The Ultimate Guide to US Pickup Truck Sales in 2010

Ultimate 2010 U.S. Pickup Truck Sales Infographic

Pickup truck sales rebounded in 2010, with significant volume gains over last year's depressed sales levels.

Here's look at the numbers of trucks sold last year, according to sales data provided by J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Power's "Power Information Network" figures are unique because they break out full-size truck sales into light- and heavy-duty classes. Monthly figures released by Chrysler, Ford and GM aggregate both light- and heavy-duty truck sales (including chassis cabs, when sold) into a single number without revealing class splits.

J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 commercial trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. They do, however, report Ram 4500/5500 chassis sales. GM doesn't sell trucks in these classes. So, to make this fair, we're presenting Ford's full-size truck data with and without chassis cabs, of which 21,134 were sold, according to J.D. Power.

Full-size Pickups

Full-size pickup truck sales rose 20.3 percent last year and were 13 percent of the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of all vehicles in December, a level not seen since 2008, having increased steadily from the low-10% range of early 2010. Full-size pickups made up 11.6 percent of all vehicle sales in 2010.

While nearly every full-size truck brand grew sales, Ford dominated with a 27.7 percent jump and a 38.6 percent share of the market, the largest share its held since 2001.

The only full-size pickup brand that lost year-over-year sales in 2010 was Cadillac, lending support to the conventional wisdom that casual truck buyers are gone from full-size pickups for good. Cadillac EXT sales fell 14 percent.

Small Pickups

Small pickup sales volume rose slightly last year, ending a slide that's lasted more than a decade in the stale segment but market share amongst all vehicle continued to fall, to just 2.3 percent, its lowest ever share. Most of the volume increase was due to strong sales of the Nissan Frontier, which rose 42.3 percent, the highest percentage sales gain of any high-volume pickup in 2010.


@Buy American or say Bye to America! -
I'm not bashing , just providing more information to the discussion.
We live in a world economy.
I was watching an interview with a fellow who wrote a book about the financial crisis. He also outlined steps to aid recovery and prevent it from happening again. He was stating that if countries got together, put safeguards in place to curtail high risk banking, and work together to clear up trade barriers and protectionism (in USA and abroad) there would be negligible unemployment in the USA.

How do you encourage USA companies from leaving? That is a huge problem. That is a bigger concern than foreign companies setting up plants in the USA.

GMC is spending a billion in Thailand to build a plant that will make "global" Colorados.
They are closing the US plant.
Why not invest in the USA?
Ford is doing the same with the Ranger.

What is worse for the USA:
- Toyota spending billions to build in the USA? or
GMC (government owned with foreign dollars) spending billions in Thailand?

I agree that buying a home grown product by a home grown company is the most beneficial - but it is becoming a less viable and/or clear cut option.

Any publically traded company can be owned by shareholders from any place in the world.
Profits go to them as well as the head office.

I am sorry to hear about your job situation. I wish you the best of luck.

This is a very interesting and useful report, but there is one change that I would make if it was up to me to create the report. I would combine GMC and Chevy sales into 1 category becauce esentially they are the same truck, with the only difference being in in trim levels. Ford and Dodge don't seperate their product line into different truck lines based on something as insignificant as trim.

Posted by: Dann Morris | Jan 7, 2011 11:34:23 AM
Dann, this same thing is said every month when these reports come out.
Reality is that GM knows that many of their GMC buyers actually think their truck is ...either upscale, heavier duty, overall better & they realize that combining them all as Chevys would lose them some sales. The marketing folks at GM don't usually spend any time combining these sales numbers together as they wan't to keep them perceived as 2 different brands, thus they are counted as such.
You can bend these sales numbers many different ways but seperating the 150/1500 figures out so the GM guys can say 2 brands combined outsold the single brand of Ford also means that then the HD & small truck numbers only would show Ford outsells Chev & GMC combined 2 to 1 !!
270320 Ford SD & Ranger
135216 Chev/GMC combined HD/Canyon/Colorado

Beating them 2 to 1 after combining their sales numbers together looks pretty good for Ford?

Lou, I agree with you. That is the EXACT pointI was trying to make to this individual a month ago. I love buying American made socks at Bass Pro, they really are better quality IMHO, and I pay 100% more for them. I buy American made lawnmowers, and tools when possible.

