GM Increasing Jobs, Production to Meet Demand for Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

GM Increasing Jobs, Production to Meet Demand for Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

General Motors plans to add a third shift at its heavy-duty truck plant in Flint, Mich., to meet increased demand for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD pickups, according to an announcement by the company this morning.

The additional shift is expected to create 750 jobs. Flint Assembly currently employs nearly 2,100 workers operating two production shifts.

In 2010, the plant produced 115,000 trucks, most of them regular and crew-cab versions of the heavy-duty Silverado and Sierra. Last year, the plant added production of regular and crew-cab versions of the light-duty Silverado.

"Adding a third shift is a response to customer demand for heavy-duty pickups, which most people use to tow, haul and plow,” said Mark Reuss, president of GM North America. “Equally important, it brings jobs and a needed economic boost to the Flint area."

The first wave of employees is expected to arrive at Flint Assembly in the second quarter with more waves arriving until the plant starts the third shift in the third quarter. Initial openings will be filled by recalled laid-off Flint Assembly employees currently working at other facilities, primarily in Lansing. Remaining openings will be filled by laid-off employees in the area, including those from Orion, Willow Run and Warren in accordance with the UAW GM National Agreement. No new employees are expected to be hired.

[Source: General Motors]


Well, it looks like the Motor Trend Truck Of The Year and the (Rumble In The Rockies, etc.) award and tests are helping General Motors move trucks.

Thank you General Motors for increasing American jobs! Thank you Americans for buying American trucks!

I guess the Ford Super Duty is going to have a little competition in the sales department, now. better step on it, and come up with power increase or something, before you get stepped on!

Great job GM!

Now ditch the UAW and you can really shine!

I wouldn't use this to compare to Super Duty. Super Duty's are selling out, I'd take this to mean the HD market is growing again.

"Now ditch the UAW and you can really shine! " -johndeerrm

Amen! Or make the foreign companies be part of the U.A.W. to make it a level playing field.

It sure is nice to know that the GM trucks built there will out haul, out tow and get better gas milage than the Ford Super duty. Yea, I know, super duty is the sales champ, but it can't beat the GM heavy duty and the Durmax diesel and Allison transmission.

Now, GM just needs to speed up the next generation Silverado and Sierra and these trucks will be even hotter.
The future looks very bright for GM and the Silverado and gmc Sierra.

Congratulation Government Motors! You picked up another shift! Yahhhhhhh!

If you are in the minority like Bob you buy based on speed times. If you are a core truck buyer you buy based on the overall truck. That's why Ford outsells GM/Chevy Heavy Duty by more than 2 to 1.

Also, the heavy duty gas trucks from GM surely don't outdo anything from Ford or Ram.

I am sure Ford is rather upset. They beat the crap out of GM, force them to fail only to have the federal government bail them out to live another day!

Their is no acceptance for a communist/socialist system here in this great nation. GM should have failed! Somebody else would have came along to pick up the pieces like BETTER MANAGEMENT and started over!

If the federal government can bail out GM, then they should bail out ALL businesses that fail. That can of worms is open now and the federal government should pay for unfairly allowing a company to survive like this.

Has capatalism been replaced by communist and socialist ideals in this nation?

GM failed and the free market should determine their fate, NOT THE WELFARE CHECK!

Just think how many more people GM would have to hire if they started competing with Ford and Dodge by putting a proper solid front axle in there trucks .

I agree, if GM used solid front axles the 3/4 and 1 ton sales would double. Dana 60's for everyone!

great job GM. Its always good to be pressured to build more and add more american jobs!!!

Good to hear. I wonder if we will be seeing a 4500 cab and chassis version soon.

oxi, Ford with GM and Chrysler was begging for money in Washington. Ford took the federal load, thats basically getting bailed out with out filing chapter 11. Ford is no better company and as far as I concern they are a bunch liars.

Nice to hear that things are improving.
There are 750 happy families out there.
I hope things continue to improve.

Had we let GM "die", we would be left with less choices, less competition. Not good for us as consumers, much less our economy. GM has been doing what seems to be a great job getting back on track as a great US auto maker.

And I own 2 new Ford trucks.

@ Chipster
GMC would not of "died" (at least not as separate divisions)
It would of been dissected into profitable components and continue as smaller and separate entities.
Would that be a bad thing?
I doubt it.
Cadillac, Silverado/Sierra, Buick(popular in China) etc. would of got purchased by other companies.
Mahindra Silverado?

That doesn't sound so bad now does it??
Bob whould by one regardless who owned it. He'd buy a Turd with a Bowtie on it.

