2011 Chicago Auto Show: Ram Introduces Low Priced Tradesman Pickup


Ram Trucks today announced a new entry-level V-8-powered light-duty work truck, called the Ram 1500 Tradesman, at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.

"The Tradesman is specifically designed to target the needs of small businesses and contractors," said Fred Diaz, Ram's CEO. "It's a hard working truck for hard working people."

The Ram 1500 Tradesman will come with a standard 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that's rated at 20 mpg highway. Also included in the Tradesman package is a standard Class IV trailer hitch with four- and seven-pin trailer wire connectors. Tradesman also features heavy-duty engine cooling and a heavy-duty transmission oil cooler. Properly equipped Tradesman models will be able to tow up to 10,450 pounds -- best in class for an entry-level work truck.

The Tradesman will also feature 17-inch painted steel wheels that are exclusive to the Tradesman.

The Ram 1500 Tradesman will be available in the second quarter of 2011 with a starting price at $22,780, including destination.

"Why settle for a V-6 when you can get all of this value," Diaz said.


Best in class? Is Ram acting like GM and claiming only powerful V8's exist?

If we're talking regular cab half ton work trucks, I'll take a regular cab F-150 XL with EcoBoost, 8' bed, 3,060 lbs payload, 11,300 lb towing and 23 mpg. Now that is a best in class.

Why settle for a V8 when you can buy a EcoBoost?

22 mpg.

Cool Truck!

Hey Mike Levine,

Do you have a PUTC App for Droid phones? Just curious.


SXT package was better. (better interior and alum wheels)

sxt was better. and, 1. why isn't this a van?????? and
2. i'm a ram/gm man. why in world is ram turning to stickers to try and make there vehicles sell? i would rather drive some thing with trx4 writen on the side of it then something with "outdoorsman". so i'll take a SLT and do the off-road prep. myself.

I am a little disappointed. I was really hoping there might be some neat new features that would make our day to day jobs a little easier (or at the very least more enjoyable).

I would rather have a V-8 with the fuel economy of a V-6....that is what the Hemi does...

Tradesman in a optioned for the working man,V-8,trailer hitch,work ready and a lower price,that a tradesman can afford...GOOD JOB !!

"I would rather have a V-8 with the fuel economy of a V-6....that is what the Hemi does..." - Dave

No, it doesn't.

Hemi gets 20 mpg.
Ford's 5.0 gets 21 mpg.

Ford EcoBoost V6 gets 22 mpg.
Their regular V6 gets 23 mpg.

Sounds like an updated Prospector package to me.

Not a bad thing. I hope they have a 4wd vesion with plow package available also.

Do you have any idea how much that would cost? The main point of the Ram Tradesman is the focus on price.
Ram Tradesman vs. the competition:
Ram: $22,780 5.7L V8 Towing Capacity: 10,450lbs.
F-150: $23,415 5.0L V8 Towing Capacity: 7,900lbs.
Silverado: $23,590 5.3L V8 I won't bother. It's probably like 5lbs. No offense Silvy owners. The 1500 is a bit behind when it comes to things like towing capacity.

The truck you described is: $27,065.
EcoBoost: $4600 Option
8-ft Bed: $300 Option

I like this, and I applaud Dodge for offering the Hemi in a basic package for contractors who need the towing power. I just hope the package is offered with long bed and 4x4.

Can it handle a plow?

I like the idea. 22 Grand and you get a Hemi with a 10k tow package and it also has a couple of more features to it. Very nice job Ram.

Best of all, a Fiat 500 fits in the bed. LOL

I don't think this is a big deal. Nothing inovative.
Hot rod guys will love this thing. A low buck bling free sleeper SRT10 in the making.

I see they have revised the "best in class work truck" to best in class STANDARD work truck capability towing. No mention on payload in the press release probably because of the coil springs. The XL with EcoBoost you could get down to less than $22k using x-plan minus rebates and I would probably spring for that because of the extra payload and fuel economy. But yeah, that is a pretty good price for a standard Ram.

Payload is also important to the working man. Towing is 10,400, but the payload is only 1600. Then it's actual payload is 1600-minus options. Not good for a heavy 10,400 lb trailer or a heavy load in the bed.

Yes, it's cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

Great job for RAM! Will it come in any other color than white? Should help move some more RAMs.

