Spied! Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Testing Daytime LED Running Lights

Spied! Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Testing LED Running Lights
Photos by Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Co.

It looks like Ford is contemplating adding LED daytime running lights to the F-150 SVT Raptor, as seen in our latest spy photos.

The Raptor is Ford’s only half-ton pickup that uses exterior LED lighting because its extra track width (for off-road stability) has to adhere to federal regulations mandating illuminated marker lamps at night. Three bright-orange LEDs are mounted in the Raptor’s grille, three in the center high-mounted stoplight and two each at the corners of the front and rear bumpers.

The white lights on this manufacturer-plated test truck supplement the existing LEDs, with unique placement between the front bumper and fenders.

The move to front LED daytime running lamps mirrors the design cues of Ford’s latest cars. The Taurus sedan and Fiesta compact both feature the durable, bright lights that consume up to 70 percent less power than conventional incandescent bulbs.

The new LEDs could appear on 2011.5 “Job 2” Raptors, but they are most likely slated for the 2012 model year.

Other future improvements rumored for Raptor may include an electronic locking front differential (in addition to the current rear locker) for increased capability in low-speed off-road maneuvers. A front e-locker is available for the limited edition Ford Racing Raptor XT pre-runner. There’s also chatter that the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty’s heated and cooled seats will find their way inside the Raptor’s cabin, too. The 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8 is expected to remain the sole engine choice.

But what is certain is that exterior LED lights in pickup trucks are about to have their day. The GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD Concept featured edge-lit LED lighting in its cargo box that we expect to be offered in next-generation Ford and GM pickups. The Raptor happens to be first out the door.



Before anyone makes the comment. It's in the text that the truck is manufacturer-plated and a rear three-quarter shot that's not published has Michigan M-plates. This is not a privately-owned Raptor. :-)

no thanks

Gotta beat that Allterrain. Yes please to the lights which were obviously just test fitted there and I'm assuming will be a more integral part of the bumper and not just a gap filler. Also, a heavy dose of e-locker is just what the doctor ordered. Steal the spotlight from the allterrain before it even makes it out he door. With just a few changes, the Raptor can steal the spotlight again and make another Chevy knockoff (**coughs** Camaro! **coughs) another huge failure compared to the original Ford idea. Go blue or go home!

Looks cool! A E-locker on both axles is a must!

It's gotta be only a matter of time before Ford adds the EcoBoost as an option on the Raptor.

Cooled seats. That's what I have been waiting for. Locker too.

An E-Locker! Cool! Just what it needs. If I had the cash I'd consider this truck. An Eco Boost as an option would be interesting in the future.

The US pickup news and future product line has slowed to a crawl. Ford has some new products but GM, Chrysler etc are essentially dead with nothing new to speak of. The US has become the great barren pickup wasteland of stagnation.

Looks cool and hopefully they will add daytime running tail-lights too. hate running up on a vehicle in the rain or snow storm that has no tail lights on, but yet they have daytime headlights on....just does not make sence

Can't believe no one has mention the new color.. the rumored Red Raptor of the 2012 model year.. :)

@Ex: Yep. Racing Red is coming too. Sean Holman at Four Wheeler gets full credit for that. :-)

Well look at the mesh that matches the grill just above between the tow hooks. That's where the intercooler is on the ecoboost trucks and this could be there to protect that, 5 bucks says this could be the ECOBOOST RAPTOR!

The L.E.D. lights are cool.

A front locker would be AWESOME! All it would need then is a solid-front axle, and a factory installed winch, for me to consider trading in my Ram Power Wagon in on a S.V.T. Raptor.

Ford...please, please, please add a front locker option to the Super Duty!

@Neil Kaltsulas:

How is the Chevy Camaro a huge failure? Below is Ford's sales for the 2010 year, Mustang sold 73,716

Chevy's Sales of the Camaro for 2010, 81,299 cars sold, unseating the Mustang and ending the 23 year reign of sales for Mustang.

Some big failure eh?? How about a nice cold glass of ST*U.


www.camaro5.com/december-2010-camaro-salesproduction-figures-ends- mustangs-23-year-sales-reign

The E-locker is so 1990's on a Tacoma and so is variable valve timing...


