The Ultimate Guide to US Pickup Truck Sales in 2010

Ultimate 2010 U.S. Pickup Truck Sales Infographic

Pickup truck sales rebounded in 2010, with significant volume gains over last year's depressed sales levels.

Here's look at the numbers of trucks sold last year, according to sales data provided by J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Power's "Power Information Network" figures are unique because they break out full-size truck sales into light- and heavy-duty classes. Monthly figures released by Chrysler, Ford and GM aggregate both light- and heavy-duty truck sales (including chassis cabs, when sold) into a single number without revealing class splits.

J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 commercial trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. They do, however, report Ram 4500/5500 chassis sales. GM doesn't sell trucks in these classes. So, to make this fair, we're presenting Ford's full-size truck data with and without chassis cabs, of which 21,134 were sold, according to J.D. Power.

Full-size Pickups

Full-size pickup truck sales rose 20.3 percent last year and were 13 percent of the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of all vehicles in December, a level not seen since 2008, having increased steadily from the low-10% range of early 2010. Full-size pickups made up 11.6 percent of all vehicle sales in 2010.

While nearly every full-size truck brand grew sales, Ford dominated with a 27.7 percent jump and a 38.6 percent share of the market, the largest share its held since 2001.

The only full-size pickup brand that lost year-over-year sales in 2010 was Cadillac, lending support to the conventional wisdom that casual truck buyers are gone from full-size pickups for good. Cadillac EXT sales fell 14 percent.

Small Pickups

Small pickup sales volume rose slightly last year, ending a slide that's lasted more than a decade in the stale segment but market share amongst all vehicle continued to fall, to just 2.3 percent, its lowest ever share. Most of the volume increase was due to strong sales of the Nissan Frontier, which rose 42.3 percent, the highest percentage sales gain of any high-volume pickup in 2010.


Outstanding Mark. If this doesn't break down the truck sales, I don't know what will.

Cue the GM Fan boy cries.

Mike - great graphic. Very impressive and very detailed.

Two questions: First, any idea of a breakdown of fleet vs. retail by truck type, i.e. What percentage of Ford SuperDuty are fleet?

I'm also wondering about the market share graphic...does that include all trucks (HD, LD, and Compact)? I'm thinking share data by line might be more accurate in terms of seeing how trucks are doing.

As far as I can tell, the Tacoma lost share to the Frontier this year, but the Tundra grabbed share from the Chrysler-Fiat Ram 1500. I'm also guessing that Ford, GM, and Ram also have significantly more fleet sales than Toyota and Nissan...which to my way of thinking means that their sales figures should be discounted somehow.

Anyways, fantastic work as always. Thank you.

Wow Ford absolutely dominates the HD truck market , keep sticking with that Chevy LUV front suspension GM that will show Ford , does GM not even want to get more HD sales ? I guess not since they can just suckle the government tit instead of making more sales by making trucks people want .

@TundraHQ: Unfortunately I don't have fleet sales. RL Polk would probably be the best source for that information but it's difficult get that from them. The market share chart is full-size (LD/HD/CC) trucks only. Glad you liked the graphic!

Ford and GM combine to sell 70% of all trucks. Either company outsells everybody else combined.

If a business went after Ford/GM/Ram I would give those buyer decisions more weight than a person who buys a Tundra or Nissan for a daily driver driving around town. The business buying a Ford/GM/Ram is going to use it for real work and run it into the ground. The retail buyer will drive it for 3 -5 years and then trade it in. Fleets sales are the result of a strong, balanced product lineup. There is no need to push a Ford/GM/Ram into the commercial and government fleet markets. Customers are picking these trucks because they want them – just like retail customers are doing. If there is one company that doesn't get many commerical truck buyers, then that says a lot about their trucks. Fleet customers want excellent resale value, fuel economy, quality and other attributes that these vehicle offer. The trucks need to be tough, not just talk tough. Word is getting around.

WOW...Dodge out sold Chebby in the HD market. Very interesting...

1. FORD SuperDuty
2. Dodge
3. Chebby

Nice reporting Mike!

Very Interesting data but why weren't GM Chassis cabs included? I know there aren't many but they do exist I've seen them.

Also interesting looks like gm edges out Ford Light duty sales a but but the really interesting one is how Ford sells more heavy dutys than the other three combined lol.

Win, win for the american trucks!! I agree with Joe!

Nevermind I see where it says GM doesn't include that data, but I swear I've seen many GM chassis cabs... oh well

@Matt: GM's 3500HD chassis cab sales are included in this sales data but there's no 4500HD/5500HD CC numbers because GM doesn't sell trucks in those classes.

