Report: Parts Shortage Forces Production Pause at Ford F-150 Plant

Report: Ford Pauses Production at F-150 Plant

Ford is halting production of the F-150 light-duty pickup for a week because of a shortage of parts for its new 3.7-liter and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

"Suppliers took a lot of capacity out to get through the downturn," Ford spokesman Todd Nissen said. "As volumes have increased for our new, high-volume products, suppliers have had some issues keeping up." Nissen did not identify the suppliers or parts that caused the shortage.

About 3,000 workers at the plant will go on hiatus for seven days.

F-Series pickup sales grew 27.7 percent in 2010 over 2009, as the U.S. economy continued to slowly recover from its slump and businesses and core truck buyers replaced their aging pickups with new trucks. Ford has also been successful gaining market share at the expense of its competitors in the past year with a steady cadence of product improvements.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]


The suppliers need to get with the program and try to keep up. America needs needs real (full-size) trucks! American's want the Ford F-150.

i am going to make a prediction that in the f-150 they will sell more V6 then V8 by the end of 2011.
think about it v6's that put out 302hp and 365hp if you looked back only a couple of years ago they made only 200-300hp out of a v8
and if you look back 10-20 years it was 150-250hp
have we all gone hp made yes but with gas soon to hit $4 most of use will have to up grade to a ecoboost


I agree with you that Ford will be selling a lot more V6 powered F-150s now, compared to what they have in the past. Mainly the personal use buyers that just need a grocery getter or small loads from the home improvement center. Hopefully the people that would have bought a Ranger or any other mid-size offering? The people that are still buying an F-150 for it's full potential though; for work, hauling, and towing, will still opt for the V8s (or EcoBoost). The 3.7L V6 does have decent horsepower but it lacks in torque. We shall have to wait to see what happens.

GM starts a third shift.....Ford cleans out is's suppliers...hmmm. I'd rather have the latter problem.

I dont think either problem is bad long term. Unless your one of those people who likes taking snapshots of Detroit ruins.


Soon Ford will be asking for a welfare check like GM!

The CEO of Ford today studied Toyota (still drives his Lexus) and the TPS Toyota Production System and yet he cannot make it work.

He has FAILED!

You would think that it would be easy to ramp up production since the equipment and technology is being underutilized. Most businesses carry little in the way of surplus inventory due to the extra costs involved.
A production issue, recall, or increase in demand easily causes problems.

@tom334 - it will be interesting to see what turns out to be the best seller.
Ford is in a great position because they now have 4 engines to play with = 3.5, 3.7, 5.0, 6.2.

@ oxi

you need to get a life.


For the love of God please stop with your hating comments. No one wants to hear it and no one respects anything you say. Try this and the next time you get a thought......just let it go and not say it, it will work out so much better for you. Do you not realize that everyone is just laughing AT you?

Mulally doesn't drive a Lexus. That was 3 years ago. Now, he rotates through an array of Ford vehicles. Speaking of production systems, didn't Toyota build some huge plant for the Tundra and then never used it because the demand they thought was there was never there? Didn't they have to shut down for 3 months a couple years ago. Please!

Oxi - who was the founder of the assembly line?
Any company is wise to look at how the competition performs.
You adapt and apply what is the best fit for your own needs.

Now is a great time for Ford to offer the 6.2 on all F150s!

I will dont intend to own a V6 full size pickup, get in a V6 in a few years and put in gear, and feel all the vibration! Not for me! I have been in a lot of V6 full size trucks, when the get old they are not smooth! That includes all brands!

I like the smoothness and low end torque of the V8! and theres not enough gas mph difference for me to own a V6!

Plus I really think Ford is downgraded or demoted the 5.0 in order to sell a cheaper to build engine and get more money!

I mean whats wrong with a Eco Boost 5.0, I would pay extra for that!!!!!!

It is funny that the CEO of Ford used to drive a Lexus.
Who cares?
Obviously people do.

Didn't the head of Toyota Akio Toyoda leave a press conference in an Audi sports car???

@ Oxi
why do you ever come on here anymore. All your comments are hate. We just want to have a nice talk about what is going on.