That's ok, just look at the history of both of these cars. The overwhelming sales success is the Mustang hands down. A one year win does not a sales champ make. I predict the sales will slow once everyone is over having a Camaro back on the market again. Yes they are fast but it is always the overall function following form that gets it in the end. Eg, poor interior design and poor outward visibility. Plus the new 5.0 is faster to begin with.

The Raptor is a great promotion vehicle. However, it needs to loose the 6.2L and opt for either the EcoBoost V6 or a variant of the 5.0L engine. These powerplants offer what the public would typically see in a half ton pickup. Leave the 6.2L antique for the heavy duty working models. Power and performance along with fuel economy is the ticket. While fuel economy might not be on the minds of most, or any, Raptor buyers, it is very important to those buyers who are the real target of SVT promotion in the first place. Potential non-SVT Ford customers need to see that it is possible to have all three characteristics, power, performance, AND fuel economy. The Raptor is the perfect platform to do just that. Come on Ford, we know you can do it. Just do it!

You know what would be awesome? If the truck had LED headlights like the Audi cars...That'll get a lot of attention!

Looks like Ford is taking features from GMC All Terrain Concept.


Stop being a BOZO. The Camaro has been on hiatus since like the early 2000s. The Camaro came late in '67 and left early in the 2000s. UTTER FAILURE

It's only matter of time before it leaves it again. Wait until the "new car" hype dies down and the Camaro will lose again.

Another point to consider, people waited for the 2011 Mustang. It would be dumb to buy a 2010 when you know the 2011 is tons better.

How about a can of "Learn to do some research before you spew your nonsense", GM FANBOI.

@Fred G,

Please do explain those features that Ford has taken from the GMC All Terrain Concept?

A front e-locker would make the Raptor an even more potent offroad weapon.

A solid front axle would kill everything the Raptor is meant to be.
You can't run fast and stable with a solid axle.

A detatchable winch would be a better idea for the Raptor. Stow it so it doesn't ad extra weight to the front end but have it to plug into a reciever in the front or back. That would be the best idea.


What are you talking about ?

GM has a all new HD trucks
Dodge had a all new H.D in 2010,new 1/2 ton in 09..
Chrysler is most likely making a Jeep truck,adding a Diesel engine in the 1500,new Pentastar engines for trucks in 2012,8 speed automatics in trucks..

How are they not doing anything.Plus GM/Chrysler are not having press releases every other day announcing mundane add ons such as day time running lights (circa 1990 in Canada).

Just because Ford has all new trucks for 2011 doesnt mean nobody else has nothing new...Ford was on the back burner for many years,least powerful,worst gas mileage ect...

By the way daylight running lights are nothing new..Canada had these on all cars/trucks since 1990 !! So its not a big deal for Ford to brag about this one.


You are right it is so 1990's even 1980's...Chrysler had variable valve timing in the 1980's...My Daytona Turbo had a 2.2 Turbo II with V.N.T (variable valve timing)Also Dodge had e-locker for several years now,and were the first 4wd truck ever !!! Back in the 1930's !!!

No other truck has led lights so it is new.

"Ford was on the back burner for many years,least powerful,worst gas mileage ect..." - PAUL

Even on the back burner, the F-Series still managed to outsell the competition. There is more to a truck than just a powerful motor.


I see.. So when Ford is leader of sales, everything is great because of Ford blah blah blah..

But when GM leads in sales it has to be because of some excuse or another.

Who is the BOZO coming up with excuses?

How about taking your lips off of Ford's tailpipe and acknowledging what is, is.. The Mustang got beat.

Escalade EXT does, and ford copied this features from GMC All Terrain concept.


All that was mentioned is that even though FORD had weak motors vs the competition which I admit, it still outsold the competition. That just goes to show that a Truck is not based around the engine.

The Mustang has been putting a world of hurt on the Camaro since the 60s

Why am I even discussing this with you, you don't even own a Mustang or Camaro. You proabably don't even own a truck.

Honestly, I get sick of discussing this with piss poor people.

I'm stating facts, not excuses. Facts is where you fall short.

I say the front e-locker will be optional in the FX4 too.