Yippee to the BIG 3!!!

Thank you Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors for making such awesome trucks!!! The sales figures are a good indicator of who the buyers have faith, trust, and loyalty in.

Great report, Mike and staff!

@Mike Levine,

This is astounding! Great Job.

Let's all give a big thank you to all the people that bought a F-Series, Ram, Sierra, or Silverado in 2010 (and every year before)!

THANK YOU, for helping the American economy buy buying from American companies!!!

Nice charts and great in depth review of sales. Seriously arguing over sales is assanine. I like Rams Chryco. is still in bussiness technically idc if Ford sells more yea Ill root for mopars but im over it. Just wanted to throw my .02 in before I get slammed for liking Dodge products

Oh, and also thanks to everyone that bought an Avalanche, Canyon, Colorado, Dakota, Escalade EXT, Explorer Sport Trac, and Ranger!!! THANK YOU!








Great job wonder you have been quite lately, working your butt off!

@ Joe
I agree with your comment - " Fleets sales are the result of a strong, balanced product lineup."
Fleets "At least the ones I've seen" like to stay with one brand. I rarely ever see 1/2 ton fleet trucks. Most are 3/4 ton to 1 ton crewcabs. That fact in itself removes Toyota or Nissan from the equation.
I see more 1/2 tons used as light duty "in town" work trucks.
I do see the occasional Toyota or Nissan work truck.
There is a big company in my town that has a fleet of crewcab 1 ton Fords and a fleet of Tacoma's.

Fleet sales are also based on purchase price. The lowest bidder gets the sale.
I read that Toyota chose not to compete actively in fleet sales (especially the rental market) because they were not willing to provide the huge discounts required. That effected overall sales figures as much as the whole recall mess.

I disagree with your comment " The retail buyer will drive it for 3 -5 years and then trade it in."
I had read that the average lenght of ownership was 9 years. I can't recall the exact number.
The fleets that I'm familiar with go with a farely rigid 3 year or 60,000 mile amortization. Trucks kept longer than that see a rapid drop in resale. Repairs costs increase dramatically after 3 years. Some big fleets that have seasonal spikes in useage will lease for 6 months during peak usage.
When i bought my F150, the sales manager said that the average lenght of ownership was 38 months (due to industrial sales).

@ Buy American,
Thumbs up! You said it all pal!

In Canada I can honestly say the big 3 dominate the roadways in all classes of vehicle and we should all try to keep it that way and keep the money in North America.

Interesting how GM sells more 1/2 tons than anyone else yet Ford leads the market in HDs. I've always maintained that for 3/4 ton and larger it's gotta be a Ford, but this year I bought a 2010 Silverado 1500. I prefer the lighter duty GMs, but love the super duty's manual locking hubs and solid front axle. Can't see anything else stand up to extreme abuse like a HD Ford!

Seemingly very small numbers of HD Pickups sold. Expected a higher percentage of the overall Pickup numbers.

@ lou
your comment--"the lowest bidder gets the sale"
is not really true.
Knowledgable fleets compare several factors

-upfront price
-operating costs / maintenance / repair costs
-value at end of use
-support from manufacturer i.e. parts availability, warranty flexability, etc

often the lowest upfront price does not get the sale, the whole pkg price determines the sale.

Who gets the most fleet sales?..probably Ford


That was a very well thought out post. Which Bob are you?

Great post!

@ Bob - valid point. Fleets do consider other variables.
Did you know that fleets will opt for "no warranty" and get the truck at an even cheeper price.
The fleets I know of usually don't worry too much about residual value as most of them are beat to death at end of life. I've seen fleet trucks sell at auction for less than a 1/4 of suggested retail for a used truck of the same age.

It varies as to which company gets the most sales. I usually will see "runs" of a particular brand. Lately, most of the fleet trucks in my region have been Chev/GM.
Private or smaller company work trucks are predominantly Ford or Dodge. I rarely see small independant contractors with GM products. There are regional variations.

great piece Mike. I'll jeep my F stock a little longer now.

@ mike L Great read. This should stop some of the fighting or just add some more. I think toyota would sell more if more dealers took the same direction the dealer here did by making his own heavy dutys, by adding a leaf and leveling the front among other things. As far as fleet sales go my opinion and this is just an opinion there are alot of companies that buy from the big three because of the american made part. And before people strart screaming about where stuff is ASSEMBLED there are alot of people that wont support a company if there fleet is driving foreign named vehicles. We had some of this when gm quit making the big chasssis cabs and we had ti swich to isuzu for a while.