Buy American or say bye to America:

I also agree with you sir, I am scared of what this country will be in 40 yrs me being only 27 right now. The thing is, many of these American companies do NOT hold your best interest. Take HP, Intel, Dell, to name a few. Those companies sell BILLIONS of dollars in product in the USA, yet manufacture it in China to save money.

I read an article about Caterpillar doing the same thing, they hired more people in China than in the USA and built 3 new plants in China. IMHO, the Wall-Street crowd is what dismantled American my friend, man....they got greedy with profits.

See, this is where I lost my patriotism towards American companies because they TRULY do NOT hold your best interests at heart. We live in a "Plutocracy" in this country, and anyone that disagrees needs to look up the definition and examples of it. We have rule by the wealthy, and a bit of Crony Capitalism intermingled into eachother (look at Obama and George Soros for example, or Bush and his oil "pack").

I am not trying to persuade you friend, but giving another point of view. I would love none other than business to go back to the times when this nation was the greatest (back in the 50-60's as far as manufacturing and middle class lifestyle, and of course buying American made), but greed will not let that happen due to business dollars getting lonely and needing more and more until it collapses. Once I feel that American Companies are holding my interest or the interests of my fellow Americans at heart, at least somewhat, then I will feel as patriotic as you do. But, until then......I am going to practice what these big companies have achieved thru NAFTA, and that is unbrittled greed. We are witnessing the greatest fleecing of middle class by big business and govt alike, and as long as it contiunes, it matter not what you buy. It will still FAIL, America will FAIL due to greed, not people buying a Toyota or Nissan. More money than that is spent on Clothing and electronics in our economy, all from China and other third world nations.

Have a nice weekend all,


lou- Thanks for the well wishes! I need them.

Red_4x4- I understand your rationalization.

I am desperate for myself, our countrymen, and the future of my/our children to have a great place to live (in America) in 20, 30, 40-plus years from now. I fear where this country is headed if we, right now while there is still a chance, do not get this situation under control.

Thank you to all those who, took the time to read my comments and, did not use it as an opportunity to attack me or my reasoning (too badly).

Buy American: I wish I could bring myself to be as patriotic towards these Big Companies as you do, but I am disgusted as to how they offshored our jobs and then blame the consumer and employees for expecting too much. WallStreet is what caused my attitude. But I will say sir, you have definitely swayed my opionion on buying american, I am just so damn disgusted at how these crooks operate (Crooks in our own govt for selling us out) I feel like it won't matter in a few decades anyway, because our country is structured as "profits at all costs".

I hope you don't feel I bashed your comments, have a definte good point of view that has persuaded me, one that I will eventually take. When we bought my wife's Hyudai, I never thought about it. Now I do, and I like the Fusion and those would likely be the next choice. I currently try and buy American products to let you know, and depise places like Walmart for putting Mom-and-pop stores out in the cold with low priced junk. But, where do you go these days? I finally found socks made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and travel to Bass Pro shop to buy them at a premium when I can afford to. Many Americans cannot afford to do this due to wages steadily falling in our country and costs going up due to greed, you know this. I am glad that I have a job that pays well enough though to pay 16 bucks for an 8 pack of socks made here in the USA. Too bad none of the other clothing is.

Have a great weekend,



No, I do not feel that you bashed my comments. I hope that I always showed you the same respect?

Do not get me wrong...I understand totally what you, and others, have said about Wall Street, unions, etc. I do not completely agree with what they do either.

Right now, I hate to admit, I am collecting unemployment insurance benefits from a country/government that provides this saving grace (who knows for how long they will do this). This same country/government that some have turned against, criticize, lost faith in, etc. I am not an expert but, how many other countries work this hard to take care of their people? Heck, wrong or right, this country also takes care of people that immigrate (legally/illegally) here by providing welfare, health care, and such.

So with that sir, I still back this GREAT NATION 100% anyway I can. I would not want to live anywhere else. North America is where I call home. I will fight to the end, for this home that I share with others that feel the same as I do...I will even fight for the people that do not see a problem here.

Lastly, for the record: I am not a racist, anti-import, believer that other countries only produce junk, person. I know that many great products have come, are coming, will come from other countries. I just know that we had/have/will have some really great things coming from our own backyard. We just have to ourselves a chance again.

