Spied Again! Global Ford Ranger T6 Regular Cab

Spied Again! Global Ford Ranger T6 Regular Cab
Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Last month, our spies snagged the first photos of the two-door regular cab 2011 Ford Ranger T6 global pickup but it was wearing lots of heavy camouflage that disguised its body. Not anymore.

The global Ranger is about 90 percent of the size of today’s F-150 half-ton, Ford says. While it’s a bit tough to judge those dimensions in the four-door configuration, this single cab Ranger appears to be generously sized. We don’t know the pickup’s official dimensions, but we estimate the cargo box is about 6.5 feet to 7 feet long. Even with the Ranger in disguise, we think the proportions look spot on.

Ford says the T6 Ranger is the most capable small pickup it has ever built. It will go on sale next year in 188 countries but not the U.S. and Canada.

Three engines will be available, including a 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder with up to 276 pounds-feet of torque and a 3.2-liter inline-five-cylinder with a robust 346 pounds-feet of torque. There’s also a new 2.5-liter Duratec four-cylinder gas engine that Ford says will have more power than its major competitors and is flex-fuel capable.

The T6 Ranger will achieve a significantly increased payload capacity of up to 3,306 pounds on selected models. While Ford has not announced the truck’s top towing capacity, it says towing will be “exceptional.” The company has shown it pulling a locomotive.



Remind me again WHYYYYYY we are NOT getting this here in North America?

2.2l diesel most likely has 150hp and the 3.2l most likely 200hp
Note. the payload of 3,300 is about the same as the f-150.
the ecoboost in the f-150 gets 16/22mpg 3.5l v6 (365hp/420lb-ft)

if ford would build a smaller ecoboost like 3.0l v6 it could put out 315hp and 365lb-ft which would still beat the larger diesel in power and get 17/24mpg

they could build a 2.5l 4C put out 275hp 315lb-ft and get 18/26mpg

not just that but the higher cost to build a diesel plus the hire cost to fill up a diesel at the pump would turn most Americans away from the diesel
$5,000-9,000 for a diesel plus fork out an extra 10-15% at the pump and in the end you still pay more

also note the new ranger cost almost the same as the f-150 and when you add on the diesel a lot more expensive

the advantages the ranger has over the f-150 in fuel economy are its lower to the ground, its lighter, more aerodynamic, uses smaller tires, smaller axles, smaller brakes

I like the body syle of this truck better than the F150!

The Ford F150s to me are a bit slab sided! I still like them but would like to see more syling instead of the shoe box look!

This truck looks very good!

"Remind me again WHYYYYYY we are NOT getting this here in North America?" -Greg B

Because it is almost the same size as the current F-150. The Ranger "T6" is no longer a compact pickup. The fuel mileage advantage is very minimal compared to an F-150 with the 3.7L V6.

The T6 is 90% of the size of the current F-150. So does that make the T6 the same size as the previous generation Tundra? No wonder it is not going to be available in America.

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm sick and tired of the big three idiots crapping on the heads of small truck buyers.
Screw them.

Nissan, here I come.

Ford makes a really sporty looking pick in Austraila. A lot like the El Cameno but more moderin and up to date. Would love to have one with American standards.

With the 30mpg CAFE regulations staring us down, and this being 90% the size of the current F150, with similar payload and (assuming) similar towing numbers, anyone think that this could be the basis for the next generation F150?

I love the look of this truck as I do most of the non-North American models of this class. They remind me of the Toyota T100 which I love the look of (I have one actually).

it would never happen, but I'd love to see these style of trucks come to North America.

There is something wrong about that tailpipe.

@Fred G: It's a special shape to connect to emissions equipment.

Looks like an updated version of the '97 - "04 F150.

Stop kidding yourself small truck people. This is going to be the next F-150.

Cab looks like Old Tundra

"Because it is almost the same size as the current F-150"

No, that's some Ford NA misdirection.

