Ford F-Series Sets Sales Record in Canada

Ford F-Series Sets Sales Record in Canada

While Ford F-Series sales in the U.S. are well below their peak year, in Canada they apparently can’t get enough of the trucks. Ford sold 97,913 F-Series pickups to our neighbors to the north in 2010, making it the best-selling vehicle ever in a single year in Canadian history.

To put this in perspective, Ford sold 528,349 F-Series trucks in the U.S. last year, but that’s well off from 2004, when 939,511 F-Series pickups drove off dealer lots during the peak of the truck boom. But Canadian F-Series sales rival 2004 per capita because Canada’s population of 34 million people is only about 10 percent of the U.S. population.

Canadians had no problem beating the U.S. for consistency. Ford F-Series has been the best-selling truck line there for a record 45 consecutive years.


Not to forget those Mercury trucks still running around Canada. I'd love to have one just for the gas station conversations...

So Ford F-150 is the sales king in only 2 countries in the world? Their is like over 200 markets out there...

2 countries that have been brought to light, if you did the research i think you would find they control more, but there isnt really that many countries that use full size pickups like we do

It's because the US manufacturers won't try to sell them anywhere else. Stick the 3.0L V6 diesel that's used in Jags and LR in the F-150, and send it to Europe and it will sell well there too.
Our friend Bob mysteriously disappears at times like these.

@oxi Your point is???
Ok then so what other truck you know has dominated and named Best Selling vehicle NOT just cars in any others country, longer. Oh and in more than one country. NONE most likely!

Uh oh looks like I need to continue the baby watch on this story too. Oxi do you need a hug bud? Want me to change your diapers?

The entertainment value of the comments on this site is priceless. It's akin to Christmas. Never know what you'll read!'s a hint to why Ford is crushing it. Alan Mulally. He's got the company on lock. This is just the beginning. Prepare your sophomoric comments now. You'll need them.

Great Job Ford!!!

Ford; Focus on being the best in your quality does not suffer like the other guy, while you try to be the global leader, only to spread junk across the world.

The Great Henry Ford, rest his sole, is still the king of putting America on wheels for over 100 years!

No doubt you have some statistics on Toyota having the bestselling truck or vehicle in a few Asian or African countries for a longer period of time. Fine. But the US has been the largest vehicle market in the world (until this year), and is of greater consequence than many of those "200 markets" you allude to.

Wow maybe folks up north are smarter than we give them credit for... lol just kidding since I have family in Canada.

You guys need to stop picking on Oxi... you know what they say about feeding the trolls.

@ Oxi -
the Detroit 3 had a lock on North American production for 50 or more years. That was their focus. They had little need to go too far abroad to make a profit.
The NA market WAS the most lucrative market in the world.

Japananese vehicles were either tariffed (taxed) out of the USA market or were derided by USA brand loyalists.
Japan and other countries had to be content with focusing on "world" markets.
These markets could not afford the big luxury vehicles we prefer here so they focused on small economical products.
Smaller vehicles were also the prefered product because many overcrowded urban centers, and narrow rural roads could not fit the bloated NA vehicles.
Where a company is dominant has more to do with politics, and socio-economics.

@ Bob - what were you saying about selling the most and quality?
Your logic dicates that millions of Canadian and American drivers are wrong, how can that be?

Remember the old saying " you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!"

"you know what they say about feeding the trolls." - Shawn

They will only beat you at their own game.

you can fool some of the people some of the time,
but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!"

So now we see the light (what you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights! (yeah, yeah, yeah! )

So you better:
Get up, stand up! (in the morning! git it up! )
Stand up for your rights! (stand up for our rights! )

The Dodge Ram is the second best selling truck in Canada !

Canadian overall vehicle sales leaders are GM,Ford and Chrysler ! Yeah,the big 3 !

Try to find a Mercury truck,they stopped them in 1968.And they are very,very rare.I have not seen one for years even at car shows !

Wow,educate yourself buddy,Ford doesnt sell full size trucks in 200 countries nor does Dodge or GM.They dont even sell vehicles of any size in as many countries as Crapota,most unreliable vehicles around,in Canada we laugh at people who own Toyota's ! They rust out and never,ever last past 70,000 km without major engine/tranny work !Check the Euro/asian websites if they sell Ford's/Dodge/GM they dont even list the trucks as a vehicle you can buy.You are so ignorant,what is wrong with you ? Most of those 200 countries hate Americans so why do you think they would buy their products,they are jealous and envious of the western world,so they put down everything American/Western ,lifestyle,products and people ect..

@Alex: The market for these big trucks is minimal in the EU. Driving licences are expensive and if your vehicle has a GVWT above 3.5T (weight + maximum load) you need a lorry license which no one has.