It would be nice to see an overlay graphic of manufacturer rebates. The correllation to sales would be interesting.
F150, Sierra, and Silverado have similar year end sales curves.
All of the curves show seasonal peaks. March, July, and December are consistent across the brand spectrum.
February and November are consistent dips in sales.

Ram HD outsold Sierra or Silverado.

I wonder if Tundra will surpass the Sierra in 2011 sales? There was a 7,930 unit difference for 2010.

Fans of the Ranger bemoan its demise, but I do not see a spike in sales as the Ranger faithful prepare for the end!

The 2000 - 2010 Market share trend shows an interesting graph.
2007 was the year that Toyota released the current Tundra. The spike in Tundra sales mirrors the drop in Ford sales.

Makes you wonder if Ford took the biggest hit from the introduction of the Tundra?

Mind you - the economic downturn occured around that time.
Does that mean Ford took the biggest hit because more of its trucks are used by business?
Can you infer from that same downturn that Toyota buyers (statistically better educated and more affluent) were not as affected financially by the downturn?

Lou, I think it has more to do with new/old models, MPG, and how Ford was in the press all the time regarding their financial woes. Back then it was predicted Ford would not survive.


Thanks, my Canadian (North American) brother.

I use the term America, loosely.

As you might have guessed from my tone I consider; ALL countries in North, Central, and South America as being American.

We all, as Americans, have more to gain by supporting the American continents rather than sending our money to other parts of the world.

@Ford850 - I'm not totally convinced that it has to do with new models.
The 12th Gen F150 came out in 2009 and the last generation SuperDuty was 2008.
The 11th gen F150 came out in 2004.
The GMT900's came out in 2007. They did not see a huge sales spike. Sales probably were offset by financial woes.
The Tundra was new in 2007. That could account for the sales spike.
The new Ram came out in 2009.
Ram did see a sales drop in 2003 that corresponds with the introduction of the Titan.
Those are model years so they all would of been available in the fall of the previous year.

I have read from the US sales Analysis Manager that when a person buys a truck they may keep it 3, 5 or more years and trade in and when a company buys an F-Series truck, they likely are going to drive it into the ground. But you are right. This is not always the case. The company buyer could also turn over every year.

Frank is correct about Ford leading the fleet truck market. This is a result of the product improvements that Ford has made in recent years in such areas as quality, fuel efficiency, safety features, smart technology and increasing residual values. Fleet customers are even more watchful, careful and critical of the operating cost of a vehicle than a typical retail customer because in many cases, the fleet owner is not just purchasing one vehicle.

So, they’re particularly concerned about factors such as durability, fuel economy and resale value. Resale value is very big with fleet customers, especially when they are turning over their vehicles every two or three years, like many fleet owners do.

My brother works in the service department for Knife River, one of the largest paving companies in the country. The company has ~5000 employees and hundrends of pickups. All of the work trucks are Ford, either F-250,350,450 and some 550's. Oddly all of the foreman trucks are Chevy's (foreman's are allowed to choose what ever pickup they want as long as it runs on diesel fuel). Why are the work trucks Ford? Simple. They're cheeper. My borthers a Ford man all the way but now proclaims the 6.0 Liter is the "worst engine ever". Go figure.

Nothing is better than Ford fans who cannot accept the cold hard truth! The F-150 is NOT the best selling light duty truck being sold today. This is reality. The Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra are brands of GM and combined they outsell the F-150. GM as a corporation sells more light duty trucks than Ford does period!!!!!! End of story. This is the dirty little secret that ford fans never want to talk about!!!!

Now, I will admit that ford kicks everyone's butt when it comes to the heavy duty trucks. But this can't last and I am positive GM will close that gap with their new heavy duty trucks for 2011 and send the ford fans home crying and saying it's not fair like they did after GM won every heavy duty shootout and the ramble in the rockies.

GM in 2011 will have their best year ever.

let it be done!!!!!

Louie, you have a few screws loose! Yes, ford is the best selling truck right now because it released an all new F-150 and now has released the 2011 Superduty. Yes, they are outselling gm by a slim margin. GM's 4 year light duty old design and 10 year old Duramax design is still holding up quite well despite all the turmoil surrounding the (LOANS FROM THE GOVT. and NOT bailouts) and all the negative fallout from that.

After winning the shootout GM has momentum on their side and you will see them compete head to head with ford for market share in the very near future. But you ford guys are never satisfied with having the best selling truck, no you have to continually bash GM every chance you get because of your low self esteem! GM is doing quite well and will do even better in the future. Oh, and by the way the duramax will win the shootout this summer and send you ford boys home with your tails between your legs crying for your mommie.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

Hay Lou, this is another message for you. First, Ford did not outsell GM and Silverado half ton and the F150 and Super Duty are new. I never said the F150 and Super Duty wasn't new. So stop with your Ford and Ram combined beats GM crap.