@sleder: it's ironic you complain that rams turning to stickers to sell vehicles (in a story that doesn't even show stickers on a truck) but youd rather have a TRX4 which is stickered. I could care less if mine said "offroad" on it, I like the package and how it is equiped. To get alot of the items on my slt you'd have to get an fx4 or lariat in a ford...$$$.

@Scott No, we're not using any X-Plans. The Ford EcoBoost you described is $27,065.

@Michael Long bed and 4x4 are options.

@Buy American, It comes in more than one color.

...maybe they will have a work truck v8 shootout complete with points for cost...of course they'd have to bring in a higher level ford so it doesn't have to run on the little 75 series tires, (in the all highly important to work truck owners everywhere autocross!) like the v6 shootout!

"Ram Tradesman vs. the competition:
Ram: $22,780 5.7L V8 Towing Capacity: 10,450lbs.
F-150: $23,415 5.0L V8 Towing Capacity: 7,900lbs."


Now for the rest of the story.

I love how they don't talk payload.

What's the payload of the Ram Tradesman?
1600 lbs minus options. Probably 1300-1500 lbs with options.

10,450 lb trailer x 15% tongue weight = 1567 lbs. Oops, you're overloaded in the Ram Tradesman!

If you don't want Ecoboost, you can get a regular cab XL F150 5.0 with a 10,000 lb towing and a payload high enough so you can actually tow it.

If you're contemplating a work truck, this Ram truck is a waste of time. The payload is garbage.

A common sense vehicle. I applaud it. It makes the Mahindra look a little useless and unsellable.


Took the words right outta my mouth. I went to Fords build and price site and specced out a 2011 F-150 Regular Cab 5.0L with an 8 Foot bed ''rated to tow 10Klbs''

2011 F-150 5.0L XL
Total price = 25,590


2011 Dodge Ram Tradesmen
Total Price = 23,415

So, a 2,175$ difference between the two, And personally I think its 2grand spent well. According the road test on this site and many other claims from personal owners the 5.0L F-150 is faster than the Hemi Ram, Will tow roughly the same amount ''with greater ease'' and is more fuel efficent. Those very importent matters make the 2,175$ price gap well worth it.

overloaded and you haven't put anything in the bed. like Lou said good for the hot rod community if you don't want to spring for the RT, but that isn't what Ram had in mind.

which do I pick....
Ram with a 5.7, 20 mpg, 10,000 towing but not a payload high enough to tow it
Ford with a 5.0, 22 mpg, 10,000 lbs and a payload high enough to tow it?

It's also worth mentioning that the 5.0 is also faster than a 5.7.

Let me see. This is a very tough question.


And lets not forget included in the Ford's 25K price you also get an 8-foot bed which is far better for work than the shorter bed show on this Dodge.

one correction to my last post: 5.0 has 21 mpg; still higher than 20 from Ram Tradesman.

"So, a 2,175$ difference between the two, And personally I think its 2grand spent well. According the road test on this site and many other claims from personal owners the 5.0L F-150 is faster than the Hemi Ram, Will tow roughly the same amount ''with greater ease'' and is more fuel efficent. Those very importent matters make the 2,175$ price gap well worth it. "
Right on!

And lets not forget included in the Ford's 25K price you also get an 8-foot bed which is far better for work than the shorter bed show on this Dodge.
Posted by: Fordguy1988 | Feb 10, 2011 12:37:16 AM


"Ford people", get ahold of yourselves. Good lord, is every article about comparing a F150 to everything else? I have an F150, I don't need to read redundant banter about F150's everytime I sign on to this site. Good grief. I am sick of hearing about Ford this and that you paid bloggers/cheerleaders.

Yay, F150 is the greatest blah blah blah, is that better? better go get your pom-poms you bunch of panty waists.

Basic Dodge Pickup, maybe a Ford one as well. Latest news on Australian Car Sales site.: Read last sentence.


"Ford insiders would not reveal to the carsales Network exactly how the acceleration times compared, but did say the four-cylinder Falcon had "met its targets and that [out-accelerating Commodore] was one of the targets".

In an attempt to minimise potential fallout over the engine's cylinder count and capacity, Ford has instructed all its dealers to refer to the model only as "ECOBoost". It's understood the model will include no capacity-related badging.

Ford USA will adopt a similar strategy when the engine is rolled out into a full-size pick-up model as well as its front-wheel drive Taurus large car."