It is slightly bigger than the current Ranger, but not much.

Maybe 75% the weight of an F150 vs the 73% of the current Ranger.

Ford needs to bring this to North America. STAT.

C'mon Ford please give us this as the new Ranger! Not everyone wants nor needs an F-150! Regardless of the size, it will be great addition to the F-Series. The F-150 will still sell well and this would be a great compliment.

Okay, we have seen spy photo's for over a year and now this photo, but it says they will not be out until next year (2012)???? Why does it take the big 3 so long to to come out with something new when it takes the foriegn companies so much less time to come out with something new or updated.

I remember the Hyundia Santa Fe came out and everybody thought it was ugly and under-powered, with-in the year Hyundia redesigned it and has been a hit ever since.

GM came out with the Terrian, the magazines and most regular people say how ugly it is, but GM does not do anything to change the looks and they cannot sell them.

When the gas crunch hit, the Big-3 missed the boat with the Focus, Cobalt, Aveo while the foriegn companies had something with in the year.

GM came out with the Terrian, the magazines and most regular people say how ugly it is, but GM does not do anytng to change the looks and they cannot sell them.

The T6 is to big for what I need so I am not going to whine about not bringing it over here, they just need to make something the physical size of the Ranger on the chassis of the 2001-2004 Tacoma, where you do not need to lift it up to put decent size tires on it for hunting.

No thanks! I was going to buy a new Ranger but since Ford said to hell with our customers of smaller pickups I'll just keep my 2000 Ranger. It sits lower to the ground, it's the stepside, gets good mileage, just the right fit.

While I agree with Fords reasons for not selling it in N/A, I think they could offer a reg cab long box with the high payload in N/A for work applications and it would probably do quite well.

Heck call it the Transit Truck, or ___________ whatever, but with a box that large and payload that high...

Would have to be cheaper than a Heavy Duty F150 reg cab.

I hate Ford for not bringing this here. Its such a nice truck, I don't need a full size. Guess my next new one will be a Tacoma or whatever Nissan is building these days....

Mazda is bringing diesels into there US lineup and said screw the electric crap and maybe Ford will do the same. If Ford brings a diesel ranger in all cab configurations to the US it will most certainly dominate and kick the Turdcoma's a$$!!!! All good things come in time.

The reason the USA and Canada won't get the T6 Ranger is because it's not part of the "F" series and it would knock the F150 off its throne. Funny thing is the old antique Ranger was second in line behind the Tacoma in sales, not bad compared to the numbers of newer trucks sold in the same class.

Just another case of car manufacturers building what they want, rather than taking time to research what people want. Ford has dropped the ball once again on the small truck market. I wonder how much crying Ford will do once gas prices go back up and F150 sales tank again? Since Ford is ending Ranger sales later this year and will rely only on an over bloated F150, I predict the big discounts will return.

Ford, I think you milked the Ranger cow a little too much! Shame on you.

Does anyone remember being able to buy a T5 in the USA in the 1960's? In the States, it was called Mustang. I believe that Ford Motor Company is trying to scale the desire for this vehicle here in the U.S., and are just playing a game with vehicle designations, and if it is not sold here they will just say that it was never intended for here. And if it does see sales here in the U.S., Ford will just say that it was always in the plans. Ford is just playing the CYA game. I believe that there will be sales of this truck here in the U.S., just under a different name. So, at least Ford is telling the truth that the Ranger/T6 will never be sold here.

But it is nice to see that the website for put.com is being displayed prominently.......................HA!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do Aussies get this and we don't? such a great engine options and better looking then current Colorado.

GM are successful with the Terrain, it gets 32MPG, they even added a 3rd shift due to high demand.

I call bullsh!t on that 90% the size of an F150 excuse , that truck is significantly smaller than the F150 it looks 90% better than the F150 too .

If it is 90% of the size of an F150 it will be a failure in the European market. To big and cumbersome for the current users. All professional users will just buy something more like the Merc Sprinter (4x4 if they need one) or Ford Transit.

