND they are ALL off-road vehicles in their own right.


Cracker's are good with some cheese and not the fake California cheese, the real stuff from Wisconsin.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

With the right driver, a Tacoma can do wonders...

Now I have yet to spend as much as a Raptor or PowerWagon is priced stock, so am I allowed to build mine up to match the pricetag because if you do that and since mine was $25,000 new, that would give me around $15,000 to spend and boy the shopping list to make a Tacoma more capable off-road with $15,000 would kill the Raptor and PowerWagon!

I will give you a brake and only spend $10,000...


Not everyone has the need, or desire, to own a Class 8 Trophy Truck. You are proving my point. Stock for stock, no other manufacturer(s) has a truck equal to the Power Wagon or S.V.T. Raptor. Anything can be "built" do more than these trucks. Not everybody needs a "wicked" off-roader.

Appreciate the fact that a couple of manufacturers are willing to take a chance by building these two great foundations. Otherwise, our only choices for a 4X4 (all-wheel drive) would be trucks with; single-speed transfer cases, soft (highway use) independent suspensions, and a mediocre (rear) limited-slip differential.

What would you rather take "off-road": a Rav-4 or an FJ Cruiser TRD? Sure you can cut-up the Rav-4 and engineer an exotic suspension/drivetrain, to make it an extreme off-roading machine...but why would you want to? Just go out and buy the best thing, available, that fits your own needs.

@ Oxi - you are not the only guy on this board with offroad experience.
I used to do a lot of hardcore offroading with trucks.
I backed off because I could go more places, faster, and more economically on a dirtbike or quad.
I ran the local motocross track with a few buddies for 15 years, I've raced cross country events, Hare Scrambles,ice raced, and drag raced bikes.
I've taught emergency driving to paramedics.
I'm not in everyone's face with my "experience".
That doesn't mean I think anything with doors is crap or shoot down any post or story about offroading with trucks because dirt bikes are better.

I hate to say it but you get hammered because you ask for it!

Crackers with Wisconsin cheeze?

I thought the only thing you live off of is "Taco's" and "whine".

Has anyone seen a youtube vid of the supercrew raptor?

@Ex: Actually, the sales numbers we reported are correct.

According to SVT, the numbers you referenced are total production figures for Canada, Europe and the U.S..

The 2011 Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor, made Four Wheeler Magazine's, 2011 Pickup Truck Of The Year!!!

The 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty made second place!

The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD made third place.

Way to go Ford!!! Keep the great products coming!

By the way, I think that Four Wheeler Magazine is a better authority at testing trucks than a car magazine like Motor Trend.

I saw yet another Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor, yesterday. It was parked on the side of the road so I pulled along side of it, in my Ram Power Wagon, to bow to the Ford a couple of times. You have to show respect to a great vehicle you know. That is like 11-12 that I have seen now. They have only been out for about a year.

In the 6 years that the Ram Power Wagon has been out I have only seen about 14-15. Far and few between.

Today, I saw another Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor. If this keeps up I am going to dehydrate from all of my drooling. Ford has done an outstanding job marketing this machine.

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