@Tim and Fordguy Yes, shame on Ram for giving customers more choice when buying a new truck. Yes, you could get a Ford, or GM, or Toyota, or Nissan. What the hell does it matter? More choices and options are always good. Doesn't matter where they come from. You loose all credibility when you make the comment of how the 5.0 is faster. I got the impression from the rumble in the rockies and all the tests done on the old 5.4 that Ford fans weren't concerned with speed. I thought that it was about the total package? I guess speed doesn't matter unless Ford is the fastest, in which case speed does matter. Funny how if you use 10% tongue weight instead of 15% the numbers work just fine. Its not Rams fault if you can't figure out how to load your trailer. Why not comment on the 5sp only, we haven't heard that in a while.

@Jorden L

Hmm you know what I find funny? Guys like you who think all Ford,Chevy or Dodge guys are all the same? So what if some Ford guys say speed isn't important? Others will say it is...But its the same damn story with every brand loyalist. ''Bob'' is the exception of a pure extreamist. Its the same thing with every blathering Dodge guy who brags about the Cummins being the greatist engine ever made by man.

Fact is, I was just expressing my opinion...I mean hell screw me, god forbid I think Ford offers a better truck and a better deal than Dodge. You know what? If Dodge works for you, and that's what YOU want...Then get it! and hell save 2K more than me on intial MSRP! But it doesn't change my mind that Ford makes a better truck.

Whats more funny to me is how you even compare the Hemi's towing to the 5.0L...I mean techninally the 5.0L compete's directly with the 4.7L Dodge right?....Yeah don't even go there.

Look, I'm not gonna be like Bob ok. I'm not gonna slander my favorit brand ''Ford'' and act like some nut job extreamist Fact is...I like Ford I only drive Ford...So my ''choices'' as you say, are not on which brand of truck I buy...But which trim line...But hey if you like Dodge,Chevy,Nissan,Toyota, Whatever! I don't care...Drive what suits you.

In the mean time...Stop being such a damn hypocrite and saying crap like ''Oh I thought Ford guys didn't care about speed''...It's funny how you can acuse me of being that way...but I'm pretty sure had this arguement been based on a 4.6L 2v Ford vs a 4.7L Dodge, Any Dodge would say the same thing about his enigne.


If you don't like hearing about Ford or the F-150 maybe you should just find another site to read from huh? I mean as it stands right now...And this is fact, not opinion, Ford is making more wave's in the auto industry than both Ford or GM...And The F-150 just happens to be the hot topic right now...So I'm sorry if your sick of hearing about it...That's just tough crap, but no one is FORCING you to get on the internet and read about it are they? I mean you could look GM or Chrysler exclusive news right? But istead you want to go to a ''general trucks'' site and rant about how much is pisses you off that Ford is in the spotlight right now...

The only panty waste here is you.


Excuse me...I meant to say...GM or Crysler.

Fordguy1988: You're right, no one is forcing me to log on to pickuptrucks.com, I forgot. Whatever you say pantywaist cheerleader, now shake your pom-poms for Ford Motor Company...yay! yay!

BTW in case you have a comprehnsion problem, I own (2) F150's right now, a 2001 4x4 supercrew and a 1992 F150 5.8L supercab. I don't need you pansy ass cheerleaders always regurgitating Ford propagnda to make their case for them, the people have chosen to buy their products. You're are getting redundant in your cheerleading for Ford my friend, it sound highschoolish to me. I cannot believe grown men act this way, you and other brand loyal cheerleaders must still be in highschool to come on to a public forum and spill vitriol about other brands and other folks choices So, sue me. Call the wah-mbulance.


I find it comical that you accuse me of acting like a highschool student yet...Your the one with no real combacks and only speak in terms of petty insults...I spoke out of nothing but pure logic...Other than retorting your own ''panty waste'' comment back at you.

Sounds like your the one who needs some lesson's on life.


Ok, I can't helpmyself...I have to stoop to your level here. But are you some kind of pedofile or something? I mean you seem to have this obession with not only highschool, but cheerleaders as well!

And Exscuse you? No actually I think its funny that you say my pro Ford comments are getting ''redundent''...You act like I go around trolling like Bob does, DRIVE A FORD, EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS...DRIVE A FORD OR FOREVER BURN IN HELL...BLAH BLAH BLAH...I DARE you to find me acting like that on any other post.