GM would not have died had we not bailed them out. That was a big lie to make you think there was no other choice but a bailout. Under bankruptcy laws, they would have simply filed Chapter 11 like any other company, reorganized and continued making trucks the next day while they dealt with their economic problems - pension plans to retired workers, etc.

Ironically, despite the stated reason Obama gave for the bailout in the first place (to keep GM out of bankruptcy) GM went bankrupt anyway. The only difference now; under the Obama structured bankruptcy, the terms changed considerably along with the outcome for some very key players.

The United Auto Workers union, on the other hand, fared considerably better than either the American people or the secured bondholders. It’s important to remember here, that the primary cause for GM’s decline, bailout and bankruptcy was the crippling legacy costs contained within the union contracts and the union’s steadfast unwillingness to make meaningful concessions to allow GM to reorganize itself without bankruptcy. At every step, the unions would not bend thereby forcing GM to the brink of collapse and bankruptcy.

In the end, the UAW made only a token sacrifice, giving up a small portion of it’s retiree’s health care benefits while keeping 100% of it’s pensions for retired workers as well as it’s pay for current workers. This kind of outcome is beyond a windfall when it comes to bankruptcy. It can only be seen as a gift from the messiah himself, Barack Obama, as payback for the tens of millions in campaign donations and support in the 2008 election.

If they have the demand for the truck why are they waiting for the second and third quarters to hire people? That's up to 9 months from now. I wonder, with the rising cost of fuel, if these new hires will actually happen. Hope they do, but it seems a little premature to announce this, and almost like a marketing move.

@Jon - you need to remember that George Dubya was at the helm for 2 terms. His administration was responsible for the current mess.
Obama was the unfortunate one stuck holding the bag.

I do agree with the bulk of your statement.

Why is this subject being brought up again??? Bankruptcy is in the past, GM is doing great now and on track to do better, stocks are up, creating more American jobs and most important building the BEST TRUCKS!! So get over it ford fans boys!

I just read that GM is working on a new medium duty trucks now that will be on the market in 2 years. Do you have any info on that?

You need to remember Goerge Dubya also inherited a recession and got out of it. There was a record 53 consecutive months of economic growth. Obama inherited a recession and turned it into the great depression and socialism.

In addition, Congress has also been Democrat controlled since when? 2006? When they took control unemployment was at 4.6%. It is time to stop blaming Bush. I thought Obama said unemployment was never going to go about 8%? It is over 11% now. I agree with the bulk of your comments too.

Congrats on GM hiring more workers. But as ford850 said if it won't be to the 3rd quarter demand might be some uncertainty. It seems they are going to wait to see if the demand is there first. Marketing move? Maybe.

Just an observation - if the nationwide trend is anything like the trend I'm seeing here in Southern Arizona, diesel HD pickups will soon outnumber light duties on the road! What do you think?

@Fred G: I'd say that sounds reasonable. I've got a quote about medium duty trucks from speaking with Mark Reuss in Detroit at the 2011 NAIAS. I'll get it written up in the next few days.

@ Jon - thanks for the clarification.

@ Michael - there may be regional variations in sales but I doubt we will see HD sales out numbering LD sales. Diesel engine options are too pricy, diesel fuel is more costly (on average), and then there is DEF (unless you buy a Ram).
Even with a Ram I'd hate to have to replace the cat on one of those trucks.
In my neck of the woods - HD's outnumber LD's when it comes to work trucks. I rarely see 1/2 ton work trucks.
Smaller contrators run diesel trucks and the big fleets run gassers.
My brother knows a lot of guys who are hanging on to their "old" diesels (pre DEF trucks) longer due to concerns over the added cost of DEF.

@Lou - General Motors Co. sold more cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S., for the first time in the company's 102-year history.

dude STOP making negative comments on stuff if you dont like it, don't read it! and don't comment on it!

ps. don't say dodge/ram or gm is no good just because you don't like them that doesn't mean we don't like them!!!

@Jon You are 100% correct. Thank you for posting that.

@ Fred - not surprised.
It is a good idea for GM to sell cars in China since that is where a large percentage of bailout money came from.
All kidding aside - China and India are the emerging "super" markets for cars.

Good for them great to see jobs comeing back


Toyota got American taxpayer money as well.

Toyota gets welfare cheques from the government of Japan,taxpayer money from Japan..Hybrids were made from Japanese taxpayer money.

So before bad mouthing American companies that got tax payer money,look what Toyota gets from their taxpayers...and yes even American taxpayers support Toyota.

"but it is a truck for crying out loud"

Maybe. Maybe not. Wikipedia says the EXT is a SUT. GM's own website says it is a SUV: "2011 Escalade EXT Luxury SUV"..."a 5 passenger SUV".