What really aggravates me is the people who complain about the fuel economy of trucks. You don't buy trucks to get good gas mileage. How can anyone take your complaints and gripes seriously when you bought it anyways? why would anybody complain about what they got, when they knew ahead of what they were facing? I drive a 2001 f150 extended cab with the 5.4l v8. do you think i care about gas mileage? hell no! gas can go up to $8 dollars a gallon and i will still drive my gas-guzzling 10 year old truck that only gets 12 mpg. Anyone who has an average amount of intelligience knows that gas is a nonrenewable source, meaning it will run out eventually. Thats why i don't worry about it!

The Escalade EXT sport utility truck (SUT), not a pickup truck. These lights don't look anything like the GM.

I have friends and relatives who drive ford, Some say they are just loyal to ford and a lot of them say they like the looks, that means that ford is mostly based on looks (especially SD) plus cheap to lift easy to modify. Now most people buy Chevy because of reliability and dependability, before you say otherwise take a fact into consideration. "most dependable longest lasting trucks on the road" it not just a slogan, they've earned it, how? from the percentage of trucks sold, to percentage of trucks being re-registered or tags renewed, Chevy wins. And just admit it that Camaro smoked Mustang last year.

You ford fan boys come back with lame excuses, Escalade EXT might not be your traditional truck, but it is a truck for crying out loud, and it does have LED's.

@Fred G: You're correct. Escalade EXT does have LED tail lamps. Sorry about that oversight on my part.

why would anyone buy an escalade ext, explorer sport trac, ridgeline, or avalanche and use it for truck related purposes. A truck has a real truck frame( body on frame) while most of the others have unibody design, once again, people are sacrificing a lot just to be with the times!

@Allistar: Escalade, Avalanche and EST are BOF trucks.

@Fred G

most dependable longest lasting trucks on the road" it not just a slogan, they've earned it, how?

They only earned it from 1981 - July 2009 based on Full-Size Pickup Registrations. Click the link below.


@longest lasting trucks on the road?
They were left on the road because it wasn't worth the cost of towing them home ;)

Daytime running lights are not a new feature.
As previously stated - Canada since 1990. It is a good idea and has been proven to save lives.
they should be manditory. How many twits out there who fail to turn on their lights in poor visibility? It doesn't help you to see much better but it make someone else spot you more easily.

@Allistar - I agree that fuel economy is not a primary concern with a truck purchase but it should become the focus of the manufacturers not horsepower, or towing or cargo capacity.
We need higher MPG not higher GVW.

@ Paul - all of those "mundane" press releases keeps the focus on Ford.
Which company has made the greatest gains in the last few years?

Only? Thats better then any other truck! Nice commercial, it probably left a little dent on the bed floor though.

I believe that Escalade's have front LED headlights as on option.

I towed a crew cab long bed F150 on my 18' trailer with yukon XL (same chassis as avalanche/escalade EXT) for few hundred miles. Besides the bed lenth, Avalanche can perform as good as Silverado.


Daytime running lights are not a new feature?

The early 2000+ Silverados always had one blown out running light.

You really want to start the whole F-O-R-D definition???? I thought you were more professional.

@ Fred G - Avalanche can perform as good as Silverado.
Not in sales!

Just Like 2000 F150 has to be extinguished from flames.

@Fred G,

From a defective part from Texas Instruments. Defective cruise control part would overheat and cause a spark.

It's OK. Ford took the fall for it, just like the Firestone fiasco.

@Fred G,

I have a long list of definitions for Chevy, GMC and GM.

Bring it on!

@ Fred G - right back at you;)
F-O-R-D - somehow I doubt you are thinking "First On Race Day";)
You forgot about Chevy's fires caused by their heated windshield washers :0
That is impressive engineering - designing a water containing device that catchs on fire.....
I can't help but mention GM's ability to burn up 50 billion of taxpayers dollars.... ;)


That was the only time Silverados were HOT.

I'd say this thread has gone about as far as it's going to go. If y'all want to continue the brand bashing, take it to the forums in the War Room.

Obviously you didn't get my point. Thanks for making it clear for me of how and what you base your researches about vehicles.

You sound like a parrot, same thing over and over!!

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