Have a great weekend my fellow truck/automotive fans!!!

@sandman 4x4,

Yes GM, Ford and Chrysler do not give a dam about our country or they would have not seeked cheaper labor in Mexico!

Argue all you want about Toyota but the big 3 are shipping millions of $$$ and jobs to foreign countries like Canada and Mexico, China and Russia as well as Brazil to just name a few!

And how many plants has the big 3 opened since the 90's when compared to Toyota in the U.S.?

Toyota opened up Princeton, IN.

Toyota opened up San Antonio, TX.

Toyota opened up a West Virginia plant.

Toyota is opening another plant in Mississippi.

Toyota bought Fuji Heavy majority stake to take control of Subaru plants in Indiana to build more Camry's.

Heck a brand new Toyota dealer went up where I bought my U.S. made Tacoma, more jobs locally bud!

And the money goes back overseas is such a CHILDISH rant, grow up. Understand how companies and commerce work. You go out of your way to target Toyota but do not question when GM or Ford sends billions of dollars overseas or companies like Wal-Mart or Clothing companies based in the U.S. but all of their products they sell are made overseas...

Unless your a shareholder, why do you care so much what Toyota does with their profits? Do you actually go shopping at the grocery store wondering what these companies do with their profits? Do you question your neighbors what they do with their money after the bills are paid for?

No, so stop unfairly targeting great auto companies like Toyota. They are a business and like GM or Ford, THEY DO NOT HAVE NATIONALITIES!

GM or Ford nor Toyota have nothing to do with the Constitution in other words nothing to do with our nation nor the way it is ran!

You are NOT more of a Patriot for buying a U.S. branded pickup, that is not what makes you a good citizen, etc...

I bet you have tons of Japanese electronics, Chinese toys, Mexican parts in your pickup, German made parts, Indonesian made clothes and so forth in your home... a word for you type of people: HIPPOCRIT!

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

I am not buying no book! I served this great nation in the U.S. Marine Corps, do not question my loyalties to this nation.

I refuse to base my purchasing decisions on where a company is U.S. branded, etc... That is in no way the definition of being a Patriot!

GM or Ford do not give a dam about where they source parts and where they assemble their vehicles. HENCE foreign factories while they shut them down here.

GM and Ford are in the business to increase shareholder value or similar ideals, they are not in the business of this nation. They are private companies bud.

Stop hiding behind the flag while you yourself have foreign parts and stuff in your possession and think by buying from GM your a Patriot.

That is silly and really pro-union!

And do not blame NAFTA or Toyota for the failures of the big 3 in competition. They should have gotten off their lazy rears and competed better. Their fault more than anything else!


How is it being a hypocrite, for owning products made in Japan, China, Mexico, etc., when we are left without a choice where most products are maid? I for one always look before I buy. For example: I recently purchased a Craftsman chain saw that was Assembled in the U.S.A. with domestic and foreign parts. The majority of the choices were made in China but I CHOSE to by the closest thing I could find that was Made in America.

As I have stated, numerous times, American companies have had no choice but to shift some production to other countries because that is the only way to stay competitive with foreign companies. How many of these Toyota plants in the U.S.A. are part of the U.A.W.? Every plant that Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors has in the U.S. IS part of the U.A.W. They do not have a choice! Meanwhile Renault-Nissan and Toyota, to name a couple, get away with employing lower cost labor in the U.S. compared to the Big 3.

Regardless of the motives of American companies (if they "care about America or not") the fact of the matter is they ARE an American company that ARE producing, for the most part, products here in America.

Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc. ARE part of America! Asia and Europe are NOT part of America.

When Mercedes, Renault-Nissan, Toyota, etc. close all of their plants in their respective countries and produce most of their vehicles in America, then you might be able to argue that they care more about America than American companies. I doubt that they would move their headquarters to America.

