GM Increasing Jobs, Production to Meet Demand for Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

GM Increasing Jobs, Production to Meet Demand for Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

General Motors plans to add a third shift at its heavy-duty truck plant in Flint, Mich., to meet increased demand for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD pickups, according to an announcement by the company this morning.

The additional shift is expected to create 750 jobs. Flint Assembly currently employs nearly 2,100 workers operating two production shifts.

In 2010, the plant produced 115,000 trucks, most of them regular and crew-cab versions of the heavy-duty Silverado and Sierra. Last year, the plant added production of regular and crew-cab versions of the light-duty Silverado.

"Adding a third shift is a response to customer demand for heavy-duty pickups, which most people use to tow, haul and plow,” said Mark Reuss, president of GM North America. “Equally important, it brings jobs and a needed economic boost to the Flint area."

The first wave of employees is expected to arrive at Flint Assembly in the second quarter with more waves arriving until the plant starts the third shift in the third quarter. Initial openings will be filled by recalled laid-off Flint Assembly employees currently working at other facilities, primarily in Lansing. Remaining openings will be filled by laid-off employees in the area, including those from Orion, Willow Run and Warren in accordance with the UAW GM National Agreement. No new employees are expected to be hired.

[Source: General Motors]


Looks like all the fun, good natured banter from the Raptor LED thread has continued on here.

Uh Oh! looks like all the anti-govt and anti-foreign truck, pro capitalists are out in vengence.

1) Ford was bailed out by Ronnie Regan with the transmission fiasco, so put up a different argument, Ronnie basically tore NHTSA up trying to cover up Ford's recalls that should have taken place. Ford also got a federal LOAN back a few years ago, and as far as I can remember, not to long ago Ford was there at the altar with hat in hand begging until they found out they didn't like the terms of the loan/bailout or whatever you want to call it. I find that very tacky to say the least. They did not need the money but was going to get there hand in the cookie jar anyway? Yeah, Ford cares for the American people alright.

2) Relating Capitalism with an economy that has been inflitrated with Crony Capitalism and Plutocracy (look up the definitions for you who don't agree) for years is rediculous. It started decades ago, before Obama. NAFTA was the nail in the coffin. Ross perot tried to tell you people, but you and the two geexers at the time (Bush 1 and Clinton) laughed at him. Oh well, that is when America started its decline for several years.

3) You people are funny, you act as if a company really cares for you, the USA citizen. Yeah, keep drinkin that koolaid. A company, in an allegedly capitalistic country like the USA, is SUPPOSED to care about profits to award their share holders FIRST!. That is capitalism. I practice it all the time by purchasing the best product for the price regardless of where it is made due to facing REALITY that companies care not one iota about the US citizen (usually products made in the USA are of better quality anyway, if you can find them or afford them). Socialism flows deep in the roots of this country anyway, in the form of bailing out companies and giving special tax abatements for companies to set up shop there.

Give it a rest people, buy what you like and deem best under an "alleged" capitalist economy, that's the American way, right? Come on, a 27 yr old like myself can see the writing on the wall and do some research and put 2+2 together, yet some of you that are my fathers age cannot? I drive a Ford F150 myself, and vote Repub most of the time, other than Libertarian when I see fit, but geez. Some folks need to face reality.

I think this is good for the American people, maybe we can get this economy flowing a little, although the standard of living will be damaged forever due to the big business offshoring all the jobs to the chi-coms and Indians (which consumers really didn't even notice till it was too late).

@jon - A SUT Sport Utility Truck is a type of pickup truck.

Sport utility truck

Sport utility truck (SUT) is marketing term for a vehicle deriving from an SUV or crossover having four doors and an open bed similar to that of a pickup truck albeit at a shorter bed length. Examples include the Chevrolet Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade EXT, Honda Ridgeline, Mitsubishi Triton/L200, Volkswagen Amarok, the Hummer H1 and H2, the H3 as the H3T, and the Toyota A-BAT concept. Others are simple variations of preexisting models, like the Hummer H2 SUT and Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

@ Red_4x4 - kudos.

