Mopar Ram Runner Off-Road Kit Pricing and Availability Announced

Mopar Ram Runner Off-Road Kit Details Announced

Last year, we had a blast wheeling with the Mopar Ram Runner at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Today, Chrysler's parts and accessory division announced that production of the Ram Runner conversion package will begin in March for Ram 1500 light-duty pickups.

The Ram Runner kit will turn the half-ton Ram into a hardened desert racer with components inspired by Baja trophy trucks, like Fox Racing internal bypass dampers at all four corners,  custom upper and lower control arms for the front suspension and flared widetrack fenders.

Off-road enthusiasts will be able to buy the hardware all at once or in batches at their own pace. Here are the prices:


  • Stage 1 Pre-Runner Suspension Kit, part number (PN) P5155258, $3,129 (not on display vehicle, but currently available through Mopar)
  • Stage 2 Ram Runner Suspension Kit, PN P5155662, $13,270 (production begins in March)

Exterior (production begins in March: fits Stage 1, Stage 2 or available separately)

  • Front Ram Runner bumper, PN P5155663, $1,250
  • Tubular tire carrier, PN P5155664, $1,010
  • Front Ram Runner fenders, PN P5155665, $1,020
  • Rear Ram Runner fenders, PN P5155666, $1,350
  • Sport performance hood, PN 82211065AD, $978 (available now)
  • Cold-air intake system, PN 77070023, $466 (available now)
  • Cat-back exhaust system, PN P5155280, $1,135

The grand total for the entire package with the Stage 2 suspension? $20,659 plus installation fees if your local Mopar shop does the work. Of course, a Ram 1500 has to be purchased separately.

The Ram Runner will be on display next week at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

[Source: Mopar]


Thanks but I think I'll have a Raptor. I'll save money, I'll have a warranty, and it won't be a Dodge.

Not my cup of tea tho cool for what it is! Give me Power Wagon over this or a Raptor any day!


20,000 for a stage 2 kit
10,000 for a stage 1 kit

30,000 for a truck

Add 60,000 for a tow vehicle and trailer.

For offroad closed course use only!


Who was complaining that the Raptor was too expensive? LOL.

@ D57H - I agree 100%.

I like it, but yea Raptor takes the win.

Raptor comes with everything from the kit required.

they may want to re-think this buying a kit thing.

oh my!!!!!!! $1k+ for some bented n welded tubular bars. really?????

Raptor wins for so many reasons, but I'm glad to see an attempt by Dodge to fight back. 5 years ago (pre-raptor) this would be way cooler.

I like the idea, but wow the prices are up there. "Plus installation fees".

Cool idea...bad pricing!

if it wasnt so effin expensive and was street legal id take it over the raptor

This isn't a Raptor figher; this is a Raptor KILLER.

Priced higher then the Raptor because it is worth the extra cash.


I wouldn't be so sure. The Raptor has proven itself in events like Baja. If this truck can do the same then I'll say it could compete with the Raptor at best...Not destroy it though.

Can some one please tell me why adding the ram runner kit to your truck would not make it road legal? It doesn't look any crazy than the occasianal ultra high lifted ford running on 40 in or bigger tires.
It is not emissions the kit is just for suspension. Could it really be the Bumper??

i don't get it.

@ Mike what is the difference between the stage 1 and 2 kits? better be at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week. This will be a good one for pickup trucks.

Stupid for Ram to drive more people to the Raptor. Lots of dreams are created in shops for 5 to 10 thousand. After the Raptor and at these kinds of price points I don't think mouths will drop much over creations like this in the future.

Wrong response to the Raptor. Fiat had better start hunting for idiots again...

Raptor, Ram Runner both OVER PRICED and you have to pay for installation!

Buy a stripped and build it yourself folks!

That is what REAL off-roaders do. You will be laughed at as a rich snob out playing with your truck you will never take wheeling for fear of scratching and denting, etc... anyways but I would love to see one of these out there but most likely not!

I think most people that buy them will use them to haul the ATV's and sled's with to look cool on the highway drives. Now most full-size have 35" tires, big lifts pulling small sled trailers, etc... around here from suburbia Illinois into Wisconsin.

Funny, they use the sleds and ATV's but not the trucks off-road, funny indeed...

@ Nate M.

The Raptor in Baja is a totally different truck than the general public can buy..This Ram Runner is a tougher,stronger truck than the factory Raptor !!