Part of the reason companies are leaving USA and Canada are because the unions have gotten too powerful in the auto industry.
American Axle had a lengthy strike and basically ended up telling the unions - if you do not have a trade you will have to take a huge pay cut. If you refuse we will close all of the USA factoies and move out of country.
Chrysler did the same thing in Canada. The CAW (Canadian version of UAW) was told to take a pay cut or we'll close all of the Canadian assembly plants.
A guy making 30 dollars an hour with no real marketable skill drives up the price of a product they are involved in making.
Unions argue that those ae the guys that spend money and stimulate the economy.
Problem is - guys making 15 0r 20 dollars an hour can't afford those inflated products.
The Chinese or Japanese come in with a comparable product for less price, and voila US industry dies.
Who's fault is that?
The government can put tariffs and taxes on imports to drive up the price of the imports.
What happens then?
Everyone suffers because companies have no insentive to compete.
Consumers are forced to buy crappy products at inflated prices.
Inflation spirals out of control.
That is what happened in the 70's.
(This is considerably more complex than my explanation - but it was a contributor))

You are right in as much Ford, GM or Chrysler have to deal with the UAW.
Toyota is big enough and strong enough to close a plant to avoid dealing with the UAW.
Guys grumble about being forced to take a lower wage but it is better to be employed at 20/hr. then unemployed at 30/hr.

Companies will only move a head office if it is financially beneficial. Toyota could move their international Head Office to USA but other than the wages to employ staff - money can still funnel back to Japan or any other country they chose.

Where does it state that to run an auto plant in the U.S. you have to have unionized labor?

Their is no law thus the union issue is dead since so many auto plants now in the U.S. are non-union and they still produce great vehicles.

My 2010 Tacoma was UAW built and I have no complaints.

Also on becoming a U.S. citizen, I fail to read the clause, rule or law that states in order to be a U.S. citizen you have to buy from the big 3?

In fact I read nowhere in the Constitution nor on my passport that states anything from GM, Ford or Chrysler!!!

There's nothing better than unemployed union guys telling me I have to buy a Dodge made in Mexico allowing Chrysler to send profits to Fiat in Italy so I can be a "real American".

The UAW destroys jobs, destroys wealth, and destroys companies. You're your own best example. Your own union can't even keep YOU working and you're still cheerleading for it, putting down companies like Toyota that have NEVER laid off a single employee in the U.S. in their entire history.

Chrysler L.L.C. (U.S.A.) is STILL the major controller of the Chrysler Corporation, NOT Fiat...yet.
Better to fund the Mexican economy, where Mexicans come back to the U.S. to shop with the money they made working for Chrysler, than to fund Japan's economy.

The U.S. government should require; Honda, Renault-Nissan, Toyota, etc. to be a part of the U.A.W. This would even the playing field. I would like to these companies have to cut jobs or raise their prices in order to turn a profit. What American companies have had to do to stay afloat.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!
- illegal immigrants from Mexico take over a billion dollars a year out of the US economy in wages. They work for tiny amount of cash (undermining US workers) and send most of the money back home(Mexico) which undermines the US economy.

I don't blame them as they live in poverty in Mexico and anything helps.

I blame US businesses and private individuals who take advantage of their despiration.

The American way - anything to make a buck!

Why is it you are okay with companies/people exploiting illigals but not okay with Toyota avoiding unions?

The Detroit 3, UAW and politics were responsible for the near demise of the US auto industry.

If you want to lay blame - look inside USA borders.
That is where the answer lies.

You won't find the correct answer in Japan.

"Why is it you are okay with companies/people exploiting illigals but not okay with Toyota avoiding unions?" -Lou

I am not (completely) okay of companies/people using (not really exploiting) illegals.

1. They are volunteering to take these jobs in the U.S. It sure beats what they have at home...which is probably nothing.

2. I do not see a line of U.S. citizens in line willing to do the work that these desperate people do.

3. These illegals are more needy of our money than the multi-million dollar foreign companies.

Paying someone a few bucks an hour to do backbreaking work is exploitation.
Is it "volunteering" when a person and their family is starving and there are no other options?

They can "volunteer" to work for pennies or "volunteer" to starve.
Not much of a choice, is it?

US workers won't do those jobs because social assistance or unimployment benefits pays better.

The rest are just too lazy or stoned to do it.
They'd rather B&E your home or knife you in the back for your wallet than do a hard days work.

Multi-national companies set up shop in any country to make money.
A foreign company that builds and manufactures in the USA contributes to the GNP of the country.
That is a huge benefit to the USA.
That benefit greatly outweighs profits that leave.