@ Charles or anybody,
What do you think the a 5.0 EcoBoost would get HP, Torque and MPG?
HP: 400
MPG: 18/24
Thats just me there. I would pay for that.

this could be interesting in the near future since these motors are just starting to go into the f150. They are in other vehicles allready but they are not the exact same.
@ charles the new 6.2 only gets 16 hwy according to the window sticker that will keep alot of people away at 3 dollars a gallon

I'm confused. So Ford stopped production of ALL F150s just because they were short on parts for the 3.7 V6 and the 3.5 EcoBoost? It seems like they could continue production on the F150s with the 5.0 and 6.2. That way they dont fall so far behind just because some parts for the V6 engines didnt come in.

They have other plants for that. The 5.0 and 6.2 are still being built in Kansas City.

Come on ford I'm at 85k and I need to get rid of the truck before I hit 100k get the Ecoboost out already

ditch it before 100k? Wow... ford's are WAY better than that ;) I think I'll drive mine until it is dead.


When most customers buy a large pickup like the F150, fuel mileage is not the most deciding factor!!!!! That is for the car market!

I mean if you are paying the overpriced 30 to 50 thousand dollar range for a pickup, I dont wont a Fiesta size engine in it!!!! And on the other side of it, I dont want to pay $6,000 extra for a diesel in the new F250 - 350 etc! I will take the gas version even if it burns more fuel!!!!

@Ford Guy 21

I am guessing the Ecoboost 5.0

HP= 500
torque= 490
MPG= 18 - 20

I mean the nomally aspritated 5.0 in Mustang is over 400!

6,000 extra for a diesel what planet do you live on try almost 10,000 dollars for a diesel in the f-250-350

i think a hybrid 6.2l would be better then the 10,000 dollar diesel in the f-250 at least it would be cheaper and better fuel economy (at least 19-22mpg) just comparing the 1500 chevy hybrid that gets 20-23mpg

6.7l gets 16-19mpg in a f-250
ford should build 4.4l v8 diesel could get 18-22mpg and just focus on keeping the price down like $6-8,000

Tom is correct.

F150 EcoBoost XLT SuperCrew 4x4 $36,945.

F250 Diesel XLT SuperCrew 4x4 $47,915.

plus add on the 10-15% higher cost of a diesel an that why sales of diesel are so low
16-19mpg with the 6.7l diesel

a ecoboost 4l or 4.4l that put out 400-450hp and 500-550lb-tqs and could get 14-20mpg would be great for the f250-350 plus it would be cheaper or the same price as building the 6.2l gas engine and still be 9,500 dollars cheaper then the diesel and get just as good fuel economy and tow almost 20,000 lbs. that would sell like crazy


I just built a 2011 F250 Superduty.

XLT, Reg Cab, 8ft bed, 6.7L,

$42,625 / Diesel option is $7,835.

i agreed with kevin and fordguy21
you need to get a life and stop making hate comments

Would like to see a test of the EB vs. the Powerstroke in real world driving, hauling, and towing. Keeping the payloads and trailer weights the same of course. Curious to see what it would do in comparison because the SD is significantly more expensive.

i couldnt have said it better myself!

Frank, That is in a regular cab.

Regular cab would also be less in the F150.

XLT, Reg Cab 8ft bed 4x4 EcoBoost: $32,060.
$28,170. for 2wd.

If to go to the regular cab diesel in a F250 is $42k. that is still $10k more.

The C.E.O. of Toyota has disgraced and failed the family name (Toyoda) because of all of the recalls and slipping quality!


Thanks! I did notice that.

However, I just wanted to state that the diesel option here in the Golden State is $7,835. I recall someone mentioned a $10,000 option.

this is marketing,do you believe this......

I really don't like how these posts turn into brand bashing. Like EVERY post from BOB. Or the toyota comments. Or what oxi said. Makes me feel like i'm in the 6th grade. Grow up people. You are taking a lot away from a great website.

@ charles I wasnt trying to bash your comment I was just throwing the mpg comment out there. I would take a 6.2 it doesnt get much less mpg than my 5.4 with alot more hp. They should ecoboost both of there v8s

@ beebee
Maybe some of those guys are still in 6th grade?
(well... at least from a developmental point of view)

I can't see the 6.2 being a popular option if it was available throughout the line up. It is standard in the Harley and Raptor but an option on the Lariet and Platinum. If I towed or haulded heavy I'd opt for a 3/4 ton with the 6.2 . I suspect most people whole prefer that route.
I think that the 5.0 will be Ford's volume seller.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

"because of all of the recalls and slipping quality!"