And why would you need to have more than 150hp from a 4 cylinder 2.5d in a truck like this? This is enough to pull a trailer with a 3t digger or similar. If you want to go faster buy a normal car. If you buy a pick-up for acceleration and top speed (especially in a country with speed restrictions like the us) you seriously need to think about buying something else (CUV / wagon)...

"Just another case of car manufacturers building what they want, rather than taking time to research what people want." -dd

If this were entirely true we would not have vehicles like; the Boss 302, Camaro, Challenger, CTS-V, GT, Ram Power Wagon, Shelby, S.H.O., SRT-4-6-8 & 10, S.V.T. Raptor, Rubicon, Z06, and ZR-1 to name a few. These are all specialty vehicles that people have begged for the manufacturers to build. Vehicles that people DO want! We would all be stuck driving boring econo-boxes that get high fuel mileage, and low performance, if your statement were accurate.

Ford does not care about you folks. They want you to buy what they think is best for you!


It lookslike a HiLux anyway...

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

"No wonder it is not going to be available in America."

Who taught you geography? It will be certainly be available in America just not 2 nations in North America!

Stop with the Ford excuses, they are a horrible comapny that does not listen to the consumer in this category.

From Ford's perspective: Just buy a F-150 and shut the hell up!

I had already 3 Ford Ranger. First 1999 XL SuperCab; Second 2002 crew cab 2.8 Power Stroke; Third 2008 regular cab XLS Sport. My next will be this "T6" as soon as they arrive over here. This 3.2 diesel will beat easily the Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D.

why is the tailpipe hanging way lower than the rear bumper? The I-5 diesel Ranger has some pulling power too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffm-ZnbR_dU I still think it's funny how people on here are just so upset they can't have one. There's plenty of people in Ranger only countries that are upset they can't have an F150. If you want one really badly, just import one from another country!

Ummmmmm. Excuse me. The Ranger is still for sale. It is the ONLY compact pickup truck for sale by any manufacturer in the United States today. Give Ford some credit because they are the only one. Time will tell if they don't sell a Ranger here. Bashing the F-150 and their owners will get you nowhere. The Ranger will not be the next F-150 so forget about that.


Would be best seller in segment

In recent years, Ranger's competitors, from the Nissan Frontier to the Toyota Tacoma have been redesigned and enlarged towards the mid-size market, leaving the Ranger the *only* compact truck on the market.

Ford has confirmed that they will end production on the Ranger in 2011, and have *no plans* to offer the next generation in the United States, which means that the T6 version will only be available outside North America. The decision as to why the Ranger will no longer be available in America is that the new global platform is simply too close in size to the F-150. Another factor is due to declining sales, as Ford's Vice President of Global Product Development, Derrick Kuzak, notes that the compact pickup market in America has been declining for the past 15 years, dropping from eight percent of the industry in 1994 to around two percent in 2010.


That's from Wikipedia.

It's time for the Ranger and small truck fans to look at some facts.

Tacoma and Frontier are no longer small trucks - they have enlarged almost to the size of a full size truck. So Toyota is not serving the small truck market either.

Ranger is the only compact truck left in the US today.

Why is that? Could it be the compact truck market has dropped from 8% in 1984 to 2% today?

They have no plans to bring the foreign Ranger to the US. Keyword here is *plans*. Since Ford does not discuss future plans this doesn't mean they would never bring in a new Ranger or replacement suitable for the US market.

The foreign Ranger is too similar in size to a F150. This is an indisputable fact.

There are other alternatives for businesses that were buying Rangers: the new F150, Transit Connect, E series van.

People that were buying the Ranger for cheap transportation can buy a V6 F150, a new Focus, Fiesta, C-Max, Transit Connect, or one of the new small fuel efficient cars Ford showcased at NAIAS.