"A foreign company that builds and manufactures in the USA contributes to the GNP of the country.
That is a huge benefit to the USA.
That benefit greatly outweighs profits that leave." -Lou

Lou- I understand this statement. I also understand that an American company, manufacturing here in America, can do more for the G.N.P. of the country than a foreign company can do manufacturing here. I would just like to see America become financially stable/strong Asia has been able to enjoy for a while now. That is all.

Let me give you guys the best reason to support Toyota and Japanese manufacturers, in particular. Japan is the second largest purchaser of U.S. government debt, holding more than $800 billion. If Japan treated us the way you want to treat Japan the federal government quite literally wouldn't have enough cash to continue operations and tens of thousands of your buddies in government unions would be out of work tomorrow.


So basically what you are saying is: The United States of America should stay dependant on Japan (Asia) for who knows how much longer, rather than getting ourselves out of this predicament in the first place, and avoid the chance of paying back the debt we are in?

I would rather America, be the country that other countries seek for loans.

Great article! Really enjoyed it. Having received my 2011 Tundra 5.7 last week, I hope to be able to sell both my F150 and my old Silverado to a fan based on their popularity.
To the foreign bashers I say that people should buy whatever truck works best for them. I have owned F150 and Silverado for decades and while they were OK in their day the truck of choice for me now is the Tundra.
I think if more people were to actually compare the Tundra for themselves against the American pickup trucks, like I did, they too may find that the Tundra is simply the better truck. Better ride, better handling, better power, better braking, better fit&finish. Better all-around. And Tundra was first with an all-aluminum DOHC 32-valve 5.7& sixspeed combo to the market. Now Detroit has finally caught up to Tundra. Buy what works for you.

I would imagine there's a few people sweating at GM's hd development HQ after seeing the mighty Chevrolet HD fall behind Dodge... I swear to god if one more GM blowhard says combine the two and no one beats them i will find them and write a death note out of their blood. IF GM (and everyone else for that matter) REPORTS THEM AS TWO SEPARATE BRANDS, THEY ARE, IN FACT, TWO SEPARATE BRANDS WITH A COMMON PARENT. If this fallacy of reason were applied to other segments, such as the minivan segment, then the Chrysler Town&Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan should combine their numbers and would have never lost the sales crown last year to Honda or Toyota, can't remember for sure which one. BUT THEY DO NOT. Granted they didn't need to this year to take it back, but just an example. GM really needs to wake the f*** up and get over their simple arrogance of "If we build it, they will buy it." Didn't bode too well for International Harvester back in the 60's, and thats why it is now Case International.


In, 1999 Ford offered the Lincoln Navigator with a 5.4L 32V DOHC engine before you beloved Tundra.

Get your facts straight.

Ford has been utilizing OHC engines in their trucks for more than a decade.

@Math 244 I'm glad you know how to count, but Chevy and GMC are two different brands. Yes, they are basically the same truck, but you could argue that Ram and Ford don't have a rebadge of themselves marketed under another brand.

@TundraHQ: How do you figure Tundra cut into RAM sales? Did you pull that out of the air? Do your brakes work?

Not all the time no one can win the match of stock market trade , humans are bounded with emotions and personal affairs that makes them to take wrong decisions at right time even though they are masters of trade. Markets dramatically change they their flow and no one exactly produce or expect 100% from their profits . Choosing the right indicator or analyzing software blended with human aspect gives better results.
Commodity Tips

The truck sales statistics at the begining "Have we hit bottom yet"
Do those sales represent just the USA ? If so how do you find statistics for world wide sales?

Thank you

I believe everybody would agree that Chevy and GMC pickups are the same. But they are to different companies. So if you combine the 1500 sells Ford has never out sold GM. Even in 2010 GM out sold Ford in 1500 class by over 100,000 units. Also to add to the HD side. Ford has two classes of F450 and F550. The C&C and then the regular Pickup class. Personally the field should be leveled when it is advertise with only the three classes of pickups, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton. But this is advertising and every itch you can get you grab it. So numbers are not very honest when you look at the HD class of pickups. But again it is advertising and if somebody can argue this, well then there is the proof that advertising works.

Incredible! i really love cars! thanks for sharing.

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