Only new Toyota's I see off road are the ones on the paved roads to the trail ,driven by women to get groceries...Nobody drives a Tacoma in the bush !!

Does the $20,000 kit come with tires?

@Skis... RAPTOR is factory build & ready to go WITH a warranty. What would Rams off road warranty be, none?

I'll buy a Raptor for less $$ and be able to drive it on the roads. Nice try Dodge.


Why would someone want to build their own off-road vehicles? That means you always need to be fixing/repairing/upgrading as you go.

Why not let the manufacturers build them for us, like my Ram Power Wagon and Wrangler Rubicon for example, and have a turn-key fully warrantied vehicle?

I would much rather go out with a factory engineered piece of art that will hold up for many years, versus a home-built, slapped together, piece of junk. I do not want to have to pull a trailer, behind my home-built 4X4, just to carry who knows how many spare parts for the truck that might break because it is not built/engineered the way the factory can do it.

@ "r" - from what I recall from the initial story on the Ram Runner - it was not street legal.
My understanding of accessory components, especially chassis modifications - they have to meet NHSTA approval.
The aftermarket industry was thrown a stiff curveball with new laws coming into place concerning stability control systems. Any component added to a truck must not affect or alter the performance of these systems to be street legal.

You probably could get away with adding the components and then drive on the street.
I would not want to get involved in a serious MVC. Your insurance provider could walk away, leaving you "hung out to dry" if they discovered there were "offroad only" components on your rig (regardless of whether they were to blame or contributed to the MVC).

The stage II kit would be aimed more at guys wanting to compete with the Raptor R, which isn't street legal.
You still would need to add e-lockers, tires and wheels, as well as engine and transmission modifications to approach the performance levels of the Raptor R. You also must factor installation costs, and adding a Full roll cage. There also is warranty to consider.

If you buy one of these turn key pickups, your not an off-roader and I mean a legit and real one!

Nuff said!

And looking at the pic above, seriously it does not look like it has the proper ground clearance for the size and weight of the truck.

In other words it will sink and get hung up in the deep ruts and mud/water out there...


If you do not buy an American truck, from an American company, you are not an American, I mean a legit and real one.

Nuff said!

@ buy amer........

"If you do not buy an American truck, from an American company, you are not an American, I mean a legit and real one."

damn!!! n i thought only stupid peeps think like that.... guess i was wrong...

duh huh-

Thanks for not categorizing me with stupid peeps.

I was was just changing the topic (American) to show how ridiculous this way of thinking is...

"If you buy one of these turn key pickups, your not an off-roader and I mean a legit and real one!

Nuff said!" -oxi

I fail to read the clause, rule or law that states on becoming a U.S. citizen you must buy from the big 3?

In fact I found NOTHING pertaining to GM, Ford or Chrysler in the U.S. Constitution. I even looked on my passport yet I missing something?

Have you ever been to a Toyota plant here in the U.S. or even toured one?

I toured Toyota's Georgetown, KY auto plant, the largest in North America at over 8 million sq. feet and over 7,000 U.S. jobs yet the flag outside was the U.S. flag, hmmmmmmm...

Dodge totally missed the mark on this one. A 1500 based Power Wagon would have been the way to go. Carry over the rear, center and front lockers, and sway bay discos, add a small lift, skid plates, and decent tires. Something they could easily charge $5000 and build mostly from the the Jeep Rubicon and 2500 PW parts bins.

"I fail to read the clause, rule or law that states on becoming an"... off-roader you must build your own truck?

WOW is Dodge crazy? I own a magazine dedicated to prerunners and there is no way someone will pay 20K above the cost of a new Dodge Ram. For the money they are asking you can build a full on race truck.

you fools dont know what your looking at..
a Raptor...isnt this truck...albeit you could put 30k into a raptor and with this truck..?
the raptor your looking at sitting on the corner of that Ford lot...thats a badged truck with a fancy grille...
i think you should refer your comparisons of it to the powerwagon..
that raptor..would case the front end pulling off the dealers lot...
get a clue....
ill give you credit for having interest in this market...

i love it and i wanna know when its avalible to the public of nova scotia

Yeah the price is steep because you pavement pounders don't understand what it cost to build a true off road vehicle. But really, you're trying to compare a Raptor to this? The ram has 4 real doors for starters. How about 14" of suspension travel with aluminum A-arms, 300m front axle shafts, for you pavement wheelers thats real good, rear coil link suspension, and yes real tube bumpers not factory tin like the Raptor. How about a cool bed mounted spare tire carrier, and anti rocks, not that the pavement pounders even know what that is. And yes it is street legal. No it doesn't stand 10 feet tall like the boulevard 4 wheelers, it actually has a low center of gravity for true offroading, hence the wide fenders to let the wheels travel up. Doh!!