You keep viciously attacking GM because you have self esteem issues. Before you bring out that bailout crap again let me remind you that GM took (loans) from the government that GM is paying back period no matter how you try and spin things. This is a fact, so get over it and don't try to change the subject. Ford has ALL NEW half ton and heavy duty models out and is slightly outselling GM for market share. GM has 4 year old designs AND a 10 year old heavy duty and Duramax that are still doing quite well.

The point is you can't control yourself and have to try and bash GM on a daily basis. You like ford I get it. good for you. GM is the only threat to ford for overall truck sales and you have to resort to bashing GM for taking loans to stay afloat and save jobs. ford would have done the same thing if they had to because they would want to save jobs.

So buy what you want but stop with the GM bashing and stop with the bailout obama garbage. If GM is bad then why are they selling so many light duty trucks???????? You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

Lou, Let me lay it out straight for you. The F150s are all new. GMs are 4 years old. The all new F150s and are being outsold by 4 year old GMs. This represents an epic failure and national embarrassment for ford fans.

Hey @Robert,

If GM's light duty trucks are so much better than Fords, why does it take a COMBINATION of GMC and Chevrolet to outsell Ford? Of course they are out selling them COMBINED because they can't do it ALONE. You are the one who can't live up to the truth. I haven't seen anyone here bash other companies but yourself so I was dead right in the first comment that said "Cue the GM Fanboys Cries" as that's exactly what you're doing.

The real truth is GMC nor Chevrolet ALONE CAN"T outsell Ford. Plain and Simple. You don't want to admit that and that's always a GM Fanboy crying point. Buh buh buh the 1500 GMC and 1500 Silverado combined beat the F-150. That automatically makes them the best in the universe.

And your notion that a shootout will swing sales the way of GM is just plain retarded. Nothing more can even be said about that.

WAAAAAAAHHH Cry me a river GM FanBoy

The F150 is not all new anymore.

The present F150 was all new for 2004. It was refreshed for 2009.

The present GM/Chevy 1500 was all new in 2007. It was refreshed in 2009 (new 6.2 and 6 speed tranny introduced in 2009.)

In conclusion, it is a 4 year old GM that cannot outsell a 7 year old F150.

@Bob or Robert or GM Bob
Point 1 - why can't GM corp. combine sales to beat F series, or should I say F150 sales (since they blew the overall combined sales advantage) ????

Point 2 - In relation to bailout and loans, remember my analogy "Barrack and Bob" ?
It still stands!

Point 3 - Bob quote " GM won every heavy duty shootout and the ramble in the rockies. "
"ramble in the Rockies"
What the???
I'd say you won the "ramble on the web page" hands down, undisputed champion.

Point 4 - Bob quote " Ford has ALL NEW half ton and heavy duty models out and is slightly outselling GM for market share. GM has 4 year old designs AND a 10 year old heavy duty and Duramax that are still doing quite well."

Ford has roughly 38% market share and climbing..
GM Corpse has 28% market share and is falling..

The GMT900's came out in 2007.
They did not see a huge sales spike.

Look at the graph depicting market share 2000 - 2010.
Ford market share took off in 2008.
The "new" F150 came out in 2009.

GMC Sierra and Silverado new in 2007 - sales dropped off.

I thought you said new models were responsible for sales increases???

Point 5 - Bob quote: "Oh, and by the way the duramax will win the shootout this summer"

The shootout that is scheduled for this summer is a 1/2 ton shootout.

Are you implying that the Duramax is comparible to Ford's new 6.2 and/or EB 3.5 twin turbo??

point 6 - Bob quote "GM has 4 year old designs AND a 10 year old heavy duty and Duramax"

Thank you for pointing out GM trucks most obvious flaws!!

Delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief.

If you are not delusional they you are one who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.

Having any luck with getting me banned????

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Can you stop comparing U.S. auto companies with this great nation!

GM, Ford and Chrysler have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, they are private sector companies, so stop comparing the two.

The big 3 priorities are increasing shareholder value, not what nation they are built as evident by the big 3 being the top 3 biggest auto importers into the U.S. Sorry Canada and Mexico do not fly our flag and thus vehicles assembled there are IMPORTS!

I am proud to drive my Made in U.S.A. Tacoma and proud to have supported U.S. manufacturing jobs right here in the U.S. from the factory, to the transportaion of the Tacoma to my local dealer, my local and state governments that I have to pay fees to use the roads with and so forth.