Ford Fusion wheel part could be subject of NHTSA probe

Looks like as Ford increases sales their quality is slipping!

The CEO of Ford studied Toyota and drove a Lexus before he came on board, that is FACT!

Henry Ford invented the assembly line and Toyota perfected it with the TPS system, that is also FACT! Go to college and you will learn about Toyota's systems and ways to become a better person.

And only 4 reports and 3 were from one fleet. Only real cause of this would be 'overtorquing'. But way to stay on topic, Oxi, as usual.

You said he still drives one so that was not a fact.

@ Oxi
its people like you that make me not want to read the comments. You are so one sided and not able to open your mind to anything. You just get angry at everyone else. Ok so he did drive a Lexus. Why do you bring up the GM and Toyota sales? Thats not even relevant to this story, neither Gm or toyota is being talked about. About going to college, getting angry and just shooting out random facts that do not have any ties to the story is not what you learn. You learn to cut out the B.S. and stay on point. Sorry everyone else for this post i just want a good discussion thats all. I love this site and check it everyday. Keep up the good work Mike.

I agree, why do you troll other brands articles? Are you envious? :)

@Everyone Else
Anyway, back on point. I too, would like to see a 5.0L Ecoboost sometime down the road, I figure the only reason Ford hasn't added Direct Injection to the 5.0L yet is for the sake of compatition. So that way when GM come's out with their new V8's due in the next few years Ford can just slap D.I on the 5.0 and make it more competitive with the new GM engines.

But a Twin Turbo 5.0L would be really cool. Ton's more power and likely about the same or better milage than the current 3.5L Ecoboost. An Ecoboost 6.2L wuold be great for a Superduty and a Nice performance setup for a next Gen Lightning or even a Hi-po Raptor.

With all that said, I'll be ordering a 2011 F-150 FX4 ext Cab with the 5.0L this summer.

I recall all the pointless Toyota bashing last year (hate speak) and 77% of all vehicle accidents in the U.S. are the result of driver error yet they still are the top seller globally.

Looks like Ford is just beginning with their quality problems, running out of parts, Fusion and other recalls coming out soon. It will be interesting this year.

Ford sales increased 27.7 %.
Manufacturers do not carry large inventories.
"Just in Time" ordering. (TPS if you are a Toyota Lemming)
Crappy weather or a problem found in a supplier plant could be the cause.
Please note that Ford did not give a reason.

@ Oxi - You need to read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies".
If you chose not to change, you might as well join Bob's fan club.
Either way - you will be a very lonely guy on this site!

Okay, someone wanna help me out here. My dad ordred a 2011 F150 Lariat with the 5.0 he ordred it around the second week in December and it's supposed to be here mid Februray. Are there other situations with the other two engines that we don't know about? some delay. but come to think of it there are 3 6.2L at that same dealership? dealership is in northwest Minnesota.

I know 2 people who have driven the V-6s and love both. Don't know an owner yet. I will be test driving both for my company this summer to replace some aging V-8 pickups. With the HP, Torq and MPGs I think I can fit these into service without a flinch. Ford is tweaking the game bigtime.

The only way to solve that "problem" is to employ more personel, which is a good thing. As long as Ford keeps quality control, it is a good thing, the demand is high. Again, If I had the money, I want to have a Black ext cab 4x4 with the 5.0 (and some aftermarket pieces to make it roar!).

I like the idea of a 4.4-4.6L EcoBoost based on the 5.0L that was rumored at one point. Bring the stroke down and decrease the bore for strength, keep the Coyote heads for air flow, and throw in fully forged internals. I bet a TT V8 of this displacement would be good for 425hp and 475lb-ft on regular fuel with good reliability. It would be a great top level engine in half ton trucks and full size SUVs.

@ Oxford White - perhaps your dad is experiencing a delay in getting his truck because the 5.0 is turning out to be the most popular engine (my hunch).

@ Miki, Al - The 5.0 was based on the Mustang engine which was designed to be able to hold up to forced induction (ie. supercharged Shelby).

I read this news clip about this story:

"While Ford has policies in place to not name the supplier causing the shortage, Ford management maintains that the shortage is a capacity issue and there are no quality issues. The popularity of the V-6 offerings in the new F-150′s have put some suppliers in a position where they just can’t keep up with the increased production."

So it is not a Ford problem but a supplier problem........

Where have I heard this before ????????????

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