@ Sean - you are quoting out of context. "No new employees are expected to be hired."
Laid off workers or guys having to work in other plants get to return home.
There may be "NO" new employees being hired but 750 guys are going to be working again.
That is good for everyone.
I hope it is the start of a positive trend.

Who cares if the Big Three, or any other American company for that matter, have America in their best interests or not? It is much better for America, if an American shareholder; that lives in America, pays taxes in America, and shops in America to get the American dollar versus a Japanese (or from any other country) shareholder; that does not live in America, does not pay American taxes, and does not shop in America.

It is time for Americans to turn the American economy around.

If you do your part to buy American...then you have every right to worry/complain about the American economy.

If you feel the need to support other countries economies (buy buying foreign products)...then I hope that you are satisfied with the way things are because you do not have a right to complain about the financial situation of America!

Go General Motors Corporation and shareholders...keep America going!!!

"but 750 guys are going to be working again."

Lou - Read the press release on GM's site closely. They said "expected" to START arriving in the 2nd quarter. Expect means to look forward to or likely to happen. It doesn't mean they are going to hire 750 or they might not hire many at all. If the demand is there why wait to the 2nd and 3rd quarter? Also, initial openings will be filled by recalled laid off Flint Assembly employees CURRENTLY WORKING at other facilities.

Lou: Thanks.

Banter from the led thread? Say it ain't so...... With the fanbois on this site, I could imagine they PM'd each other and drew lines across the dirt at the playground ready to scrap it out in a feat for their brand loyalty. I could see it now, like an old western in the making, all of the love taking place in the front seats of a Raptor. What a show that would be, hugging and all after they agree the lights are awesome and some how slinging insults at Toyota in the mean time. I could see it now, some of the participants would be the greatest fanbois of this site and maybe GM Bob or Oxi.

Buy American or say Bye to America:

big business and govt are to blame for the doldrums we face currently sir, not the American people. Sorry, many people cannot afford to buy other items (like American made) but ChiCom trash due to their job being off shored to maximize profits so some pompous CEO can afford one more posh closet full of Armani suits.

I, fortunately can buy American products like poits, pansm tools, parts for my trucks, socks, etc. Until business invests in the American people, the American people cannot afford to invest in the American Business, especially when the American peoples intrests are not even considered.

Your argument sounds like a slick wet dream my friend. It would be a great utopia, but the good paying jobs are leaving the US soil, and not because people are not buying American, because profits are not big enough fro these greedy pigs in big business. We have entered the greedy phase of the Capitalist System, it will fail. Sorry. Greed, run amok, cannot continue forever. Sadly, China will eventually suffer the same fate, but they are going to enjoy the induistrial revolution that OUR companies and GOVT gave them.

Eventually, these big comanies will have to settle for a sustained growth instead of exponential growth if they want to continue to make great strides with business in the USA.

Truthfully, I am ready to move to a different country should the need arise. Germany is taking immigrants as of now, skilled immigrants of course, they need the workers to replace the falling population to continue their programs. The germans are not having enough children to replace the aging workforce. I would rather stay in the USA, but if the greed continues in our govt and business, well....I have to do what is best for my children as I see fit.

Reagan never bailed out Ford. That was some conspiracy nonsense you read. Also you don't seem to know the difference between a government takeover and some loans. Loans that were offered to all manufacturers. No need to go over that again since it has been beaten to death in a million posts.

@ Dan - Bailout...technically - no!
The NHSTA was going to make Ford recall virtually every C4 tansmission on the market. Ford went to the Reagan administration and said that such a recall would cause Ford to go bankrupt.
Reagan neutered the NHSTA and Ford was able to continue on.
Reagan the father of Reagonomics, the consumate conservative capatalist was not going to be known as the man in power who killed Ford - the company who's founder revolutionized industry with the assembly line.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!
Does big business keep America going?
Only if it is in their best interests.
We already see signs of the "rats fleeing the sinking ship" in other words US companies moving industry to places like China.
That is not in the best interest of the USA.
Read red 4x4 post carefully and do your own unbiased research.
He is right!
The USA financial system and many industries were left to run amoke.
Unfettered greed.
The new American dream = success at any cost
As far as I am concerned the whole world economy should of been allowed to collapse under the weight of its corruption.