And if you mention profits, it proves you know nothing about macro-economics. Toyota can do what ever the hell they want to with their profits or actually what the shareholders decide to do with them. I do not hear you crying foul when GM sends $250 million to Russia to build a plant there recently or Ford that sends $400 million to Thailand to build Rangers while it plans to shut down U.S. factories.

GM, Ford and Chrysler care about profits and shareholder value, NOT where they are built so stop comparing the U.S. with these auto companies. And unless you are a shareholder, why would you give a dam anyway?

I want to keep Toyota's San Antonio, TX plant open and my local dealer which means jobs locally and in this nation. Just because it says Toyota does not mean its all foreign.

wow ford sold only 28,000 more truck,and gm dont have the chassis gm have a older model on the market,,plus the company bankruptcy last you thing ford is happy...if you look marketing this is not a

UHm Uhm Chevy and Gmc together owned Rams ! chevy HD 74,027 and Gmc HD 28,555 = 102.582 so sorry ram HD and good work for Super-duty but let see next year (2011)

oh and let see f-150 313,393 and chevy and Gmc together 397,347
good work GM!

the money leaves the country an never comes back, and they don't make there trucks an cars here to do us a favor, its because the labor in the southern states where they build them, THE LABOR IS CHEEPER FOR THEM, thats all. its for there own bottom line they don't giva crap about us, or our country. wake up an put down the coolaid


That was a very well thought out post. Which Bob are you?

Great post!

I changed my name a bit, too many bobs eh?

@ Bob from Canada - all of the Bobs whom are deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding must live south of the 49th parallel. LOL

@Math 244 - How about Law 101.
Legally Sierra and Sillverado are separate entities, therefore they can`t be combined to usurp Ford. Don`t you thing GM would of thought of that ploy?
But, Hey....... whatever floats your bowtie boat!

@sandman 4x4 - where do you think the 3 trillion dollars that was borrowed to bailout Wall Street, banks, and the auto companies came from??
Majority of it was from China, Japan, and Oil Producing States.
The interest on those loans will leave the USA for the a century.

@ Bob from Canada - the other Bob should put an extra "O" in his name!

This is a very interesting and useful report, but there is one change that I would make if it was up to me to create the report. I would combine GMC and Chevy sales into 1 category becauce esentially they are the same truck, with the only difference being in in trim levels. Ford and Dodge don't seperate their product line into different truck lines based on something as insignificant as trim.

Do yourself, and us all, a favor and hop in your U.S. built (Japanese owned) Tacoma and drive to the bookstore. Pick up a copy of: How Americans Can Buy American THE POWER OF CONSUMER PATRIOTISM, by Roger Simmermaker. It would help you, and others, learn the true definition of "buying American". It is not just about buying "Made in U.S.A.".

As I have stated before, the reason that The Big Three, and other American companies, have shifted some of their production overseas is to stay competitive with the foreign companies that have benefited from the Free Trade Agreement, whereas America has suffered from this policy. America accepts anything imported into the country, when at the same time foreign countries tax the heck out of what little American products they accept into their countries.

The reason America has to borrow money from foreign countries is because America does not have the money anymore. See: Buying American and keeping the money in America versus buying foreign and sending the money overseas. Americans; through loss of faith, trust, and patriotism, have weakened America buy not buying American and strengthened other countries by buying up all of their low cost, quality, and safety products.

These facts extend beyond the automotive industry. It just keeps revolving around the automotive industry because this is an automotive discussion site. This scenario also carries over to American/foreign furniture, clothing, tools, etc. companies.

Please do not bash me, or others, that feel strongly about this topic. I am paying the price for Americans spending decisions. I was laid-off back in December of 2008, from an American manufacturer, because foreign competition was gaining market share with their lower cost/quality products. My company lost a lot of market share and laid-off over a dozen people. Myself being one of them.

Thankfully, I found another job a month and a half later...that only lasted about nine months! I went to work for a company that sells heavy-duty truck/trailer/tractor parts. The majority of my customers were construction companies that...were not buying anything because their equipment was not getting used do to the American economical situation. I was laid-off, again, in October of 2009 because of the troubled economy.

So, here I am a year and a couple months unemployed in this (once) great nation called the United States of America that has allowed foreign countries/companies to take away our jobs.

@Dann Morris - same old argument.
Legally Chevrolet is the proprietary owner of the Silverado brand.
Legally GMC is the proprietary owner of the Sierra brand.

GM Corporation is the overall owner of Chevrolet.

No different than Fiat owning Chrysler or Fiat owning Ferrari.

I could use your argument and say that since Ford owns part of Mazda one should combine Mazda pickup and Ranger sales to beat Tacoma in small truck sales. They both are made on the same assembly line, so why not????

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