But let's say Ford did copy the lights from GM even though they don't look similar and they already had led lights to begin with, isn't GM trying to copy the entire off-road concept of the Raptor and Power Wagon? They even copied the RamBox. Way to be original!

As Mike Levine wrote, "The GMC Sierra All Terrain HD could be an excellent chance at redemption, but we wonder if there’s a market for a diesel-powered HD off-road halo truck that could probably cost more than $65,000."

dont tell me some people just wake up..

You're in a wrong blog, it's a different topic here.
ford fans, always looking for excuse....

@Fred G,

So when GM brings the TT V6 DI in the 2020 Silverado, we will all be saying who copied who.
That's right FORD.

yea, some excuse.


More good news
- Ford Motor Co., the car maker that didn't take bailout money, is soaring with its popular lineup of vehicles, and plans to hire more than 7,000 workers over the next two years, including 750 engineers to develop advanced technologies.

- Chrysler Group LLC said today it needs 1,000 additional engineers and high-tech employees to work on its future product lineup.

The automaker is actively recruiting on 35 college campuses and encouraging resumes in a bid to add the professionals by April of next year.
From The Detroit News:

I hope these are signs that the economy and the auto industry is turning around.

@Born in Japan,

Can you please stop refering companies with nations! These are publically traded private corporations, none have anything to do with the U.S. government, that is until GM was sold to them.

The big 3 have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, so stop calling them American (which is 2 continents, so which is it, north or south?)

@Born in Japan,

"Toyota got American taxpayer money as well."

American money? No such thing, it's called the U.S. dollar and when you are getting bailed out is totally different from getting incentives for building greener vehicles.

GM failed and they cried to the federal government to bail them because they sucked and could no longer compete on a level playing field, hence failure.

Man, all the haterade makes me sick. I am glad to see a few people get hired to make another shift possible. It is what the economy needs. More importantly, thats a few hundred folks that will be able to put food on the table to feed their families.

The only jobs Obama has created are jobs in China.

When government changes the rules to help one company, this is a misuse of government. when they block one company from doing business over another, that is a misuse of government.

Haliburton was trashed all the time. How come GE and GM get away with it? I guess it's OK because Obama is involved in it.

I don't want to subsidize these companies.

You want to know why Obama is doing this for GE and GM, it is because Obama wants to raise a billion dollars in campaign cash.

what is with all the bickering on here? I can safely assume that a handful of you don't even have a truck, let alone a leg to stand on in an argument about trucks.

Yes the GM trucks reigned in as king of the rumble in the rockies... get over it. More jobs are being brought to this country, and yet people still complain? What is this... high school?

More jobs?

Direct quote from the article: "No new employees are expected to be hired."

All the new jobs are going to China.

GM is selling more vehicles in China I hear!

gm had the side boxes on the avalanche LONG before they even started talking about the rambox!

its still money! doesn't matter where it came from.

if fords so good how come they can't make a diesel with good dependability and can beat gm in a shootout? if dodge had a better trany the ford engine wouldn't beat the cummins ethier!

GM has been working on a similar engine before ford, the difference is GM is after quality in not rush things to the market.
And it'll be on the market sooner then 2020.

Personally I don't like the gm hd's but who cares. They are adding jobs and that's a good thing.


You are correct, GM sells more autos in the Chinese market than they do here in the U.S.

Key is China does not take many imports, so when you hear of money leaving this nation, you can thank GM for sending billions of $$$ to China to produce locally.

Then you will hear the loser argument that at least the money comes back to the U.S. but unless you are a shareholder, why do you give a dam? Do you think GM cares about your situation? They care about making profits and increasing shareholder value, not you!

Using that logic about Toyota, remember Japan has roughly $875 billion of our debt, so the money does come back from Japan to the U.S. in the form of funding our outrageous budget deficits! Only China has more of our debt!

Your last post don't make much sense.
Are you trying to say that Ford don't invest in China? late last year Ford had opened 100 dealerships in China. Do you think they didn't invest a dime doing so? Then the question is if GM (or even Ford) wont invest into China, who will? Toyota, hyundai? Personally I love the fact that GM does invest into China, it means that we'll see better technology here at a lower cost. And next time, we won't have to bail them out.
I understand your jealousy, since ford is not doing as good in China as GM.

Chevy Avalanche is all one body. There is no seem. No separate body or separate bed. It is basically a Chevy Suburban with the back cut off. Same with the Cadillac EXT. That's why GM considers them sport utilities. If they are pickup trucks have come we have never seen them in a shootout?

Good point on the boxes. You are right. Ram stole them from GM!

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