Redemption can be found in pain.

If a independent front axle is ok for fire engines and army trucks why would anyone think that a little tiny pickup would need such a big solid heavy axle? Anyone think about the weight of a ladder truck or army truck with a tank on the back running over rough ground. I bet 98% of HD pickups never leave the road.

Also very happy to buy from Obama Motors over Tokyo motors.

I like the new Fords, that Explorer is very nice looking, but remember it was not that long ago that Ford closed many, many plants. Guess they saw the future before the others.

I know a guy that is a engineer for Toyota and he said that if GM failed so would Toyota, since they use many of the same suppliers and those suppliers could not make it without GM buying parts.

Demand is up? Nobody in the right mind supports this broken down GMC carp. Only reason it is up is because demand was so low. Oh look, we got a Denial trim in a 3500 GMC now. lol. Ford has been been there done that years ago. Oh, look GM has an off-road "concept." Ford and Ram did that years ago and they're not just concepts. GM loves to follow and copy every chance they get. Trying to one up the Harley and Raptor will never happen. I rest my case.

Lou, Get your facts from some site other than a Reagan hater or liberal/liberatarian conspiracy site.

What happened is people were not putting their vehicles all the way in park. The levers had the word park on them. And people were putting them only part of the way in. Ford made a design change to remove the "ark" from the word Park to make sure people were going fully in park.

NHTSA officials were aware of park-to-reverse complaints and accidents involving non-Ford vehicles. (Does this sound familiar to you?)

There was no defect.

Ford could not find a defect. NHTSA could not find any defect. In Canada, Canada officials could not find a defect.

In the end it was determined that Ford would send a letter and label to instruct people to put their cars fully in park, set the e-brake and make sure the ignition is off.

The terms of this agreement were signed on December 30, 1980, between the Department of Transportation and Ford.

No final defect was ever found. This was all BEFORE Reagan was even in office. Case was closed and it was held up in federal court. Of course there were civil lawsuits afterward just like Toyota is dealing with now.

This topic is getting really off topic so I am going to stop commenting. Thanks for your comments.

Dan - You are 100% correct. Thanks for posting that.

So NHTSA let ford to get away with having their vehicle owners engage the emergency brake? Thats the most bizzare story I heard for a long time, I mean how hard is it to put it in park? And that story with Explorers and firestone tires, same thing happened with 98-99 Expeditions/Navigators but this time with Continental tires. Guess what? ford bought them selfs out of that one before it got big.

GM or not...good to see american jobs!!!

As long as the big three remain the big 3 and are at the top, that's all that matters. If brand bashing between the big 3 means that people are passionate about cars again, then that is a good thing. It was kind of boring when people thought American cars were mediocre. You still get a couple of people who mention words like "Toyota," but it never seems to add anything to the debate, nobody really cares. It's all about the big 3 again!

Dan- Thanks for enlightening everyone!

bgi- Right on!

Alex- You said it brother!

@ Dan - I appreciate the extra information.
At the time I read the story about the C4 Trannies I could not locate any other information that would corroborate or refute the story.
I posted because like Red 4x4 I had read about the same thing.
I am neither Republican nor Democrat.
Unfortunately both parties tend to be at political and ideological extremes that actually do not meet the true needs of their constituents.
I find irony in the fact that people no longer accept personal responsibility for things like not putting a car in park. They blame the company.
The same applies to the Firestone fiasco. The media blew it out of proportion. I had read a story where most of the tires that blew out were porbably under inflated or worn out or both. The design of the Explorer contributed to the problem but the bulk of it should of been operator error ie. improper maintenance.
Toyota falls into the same boat with their unintended accelleration. The only proven problems were floormats jamming the pedal (infamous CHP officer crash) and some cases of sticky pedals (CTS pedals). The statistical incidence of reports of unintended accelleration is higher than the domestics but those were uninvestigated consumer claims not investigated proven incidences.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

Over the last 10 years I have bought 3 Tacoma's, one was a used 97 that I grew out of that compact size, then the 05 X-Runner and now the 10 Tacoma 4x4...