There's nothing special about this. It's the same thing as upgrading a vehicle with aftermarket parts. Search Silverado Runner. You will see several upgraded Silvys to do Runner work. This is merely an aftermarket upgraded Ram. It's not even a good one at that. The stage 2 blunder has less maximum travel. Weaker steel. It doesn't have hill climb or hill descent control like the Raptor. Plus It lacks purpose built from the ground up engineering. The Raptor is on sale all ready built up. And it's built from scratch as a Runner (The Raptor is a Runner) so you can bet that it's a load more reliable than this modified Chrysler. This still has the less Hp, and Torque 5.7 vs the Raptors 6.2. Not to mention I can add my own parts to a regular half-ton truck and make a better Runner than this. You can bet it aint street legal like they said it would be, so that leaves the Raptor XT Running dog with stronger steel, more suspension travel, and race bred/winning history unlike the Ram blunder stage 2. By the way A Raptor is a bird of prey like an Eagle, a Hawk, and Falcon, not a Velociraptor dino (unless you mean the Hennessey upgraded Raptor). Ford wins year after year in the Baja 1000, which is the ultimate race in this class. it won the latest in 2010 with the Ford TT. Chevy also wins sometimes but no Chrysler product is even significant, look up the results yourself. Don't bother with the Chrysler aftermarket crap. Go to Race Works and they'll build you a much better Runner. Find an aftermarket company that has experience in the Runner industry.

I love competition, but if this Dodge wants to compete with the Raptor why doesn't it come like this from the factory, and what about the selectable lockers and even better make it street legal! A kit with race shocks and longer A arms generally run about $6000. ish, so where do they get off charging that $13000.? A performance hood? When was the last time you won a race because of your hood? A start, but a very long way to become competitive with Ford's Raptor.

These are just testing stages dodge will come out with a turn key factory model and it will stomp the raptor and as soon as it happens Ill be waiting at the dealer ship to get mine

"These are just testing stages dodge will come out with a turn key factory model and it will stomp the raptor and as soon as it happens Ill be waiting at the dealer ship to get mine " -Mo[p]arornocar

The Ram Runner would make for some good competition, for the S.V.T. Raptor, but it would not stomp on the Raptor. Unless of course it is going to cost $5,000.00 or more than the Ford, due to the cost of more aftermarket/supplier upgrades.

The Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor has a lot more factory engineering and money to play with. Ford Motor Company, Ford S.V.T, and Ford Racing Performance have the brains and bucks to do it right.

Dodge won the baja 1000 in a class 8 truck .With a MOPAR V-10 crate engine with eight hundred horsepower.

Dodge also is dominating TORC off road racing.

Dodge built 4x4 trucks in 1934 for the military.

Dodge started the civilian 4x4 truck market in 1946.

I love the ram runner i do. Not a ford fan. The raptor only got a better over all bc its a better daily drive. But baha or off roading dodge raped. I have a ram 1500 2004. Haven't done much to it. And stomped a ford Raptor on 30. Raptor is a over priced lot truck. My grampa is a car dealer and knows lot about this and ratings say the ford Raptor is a over priced lot truck that can drive off road but nothing serious or ull be stuck. Yes this is way to pricy and i could make my ram probably better for less $$$. But its bad ass and if i could blow the money i would get it.

Is it possible to install the ram runner kit on a power wagon?

Funny what you people don't know is that it's still cheaper than the raptor and tested better in every single category then the raptor did as well a much better truck still and less expensive

power wagons are much better than raptors when it comes to off road capability

okay, it's 2018. i have a dealer built Ram Runner. i've had it out many times in the 3 years i've owned it. even the new Raptor doesn't compare. the Ram is on a whole other level. i like the Raptor, but if i was to do it over again- i'd stick with what i have. BTW it is fully street legal. has good road manners, and has been impeccably reliable. that's your legit owner review. i forgot to mention that i have a family member that owns a ford dealership.

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