Would be best seller in segment


When it is almost the same size and price of a F-150?


Get ready for Oxi to call you a lair and try to tell you the Tacoma is a true compact.


I think that the geography books, that I learned from, were printed in Japan or China?

I ask you; who taught you manners, respect, and the proper way to communicate (politely) with others? Let me guess...you will probably blame it on the United States Of America Marine Corps?

Perhaps you should have joined the Japanese military? You might then have a little pity for a struggling nation like the U.S.A.?

Ford is just selectively spinning the figures.

'The new Ranger is 90% the size of an F150' is like saying '100% of people who eat tomatoes will die'. True, but misleading.

The current Ranger measures around 90% of an F150 (4X4 extended cab) already.

Current Ranger (4X4 extended cab)
87% the length,
88% the width,
89% the height

But.....68% the overall size and weight, because things shrink way more than 10% when you shave it off in three dimensions.

Similar with Tacoma compared to an F150 (4X4 extended cabs)

90% the length
94% the width
92% the height

But....76% the overall size and weight

The new Ranger is (AFAIK) Tacoma sized, about 75% the weight and overall size of an F150.

87% the length,
88% the width,
89% the height

But.....68% the overall size.


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Not.

In math, volume is equivalent to length x width x height.

If l, w, and h are about 90% then it cannot take up only 68% of the overall size.

As for the Tacoma being lighter weight I assume you are bringing this up because it is much more fuel efficient. Well, that is not the case.

Tacoma 2wd: 17 city 21 hwy
EcoBoost F150 2wd: 16 city 22 hwy
V6 F150 2wd: 17 city 23 hwy

Toyota is the most recalled company...

Now ,a new recall on some 2006-2009 Toyota's .....automatically shut off,when driving at night ..

add that to the:
3.4 million sludged engines
rusting frames
random excelleration
no steering on highway,steering loss
shattering side glass on Corolla
busted drive shafts
bad welds on minivan doors(pop open at speed) and truck tailgates
Lexus engines blow up as per toyota engines

Only reason Toyota sells cars is there are many ignorant/uneducated and just plain stupid drones such as yourself buying Toyota lemons as you do !


The F-150 beats the Tacoma in m.p.g as does a Hemi Dodge Ram and 5.3 L GM fullsize,Tacoma is a gas hog,sucks more fuel than a V-8 full size from any American company !

I bought a Toyota once,was fooled as I was a brain dead drone,believing the reports,reviews,peoples opinions..but soon found out Toyota is very,extremely unreliable...

The volume may be 30% smaller.

9 x 9 x 9 = 729

10 x 10 x 10 = 1000


But if all the dimensions are only about 10 % smaller it is still too similar in size to a F150 in length and width.

Tacoma sales are dropping too is it wise to use them as the yardstick that a new Ranger that is similar in size to a F150 will sell?

The reason Tacoma sells so "well", particularly in dual cab models is because it robs sales from its big brother Tundra.

I think the bottom line on the Ranger is this - the compact pickup truck market in the US is either very low margin fleet sales or "lifestyle" purchases. The "lifestyle" buyers will still consider a unibody truck based on D3 platform or another car or SUV, which makes much more sense. Or they will buy a high MPG F-150 if Ford decides to make one. The low margin parts runner for Autozone and Cable Companies is not worth the effort to introduce a while new platform in the US. They can buy a Transit Connect and it will work just as well (probably better with the extra height and enclosed cargo space and spae for sinage on the outside). Either way, the volume is too small to support assembly of the truck in the US.

The only way I see a new Ranger is if somehow GM finds success with a compact truck since they are discontinuing the Colorado and Canyon... this is why Ford changed its mind on T6. If they can sell a new compact Ranger that doesn't compete with the F150, they would surely do it - the same way they sell the Transit Connect.

Or they will buy a high MPG F-150 if Ford decides to make one.