All 3 of them Made in the U.S.A. stamped on the data plate. I kept jobs in this country by buying U.S. made products!

And if you are silly enough to argue profits and where they go while you never question your other purchases at China-Mart and so forth, I will stoop down to your level just a bit and say:

Japan is the second largest holder of U.S. debt at roughly $875 billion! Japan is only second to China which holds more!

That being said, if money went abroad, it looks like $875 billion has come back in the form of funding our budget deficits. Basically with Japan's buying of U.S. debt and Treasuries, our government would be bankrupt (in real terms, we still are as tax revenues cannot match expenditures) thus default and collapse.

Thus without nations like Japan, our government would not exist thus our nation! Think about that the next time you argue the pety issue of where the profist go!

@Red 4x4,

Great post!

Corporations do not give a dam about us unless your a shareholder.

Comparing private auto companies with the Constitution is the most ridiculous thing ever imagined!

Being a U.S. citizen is having the freedom to choose what you want, etc... it has nothing to do with what brand pickup you choose.

These people that argue this are drinking kool-aide because the big 3 do not give a dam about this nation. That is why they have so many foreign plants. They care about sales and profitability and if that means building them in Mexico or Canada as an example, so be it.

I sure am enjoying my second duramax to be built in Flint.


I hope that you are enjoying being a U.S. Citizen...for now.

Do not be surprised when the day comes that the U.S. is so deep in debt, to Japan and China, that Japan or China decide enough is enough and decide to collect on all the "loans" they have given the U.S.. When the U.S. does not have the money guess what...we are going to become the United State of Japan or the United States of China?

Keep buying foreign. America can survive without your money?

Solid front axles? If you enjoy riding in covered wagons and hitting every bump twice then these babies are for you. Independent suspension is better and execution is key. It looks like GM has finally addressed this in the 2011.

Explain how we will become part of China or Japan? Like someone said, when I owe the bank $100, I'm in trouble. When I owe the bank $1,000,000,000,000, the bank is in trouble. The ONLY reason they are buying our debt is to keep their economy's going. China is a distant 2nd to the US economy. The US economy is on par with the entire European Union.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

We are already past that point! $14 trillion in debt!

Just printing money will not solve anything but prolong the situation and introduce hyper-inflation. We are already seeing inflation moves with higher energy costs and commodity costs.

Our federal government has to borrow money (selling treasuries) to foreign nations like Japan to pay for our budget. Without these foreign nations and banks, we would not have enough money to fund the federal government thus risk default or worse collapse.

Don't blame me, I choose to support U.S. jobs here in the U.S. working for Toyota. The insurance companies give me insurance, the state gives me permission to drive on their roads, the federal government allows my pickup to be built here, sold here and driven here and local shops pitch in for routine maint. and mods for off-roading.

Nobody is turning me away, they all want my business. Are you seeking a communist regime where only big 3 vehicles are sold here in the U.S.?

You need to pay attention more to what Washignton is doing with your tax revenues than waste your time blaming people who buy foreign NAMED vehicles that have little impact of the budget debates in Washignton.

It is time to cut entitlements back and cut the budget which means less services by the federal government, etc... We need to make concessions as a society or the federal government may default on their debt payments and that will send the economy into the tank and the federal government would not last long shortly after and then what?

Chaos, anarchy, rebellion, civil war, you name it... we are falling like the Roman Empire did.

@ Oxi - quote "Over the last 10 years I have bought 3 Tacoma's"
Funny, I went 15 years with the same F250. 7 years with the same Ranger. 3 Years with a used Ranger, and 2 years with a GM van.
So what is your point?

Quote "We need to make concessions as a society "
Correction - the government needs to stop pissing away taxpayers money used to shore up political friends, big business, and other assorted corporate and wealthy welfare bums.
The US could cut back on equipment for the "War Machine" and stop sticking its nose into the affairs of other countries.
But then that would leave you unemployed.


I would not be unemployed, the U.S. military needs vehicles that we build and uses them regardless.

What we do not need are F-22's, so many bases overseas, supporting a NATO doctrine with no enemy and so forth...