Personally I don't give to $hitz what you drive Its also quite comical how you try and use the fact that you own two Fords as some kind of escape when someone call's you out for talking out your ass.

I am afraid I find myself pondering your age, as your first response was nothing more than petty insults. A real man can use logic and understanding to win his verbal battles...A child resorts to name calling and feeble minded combacks when comfronted with failure and embaressment.

But with all that said, I'll be expecting another middle school level insult. And if not...Have a nice life.

I think its funny that this is a page devoted to the new options for the tradesman 1500 and you guys are gettin your panties wet talikin about everything but the article.

As for the article nice job, im a extremely loyal Ram man (own 4) and can't wait to get another. But im not here sayin there better thats my opinion


Now your a guy who's opinion I can respect.

Wow "painted steel wheels", do you know what those cheap things will look like in ~ 4yrs? A mess. That the best they got?

When I finished school I was getting tired of borrowing trucks from friends to finish jobs and move all my garbage around. I ended up buying a Nissan Frontier, which ran me about 22K in total. But now i'm running into max trailer weight issues now that I've expanded my horizons. However, with an option like this, I would have considered stepping into the full size market. People can nitpick all they want about 'just a couple thousand' but to some people (like a recent grad or a guy just trying to get by) those few thousand could make a big difference. I'm not a Ram fan, but I'll commend them for an interesting move on this one.

I don't care what brand more options are better. And this package might not be ground breaking but it'll save the working man a few bucks and its still a solid truck. But how in the hell is there not an article about thecummins now havong 800ft lbs and the towing being brought up to make Ram class leading again I believe what's up mr.mike







It's a decent base model with some added capacity for towing, and now they can compete with ford in that area. Nothing earth shattering, and I like to see all the competition keep up with each other. This will help retain some sales at the low end and keep people in a Ram that would have jumped ship otherwise.
No truck is the best at everything (unless you listen to the marketing folks).

5.7L Hemi in the lightest possible configuration for a good price. Throw in the 3.92 limited slip and you have the basic bones for a hot rod pick-up. It might even run with a Charger R/T if it can hook up.

I like the fact a manufacture is getting back to the basic's. All manufactures are starting to price out the average Joe. A good solid truck with just some basic options at a reasonable price should sell well (I hope).
The packaging of options result in getting stuff you don't want or need leading to a pricier truck.
Give me a truck with: 4 x 4, regular cab, strong engine, 8' bed and AC. I don't need the rest.

What a waste. Tradesman 1/2 ton with 10,000lb tow rating? Why? Load this thing up with payload like a tradesman and you have no tow rating left. Ram essentially made a best in class tow vehicle with an empty bed. The rest is fluff. If you are a tradesman and towing 10,000lbs your going to get an HD or SD, not this stripped 1500. That was the target market of the 5.4L XL Superduty. Might have been a little underpowered but atleast it was designed to carry the load. Just shows Chrysler has way to many Hemi's to use and can't make a competitive V6.

Forget V6s...we want full-size motors in our full-size trucks!

Unless of course it is a Ford 3.5L EcoBoost. This motor can play with the big boys.

Fordguy1988: keep em' comin cheif :)

Yeah, simply stating you act like a "Ford Cheerleader" makes me "infatuated" with cheeerleaders. I cannot help myself but to see you brand loyal guys get all bent out of shapoe when you are called on your fanboyism.

There have been some intersting points raised about this truck. 10,000 lb payload but if you end up with a 15% tongue weight you are screwed.
Guys buying work trucks are usually savvy enough to get the right truck for their needs and not screw up loading it.
After all - a truck to a work guy is his bread and butter. there are some that will overload them but I think most are reasonalbe.
I think every engine a company makes should be available in all of their products if the client is willing to pay for the upgrade.
How expensive would it be for Ford to offer the EB 3.5 or 6.2 in a base model regular cab?
The front clip is no different than what is on a super crew.
Choices - that is what a customer wants.
I don't think this new truck is really inovative - but to some guys it is awesome news.

Common people, don't be silly. Let's go to basics.
When you load your bed, you don't have to end up with a 15% tongue weight. 10 % is enough, because your bed is heavy and RAM is stable. If your bed is empty, you can go with 15% tongue weight to make it stable again. It looks, like nobody has any experience with puling anything in this forum so far. So what are you using your trucks for?

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