Scratch that if Ford decides to make one. It should read, "Or they will buy a V6 or EcoBoost F150." Since the F150 now gets better mileage than a Tacoma.

Tacoma 2wd: 17 city 21 hwy
EcoBoost F150 2wd: 16 city 22 hwy
V6 F150 2wd: 17 city 23 hwy

Lou I want you to read this too!

Dear Ford,

Why don't you bring the T6 Ranger to the US? The smaller Eco-boost engines may be a good option for the parts trucks and eco-boxes. But we do need a larger 2.5 liter sized Eco-boost type engine with 280+ HP. If this truck has good payload and decent mileage you will sell a pile of them. The truck needs to fit a lifestyle. Basically it needs to be superior to both the Tacoma and the Frontier. The SUV version needs to be directed towards limited production, Forest rangers, boarder patrol and those types of applications. I really don't want to purchase a Tacoma in 2013. The F150 is way too big and the fuel mileage is 4 MPG worse than what I am looking for. Ideally I would like to purchase something that can tow 3000lbs with ease, handles 1000lb loads from HomeDepot without damage and occasionally handle 5000lb tow loads for short durations. 24MPG is what I expect. I would want the sync system and refinement fitting of a modern truck. I personally have owned 4 Rangers. My 2001 ext cab 4x4 was the first Ranger I have not damaged in what I refer to as "normal use". The T6 project looks interesting, but if such a truck does not make it to the US, I will have to shop around for the closest available replacement.

I am hoping that Mr. Ford takes a good look at this market and considers our opinions.

Best Regards,

Loyal Ranger Customer

Dear Fred,

I'm in the very small minority that agrees with you completely.With both the Ranger and Sport Trac going away the choices for those of us who don't require a full sized truck are few at Ford. And growing fewer.The option of a 5 1/2 foot bed on the F 150 super Cab has also been eliminated. I think we may see the T-6 in 2012 but I fear that it will marketed mainly to those looking for fuel economy. The latest articles I dug up on Google described engines as a 1.6 eco-boost at 175 hp and 180 lb/ft torque and a 3.0 diesel. I doubt the diesel makes it here. I'm hoping for an optional engine in the 275-300 HP range. There are those who would argue that,like the current Ranger,it wouldn't sell unless the fuel economy was markedly better than the F 150. That's been verified by falling sales over the last few years. However,with the F 150 growing ever larger and retail prices approaching $35000 to $40000 to get it well equipped, Ford may find takers for some loaded T-6 trucks.

Several issues in Australia to add to the overall picture New Ranger being released here:
(1)Ford wants to stop local production of the Ford Falcon in 2015, a decision not being taken too well by a lot of people in Australia. Seeing the Falcon , Ute and its Territory CUV off shoot are basically Ford here. The Mondeo (Fusion) and Escape sell in tiny numbers.
(2) VW Amarok is to be released in several weeks. In comparison to other diesel pickups, it looks pretty decontented(What I saw at the Sydney Motoshow). Try again VW.
(3) The new updated Hilux is coming out in 2013. Seeing the old model occaisonally beat the Holden Commodore for top selling vehicle honours for several months last year, it is an important model for Toyota.
(4) Nissan, Mitsubishi , Isuzu are bringing out new models soon
(5) Holden is working on a non-Isuzu based replacement for the Colorado..no details at all.

that ranger looks like a smoothed out frontier... i guess fords gotta keep a foreign look to it since it's gonna be sold on foreign soil.

Ranger fans and Sons of Ford! I am Fred Wallace.

I see a whole army of Ranger fans here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight for the Ranger as free men and Ranger owners. And free men and Ranger owners you are. What will you do without the Ranger????? Will you fight???

Fight and the Ranger may die. Run and buy a Taco and you may live.

But many years from now will you be willing to trade all of this F150 and Taco crap for just one chance! Just one chance to come back here and tell Ford that they make take our Ranger but they will never take our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alllllbliiiiiiiaaaaaaa Cabra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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