On top of all that roads are smaller as well. SUVs like the RangeRover tower over all the other cars. Anything the size of an F150 is just akward in smaller EU olde world towns!

And if you really need to haul things you are much better of with the Ford Transit. Cheaper, more economic and more load area / capacity.

The children and Toyota haters are back for 2011, sad indeed...

The Toyota Corolla is still the best selling vehicle in the history of the automobile, yeah it's a Toyota!

I have been overseas to see how tight those roads can be, not practical for an F-150 let alone the higher fuel prices abroad.

Those things are floats, big body, little tires.

@Canadian Dodge Ram - you sound very intolerant.
Doesn't sound very Canadian. EH?

You are "the pot calling the kettle black"
"You are so ignorant,what is wrong with you ? "

What is your excuse?

In Alberta 1 out of every 3 vehicles sold is a truck. I live in Alberta and there are a lot of trucks here. I would add that the majority of those trucks are HD diesel. Even Toyota sells a lot of trucks here. Just not to farmers or industy.

like I've said before, selling the most doesn't make you the best. Can you say McDonalds? They sell the most but are they the best, ah NO.

GM sells the best truck and you sissy ford boys will never admit it. So crow all you want about being best selling, I would rather have the title as best truck. Ford loses again.

I love it and you ford fans hate it!

Ford includes all F series models into one, the F-150 is completly differant then than a F-250/350, I think they should be counted seperatly same for Chevy and Dodge.

Hay Bob, people are getting you and I confused because we both have the name Bob. How about I be GM Bob and you can be what ever you want to be. That way people won't confuse what Bob made the post.

Sound good?



Bob (non-gm) - Bro, they count 1/2 tons, 3/4 tons, and 1 tons as the same number for all the big 3. Look at sales numbers and its 1: Ford, 2:GM (chev+gmc) 3:Dodge.

Also to contend the complaint of "like I've said before, selling the most doesn't make you the best. Can you say McDonalds? They sell the most but are they the best, ah NO." Thats a stupid argument. Assuming In-N-Out burger is the best burger and their standard cheese burger is $1 at McDonald's, and $2 at In-N-Out, wouldn't a Silverado have to start at $60,000? or an F-150 start at $10,000?

People buy Ford trucks cause they're competitively priced, high quality, and consistently take home the best performance numbers.

Hey Bob, I like your comparison between trucks and burgers. That explains a lot, now that we know you select your trucks the same way you select your meals. Do you get that as a kids meal/truck?

they dont get a ford because is better,first they have no engine,second the price is gm,Toyota have better engine,to pull a trailer in half tone...

typical responses from ford fans. selling the most trucks doesn't make you the best truck. Ford trucks are are like a happy meal aka cheap. People like cheap. you have to pay premium for premium vehicle's. GM trucks are premium trucks.

Ford fans get their rocks off because they can say they sell the most trucks. Considering all that GM has gone through and the negative pub from the bail out and bankruptcy, it's a miracle GM is even close total sales.

@Canadian Dodge Ram
I saw a few in Alberta and the Yukon area on my drives through Canada, I lived in Alaska for 8 years. The first time I saw one I thought, what a neat old Foorr...ummmm...Mercury truck. Even took a bunch of pictures. Very rare indeed. I suppose the salt claimed many along the way. Mercury must have had very high favorability in Canada in the 50-60's so Ford must have thought it was worth the extra expense. Though I expect they also sold Ford badged trucks also?

@miath and @Bob... jealousy will lead you nowhere. Just relax and head down to your nearest Ford dealer and see what the F150 fuss is all about. Best of the pack.

I'm Canadian and can see that sales of the F150 here have been awesome. They are everywhere. Every second neighbour has one. Many are ex GM boys!

My 2002 SuperCrew is still solid but I wish it broke down so I could have a new Ecoboost !
Keep it going Ford


I am an EX GM boy! Screw GM, however, I do give them credit where it's due.

@ Bob GM - Bob - here are some more stats for you.

The auto sales figures you see here are year-to-date through August 31/2010.

Best-Selling Overall Automotive Brand
Ford: 1,155,713
Chevrolet: 1,052,773
Toyota: 988,992

Best-Selling Car
Toyota Camry: 220,061

Best-Selling SUV/CUV/Crossover
Ford Escape: 128,507

Best-Selling Truck
Ford F-Series: 338,446

Best-Selling Luxury Cars
BMW 3-Series: 64,450

Best-Selling Luxury SUV/CUV/Crossover
Lexus RX: 60,476

Best-Selling Luxury Automotive Brand
Lexus: 145,490

Bob - did you notice any pattern?

