Report: Parts Shortage Forces Production Pause at Ford F-150 Plant

Report: Ford Pauses Production at F-150 Plant

Ford is halting production of the F-150 light-duty pickup for a week because of a shortage of parts for its new 3.7-liter and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

"Suppliers took a lot of capacity out to get through the downturn," Ford spokesman Todd Nissen said. "As volumes have increased for our new, high-volume products, suppliers have had some issues keeping up." Nissen did not identify the suppliers or parts that caused the shortage.

About 3,000 workers at the plant will go on hiatus for seven days.

F-Series pickup sales grew 27.7 percent in 2010 over 2009, as the U.S. economy continued to slowly recover from its slump and businesses and core truck buyers replaced their aging pickups with new trucks. Ford has also been successful gaining market share at the expense of its competitors in the past year with a steady cadence of product improvements.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]


i agree it is people like him (oxi) that make it not worth the time to read the comments!



@ Frank - shhhhh. Wouldn't want to set off Oxi.
Mind you - many Dodge guys blame suppliers for all of the problems they had with trannies and engines in the past.

If Ford is saying that there is not enough parts, well that is better then saying that it is the fault of the suppliers. And All manufactures have done this in the past (yes oxi, to include my favorite brand- Ford.) So with that being said A lack of supplied parts is ok by me.

@ Luke & co - how much of the $10k increase is the step up to the F250 from the F150 though? Can't place all of that cost on the diesel, hence Franks figure of $7k-odd. Once (if) the EB or 5.0 is available in the F250, or 6.2 in F250 & available as an option in F150 a proper apples-to-apples comparison could be made.

The suppliers are in a difficult position with the ramping back up of production, for example Ford won't pay them more for parts made in overtime etc. I would have thought that there would be decent notice though as the change in Ford's production line doesn't happen overnight either does it?

I guess Toyotas latest recall IS because of poor quality. Can't blame a supplier for not torquing the sensor properly. I wonder, and I know all never get an answer, if oxi would take his truck in for a recall because he always claims that Toyotas don't have problems and its either the drivers or the government to blame.


My Tacoma just hit 10,000 miles and no unscheduled maint.

Driver error accounts for 77% of traffic accidents...

And yes when the government owns GM which directly competes with Toyota yet the government is going after them with hearings, etc... it's called a conflict of interest. No way in hell will I believe what the government is claiming!

I love this website don't get me wrong but it is at least slightly biased towards Ford. The Dodge Ram edged out the Ford F-150 to be the top-rated pickup in Strategic Vision’s 2010 Total Value Index ( I am still waiting for this story to be posted on the news feed Mike Levine. I'd appreciate it if it was. Thanks.

It would be nice to hear more stories, from Chrysler and General Motors also, like this. That would mean that our economy is on it's way to recovery because the supply can not keep up with the demand.

how many recalls is that for toyota now?

It would be nice to see more stories from the other companies, the problem is - are there any new stories?
I suspect that the other companies have not learned from Ford's success.
Keep the media informed with multiple small to large stories.
Look at how GMC PR handled releasing information for the new upgraded HD chassis. There was very little news out there. Then a big story or 2 then nothing again.
It would of made more sense to "leak" various tidbits over the space of a few months to build up expectations.
That makes more sense than "kid perfect" , "Max and Al" or "Howie Long" news.
Even this parts shortage has been positive PR for Ford. It sends the message " Our trucks are so popular that we can't make enough of them".
Read the blog entries. There are more guys looking at it from that point of view than guys implying that Ford made a mistake.


Good comment.

I have read elsewhere that GM is rumored to be coming out with a new 1/2 ton in 2012.
I have also heard that Jeep/Chrysler keeps hinting at a "for sure" Jeep pickup - probably 2012.
I haven't heard anything about Ram's 8 speed.
I did hear that Ram will most likely release a "baby" diesel in 2013.

Mike - any news or rumors???


Need not say more.

@ oxi If Toyota had a recall that included your Tacoma would you take it in for a repair or would you ignore it? Seeing as how the gov owns GM and runs the NHTSA and you are constantly saying there is a conflict of intrest.

Parts shortage - or demand shortage?

The F150's base price has increased ... as the engine was down-speced from the formerly std v8 .... to a 6 pot ....

Chrysler will be halting production of the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country due for the same supplier issues as Ford.

The flip side to the popularity of the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country is that with the rapid growth of the auto industry as a whole, suppliers are not able to keep up with the demand. Many consumers do not know this, but a great many more parts are shared across the industry than most people would guess and there are far fewer supplies than you would think. When the industry took a nose dive in 2008-2009, those suppliers were forced to cut back just like the automakers but when things began to boom this year in auto sales – those same suppliers have been failing to recover and provide for the growth of the industry.

We have waited for an ordered 2011 F-150 since early January. After over two months the dealer called us to say that Ford was short of the trucks fuel computer and did we want to not take that option. So the part shortages are also electronic type parts that Ford cannot keep up with. Now its over three months and still no truck. Maybe we should just buy a Toyota Tundra.

When I ordered a previous F-150 with the largest v-8 and the trailer towing package they built the truck without an auto transmission and without a power steering cooler. All of the other F-150's on the dealer lot had these two items regardless if they has a trailer towing package or not. Fords Bill Ford and Alan Mullaly made an "executive" decision not to fix my truck. Instrad of the coolers all they have is a very long piece of stell tubing that runs from the transmission and from the power steering pump and makes a circuitous route back to both these componenents but does not cool the heated fluids. Ford has a better idea. When they run out of parts just skip them and stick it to the customer and hope he won't notice. Ford will put the coolers in but only if i agree to pay for them and pay for the labor. Nice company. I never had this fraud with GM or DODGE trucks.

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