Society here is full of sheep, so if society is not going to hold Washignton accountable then we have to bow to their decisions thus concessions. I do not see the public making any moves on Washignton to change the status quo.

The 97 Tacoma was a true compact and we both grew out of the standard cab model.

The 05 X-Runner was a pickup I auto-x'd and raced on road courses and after 5 years of intense racing I decided to go back to my roots of off-roading and started back up with my 2010 4x4.

The 05 XR is still around track day ready, the 97 last I heard some older guy bought it, most likely still on the road.

I have no respect for a company like GM that asks for a handout to reward past bad practices! It is called holding those responsible ACCOUNTABLE for their failures. GM should have failed even if it cost jobs because this nation is not here to bail out businesses.

That is unfair and so against capatalism. Somebody else would have came along and opened up those plants again, it's the U.S. way! Under new management would have been the slogan!

GM is a failure period!

STOP MAKING HATE COMMENTS AND GET A LIFE! if you dont like gm fine, but that doesnt mean we cant like them!

I love my Duramax, I HATE my factory front suspension designed by a girl. No offence ladies, but NO ONE has a tie rod end that is less than 1/2" (13mm) in diameter attached to the front of their 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Let alone their half ton trucks.

DITCH the IFS already!!! Real 4x4's need a live axle in front and back.

@sleder - you are only allowed to like compact trucks from oriental suppliers.

HA! really though.



It's not a hate comment! Where do you get off with that?

GM failed and I did not support the bailout (as with the banks) so all those responsible should be declared commies and thrown out of office!

I do not like socialism nor communism yet when you bail GM out, that is what you get. You should ask yourself, where is my bailout?

Why should GM get bailed out and not other companies? Banks included.

They get bailed out so their leadership still gets their millions in bonuese and salaries (like the bankers) and we the taxpayers pay the price with higher tax rates and rising national debt. Money has to come from somewhere.

Failure would have brought in investors thus new management. GM is a joke as a result, the hand-me-out corporation.

I love this website don't get me wrong but it is at least slightly biased towards Ford. The Dodge Ram edged out the Ford F-150 to be the top-rated pickup in Strategic Vision’s 2010 Total Value Index ( I am still waiting for this story to be posted on the news feed Mike Levine. I'd appreciate it if it was. Thanks.


Why do not you let it go, about the "bailout" that Chrysler and General Motors needed, and move on? It is in the past. Let us see what changes they have to offer for the future?

You obviously have forgotten about the Pearl Harbor attack and moved on from that.

People (countries/companies) can change right?

just STOP pushing the bailout! one of these days ford is gonna need one too as well as toyota,
ps. toyota got another bailout.
and i am not the only one talking about the hate comments
just try to be positive

Ironic or amazing at the frequency "Pearl Harbor" is mentioned on this site when it comes to Japanese products.

I wonder if Israeli blogs use similar comments against Volkswagon?

I am a GM fan, but American first. GM should have been allowed to fail or survive. This is the free market.
That said what happened, happened and GM moves forward. This news is good and will help the company as a whole.
Word to the Ford devote. Ford has never outsold GM. If tyou sepak of Chevy and NGC separately then yes, but not combined. As the GM brand and the same truck, Ford does not outsell GM. Fact!!!!!
Ford's add is a big lie if the GM badge is used.

@Bob Karlstad
- from a truck perspective,
Ford Ranger and Ford F series combined outsold all of the trucks made by GM Corp
(Canyon, Colorado, Sierra, Silverado, Avalanche, and Cadillac EXT) for 2010 year.

Ranger 53,363 + F Series 528, 349 = 581,713

Canyon 7,992 + Colorado 24,642 + Silverado 370,135 + Sierra 370,135 + Avalanche 20,515 + Cadillac EXT 2,082 = 555, 115

Ford sold 26, 596 more trucks than GM Corp. in 2010.

So how is Ford lying?

You go, Lou!

We owned FORD trucks for 30 years - until the head gaskets went out of the last one. Now we own a new Chevy 2500 Crew Cab. So yea, FORD is up the creek and outta luck with us!

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

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