I'll give you a hint


@ Bob - what were you saying about selling the most and quality?
Your logic dicates that millions of Canadian and American drivers are wrong, how can that be?

Remember the old saying " you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!"

GM Bob - you own and its affiliates?

Bob, you are deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.

Can Canadians be wrong for a record 45 consecutive years?

Can Americans be wrong for 34 years in a row?

You have an extremely unique view of reality.

DSM3 - Delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief.

I really hope Mike gets a new way for us to sign in to this site soon that way no one can steal other peoples names or post fake post as someone else. I know he said he was looking into doing something about it...

Everyone is entitled to their oppinions no matter if we agree with them or not. Its fun to poke fun at the competition sometimes as ALL OF US do. But sometimes people take it to far. If you can't handle the criticism then don't post on this forum. We are all adults and its time for some of us to act like it, not act as old as our IQ.

@ Shawn - my last post (Posted by: lou | Jan 5, 2011 6:31:55 PM) was in reply to Bob. His post was pulled, so my reply is being viewed out of context.
If you had the dis-pleasure of reading his post, you'd see where I was coming from!

I wish that everyone would conduct themselves on this site, as well as on all other public forums, as they would if they were speaking face to face with the other people making comments. It is saddening to read such negative, demeaning, and childish comments from people that think that this is appropriate and okay, just because they are hiding safely behind a computer. You never see this kind of behavior out in public. Grow-up know who you are!!!

@Lou - I wasn't talking about you at all bud and I did see what BOB or GMBOB or whatever his name is said about you. I really can't see Mike taking you off of this forum since almost all of your post are straight and to the point and insightful. I was talking about everyone on this site who sometimes get carried away and act like kids... and I must admit I have in the past to when it comes to raggin on the competition but sometimes we all need to take a deep breath and just realize that we all come to this site to share our love of trucks no matter who sells the most or who makes it to the top of a mountain faster.

mike gm total sale for pickup,pass ford right...

Chevy does no make a better truck then ford, ford #1 because ford is #1. trannys last longer, chevy dont even make there trannys, I say Chevs are junk, there crap to drive small interior.

@ miath

i dont know about Canada but in The United States here are the numbers:

F-Series: 528,349

GM: Silverado, Sierra, and Avalanche: 520,444

this is off the facebook site. It was posted on 1/4/2011

@Lou, the "Detroit 3" have become "The Gang of 7" looking at vehicle sales for 2010. The Pickup sales of the "Detroit 3" have been balanced out by the sales of Asian designed sedans in the US. These are from Honda, Toyota and Hyundai, all having top selling models. Only Ford with the Fusion has a top selling sedan as well.

Oh Canda! O Canada. Our home and native land! For the record I never stated that Chevy outsold Ford. I did state several times however that GM out sold Ford and that continues to be true today. Ford is a brand and a Corporation and GM is a corporation that produces the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra and when you combine the two brands they outsell Ford period end of story! The Silverado and GMC Sierra are made in the same plants on the same assembly lines and are virtually the same except cosmetics. Engines, transmissions and drive trains are identical. So I will state once again GM does out sell Ford period and of story!

Anyone have the GM sales numbers for Canada???

Combined sales of GM's trucks did not outsell Ford, even throwing in the Avalanche. BTW if you are gonna add the Avalanche you need to add Explorer Sport Trac as it's an SUV based truck also.

Tom - In Canada?????? I said I want the Canada numbers, not US.

@Shawn - thanks.

@ Robert Ryan - agreed. The "Detroit 3" have lost their dominance of the USA market. Ford seems to be the main "domestic" that is starting to regain some revelance in the passenger car market.
There was too much money being made with large SUV's and pickups that the "Detroit 3" literally handed the market over to the competition.
I was reading a link and a Ford Canada executive stated that increasing fuel prices will most likely dampen pickup sales.
That is an understatement.

@ Bob G - try or the respective Canadian brand sites ie. .
I suspect that sales data would be simialr to US data.
Ford sold much better in Canada and I've heard Dodge guys say the same for their brand.
I haven't heard of any Canadian GM guys bragging about sales so i suspect that are not as strong as USA sales.

@Bob G

You are stating that GM outsells Ford but you don't know the number to back it up. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!!!

WTF is this world coming too!

Why do I waste my time.

@Mike Levine
Do you know how the Mexican F150 (Lobo) stacks up against the others? That would be three straight countries if the Lobo is the best seller!


I believe sales have tanked due to this, check it out.

@ Frank - who would of thought having a 6.5 foot box option in the crewcab would hurt sales. More room for banditos.
I bet the Ram Box and optional gun rack is real popular too. LOL


LMAO! I find that quite bizarre.

@ Lou I belive Ram could call it the Cartelsmen. That would be dope, literaly and figurativly

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